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VANAGON archives – August 2009, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. '90 2.1: What are the chances that I just fried my engine? UPDATE

  2. '90 2.1: What are the chances that I just fried my engine? UPDATE 2

  3. '91 GL Campmobile

  4. (NVC) Reading Rainbow's 26 year run is over. :(

  5. ...and speaking of new vans....

  6. 15" wheels

  7. 1985 Westphalia Camper being parted out

  8. 1988 Rebuilt Engine Stumbling at various RPM levels 2100-2300, 3400- 4000rpms & Other questions

  9. 2.1 WBX Dies when hot.

  10. 82 diesel expansion tank cap

  11. 91Gl Fiberglass Bumper Rubber

  12. <No subject>

  13. A newbie needing hard starting help - and the John Muir Bible

  14. A/C Pillar 91GL

  15. AC Repair report

  16. ANSWERS!! Re: Engine electrical power requirements?

  17. Another C4C vanagon, this time at a VW dealer in Catonsville, MD

  18. Automatic transmission, W-T-heck?

  19. Automatic transmission, WTF?

  20. Aux. Battery Hold Down Clamp? (PIC)

  21. Aux. Wire/Battery Install Pics/Notes

  22. Bostig engine

  23. C4C Vanagons at junkyard

  24. CV drive axle, 89 auto

  25. Can later AFM be used ...

  26. Creepy white/tan powder inside windshield rubber

  27. Dare I start a Tire thread? 15" Tires for Westy

  28. Dometic fridge - problem resolved

  29. Drafting (was Re: Engine to auto-tranny match and the Indy 500

  30. Drafting - So Cal Drivers

  31. Engine electrical power requirements?

  32. Engine to auto-tranny match and the Indy 500

  33. FS '72 dual slider bus (5 door)L.A., CA craigslist

  34. For Sale - '89 Westy (Boise, Idaho)

  35. For Sale: '87 Syncro Westfalia

  36. Forgot the stuff..dogs and bears and camping

  37. Friday question.Re: Vacuum gauge NVC

  38. Friday: Learn From My Lessons

  39. Front Wiper Spray Nozzle Replacement Procedure

  40. Fryeday -- Dad's funeral

  41. Fuel Filter 86 Syncro?

  42. Fuel Injectors

  43. Fw: Music Video and VW Bus - Splity with Cat Stevens

  44. Glovebox tabs?

  45. Had to gut my cat today and I don't even play tennis.

  46. High idle issues

  47. How do I get the digest instead?

  48. Hydraulic valve lifters?

  49. Interest in Older Vanagon Shift Linkage reproduction

  50. Is this what I think it is?

  51. Kumho 857 Tire Pressure?

  52. LVC: Online Vendor(s) for older Audis?

  53. Like an Old pair of Jeans

  54. Living Memory vs The Archives

  55. MODERATOR Mike Collum status

  56. Moderator Comment Re: Automatic transmission, WTF?

  57. Morning Gnarliness: how to deal with

  58. My Vanagon Relocation Project...

  59. Mystery wires/connector Canadian 83.5 wbx

  60. Need giant set-screw knob for Westy tables

  61. Needing a Bra

  62. Nominations are now open: Top 10 Ugliest Parts to Fail

  63. Now radiators, was Re: Drafting ......

  64. PhryDai New Camper

  65. Pig Tail for early vans?

  66. Plastic Coolant tower, NLA?

  67. Please remove from list

  68. Power Steering boots filling up with fluid??/

  69. Propex Install in '84 Wolfsburg at Westy Ventures

  70. Propex and Vitrifrigo DIY install info?

  71. Puzzling water drip

  72. R rear heater blowout - stranded

  73. Regreasing my CV's. Flip driveshafts on reinstall good idea?

  74. Roof-center pop top ?

  75. Selling Various Vanagon Parts in Austin, TX

  76. Sink Drip Tray Install (pics)

  77. Sink Drip Tray Onto Canadian '81?

  78. Sliding Door Handle Cylinder Swap. What am I missing?

  79. Spare for 15" wheel, with front big brake kit

  80. Still won't run right

  81. Stupid Bumper End Pieces

  82. Subject: Re: 91Gl Fiberglass Bumper Rubber

  83. Subject: Re: 91Gl Fiberglass Bumper Rubber..LOL!!

  84. Subject: Sink Drip Tray Onto Canadian '81?

  85. The New 2010 VW Bus

  86. Tire Presure

  87. Ultimate ... Bears

  88. Ultimate Camping List;

  89. Ultimate Camping List; Bears

  90. Ultimate Fryedaye Bear Camping - what you left at home.

  91. Valves adjustment in Bentley

  92. Vanagons at the Beach BC Edition

  93. Vitrifrigo vs Norcold: noise and power?

  94. WTB horn contact

  95. WTB: Dometic Fridge Inside Door Shelves & Rails

  96. Warm engine missing 87 Westy GL

  97. Was Joshua Cranson a list member?

  98. Was: Go Westie engine....Then !.8 turbo swap

  99. Was: Like an Old pair of Jeans Now: After Market Replacement Parts

  100. Westy water tank sender

  101. What Did You Leave At Home?

  102. What is this part called?

  103. Where does Hella relay go?

  104. Won't Start now

  105. Your GoWesty do you like it?

  106. [VWVANFULLTIMERS] rear heater blowout - stranded: The Rest of the Story...

  107. anyone have a spare 14" stock vanagon alloy they dont need?? carat alloys

  108. camping w/o the ultimate list

  109. heater advice - WTB heater core

  110. help

  111. it's still Friday

  112. labor quote to assemble CV

  113. looking for junk speedo /tripmeter part needed

  114. one week to go...

  115. rear disc brake adapter bracket

  116. rear heater ETC

  117. rear heater blowout - stranded

  118. rear heater blowout - stranded: Chapter Two

  119. rear heater blowout - stranded: The Rest of the Story...

  120. repro the westfalia ID sticker on the RF door...anyone done it??

  121. smoked tail lights

  122. transmission mount bolts

  123. trip report this weekend past short trip happy driver

  124. trip report: the back of the Cascades (Wa.) long

  125. vanagon Digest - 25 Aug 2009 to 26 Aug 2009 - Special issue (#2009-702)

  126. vanagon syndrome plus poor gass economy
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