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VANAGON archives – December 1998, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. !!! FREE !!! Need Help in san jose? westy parts for free!

  2. '80 Vanagon Shift Rod Adjust

  3. '80 die cast Vanagon Caravelle

  4. '87 Westy FS (from usenet)

  5. (F) Whiskey Joke


  7. (long)Re: Diesel Westy Gearing Swaps

  8. --<<<<< The New Bug Rub >>>>>---

  9. 11MPG!

  10. 1992 Eurovan GL

  11. 2.1L engine parts for sale

  12. 2nd propane regulator?

  13. 3 Questions

  14. 83 Vanagons temperamental start

  15. 83.5: R+R front heater box/fan housing

  16. 85 Vanagon intermittent electrical problem

  17. 87GL rebuild update (oil pressure)

  18. <No subject>

  19. A Quicky

  20. A Quicky!!

  21. A great Tool to Clean the Westy Interior

  22. A/C for diesel

  23. AFM Wear?

  24. Accessing back of Fuse panel?

  25. Adventure Camper conv. was: Country Campers

  26. Air filters, K&N

  27. And Westy water and electric hookup, source for Doors??

  28. Another Eurospec Location

  29. Anyone moving East from Northern, CA???

  30. Attaching carpet to Floor

  31. Becel - Flue cover


  33. Bike Racks

  34. Bike rack over luggage rack

  35. Bob Hoover Sermons CD-ROM is SHIPPING!

  36. Box Oil:Can you smell the difference?

  37. Brake Upgrades

  38. Breakdown on the side of the door

  39. Breakdown on the side of the door (Broken power mirror)

  40. California salvageyards

  41. Captain chair lay-back adjustment?

  42. Carver P4 installation Question

  43. CatPlat Gas Soource & Positioning

  44. Christmas Bus List Merchandise Right Here!!!

  45. Colorado Area Listees...

  46. Coolant temp mystery

  47. Country Campers conversion

  48. DU vs ADB 4 speed transmissions

  49. Darrell's transaxle lubricant question- reply

  50. Denmark

  51. Did VW make Rabbit Diesel Convertibles?

  52. Diesel Westy Gearing Swaps

  53. Diesel Westy Gearing Swaps- reply

  54. Diff lock Curiosity

  55. Differential Lock curiosity

  56. Disadvantages of syncros AND syncro question

  57. Double Cab Syncro

  58. Ebay auction of VW Transporter model

  59. Engine Swaps

  60. European NOS Parts & Hoover CD on Website!

  61. Eurospec VanaGTI wheels?

  62. Eurospec Vanagon engine swap

  63. FS left rear tail light lens

  64. FS: 1983 Westfalia Diesel


  66. FW: reverse coast lock-up!!

  67. Flue Vent cover replacement.

  68. Flywheel, crankshaft shims, and seal - was; oil leak between eng & trans

  69. Front locking diff, Syncro Q

  70. Fuel leak

  71. Funky-sounding Vanagon engines

  72. Fw: 2nd propane regulator?

  73. Fw: Air filters, K&N

  74. Fw: Breakdown on the side of the door

  75. Fw: Fw: Air filters, K&N

  76. Fw: Fw: Breakdown on the side of the door (Broken power mirror)

  77. Fw: Procing new engines

  78. Fw: Re: Bike rack over luggage rack

  79. Fw: Re: Fw: Air filters, K&N

  80. Fw: Re: ONElist and BUSALERT, etc

  81. Fw: Re: South African Secrets Revealed (Ken comes clean!)

  82. Fw: South African Secrets Revealed (Ken comes clean!)

  83. Fw: Thule Artificial Rain Gutters

  84. Fw: WHEW! Saved from possible fire!! ($2.98 for Gas Hose and Clamps)

  85. Fw: Where is"for sale website"

  86. Fw: replacement Carpet and door panels?

  87. Fwd: 87GL rebuild update (oil pressure)

  88. Fwd: Vent cover $$$

  89. Fwd: Westy seat hinges/ 5cyl installation

  90. German Parts Are In - LAST CALL

  91. Good job, Bus Depot Order

  92. Grease Nipple Was: Rubbery Squeaking

  93. Have we scared off James Cohen or is he ignoring me?

  94. Help need 2nd gear,

  95. How To Ship A Seat?

  96. Hydrogen powered?/FRIDAY

  97. Ignition wire slipping off?

  98. Is there a "best way" to loosen up passenger seat 's "rotation"?

  99. Leaking Propane Regulator??

  100. Letter gone missing...

  101. Long Distance Purchasing

  102. Looking for parts to install Westy center seat

  103. Manuals-which ones best?

  104. Mid-Engine--V6TDI--No more Speculations!

  105. Misc for sale

  106. Misc parts sources

  107. Money

  108. More Syncro DIff-lock Questions

  109. Motor Oil

  110. Motor Oil Thanks

  111. Mud Flaps Update

  112. Mud flap update (NOT the same as US OEM mud flaps)

  113. Murphy, was Re: tons of VW stuff for sale!!!!

  114. Mysterious red LED

  115. Need Height Measurement

  116. New motor in and running!!!

  117. ONElist and BUSALERT, etc

  118. OOOPS!!! California salvageyards & last call for others

  119. OXS light reset location?

  120. Offering receiver mount 20" by 60" 500# rated steel platform

  121. Oil Filter* Conundrum*

  122. Oil leak between engine and tranny

  123. Ouestion about brakes

  124. Ouestion about brakes-No VW Content

  125. Passat 15" wheels and Blizzaks installed ! Advantages/disadvantages

  126. Pictures from BBTA '98

  127. Porsche engines

  128. Porsche six transplant

  129. Pricing new engines

