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VANAGON archives – September 2008, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. '82_2.0_california, temp sens II head size

  2. 15" tire pressures?

  3. 180 MPH Speedo

  4. 180 MPH speedo

  5. 2 Dometic fridges for parts

  6. 2.1 strobing lights--resolution

  7. 82 Westy, Hesitant acceleration, in spots

  8. 82 westy, custom modifying circut to run cooler (?)

  9. 8th Annual SF Bay Area VAN-O-RAMA

  10. A Pome from Robt. W. Service-Advisor

  11. AC evaporator lowering question

  12. AC supplement pages

  13. Airbox Q & A - Completed!

  14. Another question about cleaning poptop roof

  15. Apologies - Airbox Q & A

  16. Auxillary driving lights: work wonderfully

  17. Awnings..

  18. Awnings.. /Drive-away tents?

  19. BenT seen in Vanagon touring article in Camp-Car Magazine in Japan

  20. Blackbeard Immortalized - Kinda

  21. Bus Boo Photos and video

  22. BusDepot referral code

  23. Buying a '97 EV Camper - advice?

  24. CATs in CA in 2009 = more expen$ive ??

  25. Cabot Trail and Halifax Camping

  26. Cast control arm upgrade worth it? Springs?

  27. Check this out! Fun with Powerful front Brakes in a Van

  28. Cruise control

  29. Did I hurt my Aux Battery?

  30. Digitool question

  31. Digitool works now

  32. Dometic Fridge Maintenance webpage update

  33. Dometic fridge from 87 Westy for sale....

  34. Driving impressions of early Routan.

  35. Engine stop in 20 sec

  36. FYI Cheap OE VW radios for the Purist

  37. First trip with to be named Vanagon - some "excitement"

  38. Fridge wiring?

  39. Front running light/turn signal

  40. Front speakers

  41. Fryday: '85GL Pay it Forward Update

  42. Frydaye question - 1960 Double Cab 1600 motor - LVC

  43. Frydaye's visit with the Bards

  44. Fw: [Diesel-Vanagon] 1.6 t is going in

  45. Fwd: '90 Carat For Sale - Walla Walla, WA

  46. Fwd: 8th Annual SF Bay Area VAN-O-RAMA

  47. Happy Friday - Couple of Questions (87 syncro)

  48. Head leak - What is the process for using Bars Leak Head Gasket Repair

  49. Heater Hose piecing it together

  50. Hello & Parts Needed: Ann Arbor, Michigan

  51. Highway safety warning triangles

  52. In Passing

  53. Increased WBX displacement

  54. John Wessels Glori's --- Now: California Engine Conversions

  55. John Wessels Glori's Import offering Zetec & Subie engine conversions

  56. John Wessels Glori's Import offering Zetec & Subie engine. Was: now..ignore the small stuff..?

  57. Jumpy Tach

  58. Junk Yard Excursion Pics

  59. Kind of van question

  60. Manual doesn't match the car

  61. Me Sad. Trip cancelled

  62. Me Sad. Trip cancelled. Whining Content + Warning (PICS)

  63. Metal Stove Cover

  64. Need Dometic fan thermostatic switch

  65. Need a new front curtain?

  66. Need quick answer... how many connections to 2.1 alternator?

  67. Need to get some paint mixed

  68. New Gas Tank Install on '85

  69. New battery is dead

  70. Oh No, not another tire thread!

  71. Oil Prssure Switch-Updated

  72. Parts Cleaner Recommendations

  73. Power window motor bracket

  74. Problem with cental locking system

  75. Product Report: 4 gal water container

  76. Proper storage of a front heater unit?

  77. Re-surface bottom of upper bunk flip out piece?

  78. Replacing copper propane lines

  79. Rusty Trailing arm problem solved for now. PICS

  80. Searching the archives

  81. Searching the archives (tires!)

  82. Spare Tire Replacment

  83. Strobe lights on my vanagon--why?

  84. Syncro-Envy!

  85. Testing for Battery Shorts

  86. Thanks to you all...

  87. Thanks! (was: Trailing Arm) + Opinions please. PICS

  88. The problem with the 2009 Volkswagen Routan isn't so much what it is as what it's not

  89. Thermal insulation

  90. Thoughts on batteries

  91. Tir choce for vanagon with 14 inch wheels

  92. Tire choce for vanagon with 14 inch wheels

  93. Tire pressures..why

  94. Tire- Smoe realities and some choices.

  95. Tires: how to tell how old they are

  96. Tires: how to tell how old they are ABC News

  97. Today's odd repair

  98. Tomorrow - Santa Fe VW Non-Existent Bus Club Breakfast invite

  99. Trip report: hound dog unretires, mileage improves, averaged 1 sighting per state

  100. VIN for Unca Joel

  101. VW bus in railroad museum

  102. Vanagon Crash Test

  103. Volvo Seats for '83 Westfalia - VW Tracks Available?

  104. WAS: Syncro-Envy!-Now FS in Austin

  105. Was: Junk Yrd Excursion-Final pics Round town

  106. Was: Re: John Wessels Glori's --- Now: California Engine Conversions

  107. Water Pump, lower bolt...

  108. Wing Window loose, checked and its not connected to the door within the door frame

  109. Wing mirror question

  110. Wiper question

  111. [NVC] - Special lamp needed

  112. [WetWesties] older american propaganda film where the bad guy drives a VW Van

  113. an udder Phrydaye Phollidae ...

  114. aw, what the heck ... more Phrydaye stuff (some oldies but oldies). :)

  115. change oil before winter storage?

  116. dead ignition, need help

  117. eBay seller warning / Ken Morgan aka jake4parts

  118. few parts for sale

  119. fiberglass repair on poptop

  120. happy Friday

  121. hesitating automatic transmission

  122. lowered and "chopped" Vanagon

  123. older american propaganda film where the bad guy drives a VW Van

  124. poptop fiberglass

  125. rear speaker wires

  126. take me off list

  127. tires and wheels $25

  128. trailer wiring kit

  129. vanagon Digest - 3 Sep 2008 to 4 Sep 2008 - Special issue (#2008-966)

  130. yetten udder Phrydaye Phloppe, Phollie ...something ...
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