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VANAGON archives – June 2006, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. "Vanagon Listserve ..."

  2. "bogging out" on the highway

  3. '88 Westy: House Battery Terminals Exposed - Problem?

  4. 13 watt helical bulb in bus

  5. 86 Westy cuts out sporadically, now won't start

  6. 88 Westy brake master cylinder question

  7. <No subject>

  8. ? for our mechanical wizards

  9. A/C shop in CA?

  10. AAA and keeping old vehicles...Re: I-90 Freeway help

  11. AC Evap Coil

  12. AC Receiver Drier 253260633"D" vs 253260633"E"

  13. AC refrigerant capacity oil capacity

  14. Adhesive to hold plastic door liner?

  15. Anyone know Java?

  16. Audi S4 springs - what are those ?

  17. Average time to pull transmission, engine, etc.

  18. Battery Demand calculator -- posted for comment [NVC]

  19. Battery size to fit under bench seat?

  20. Bentley and Haynes Manuals for sale

  21. Bentley and Haynes Manuals for sale (sold)

  22. Blinkers - clear, smoke, and stock

  23. Boge springs

  24. Bogging 1.9

  25. Broke down in Omaha

  26. Bunt pan wheels

  27. Bus Depot Hiring Again

  28. CV Joint/Manual Transmission Question

  29. Can you drive without differential lock plumbing

  30. Carat to Syncro interior swap

  31. Carpet Mat advice

  32. Cheap window fix. Was: Wind noises.... door - Followup

  33. Clam shell mod for 15" wheel

  34. Clam shell mod for 15" whell

  35. Clunk Sound maybe found!!

  36. Clunking when braking

  37. Coolant pipes replacement

  38. De-coupler for Syncro

  39. Denver to San Diego and back - Lost my cool in the desert (a trip report)

  40. Diesel is noisy

  41. Digitool Availability - COST

  42. Dometic idea?

  43. Dometic idea? (was: Dometic question. (yes did search archives.... ;^)

  44. Dometic question.

  45. Dometic question. (yes did search archives.... ;^)

  46. Ethanol news

  47. Extraordinary ONE OWNER 88 Westy - SOLD

  48. FS: South African 15" Rhein Alloy Wheels set of 4 available plus 2 spares

  49. First, apologies

  50. Flashing coolant level lamp

  51. Flywheel Removal

  52. Fridge comes on by itself

  53. Fridges - delta-T > 40F?

  54. Front A/C Modification

  55. Front Shock Installation - Upper Spacer Sleeve?

  56. Fw: Re: ? for our mechanical wizards

  57. Fw: Sticker Sighting - Oregon Plates

  58. HELP!! stripped spark plug hole.

  59. Headlights

  60. Heater hose clamps

  61. Heidelberg Radio question...

  62. Help: Caliper needed in SE PA

  63. Here a Real DEAL....

  64. High noon at the Maryland emissions station

  65. Hissing sound at throttle body

  66. Horn relay

  67. How do I locate the differential lock wiring?

  68. How on earth do I remove the input shaft?

  69. I-90 Freeway help

  70. I-90 Freeway help/Long Road Trip Haiku

  71. Info for newbies (+ my LP .02 after archive search.....)

  72. Installing a 1000W converter

  73. Installing rear shoulder belt kit

  74. Itís Official: 1st Annual Rocky Mtn Syncro Fest (was SDM Central)

  75. LP tank refurb? Was: LP tank service near San Francisco?

  76. LP tank service near San Francisco?

  77. LVC - My Beetle Turned 50 Today!

  78. Loaf Westy on ebay w/36K for $11K and rising

  79. Loaf Westy on ebay w/36K for $11K and rising: List bias observation

  80. Los Angles California Sightings

  81. Making an alternator a smarter charger? [LVC]

  82. Midvale, UT this Friday night ???

  83. Mobil 1: 15W50 NLA? Is 5W50 as good when warm?

  84. More shakedown fun: sink pump

  85. NAPA Load levelers coil-over springs for 2wd

  86. NVC - Leading me on...

  87. NVCwhatsoever: Would listmember Mark Cumnock please contact me?

  88. Need help on wiring

  89. New 12v outlet question...

  90. New AC Compressor for sale for '86 Westy

  91. New Products, rear tent & update on Westy screens

  92. Nokian : WR and CS

  93. Norcold results (long)

  94. ONLy two guys for I-90 help

  95. Overhead Westy light

  96. PROpane tank tag welded

  97. Part nembers needed.