  130. Problem with List posting

  131. Problem with List posting (no VW content)

  132. Problems Posting

  133. Procing new engines

  134. Q? Front 12V Bus Location.


  136. Re Flue cover

  137. Rear Differential Curiosity Solved

  138. Reimo seat hinges

  139. Repost: 2nd notice: Mid-Atlantic Holiday Bus Fest December 13

  140. Rex Merriweather????

  141. Rubbery Squeaking

  142. Rubbery Squeeking

  143. Rubbery squeaking...

  144. SA 20 gallon gas tanks

  145. SA Grilles-Finally the info!

  146. SA secrets and auto tranny

  147. SUVs vs Da Bus

  148. SUVs vs Da Bus-Almost SUV??

  149. San Diego Classifieds - FREE 1972 Bus

  150. San Diego Listmembers?

  151. San Diego to Clearwater (no VW content)

  152. San Jose or Northern, CA area list members???

  153. Sliding Door and Cold Weather

  154. Sliding noise?

  155. Source for Coolant Hoses

  156. South African Secrets Revealed (Ken comes clean!)

  157. St. Pete Times Classifieds: 87 Vanagon

  158. Stebro not ready yet !

  159. Sunday Washington Post Classifieds

  160. Supplement: WTB: Vanagon Syncro or Cru-Cab Transporter

  161. Synchro Wheels and Winch Bumpers

  162. Syncro driveshaft

  163. Syncro front end alignment specs. needed

  164. Syncros pre-1980

  165. T-5 pictures are coming!!!!

  166. TEST




  170. Test

  171. Test (F)

  172. Thanks for engine/tire advice; upcoming trip planned

  173. The third time: oh No! I'm In Winnipeg and My Defrost Fan Won't Work

  174. Thule Artificial Rain Gutters

  175. Tom C's Transmission shifting problems

  176. Tool to Clean the Westy Interior

  177. Tranny source(s) in Florida/ Georgia

  178. Tranny, Tranny, and more, or less Tranny HELP

  179. Trans swaps - Porsche Sportomatic or Triptronic?

  180. Transaxle noises

  181. Transmission parts......

  182. Transmission shifting problems

  183. Transmission shifting problems, now a big problem

  184. UPDATE Oil leak between eng. and trans

  185. Unnecessary negativism


  187. Van Swap?

  188. Vanagon Chat

  189. Vanagon Gripes

  190. Vanagon Parts

  191. Vanagon sunroof owners read!!!!

  192. Vanagon total drag and mechanical losses

  193. Vanagon vs. Eurovan

  194. Vanity Plates

  195. Vanity Plates - no VW content

  196. Vanity plates

  197. Vent cover $$$

  198. Vented Catalytic Heater Installation ?'s

  199. WHEW! Saved from possible fire!! ($2.98 for Gas Hose and Clamps)

  200. WTB A/C gauges and vacuum pump

  201. WTB: TRW Exhaust Valves for Wasserboxer 2.1 (Sodium Filled)

  202. WTB: Vanagon Syncro or Cru-Cab Transporter

  203. Weakly Statz

  204. Weakly Statz??? what the ...??

  205. Web Page Update / Crew Cab update

  206. Weird antifreeze

  207. Weird antifreeze?

  208. Westy Wind Problems

  209. Westy seat hinges

  210. Westy seat hinges (Available from Reimo)

  211. Westy seat hinges/ 5cyl installation

  212. Westy to trade

  213. Westy water and electric hookup doors- source for springs??

  214. What is a FLAPS?????

  215. Where is"for sale website"

  216. Winkler 4-wheel disc brakes

  217. Winkler/Oettinger brakes

  218. Yakima rack Options

  219. anybody interested in this one?

  220. anyone out there have a flash silver van??

  221. bike rack

  222. bike racks

  223. brown plaid westy seats for sale

  224. buzzing fuelpump solved!

  225. calipers rattle

  226. carpet adhesive

  227. chicago area Vanagon listmembers?

  228. complete westy interior for sale

  229. coolant probs

  230. correction to P6 swap

  231. engine swaps - weight differences

  232. favorite bumper stickers

  233. filter conundrum

  234. finding a new engine?

  235. fuel rich/hesitation/flooding update

  236. gauge sender

  237. general info & fuel delivery (?) problem

  238. get real or start laughing Re: A Quicky!!

  239. jpg of Just Kampers Mudflaps

  240. leather vanagon seats for sale

  241. link of interest about oil and filters

  242. lost entries for shop database

  243. more Syncro-Diff questions

  244. mud flaps revisited

  245. pics of SA quad grille, and Pzwo fogs on my van

  246. posting problem

  247. rear disc brakes...

  248. removable middle bench seat?

  249. replacement Carpet and door panels?

  250. reverse coast lock-up!!

  251. sorry for typos

  252. stripped oil pan plug

  253. syncro vs. vanagon

  254. tons of VW stuff for sale!!!!

  255. transaxle lubricant

  256. trigger current for highbeam relay

  257. upcoming trip planned

  258. vanagon Digest - 3 Dec 1998 - Special issue

  259. vanagon lift for sale, fits full size vans too

  260. vanagon vent shade/wind deflector URL

  261. vanity plates

  262. wanted: gas heater

  263. was: 3 Questions Now: Speedo, brake, and headlight questions.

  264. westy middle seats for sale, blue, or grey

  265. why flue covers?

  266. wind problems
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