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VANAGON archives – February 2006, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. "Stealth" mishaps: WAS Are pop-up tops really necessary??

  2. "Trip" report: journey in a cruddy '65

  3. "jet engine" cooling fan

  4. '86 GL electrical (sound system) question

  5. '89 new price?

  6. 'FREE' Propex installation

  7. (rear) cv joint

  8. .. No unsubscribe info on any emails

  9. 1.9L starts but wont run long

  10. 3rd Brake Light

  11. 5 Min. fame (SVC)

  12. 5 min. fame (SVC)

  13. 90 westy in a junkyard -was Re: Denver U-pull-it update, also attn: Unca Joel

  14. <No subject>

  15. A Little Humor - How many list members does it take to change a lightbulb?

  16. A few MORE photographs from the Arizona Roundup Campout

  17. A few Photographs from the Arizona Roundup Campout

  18. AFM calibration

  19. AT Problem

  20. AT fluids

  21. Alternative Fridge Ideas

  22. Archaic Archives

  23. Are pop-up tops really necessary??

  24. Audi Wheels?

  25. Auto trans emergency

  26. Bouncy Speedo Needle

  27. Brake Problem

  28. Brake Problem may "NOT" be resolved?

  29. Brake Problem maybe "NOT" resolved?

  30. Brake Problem maybe resolved?

  31. Broken head/core stud..... (picture)

  32. Bus Depot Now Hiring

  33. Canadian Tire "Xantrex" 1000w Inverter 1/2 price

  34. Center of the World

  35. City water inlet

  36. Compression braking & Power Loss

  37. Cooling units for homemade fridge

  38. Dealing with Terry K (was< no subject given>)

  39. Dealing with Terry K - He has my support*

  40. Denver U-pull-it update, also attn: Unca Joel

  41. Deutchland eBay Ambulance

  42. Dometic knobs

  43. Ethanol is the fuel of the future?

  44. FS 1990 camper automatic in mesa, az

  45. FS: 1982 Vanagon with Chebvy 2.8 V6 and non-Westy poptop $750

  46. FS: Audi 5000T wheels

  47. FS: Vanagon Bentley Repair Manual

  48. FS: carat interior w/ sofabed and flip out sidetable and wallpanels

  49. FUEL hose clamp

  50. FWD: NVC: Unimog

  51. Fixed: rough idle...

  52. Free KOA Camping, Fri May 12

  53. Front turn signal/parking light socket needed

  54. Frydazestuff

  55. Fuel Saver ?

  56. Gas mileage

  57. Gas pipe grommet

  58. Getting Discouraged

  59. Glad to be back!

  60. HOW DO YOU, fuel line question

  61. Having trouble getting a good idle when cold and the computer functioning

  62. Head Lamp Assembly

  63. Head Lamp Assembly ..pass side

  64. Hey Tom Carrington!!!!

  65. Hot Starting Problem


  67. LED dash light correction

  68. LED dash light expt update

  69. Left Front Chirp

  70. Lo price Vangon German double SUN roof seal

  71. Manual transmission grinds when shifted into into 2nd, 3rd gears

  72. Master Cylinder

  73. Mercedes wheels

  74. Mexican Roads - toll vs free

  75. Miss at 3000+ rpm

  76. Montana Syncro in UT?

  77. Murphy Strikes!! Vanagon List available again! film at eleven. :)

  78. Murphy Strikes!! Vanagon List available again! film at eleven. :) NVC

  79. NVC: Unimog

  80. NVC: VIP Vanagon man

  81. New IRS Axles vs 108mm Porsche CVs

  82. New Vanagon Slogan

  83. No unsubscribe info on any emails

  84. No unsubscribe info on any emails - Paul's Karma

  85. No, but here's a good reason to do it

  86. Overflow coolant Tank

  87. Please unsubscribe me

  88. Problem with checking messages for viruses

  89. Question for Canadian List Members

  90. Radio advice requested

  91. Rear Heater

  92. Replacement Carpet - OEM?

  93. Replacement seats???

  94. Replaing head lamp bulb

  95. Right-hand drive

  96. SA Grilles, Projekto fog lights, fender flares - all NLA - but maybe not

  97. STOP: The list is intolerable

  98. SYNCRO de MAYO 2006 - Date set - May 4-7, 2006

  99. SYNCRO de MAYO 2006 - sorry for double post - ??

  100. Shocking Video WITH VAN CONTENT (was: Re: shocking video clip NVC)

  101. Simple Joys of a Syncro (something good for a change)

  102. Sticking throttle (long)

  103. Stock Vanagon Rear Wheel Stud Size

  104. Syncro 16" for Sale

  105. TCWBC Trip Report

  106. Terry K. is VIP Vanagon man

  107. Thanks for all the help

  108. Tips & Tricks - Heating and Air Flow Control Levers - how to change

  109. Touching up the stove cabinet front?

  110. Trouble in Barstow

  111. Tuning question--long, sorry!

  112. VWC-022-109-309 - HYDRAULIC LIFTER from cip

  113. Vanagon Anomaly?

  114. Vanagon List available again!

  115. Vanagon Science Degree

  116. Vanagon Science Degree - list archive/FAQ => Wiki

  117. Vanagon towing Ford movie?

  118. Vanagon-Waterboxer specific tools for sale

  119. Volksibus is mine!!!

  120. Was MPG for Vanagon

  121. Water cooled AT 1980?

  122. Westfailia Floor Dimension? New floor

  123. Westy Dometic Fridge problem

  124. Wheel paint

  125. Where's the coolant relay on a diesel vanagon?

  126. Which pipe?

  127. Will 205/75/r14 tires fit on a 1990 Vanagon?

  128. [Syncro] Control Arms what do they look like?

  129. anybody have carfax?

  130. anyone added a tach/digi clock cluster to a '85 Non-GL or Transporter????

  131. blinking coolant light with full coolant

  132. can you smoke these frogs?

  133. different expansion tank question

  134. electrical problem

  135. gas tank

  136. gas tank;

  137. gas tank; fixing Syncro tank sender

  138. gas tank; no gauge, no odo ...

  139. help! (list related, not van related)

  140. in need of an engine-87 vanagon

  141. is the list down?

  142. kitchen cabinet LED display panel decal overlay (was touching up stove f...

  143. kitchen cabinet LED display panel decal overlay (was touching up stove front

  144. more dashlight led musings

  145. need a 710 cap

  146. parts in sf bay area

  147. popping noise over bumps

  148. rough idle, gas guzzling, oil dripping van

  149. start of something - slight miss then stall then running ok ??

  150. stealth camp mishaps

  151. vanagon 4-speed trans, $250

  152. vanagon Digest - 23 Feb 2006 to 24 Feb 2006 - Special issue (#2006-153)

  153. vanagon Digest - 27 Feb 2006 - Special issue (#2006-167)

  154. vanagon shifter bound???

  155. vanagon towing ford movie

  156. vintage VW poster ads

  157. wanted ... dashboard ash tray

  158. you must use the carat/wolfsburg rear sofabed if you want the table/panels

  159.       A few MORE photogra phs from the Arizona Roundup Campout
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