  98. Photos of "I saw a 6X6 on I-5 (NVC)"

  99. Problems Getting Emails

  100. R12 or R134 - How to distinguish?

  101. REAnyone know Java?

  102. Rear wheel bearings going? How long have I got?

  103. Removal of Lock Diff and Decoupler Knobs?

  104. Removing Differential Lock / Cruise Control Plumbing

  105. Rust removal.

  106. Sealant between transmission and engine?

  107. Sheared CV joints

  108. Shearing CV Axles constantly... What to do next?

  109. Should I pump my Nokian Hakka CS tires up to 65lbs?

  110. Sink pumps out of stock everywhere?

  111. Solenoid-to-starter wire replacement=fixed

  112. Solenoid-to-starter wire replacement?

  113. Square Headlights to Round

  114. Sterling marine / aircraft paint

  115. Strange Clunks in the night... (or day)

  116. Subject: getting cooler air to the front in a Westy

  117. Successfully installed hot start rely...but now....

  118. Switched 12V power in Engine compartment and hall unit to ecu question. (1984 van)

  119. The rewards (long) [LVC]

  120. Tightening the Throttle body

  121. Transmission suddenly slipping

  122. Understanding Amp Hours

  123. Understanding Amp Hours-Question Answered

  124. Unusual Vanagon sighting

  125. Vanagons in the Movies

  126. Want to get off for a week ...

  127. Weekend Vanwork: Propane, lights, exhaust, gas pedal, etc

  128. Westy Pop Top Part Needed

  129. What is the big cylinder in my drivers side rear wheel well?

  130. Which "surging syndrome" is this one?

  131. Wind noises 'round the door - Followup

  132. Wonder what's around the bend...YMMV :o)

  133. Your message to vanagon-request@GERRY.VANAGON.COM

  134. [NVC] Weather strip/channels sources?

  135. [Syncro] Average time to pull transmission, engine, etc.

  136. [Syncro] Can you drive without differential lock plumbing

  137. [Syncro] Sealant between transmission and engine?

  138. [WetWesties] Wonder what's around the bend...YMMV :o)

  139. air conditioning

  140. auto trans parts - anyone?

  141. aux batteries and stereos

  142. behr ac manual

  143. belt replacment...grrrrrr...

  144. buying cooling fan thermo-switch, which one do you recommend?

  145. carpet bagger advise

  146. carpeting advise

  147. conflicting cooling problem data...(this one is for the true experts...)

  148. dometic pilot goes out when thermostat turned up

  149. engine conversion

  150. fan won't stop 87 syncro

  151. for those following my water temp sender/gauge inquiry here are some combined values...

  152. getting cooler air to the front in a Westy

  153. goo from FI lines?

  154. got Magic Bus repaired (was Re: Broke down in Omaha)

  155. heater hose clamps

  156. how do i send vanagon posts to a separate folder

  157. how do you test and a/c compressor?

  158. late model curtain "shelf" install query

  159. led replacement for overhead westy light

  160. looking for some body parts

  161. more VW Busses in the movies

  162. muffler options

  163. multiple tows (was RE: I-90 Freeway help

  164. oil all over rear hatch?

  165. oil change monkeys or am i the monkey?

  166. parting out 84 Vanagon near Vancouver BC

  167. power door lock wiring path

  168. power steering groan?

  169. projectzwo bumpers

  170. sf bay area give away

  171. slow on the continental divide (was RE: I-90 Freeway help

  172. sprung canyon at cleft mountain: the allurious white syncro misting floats by while I gaze and walk

  173. thanks for the dope slap

  174. thanks robert

  175. tie rod ends (second request)

  176. tolls (was RE: I-90 Freeway help)

  177. understanding amp hours

  178. vanagon Digest - 23 Jun 2006 - Special issue (#2006-521)

  179. vanagon Digest - 26 Jun 2006 - Special issue (#2006-531)

  180. vanagon Digest - 27 Jun 2006 (#2006-536)

  181. want a carat table in your van? then you have to use the carat rear sofab...

  182. want a carat table in your van? then you have to use the carat rear sofabed..

  183. water under sink

  184. weight of front doors?
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