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VANAGON archives – March 2010, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. '85 Vanagon w/Sun Roof. $1300 East Vancouver

  2. '90 GL dying at idle

  3. .................... and vanagons

  4. .................... and vanagons (friday post with little Vanagon)

  5. 1.9L Motor For Sale

  6. 15" VS. 16' WHEELS

  7. 1987 Vanagon Wolfsburg silver, auto NY

  8. 1987 Vanagon Wolfsburg silver, auto NY pictures

  9. 5 speed installation

  10. 82 Westy cleaning and/or painting of the Pop Top?

  11. 85 Westy on CL near Sacramento

  12. 86 weekender for sale "best offer" near Santa Cruz, CA

  13. 87 Syncro w/ bluestar interior and bumpers

  14. <No subject>

  15. A 13,000-mile drive south: NYC to Argentina


  17. Anza Borrego Desert Wildflowers

  18. Apilogy - briefly !

  19. Big Bend (Texas) trip report & photos

  20. Bit of Toyota Syndrome in '84 Westy

  21. Black door panel anyone?

  22. Bumpers - Was: who sells good german chrome new bumpers???

  23. CL scams...was Re: 86 weekender for sale "best offer" near Santa Cruz, CA

  24. California Zetec?? Is it true??

  25. Cause of the white corrosion deposit around a battery?

  26. Center seat stuck folded down

  27. Does your stovetop rattle?

  28. Dumb Question

  29. Dynamat...

  30. ECU needed for '87 Syncro (Bosch 025 906 022 D)

  31. Exhaust System Options

  32. FREE: Steering/Dash Plastic + Engine Intake bellow (elbow)

  33. FS: '88 westy for $2500

  34. Free coolant 251 121 130B

  35. Friend looking for project Syncro in California. Does not have to run.

  36. Fwd: 86 weekender for sale "best offer" near Santa Cruz, CA

  37. Fwd: moving Pickle to New York, where to park it??

  38. Here is some nice pictures, thanks again Ben

  39. How fare does the Red reset button on the propane tank travel

  40. How to find a particular three-way electrical switch.

  41. I'm back!

  42. Input Shaft Notes

  43. Is this the right caliper?

  44. KEP Plate Remove Transmission

  45. Leaking Torque Converter Seal

  46. Leaking Torque Converter Seal - Note to Jim A.

  47. Loud Fuel Pump/Fuel Pump Mount - Was: Thank you Go Westy

  48. Lowest Vanagon in the world

  49. MOD Re: Leaking Torque Converter Seal

  50. More on interior panels..

  51. No propane at my stove??

  52. Normal voltage of a battery at rest?

  53. OXS Light came on

  54. Oil pressure hose

  55. Oil-sucking devices...

  56. One Shot Sign Paint for Painting a Vanagon

  57. PVC dog gate for Westy

  58. Paint code for light gray or off white poptop

  59. Paradigm Shift

  60. Peel N Seal RE: Dynamat...

  61. Pics of Brake Shoes-Another Saga?

  62. Pics of New Rotors

  63. Pics of New Rotors (compared to no van rotors now)

  64. Plastic thermostat housings for 2.1l Vanagon back in stock!

  65. Power Mirror Insert

  66. Propane & Dynamat, etc.

  67. Question about caliper, was Replacing front brake pads

  68. Quiet Car Product vs. Dynamat

  69. Removing door panels, was Dynamat

  70. Removing rear hatch panel, was Dynamat

  71. Replacing front brake pads

  72. Review on DIY $20 Pressure Bleeder

  73. Revs per mile , was: 15" VS. 16' WHEELS

  74. Round Headlight Upgrade from Sealed Beams

  75. Somewhat urgent help requested

  76. Source for Bilstein HD shocks?

  77. Speaking about Bilstein shocks....

  78. Stove / Sink parts

  79. Sunroof Vanagons - was Black door panel anyone?

  80. Syncro All-Terrain Tires: 14" vs 15" ?

  81. Syncro All-Terrain Tires: 14" vs. 15" ?

  82. Syncro Multimobile

  83. Thank you Go Westy

  84. To learn about 12v

  85. Tranny swap: All Forward Gears too High.

  86. Trans. Install: Input shaft & clutch splines

  87. Transmission Guide Pin: Should be Straight?

  88. Update On Daryl

  89. Used Parts Near San Antonio

  90. VW Routan impressions

  91. Value Of '82 Diesel Westy

  92. Vanagon Color Code

  93. Vanagon Propane Tank Rated Size

  94. Vanagon parts 1 day sale, Oakland, california

  95. WTB electric motor for power windows

  96. Was: Tranny swap Gears 2 High. Now: Video of Linkage.

  97. Weekender Ad: Fwd: Your Ad

  98. What Is This Type Of Connector Called?

  99. [subaruvanagon] Syncro de Mayo registration is open

  100. anyone have any experience with these replacement canvas tops

  101. bad shock?tire ovals

  102. caulk your westy fill ports/hookups!!! or this will happen...

  103. cheap '91 carat

  104. cool portopitti storage idea in westy

  105. dead oil pressure light

  106. deep cycle: best place to put? best size?

  107. first try = first run

  108. first try = first run = no running anymore

  109. for you hippies...peace emblem for '80-'87 vanagon grille

  110. got a spare $44k?

  111. interior panels

  112. interior panels.. interior panels for sale..

  113. looking for white slider door

  114. moving Pickle to New York, where to park it??

  115. orphan wire behind fuse panel

  116. rear anti-sway bar - Info and Pictures

  117. rekeying sliding door lock

  118. removing the stripe

  119. starting from aux battery

  120. stock lighter socket disassembly

  121. subject 15" VS. 16' WHEELS

  122. subject Re: Loud Fuel Pump/Fuel Pump Mount - Was: Thank you Go Westy

  123. sunroof Syncro...Uhmmm...I mean greenhouse roof!

  124. vinal plastic paint

  125. wanted: good used chrome rear bumper... yes, i am actually serious :)

  126. wanted: tan capt. chairs/front seats w/ armrests

  127. westy swival seat base with lockbox

  128. who sells good german chrome new bumpers???
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