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VANAGON archives – December 2001, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. '91 Not Starting! Not even a click.

  2. (F) Rings, Valves, or Coolant in the Cylinders

  3. (NVC) Eurovan Performance?

  4. 1984 Double Cab Transporter for sale

  5. 1986 2WD Engine/Electrical Problems/Questions.

  6. 2 alloy wheels FS

  7. 2nd battery relays & the Hella in particular

  8. 2nd battery relays & the Hella in particular (NO VANAGON CONTENT)

  9. 2wd lift kits

  10. 303 Aerospace protectant

  11. 87 Lack of power

  12. 87 Vanagon Steering joint - torque?

  13. 90 Vanagon For Sale - Massachusetts

  14. <No subject>

  15. A radical idea

  16. A weekend in! what a visit!

  17. A/C wiring diagram wanted

  18. Adding Interior lights

  19. Air-Lift Inflation Pressures

  20. Alloy wheels at gowesty and EV wheels--ET depends on width

  21. Alloy wheels at

  22. Alternator advice on 85 Wasserbox

  23. American Le Mans Series Campout in Wisconsin?

  24. Another nice russion VW site...

  25. Anyone have Airlift pictures?

  26. Anyone parting out a 83.5 - 85 1.9L bus? Part needed.

  27. Are Vanagons really that rare

  28. Are ratio rockers really worth it

  29. Battery Isolator and wiring

  30. Battery Isolators

  31. Battery Isolators vs. Relays

  32. Battery isolator

  33. Berg Vs Pauter Ratio Rockers: comments please!

  34. Border Patrol

  35. Border Patrol (NVC)

  36. Border Patrol Customs Declaration

  37. Border crossings made easy? [long]

  38. Bus Depot Sale

  39. Car-O-Scope

  40. Censorship and filtering

  41. Coke adds life

  42. Consider this repair

  43. Cool air, K+N, and chips(was: Tiico convert question)

  44. Coolant prices

  45. Cooling system tip and involved question

  46. Cooling system woes

  47. Cooling system woes - raises - not lowers correction

  48. Correction Vanagon With Porsche Engine

  49. Crimp vs splice

  50. Crimp vs splice/ Klein is fine

  51. Crossing the Border the easy way

  52. Crossing the Border the easy way (NO VANAGON CONTENT)

  53. Cruise control

  54. Cylinder firing order: Bentley & Muir

  55. Dec.7th---

  56. Dec.7th----

  57. Did I adjust my valves/lifters right?

  58. Diesel Values?

  59. Diff Lock in 2WD trans

  60. Dome light for 1989 Vanagon needed

  61. Don't waste your money on that thang!

  62. Dyno testing my big valve engine was Re: Group Purchase of chip and 1.4 ratio rockers

  63. Electrical Wire Gauge Conversion Tables URL

  64. Electrical question on van's 12V motors

  65. Engine woes

  66. Eurovan Wheels FIT Perfectly!!!

  67. FS '84 VW Vanagon Westfalia GL Camper

  68. FS: 1984 GL in Oregon $500

  69. FW: need rear springs for my 85' westy

  70. Fan Relay?

  71. Fan problems

  72. For Sale 1982 Turbo Diesel Vanagon( Long) Lower Price $3500

  73. Found Vanagon With Porsche Engine

  74. Friday Humor, It Begins Now!

  75. Fw: Re: Battery Isolators vs. Relays

  76. Fw: buying cars sight unseen

  77. Fwd: Re: Mexico and Vanagons

  78. Glow Plug FLicker Indicates H2O in Fuel?

  79. Glow Plug Flicker Indicates H2O in Fuel?

  80. Group Purchase of chip and 1.4 ratio rockers

  81. Havoline Orange Colored Anti-Freeze O.K.?

  82. Heater question.

  83. Hella Aux. Kit

  84. High-beam Lens

  85. Hotwiring a vanagon to check ignition switch

  86. Humility, Dome lights, metal backing

  87. I thought it wasa Fryday!!

  88. Instructions for reinstalling gas tank in 84 Camper

  89. Interior Lights not working

  90. Jumpseat FS

  91. LED taillights??

  92. Laptop security

  93. Leaking thermostat housing/head reseal followup

  94. Lifters et al

  95. List Specials on Brake, Fuel Injection Parts, and more!

  96. Mechanic says $250 muffler

  97. Mechanic says $250 muffler - Go DYNOMAX

  98. Mechanic says $250 muffler - Go DYNOMAX - link, pics and info

  99. Mechanical TDI update, plus brand-new diesel conversion kits available!

  100. Mexico and Vanagons

  101. Mexico trip - what parts?

  102. NVC Re: filtering out off-color jokes, rants, etc - sort of long

  103. Need Eurovan Inspection near Port Washington NY

  104. Need an armrest for... (

  105. Need help with engine running too rich

  106. New E-mail Address!!!

  107. New FuFu or Snake Oil

  108. New O2 sensor - hesitation when cold

  109. Normal Transmission "Problems"? Speedo Cable?

  110. Offsets

  111. Oh No ..... another Auxiliary Battery Installation posting

  112. Oil leak?????

  113. Oil pressure switch and unidentified black tube

  114. Old/New Listee and questions

  115. Older Westy For Sale in the Neighborhood

  116. Oops! Sorry about HTML

  117. Part # for deceleration/idle switch on an 84

  118. Parting Out '85 Westy in Seattle Area

  119. Parts

  120. Parts and whatnot onlist.opinions.<delete if uninterested>

  121. Pauter 1.4 Rockers group Purchase: It's a Go

  122. Positive Crankcase Ventilation System?

  123. Power Window Kits back in stock

  124. Power steering fluid

  125. Q: Complete Front Door Window Seal KIts?

