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VANAGON archives – February 2006, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. '89 Wolfsburg edition for sale . . . I think.

  2. (no subject)

  3. - 303 Protectant substitute; Nu-tech!! Canoecopia weekend in March

  4. 12 volt linear actuator

  5. 2.1L Engine available Southern Ontario

  6. 3rd (center) Brake light Van('93-'99 Jetta 3rdBL)

  7. 3rd (center) Brake light for late model Vanagon

  8. 68-79 Baywindow Bus sunshade Now available

  9. 78want start

  10. 83 VW 1.6l Speed Diesel Vanagon SVO For Sale LA, Ca - $4500 OBO

  11. 85 Vanagon GL stereo upgrade

  12. 90 westy w/ OEM style porto-potty on samba

  13. A querry about BarbCotton

  14. Anybody have a current Carfax account?

  15. Anyone tried coating/painting the pitted head surface?

  16. Armor All Substitute - 303 Protectant

  17. Auto tranny from an Audi, possible 5 cyl. engine donor?

  18. Axle Flange Seals

  19. BenT thanks for Burning Van

  20. Bentley Wanted for 91 Vanagon

  21. Broken alternator bracket studs

  22. Burning Van reminder... bonfire around 5pm in San Francisco Ocean Beach this SATURDAY

  23. Bus BRR Cool "Splittie On A Toboggan" Hooded Sweatshirt

  24. CAn't take it off!!

  25. CAn't take it off!! (removing fiberglass rear bumper)

  26. Camping tips and tricks

  27. Camping tips and tricks: organization

  28. Can't take it off!!

  29. Carrying a Motor Bike??

  30. Central Locks--driver's side actuator

  31. Cost of SweatShirt

  32. Dash Pad

  33. Death Valley Trip Report

  34. Engine Removal

  35. FRIDAY: Aquired Treasures

  36. FRIDAY: Aquired Treasures (WAS) Re: Roll of duct tape

  37. FRIDAY: Aquired Treasures (WAS) Re: Roll of duct tape doubles as cupholder

  38. FS--88 Vanagon Wolfsburg Ed.---$2500.00

  39. FS: '91 Syncro SVX Ebay

  40. FS: 1990 Vanagon GL with newish TiiCo Engine -- $6000 OBO

  41. Fast Forward LT mirrors

  42. FatMat Dealings Okay?

  43. Femco drain valve was Re: Lazy mans way to oil changes-Fumoto Engine Oil Drain Valve

  44. Fender Flares

  45. For Sale Eperspacher B!LC Heater

  46. Friday Sunday

  47. How to - or not - bleed the cooling system

  48. Identifying Bilsteins

  49. If I wanted to start a limo business..

  50. In addition to a 3rd brake light

  51. In addition to a 3rd brake light, clean your contacts for the rear lights

  52. Instrument cluster w/ tach/digi clock FS fits early westys (was:Re:dash question

  53. Interior panel plastic retainer clip availability

  54. Is there a tool for safely taking apart headlight assemblies?


  56. LOUD 'Clank' in read end when turning?

  57. Link to Rust Prevention Using BedLiner?

  58. Locking Differential vs. Limited Slip Pros and Cons

  59. Locking wheel lug nuts

  60. Meineke Brake Job

  61. Meineke Brakes

  62. Mounting jump seats in 87 Westy

  63. My Back Pages...

  64. NVC - Video Editing Software

  65. Need Help - WTB Aftermarket Cruise Control

  66. Opinions on 82 AC Westy

  67. Optima Batteries on Sale??

  68. PRopane tank press. tesiting

  69. Painting Alloy wheels

  70. Plug in LED dash bulbs

  71. Propane take fill valve anatomy

  72. Propane tank fill valve anatomy

  73. REinstalling head on 91 vanagon

  74. Radio and Speaker Insall

  75. Rear Heater Core replacement

  76. Roll of duct tape doubles as cupholder

  77. Ron out for a week

  78. Roof racks for non pop top vanagon

  79. SA Grille Lights

  80. SA big brakes: caliper rebuild kit??

  81. She's OUT!!!

  82. Shop Supplies - was Meineke Brakes

  83. Sorry for the NVC,, but......

  84. Spark plugs

  85. Speaking of dashes

  86. Speaking of "Armor All" destructive to vinyl?

  87. Stan Wilder NVC

  88. Starter Question, Tow Hitch Query and Sliding door resolve.

  89. Starting My Vanagon Search - Some Questions Please?

  90. Subscribing to the list

  91. The poop on: Speaking of "Armor All" destructive to vinyl?

  92. Tips on making space under Westfalia swivel seat usable?

  93. To My Vanagon Wife ;o)

  94. Upper and lower ball joints - how much time per front wheel?

  95. VW Wifes

  96. VW partnerships

  97. VW wifes

  98. VW wives

  99. WTB - Vanagon Wolfsburg Jump seat

  100. WTB 93 2.5 Eurovan cylinder head

  101. White smoke on startup, running rich?

  102. Windshield Leaks

  103. [Syncro] 16" syncro with full length aluminum poptop

  104. [Syncro] Is there a tool for safely taking apart headlight assemblies?

  105. [Syncro] What manufacturers are there for rear tire racks?

  106. [vanagon] Eliminating the Rear Heater

  107. are all year brake drums the same?

  108. armor all

  109. better blog, good vehicle on ice (LVC)

  110. compression testing... on the bench

  111. dash lights out when stereo not grounded?

  112. dash question

  113. dimmable LEDS

  114. is setting the timing on my 1984 Vanagon 1.9 easy?

  115. lansing Buggy Builders show

  116. middle seat rails

  117. mystery mechanics

  118. new pic on gowesty- syncro pulling ford through river

  119. nice singlecab truck TD 5spd on samba...

  120. omni engine...

  121. omni engine...Friday (ode to Kenneke)

  122. one more for the dealer

  123. power lock actuators FS (was: Re: Central Locks--driver's side actuator

  124. propane tank anatomy

  125. removing ground strap bolt

  126. return fuel lines

  127. setting the timing on my 1984 1.9 vanagon

  128. silver socket

  129. silver socket (and silver sockets FS

  130. silver socket (and silver sockets FS)

  131. silver socket / aux. 12 volt outlets

  132. syncro on ebay for cheap

  133. this is call restoration...

  134. vanagon Digest - 7 Feb 2006 (#2006-109)

  135. vanagon short shift kit

  136. volt/ohm meters

  137. wanted: Propane tank

  138. wanted: carat/wolfsburg rear crappy shape (i need seatbottom frame)

  139. ways to read the list, was Re: Meineke Brakes

  140.       Re: Tips on making space under Westfalia swivel seat usable?
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