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VANAGON archives – July 2010, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. '84 Hub cap problem

  2. '84 won't start after used for awhile

  3. 300k!

  4. A/C info on 85 front mount

  5. A/C info on 85 front mount Update

  6. Anybody Got A 1.9 Exhaust System For Sale?

  7. Auto Trans Neutral Safety sw. wiring

  8. Back Hatch Emblems

  9. Broke down in Bozeman

  10. Butterfly in Throttle Valve Housing Part# 022 133 141B

  11. Buying advice

  12. Buying advice - plz read immediately buyer

  13. Carefree of Colorado, add a room

  14. Carrying Gas / was: Stuffing away stuff in a Vanagon

  15. Cars Made by Hand

  16. Clear Coat Peeling

  17. Clutch Pedal Click

  18. Coolant bottle harbinger - opinions?

  19. Drip, drip, drip -- water tank drain cap

  20. Emissions, Was: AC While Camping

  21. FREE 2 person middle seats for westy grey


  23. FREE vanagon front clip sheetmetal, gas tanks, coolant lines, westy roof metal

  24. FS: jumpseats $50 each

  25. FS: programmable intermittant wiper relay

  26. FW: Off for 2 Months in Italy

  27. Flywheel Dowel Pins

  28. Flywheel Dowel Pins - Continued

  29. Friday: Add Power Windows The Easy Way!

  30. Fuel Hose Replacement

  31. Fwd: HELP! van broke on I80 trAveling East

  32. Go westy sales

  33. HELP! van broke on I80 trAveling East

  34. HELP! van broke on I80 trAveling East (update)

  35. HELP. Hose leaking in Sharon, CT

  36. HELP. Hose leaking in Sharon, CT -- I think we are OK

  37. High Country Bus Festival - July 21-25, 2010

  38. High Idle question

  39. Is this H pipe junk

  40. LED brake lights may mess up your VW cruise control

  41. LVC - Opinions & facts about Gipsy camper

  42. Long hose from front to back bad too...

  43. MOD Re: Made by hand

  44. Made by hand

  45. More Clutch - part 4 or is it 5

  46. Muffler replacement for cheap!!

  47. My AT Rebuild

  48. Need replacement turn signal light socket

  49. No gears (resolved #2)

  50. POR 15 Rust Preventative

  51. Parking brake pressure (was I've had it)

  52. Parking brake pressure (was I've had it) - NVC !

  53. Pedal Pressure & Brake Lights

  54. Pesky Oil Leak

  55. Pesky Oil Leak( fully friday)

  56. Porta Potti (new product)

  57. Power window switch frame replacement, '91 GL.

  58. Progress On My New Weekender

  59. Removing Rusty Exhaust System

  60. Silicone tape = rescue tape, was Pesky Oil Leak

  61. Sliding door adjustment

  62. Solved Re: Cranky 86+ sliding door latch

  63. Strap a raft to the roof?

  64. Stuffing away stuff in a Vanagon

  65. Switch to LED lighting

  66. Switch to LED lighting??

  67. Syncro Front Shock / part number question

  68. Syncro Gas Tank Available

  69. Syncro Westy on E-Bay

  70. That's it, I've had it. (Driving with brake on)

  71. This Is Why You Don't Mess With "Stuff" On A Holiday

  72. Thumping Noise - Wheel CV Joint Bearing?

  73. Timing Help

  74. Turn signal problem

  75. Turn singal problem

  76. V-gon Computer Guru's - HELP!

  77. Vanagon 2.1 Suddenly Dies- Need Help

  78. Vanagon Air Conditioning tech in the Toronto area?

  79. Vanagon Brother broke down on the road. In need of space to work on a Vanagon in Bozeman, Montana

  80. WTB Rear Curtain

  81. Water tank drain spout

  82. Where to get A-pillar Molding / was Door window scrapers

  83. [NVC] Datsun guru in Bend, Ore., USA?

  84. [T2] High Country Bus Festival - July 21-25, 2010

  85. [WetWesties] Made by hand

  86. adding resister to center 1.9 coolant temp gauge?

  87. discovery - its giubo, not guibo

  88. door rattle

  89. engine revving at idle

  90. front seat swivel top: value?

  91. lots of good parts going to the crusher..

  92. lug nuts torque-

  93. power steering rack: core value

  94. question for Electrical l genious , David ?

  95. seeking Malcolm Stebbins - Frydaye email 7 minutes early (my time!)

  96. seeking Malcolm Stebbins - got the info, thankyou, no more replies needed!

  97. shelving needed...NVC

  98. silicone tape, Cheap Tools

  99. speed odometer/85 westy automatic

  100. two '86 vanagon GL's...$800 for the pair CHEAP VANS!!

  101. vannie info on cranks and radiators needed

  102. who is this todd olsen person ... what it mean microsoft email promotion ??? vanagon broke down ... what ???
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