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VANAGON archives – February 2004, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. (NVC)Re: Things that irk me on my vanagon, and GAS PRICES, now that it's Friday!

  2. (no subject)

  3. 2 Rear Heater Coil

  4. 2nd battery ??

  5. 2nd battery RELAY ??

  6. 3K btu coleman heater

  7. 50 Watt Bulbs on eBay (long)

  8. 82 vanagon tdi?

  9. 85 Camper Wolf 3 point seatbelt question

  10. 85 with Factory sunroof -1500



  13. 89 Vanagon oil usage question

  14. 91 color code?

  15. 93 eurovan 2.5L 5 spd

  16. A word from Billy Bones.

  17. AAMCO???

  18. Adding Coolant

  19. Am out......for a better world... i hope.

  20. Audi brakes in a Vanagon?

  21. Bad gas mileage/ecu

  22. Billy's coming together

  23. Bilstein Shocks ON SALE

  24. Braille parking - what would you do?

  25. Brake Drum replacement

  26. Break-in oil

  27. C A R F A X available thru 3/20

  28. California difference...

  29. Canvas Installed

  30. Car Stereo, DVD, TV, MP3

  31. Clutch Pedal Funk - Worn Pedal/Clevis Linkage

  32. Conversion Thanks

  33. Coolant part

  34. Coolant part, H shaped valve, for '84-'85 vans

  35. DIESEL exhaust question

  36. Documentation

  37. Does anyone have a phone # for Seth @ H&R?

  38. Effects of tire sizes on fuel economy!

  39. Electrical fits!!

  40. Electrical gremlins

  41. FI harness wiring/quality Q

  42. FS 90 Westy Near Rochester NY

  43. FS : 91 Carat 4sp in SC

  44. FS: '85 GL w/Sunroof

  45. FS: 4 VW Chrome hubcaps (1971-1979 generation)

  46. FS:Jumpseats

  47. FU:Oil leak in 2.1L

  48. FW: Listmember Discounts

  49. Feedback on Tassi's in N.Cal

  50. Flywheel seal

  51. For Canadians road tripping down I-95 this year...

  52. Friday and Bicycles

  53. Front Bearings

  54. Front seat belt explanation needed

  55. Fryday Funny - NVC

  56. Fuel and coolant pressure gauge pictures.

  57. Fuel economy, Pensioners LAWS

  58. Fw: T-SHIRTS - EveryBus & Campers INFO

  59. Gas prices - pls end the thread

  60. He's Alive, He's Alive, HE'S ALIVE!

  61. Here's a new sport fer' ya

  62. I'm baaack with a question...

  63. Idle Stabilizer Control Unit guts

  64. Idle stabilizer control unit...? Do they go bad?

  65. Ignition switch and gas tank questions

  66. Intermittent miss on one cylinder

  67. Is 2WD 15 inches Wheels Vanagon a Taboo

  68. Jail Bars - Shameless Plug

  69. Joe and his 85gl

  70. LAST CALL - Florida Vanagon Owners Meeting, Ft Desoto, FL 2-29-04

  71. Largest Tire in Spare Tire Carrier

  72. Last Call, True Canadian Winter Bus Campout is TOMORROW

  73. Listmember Discounts

  74. Looking for some used parts

  75. Love Notes and Ghosts on a Lonely Road (NYTimes)

  76. Major Milestone!!!

  77. Matsuwesty website

  78. Misbehaving in the wet

  79. More parts FS- Wheels/ 1.9L main bearings (Tampa FL)

  80. NVC - Why do my post show up long?

  81. NVC Digicams & batteries

  82. Need Auto trans - Have 2.1L Case - Trade??

  83. Need Grill in Southern Ontario

  84. Need Optima Battery retailer in MD or DE

  85. Neoprene Seat Covers

  86. New member and PS question

  87. New virus? subject line CONGRATULATIONS

  88. Oil leak in 2.1L

  89. Opinions wanted for trailer option

  90. PS Re: [VANAGON] brake pad replacement

  91. Parts shipping charges

  92. Pop top canvas quality

  93. Pop top quality...

  94. Portable shower recommendations for camping

  95. Power Steering Rack Balance Line Popping Off

  96. Printed circuit board.

  97. Problem with local service shop (vancouver, BC)... slight rant

  98. Progress report: Billy Bones

  99. Questions re Billy Bones

  100. Rear Axle Wiggle

  101. Rebuilding Man. Tranny-Questions regarding taller gears??

  102. Recommended Audio

  103. Redline motor oil

  104. Repair work in Moab, UT

  105. Replacement/Rebuilding the power window Ghost?

  106. RoadHaus - Wireless Internet Report

  107. Roadhaus: 1 year on the road

