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VANAGON archives – October 2001, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. '85 Vanagon near Phila., PA

  2. '88 Hiccup gone... or is it?

  3. '88 Westy: Shopping for New Engine - Options?

  4. '91 Front heater blower fit '85?

  5. '97 VW Radio install

  6. '97 VW Stereo Install

  7. '97 VW Stereo Install Complete

  8. 1.6 TD torque specs

  9. 1.9 L ebgine for sale

  10. 1987 Vanagon Syncro F.S. in Conn.

  11. 1st gear shifting problem

  12. 2.1 engine for sale cheap.

  13. 25mpg city 35 mpg highway in a Vanagon!

  14. 80-83 Aircooled Longblocks- $2000

  15. 82 Air Cooled Parts Get on the list

  16. 85 Vanagon FS near Phila., PA

  17. 85 slight hesitation

  18. 91 Vanagon Carat

  19. <No subject>

  20. ? Consequences of Broken Timing Belt (Diesel I4) ?

  21. AFM, ECU, Wiring harness, tail light on eBay

  22. Air Cooled parts- Last chance

  23. Air Cooled parts- Last chance, Location Added

  24. Any interested in a 112hp wasserboxer and a 5 speed trans?

  25. As anyone successfully fixed an AFM?

  26. As anyone successfully fixed an AFM? - I fixed one!

  27. Audi Turbo wheels

  28. Blown water pump '87 Wolfy - Mechanic or self fix?

  29. Blown water pump - outcome and Thanks to all

  30. Brake Light Switch?

  31. Brushes (was Tiico)

  32. Buses And Punkin Chunkin in the First State

  33. CRASH

  34. Camper friends need help

  35. Camping around Duluth, MN

  36. Camping near SeaWorld, Orlando, FL

  37. Catalytic Converter

  38. Chad G. Water pipe woes

  39. Chirachauas Sky Islands etc.

  40. Cleaning electric mirror switch and increasing mirror adjustment range

  41. Cleaning the Westy fiberglass top

  42. Clutch Got Soft

  43. Cold start cable: how to add to non-diesel Vanagon?

  44. Cool Double Cab Vanagon

  45. Cooland reservoir H piece

  46. Coolant reservoir H piece

  47. Coolant with Zero Pressure

  48. Coolant with Zero Pressure - THANKS

  49. Correct pricing information on new mechanical-control TDI engines

  50. Devil's advocate, was: Near Death Experience in the Vanagon

  51. Diesel Coolant Filling Question - Raise the front or not?

  52. Diesel Vanagon Answer

  53. Diesel Vanagon Question

  54. Diesel question

  55. Diesel starter wanted

  56. Does anyone know G50 tranmissions well?

  57. Doors slam too hard

  58. Double T fitting broken

  59. ECU Questions

  60. Emmisions....

  61. Engine Temp Problems

  62. Engine power loss

  63. EuroVan: Audi 5000 Turbo wheels?

  64. Exhaust questions

  65. FS - 2.1 WBX core and parts - No. Calif

  66. FS 87 2.1 Motor

  67. FS on eBay: 14.5 inch GTI Leather Wheel to fit Vanagon

  68. FS: 1982 Rabbit pickup

  69. FS: 2.1L engine in MA

  70. FS: 90GL for parts or repair in MA

  71. FS: Vanagon diesel, needs engine work

  72. FS: complete poptop us SF for $100

  73. For Sale: Tan Headrests, fit all seats, also a Grey one

  74. Found some Westy (hidden) rust

  75. Frail wiring

  76. Front & Rear Heater Fan Switches: Was - Phred's Shiverin'...

  77. Fuchs for sale

  78. Fuel injection line


  80. Gas tank removel and seal replacement

  81. Gear Ratio for Auto Differental?

  82. German Syncro Meeting

  83. Glow plug relay

  84. Going to sell the 87!

  85. Going to the Chiracuha Wilderness in AZ

  86. Good source for an ECU for an '85 GL Westy?

  87. Got the heater fan... how to put it in????

  88. HEV conversion

  89. Help! Auto Transmission

  90. Help....I need a water pipe

  91. How much should an engine replacement cost?

  92. How to differentiate LSD from normal diffs

  93. I recently started assembling my engine,

  94. Increasing fresh air intake ? (was: Near Death...)

  95. Injector line

  96. Inspection time

  97. Just one head?

  98. Koni Rear Shock No's

  99. LP gas regulator

  100. Looking

  101. Looking for TD parts in BC, 2.1L WB for sale

  102. Main Seal tool

  103. More Stuff

  104. Mud flap


  106. Near Death Experience in the Vanagon

  107. Near Death Experience, (by Ann Elk)

  108. Near Death Experience, an Elk

  109. Need muffler and tire advice for Eurospec Westy

  110. Need transmission.

  111. No Subject

  112. No Subject (aka, Stan-talk)

  113. O2 Sensor Woes

  114. Odometer Light

  115. Odometer stopped

  116. Oil in the coolant

  117. Oktoberbus Trip Report

  118. Oops Re: Type 2 Rear Axle nut coming loose?

  119. Opinions requested on Front Floor Mats

  120. Paging: Chris Radcliffe

  121. Phred's Shiverin' These Cold Mornings...

