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VANAGON archives – May 2010, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. "headlights on" warning chime success

  2. 1983 to 1985 Spedo calibration mph fix

  3. 1985 syncro tech article posted

  4. 4 speed/5 speed shifter

  5. 82 Westy 2.0L Need Engine Parts

  6. 88 front & rear steel brake lines size

  7. 91 Carat has the highway hick ups

  8. A far-fetched possibility...Vanagon with pop-out?

  9. A/C work question

  10. AC High and Low sides

  11. Any Interest in Vanagon Large Sunroof Parts?

  12. Anyone have a source for a west left front mud flap?

  13. Anyone with Carfax?

  14. Auxiliary REAR underseat Behr AC -- was 'Scored brand new Behr but missing switches'

  15. Auxiliary battery set-up for Vanagon $ For Sale $

  16. Behr A/C Controls

  17. Bilstein HD shock report

  18. Bosch 72150 or Wix 51342

  19. Bosch H4 Headlights $44/pair

  20. Boston engine web site

  21. Bra-Spray on?

  22. Bus Benefit Flyer

  23. Buses Of the Corn 2010 Date Shift - August 13, 14, 15

  24. Buses by the Beach Bus Benefit this weekend - Wooooo Hoooo!!!!!!!!

  25. Bypassed DIS

  26. Bypassed DIS- UPDATED INFO

  27. Camping Christmas Lights

  28. Cargo area cover

  29. Cartalk; seeking name for child conceived in Westy??

  30. Center Bore Machining.

  31. Craig Cowen style accessory

  32. Dear Moderator

  33. Discount VW Parts

  34. FS: '82 diesel vanagon (State College, PA)

  35. FS: Vanagon parts in W. Michigan-Auto trans, Z-bed, WC parts.

  36. FS: perfect vanagon slider doors and hatches and front doors in original paint

  37. Friday locking gas cap for many vehicles FS

  38. Friday- Conductivity of a stomach (Some Vanagon Content)

  39. Fridge Exhaust Normal?

  40. Fridge Fun..... well, NEW fridge fun!

  41. Fryday ( a realy good day)

  42. Fuel Pump Alternative

  43. Futuristic Vanagon

  44. GRAY? Was Gray a poptop color?

  45. Granny Grose's Video

  46. Hatch lock...

  47. Headlight wiring for 80/100 bulbs

  48. Help! I need a transmission!

  49. Home & a Thank You

  50. Instrument cluster wiring replacement with atx connector information neeeded

  51. Insurance suggestions

  52. It is Friday, yes? Paul Newman's old VW. NO vanagon content!

  53. It is Frydaye, right?

  54. James May on westies

  55. Kenne Bell supercharger specs... anyone know?

  56. Leaking head nut

  57. Living In Vanagon Land?

  58. Looking for a rear window, 88 GL

  59. Lower front grill needed at Busfusion

  60. Manual Shifter Woes

  61. Material to fill the seams

  62. Methane and beans

  63. Methane and beans (in a vanagon)

  64. Moderator Re: Rad fan ballast resistors

  65. Moderator Re: Vanagon Woes

  66. Montreal - VW Bus Heaven

  67. Need Reassurance on 82 Westy

  68. Need a Camping Spot in Texas

  69. Need pop-top canvas install tips

  70. New 5x112 Wheels from EMPI

  71. OBD Light On/Off at Higher Speeds (Jetta swap)

  72. Oil presure sensors

  73. Optimum WBX rpms; was RE: 4 speed/5 speed shifter

  74. Porsche Documentary

  75. Production Dates of T3's delivered in Europe

  76. Promised Rear Heater

  77. Rad fan ballast resistors

  78. Radio Reception Fix or Upgrade

  79. Rear Cushion Cover-Cargo Area with A/C

  80. Rear under seat heater problem

  81. Rear wheel bearing noise?

  82. Removal of 1980 Westy front bumper rubber

  83. Removing ignition switch on '82 vanagon diesel

  84. Roof rack for kayaks on 91 Vanagon Westfalia

  85. Sanitizing water tank in Vanagon

  86. Scored brand new Behr AC but missing switches

  87. Short Question-SOLVED

  88. Spare 1.9 cooling system part?

  89. TIRES

  90. Tan captain's chairs from '87 Vanagon

  91. Temp2 removal, best way to get at it??

  92. The Best Rational for New Seals

  93. The Red Brick does it again!!!

  94. The TRUTH about Vanagons

  95. The story behind the horse skull, the luggage rack, etc.

  96. Totally NEW Add-A-Room for Vanagons - Answering your Questions

  97. Totally NEW Add-A-Room for Vanagons - Coming Soon

  98. Totally OT Siren Sound In Firefox

  99. Van dies while coming to a stop

  100. Vanagon Woes

  101. Vanagon designers - italdesign

  102. Vancouver Vanagon People - LED Xmas Lights

  103. Viscous coupling needed

  104. Voltage surges

  105. WOOO HOOO! Bus Benefit Starts Tomorrow in Grand Rapids, MI - (Event Details)

  106. WTB fridge heater element

  107. Westy sources

  108. What to soak radiator in to dissolve slime

  109. What's a behr in dash ac worth?

  110. Wheel Load Rating

  111. Wheelskins Review

  112. Window tinting experiences for Vanagon

  113. Winshield Sun Shade

  114. Wrist pin dimensions.

  115. Wrist pin removal was Re: Wrist pin dimensions.

  116. [T2] Another source for GL4 synthetic gear oil

  117. [WetWesties] 1983 to 1985 Spedo calibration mph fix

  118. [WetWesties] Auxiliary battery set-up for Vanagon $ For Sale $

  119. [WetWesties] Living In Vanagon Land?

  120. [WetWesties] Westy sources

  121. [vanagon] Rad fan ballast resistors

  122. another syncro question

  123. araspagus in a camper van

  124. asparagus and smelly vans

  125. clean & lube idle air control valve

  126. cleaning camper upholstry

  127. dropping tranny to do clutch

  128. file name change, was Re: Cargo area cover

  129. fuel tank outlet vs fuel filter inlet

  130. fuel tank outlet vs. fuel filter inlet

  131. mossie netting, was Re: Totally NEW Add-A-Room for Vanagons

  132. naturalbus 2010

  133. perfect vanagon slider doors and hatches and front doors in original paint

  134. pilot bearing... do i need to replace the main seal?

  135. pop top colour, thread hijack

  136. shameless plug for used PS rack

  137. sliding luggage cover - more info

  138. sorry semi-urgent NVC: anyone an orthopaedist? please reply offlist.

  139. transmission fluid level

  140. unborn van kid reaches car talk and vanagonics repeatedly using npr as a life guide??? makes one wonder dont they have internet???

  141. vanagon camper seating capacity

  142. vanagon slide out room extension

  143. vanagon wheels in Alaska?
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