  108. Sales tax in CA?

  109. Seatbelts

  110. Shift bar seperation and part # question

  111. Speakers

  112. Still Friday!

  113. Subject: small car VW engine conversion

  114. SurePower Isolator 1202R

  115. Syn ATF is it worth it?

  116. Syncro Project Van now $1200

  117. Thanks from Vanagon novice

  118. Things that irk me on my vanagon

  119. Things that irk me on my vanagon, and GAS PRICES

  120. Things that irk me on my vanagon, and GAS PRICES, now that it's Friday!

  121. Those 3rd party manual mirrors

  122. Those of you saving your pennies for a Jake Raby aircooled motor take note ..

  123. TracPipe, anyone used it?

  124. True Canadian Winter Bus Campout


  126. Vanagon content

  127. Vancouver BC windshield replacement place recommendation?

  128. WTB interior door panels

  129. WTB: Rubber spacers in Swivel Seat base

  130. Wanted:trip info for Moab in March???

  131. Was!! now that it's Friday! Now: Rant!!

  132. Was!! now that it's Friday! Now: Rant!! Long!

  133. Way OT or NVC Re: Was!! now that it's Friday! Now: Rant!!

  134. Weight of a vanagon transmission?

  135. Westfalia, probably a Syncro, spotted near Baltimore this am

  136. Westy Tables

  137. Window seal reusable?

  138. Windshield wipers

  139. Windshield wipers (Stan Wilder where are you)

  140. Worth of Vanagons

  141. Your Vanagon questions

  142. Your Vanagon questions/POP TOP

  143. [NVC] How's Your New Math?

  144. [Syncro] Engine conversions

  145. [subaruvanagon] Matsuwesty website

  146. [vanagon] TracPipe, anyone used it?

  147. anyone have a copy of the '84 wolfsburg edition sales brochure?

  148. black knob removal

  149. brake pad replacement

  150. complete AC systems for sale

  151. did you see this. tdi on

  152. for sale: Vanagon Wolfsburg $1500

  153. for sale: sliding window w/ screen fits Westy, van or Adventurewagen

  154. for sale: vanagon capt. chairs w/ adjustable armrests - fit all vans

  155. front shock replacement

  156. gas prices

  157. gas prices OT nvc

  158. gas prices..

  159. gas prices.. and what they'll be this summer

  160. german rubber vanagon front floor mats

  161. has been SOLD: Set of nearly new Michelin XC LT4 LT195/75/14 on C...

  162. heat slider switch

  163. high mileage motor oil

  164. ignition timing

  165. installing heads studs

  166. interesting Carat alloys found...tu-tone..

  167. interesting alloys found

  168. kappa tweeters in the dash?

  169. kappa tweeters in the dash? - speaker grille modification

  170. leaky injectors

  171. leaky injectors / Maintaining Conductivity

  172. leaky injectors- fuel pump check valve repair?

  173. NVC

  174. oops! subject: ETKA part number assistance needed

  175. parting out: '80 westy, 84 GL, 87 wolfy, '89 wolfy/bluestar, '89 carat, '90 GL

  176. power loss, starter problems, but nice trip anyway

  177. questions from a Vanagon novice

  178. radiator fan stays on

  179. small car VW engine conversion

  180. small car VW engine conversion / Why?

  181. small car VW engine conversion / Why? / Why Not?

  182. small car VW engine conversion-- Minivans

  183. small car VW engine conversion...ABS

  184. speakers

  185. speakers made easy

  186. spring compressor

  187. springs

  188. ummm.. nice paint job?

  189. unclas RE: [VANAGON] 89 Vanagon oil usage question

  190. unclas gas prices.. and what they'll be this summer

  191. unclas gas prices.. and what they'll be this summer -ethanol

  192. vanagon Digest - 25 Feb 2004 to 26 Feb 2004 - Special issue (#2004-159)

  193. vanagon Digest - 27 Feb 2004 - Special issue (#2004-163)

  194. vw paint color code chart here.. was:Re: 91 color code?

  195. wanted: vanagon fabric; blue

  196. was:Friday and Bicycles/now: bike-friendly

  197. waterbox 2.1 for sale in WA

  198. what do "bulli" and "samba" mean...

  199. where is the expansion valve for A/C located
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