  122. Pismo beach SVRA (CA)

  123. Plat Cat heater

  124. Poem

  125. Power Steering Leak

  126. Preasure Plate New $35.00

  127. Punkin Chunkin caravan from upstate NY or PA

  128. Query: Any Good Vanagon Salvage Yards LA to Monterey?

  129. Raceware Exchange w/ Diesel Engine in Vanagon (Concluded)

  130. Re-Adjusted Valves Again

  131. Removal of cat converter

  132. Squeaks shifter and squeaks front suspension

  133. Squeeky shifter and squeeky front suspension

  134. St. Louis area salvage yards with Vanagons in situ

  135. Starter Replacement Frustration - That durn second nut!

  136. Starter Upper Nut on Air Cooled Beasties----

  137. Sticky diesel starter motor

  138. Stove probane leak

  139. Strange coincidences?

  140. Sunburst SA wheels - what color?

  141. Support your Vanagon parts guys

  142. Syn oil to regular oil- Dangerous?

  143. TD turbocharger gasket?

  144. TIICo

  145. Temp/fuel gauge transistor...??

  146. Thrown Rod 2.1L Need Parts ?

  147. TiiCo Vibes, Flex joints, etc.

  148. Tiico

  149. Tire story

  150. Torque Curves for Key Vanagon Swap Candidates

  151. Torque Curves(more comments and Subaru Results)

  152. Tune-up parts list?

  153. Type 2 Rear Axle nut coming loose?

  154. Ultimate Fix #1

  155. Ultimate Fix #2

  156. Uneven front brake pad wear?

  157. Update - Air Cooled parts- Last chance, Location Added

  158. Update: I recently started assembling my engine, and FOR the love of GOD!! Could someone help me???

  159. Upgrading I-4 timing belt tensioning roller?


  161. VANAGON PARTS & Bry's & Campbell/Nelson

  162. VW mechanics - was:Re: TIICo

  163. Vanagon 15 inch alloys on ebay for $1, no reserve

  164. Vanagon Bentley manual for sale

  165. Vanagon Crash Test Ratings Not So Good --

  166. Vanagon Crash Test Ratings Not So Good -- Re: Near Death Expe rience in the Vanagon

  167. Vanagon Crash Test Ratings Not So Good -- Re: Near Death Experience in th...

  168. Vanagon Crash Test Ratings Not So Good -- Re: Near Death Experience in the Vanagon

  169. Vanagon Crash Test Ratings Not So Good -- Re: Near DeathExperience in th...

  170. Vanagon sighting on Alias and more proof of T3 crash worthiness

  171. Vanagon weighed at scale



  174. Wanted: Brown Steering Wheel

  175. Wanted: Golf/Jetta Adaptor plate to auto tranny

  176. What Konis fit 2WD?

  177. Where to get pin tool?

  178. Who has/had the longest lived head gasket on this list?

  179. [DIESEL] Diesel Coolant Filling Question - Raise the front or not?

  180. [DIESEL] Stuck heat shields - summary of potential solutions (concluded)

  181. [DIESEL] [Diesel] Injector Pump is leaking...

  182. [Diesel] Injector Pump is leaking...

  183. [Diesel] Timing Belt Rubbing Against Edge of Pulley...

  184. [F] A humorous friday movie

  185. [F] Good source for an ECU for an '85 GL Westy?

  186. [Re: Support your Vanagon parts guys]

  187. [Syncro] compression/vacuum/fuel pressure/O2 voltage

  188. [Syncro] r & p mounting bushings need 89 syncro westy

  189. [T2] Catalytic Converter

  190. [T2] Preasure Plate New $35.00

  191. audi turbo rims for 82 westy what tire size and adapters

  192. block core heater

  193. bolt sizes

  194. boston trip [MinVC]

  195. camping in Libby Montana and chains

  196. canadian source of vdo guages?

  197. cap for fridge exhaust

  198. compression/vacuum/fuel pressure/O2 voltage

  199. crashing

  200. crashing....

  201. ebay auction for 15 inch alloy wheels

  202. engine mounts and sorbothane

  203. etka cd

  204. for sale: 87 syncro...

  205. fwis, this is how I bleed the radiator

  206. got 205/70/r14 tires. (and, please PLEASE clean sircam out of your machine)

  207. guage mounting

  208. has anyone successfully fixed an AFM?

  209. link to volvo vs. vanagon

  210. manual trans rebuild?

  211. needed: plastic power window parts

  212. prescription drugs, side effects, tach conversions, CARB/BAR

  213. r & p mounting bushings need 89 syncro westy

  214. sound and insulation material site

  215. speeding tickets?

  216. speeding tickets? Diesel

  217. thank to all who responded to my t tmolding post

  218. time for 2 head gaskets?

  219. time for two head gaskets

  220. timing belt

  221. tranny replacement

  222. vanagon Digest - 13 Oct 2001 (#2001-1261)

  223. vanagon Digest - 15 Oct 2001 to 16 Oct 2001 - Special issue (#2001-1268)

  224. what holds up coolant reservoir?

  225. wheels
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