  126. Question about Eurovan Wheels on our Vanagons

  127. Questions about (making) 3 window Westy Canvas

  128. Questions about crossing the border into Canada with rebiult engines to show and maybe sell

  129. Questions about crossing the border into Canada with rebiultengines to show and maybe sell

  130. Questions about crossing the border into Canada with rebuilt engines to show and maybe sell

  131. Quick, cheap and easy headlight relay

  132. Racially tested off color joke(or IS it?)

  133. Rear heater

  134. Rebuilt 2000cc Engines

  135. Replacing/Upgrading the Speedometer

  136. Ronal Teddybear wheels....(Here's a MAN-LY choice!)

  137. Roof storage bag

  138. S&S Header install and a ?

  139. Screw the $250 muffler!

  140. Seat belts.

  141. Seat wear on captian's chairs

  142. Seattle 83 watercooled weekender for sale

  143. Shameless commerce

  144. Skylight OEM

  145. Sliding door handle

  146. Sliding door handle needed!

  147. Snowblower help on Friday

  148. Soob van 4 sale

  149. South African 15" alloys available again

  150. South African parts For Sale.(repost)....

  151. Starting Problem

  152. Stolen wheelcaps and temporary fix

  153. Stolen wheelcaps and temporary fix (Here's a MAN-LY choice!)

  154. Subievan on ebay

  155. Subievan on ebay- oops no hyperlinks allowed

  156. Subject: Made in the Shade!

  157. Syncro Westy FS

  158. Syncro Westy FS, etc.

  159. Syncro Westy FS, etc. -- WHOA!

  160. Syncro Westy FS, etc...Welcome to the vendor bashing list!!

  161. Syncro de Mayo Fiesta at Hollister 2002: Event Update

  162. Syncro springs in an 85' Westy

  163. TECH QUESTION: Will Syncro springs fit on 85' 2WD

  164. Tachometer woes continued...

  165. Takoma Park

  166. Thanks guys, Now how do you set Idle Speed and Timing?

  167. Thanks to Tom and Michelle Forhan...

  168. That d**n TIICO

  169. That d**n bolt

  170. The moral of the story is... (Semi-long tale of woe)

  171. Tiico conv. Cool Clean Air

  172. Tiico convert question

  173. Tiico speed info

  174. To Shim Or not To Shim........That is the question


  176. Valves/lifter adjustment; do not close fully

  177. Valves/lifter adjustment; do not close fully?

  178. Vanagon Photo Page!

  179. Vanagon coolant - how often to change?

  180. Vanagon helper springs on Ebay

  181. Vents above side sliding door

  182. WANTED: Hannover Edition Badges for T3

  183. WANTED: Hanover Edition Badges for T3

  184. WANTED: window roll-up motor for a '90 Westy

  185. WBX Engine Showdown Test In Boston (Boston Bob)

  186. WTB Westy Luggage Rack Piece

  187. WTB left side high beam

  188. Wanted Digifant 022D

  189. Website that rates local mechanics

  190. Westy for sale

  191. Wheel Weight Data Observations

  192. Where do you charge the A/C?

  193. Wheres a good place to sell my van

  194. Which one is number one?

  195. Who makes 15 inch tires with reinforced sidewalls?

  196. Window and door seals

  197. Windshield wiper idiosycrasies

  198. Winter Tire Installer/Dealer in the DC area

  199. Wire Gauge & Bentley & AWG & mm

  200. Wurth products now at Fast Forward - contest for free calendar!

  201. YO CHRIS!!!

  202. [Syncro] 1.3 or 1.4 ratio rockers?

  203. [Syncro] Berg Vs Pauter Ratio Rockers: comments please!

  204. [Syncro] Group Purchase of chip and 1.4 ratio rockers

  205. [Syncro] Pauter vs. Berg Ratio Rockers

  206. [Syncro] Question about Eurovan Wheels on our Vanagons

  207. [Syncro] Re: Eurovan Wheels FIT Perfectly!!!

  208. [Syncro] Turbo for 8v I4

  209. [Syncro] WTB Westy Luggage Rack Piece

  210. [Syncro] Wheel Weight Data Observations

  211. [syncro-org] Syncro de Mayo Fiesta at Hollister 2002: Event Update

  212. attachments

  213. blue coolent

  214. buying cars sight unseen

  215. canoe on a westy?

  216. converting to 4 wheel drive

  217. converting to 4 wheel drive - Quaife?

  218. converting to 4wd - Scottish Farmer method.

  219. diff locked: unlocked thanks!

  220. dome light parts

  221. engine woes

  222. filtering out off-color jokes, rants, etc - sort of long

  223. laptop hideout

  224. laptop hideout >>>> Border Patrol

  225. locking rear diff on 2WD van or Limited Slip?

  226. merry christmas, everyone

  227. mexico trip - what parts?

  228. mirrors, or?

  229. need help with installing ETKA...

  230. parts

  231. protection for catholics too-humor

  232. rear hanging speaker mounts

  233. safety chain!! Was 89 Vanagon engine misfire

  234. suspension shim templates

  235. syncro help: diff lock won't disengage

  236. tach wiring

  237. test

  238. the many colors of the archives

  239. the thick plottens....

  240. tiico convert question

  241. trading 2.1 distributor

  242. trip report/photos, Syncro Safari 2001, Baja California

  243. van takes forever to warm up.

  244. want to buy a distributor and parts for sale

  245. was:Eurovan Wheels FIT Perfectly!!! - advantages of thinner tires

  246. windshield wiper idiosyncracies

  247. wiper blades available
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