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VANAGON archives – October 2007, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. (UPDATE) Re: Mobil 1 and SM rating...

  2. 1968 in print and TV ads

  3. 1983.5 VW Vanagon camper for sale in Houston, Texas

  4. 20W-50 oil question

  5. 3 pronged spark plugs?

  6. 6V Wiper Motor

  7. 84 Vanagon GL Intake Air sensor?

  8. 85 Intake Boot Time

  9. 87 Heat not truning off!!

  10. A clarification to my earlier question...

  11. A question that I couldn't find in the FAQ, or the archives...

  12. Air Cooled Exhaust Spacers Available

  13. Almost Friday.............

  14. Anyone ever see a vanagon boat top?

  15. Atwood Furnace install documentation

  16. Auto Tranny problem Anything else to try?

  17. Auxiliary Heater Control problem. Name that diode!

  18. Burning Man / West Coast trip write up

  19. Bus Depot manual transmission fill tool

  20. Buses By The Depot - Please RSVP, even if not camping

  21. Buses by the Bridge - brain eating bacteria

  22. Car alarm recommendation

  23. Checking if coolant replacement needed

  24. Cold-start up oil issue..a solution

  25. Coolant recommendations

  26. Coolant tank cracks -- how quickly do they form?

  27. Costco auxiliary battery size (group# and/or Costco number)?

  28. Could someone run a carfax for me?

  29. Cranshaft Endplay setting

  30. Diode / Aux heater...

  31. Does Anyone Have a Carfax Account Available?

  32. Dometic

  33. Doors Available -- calling Jeff


  35. FS I4 engine conversion

  36. FS: 84 highroof Adventurewagen camper $2000 USA OK Tulsa

  37. FYI - 1985 Vanagon VW volkswagen parting out - $300 (oakland east)

  38. Fwd: MIG welding.

  39. Fwd: [Westfalia] ///// !! STOLEN 1987 WESTFALIA !! ///// in Berkeley, color WHITE

  40. Gas tank sealing?

  41. Grand Prairie TX show

  42. Ground clearance on 15 degree I4 install?

  43. HELP: VW LT 4x4 differential bearings needed!

  44. Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

  45. Helicoils with engine in place

  46. Hybrid Engine Conversion

  47. Hybrid Engine Conversion (LVC, but it is nearly Friday!)

  48. I4 emission issues

  49. I4 emissions issures (from Digester)

  50. Insurance?!?!

  51. Is Chris Hagen on the list?

  52. Jalousies or Vanagon Windows at Westies at Watkins

  53. John Browns Buses/Buses By The Trax

  54. LVC - Just ugly enough to be appealing - Suzuki X-HEAD

  55. LVC I'm driving a Porsche 911 from Toronto to Phoenix starting

  56. LVC I'm driving a Porsche 911 from Toronto to Phoenix starting tomorrow

  57. LVC Low State Sales Tax

  58. LVC..another road trip, yahoo!

  59. MAF sensor and a waterboxer

  60. MIG welding.

  61. Mobil I ... negative..(from digest)

  62. Mobil I ... transaxle

  63. More on newer Vanagon Tech on older Vanagons...

  64. Motive Power Bleeder (from digest)

  65. My findings at and a question derived from it (LED lights)

  66. NVC Porsche 911 Toronto>Phoenix (long story)

  67. Nice Feature With Surepower 1315 Seperator

  68. No start when hot

  69. Oh no the tire guys air-wrenched my lugs on :( semi-long ..

  70. Oil Leak - 2.1L WBX - Manual Tranny

  71. Parting Out '82 Westy in PA

  72. Ping List Admin re: Post I'd like to put on the Wiki

  73. Post I'd like to put on the Wiki

  74. Power steering U-Joint, friend needs

  75. Putting windows back in

  76. Real 110v AC power off of the engine ?

  77. Request - Tips & Tricks - Wiper Arm Removal


  79. STP WAS==>Re: 20W-50 oil question

  80. Searching the Vanagon archives

  81. Some more on Oil..filters, specifically

  82. Subject line of your posts

  83. Subject: Re: A question that I couldn't find in the FAQ, or the archives...

  84. Subject: Re: website creation question - absolutely NVC whatsoever

  85. Success!

  86. Symptoms - Manual Tranny

  87. Syncro front springs fit 2WD?

  88. Tale of a Failed Battery

  89. The Expansion tank story

  90. The VW bus in the news: 60'th birthday

  91. This just HAS to be a new question...

  92. Thoughts on running Mobil-1 Synthetic oil

  93. Tire serial numbers

  94. Tire wear question

  95. Update - VDO Guages Now Working

  96. VDO Gauges for sale

  97. VDO Guages not working

  98. Vanagon Canopy

  99. Vanagon Mirror replacement Option

  100. Vanagon Mirror replacement Option -- Pictures Posted online

  101. $$$$$$

  102. WANTED: help with "custom" body work in bay area

  103. WTB: 84-86 Brown Westy fridge door and door frame

  104. Westies at Watkins

  105. Westy driving on I-5 Near Salem, OR. Today

  106. Wheel straightening

  107. Wheel straightening companies?

  108. Wheel straightening companies?(NVC)

  109. Whos Goin to Kellys Island Camping this weekend??

  110. Wiki confusion ??

  111. Windshield Removal and Installation

  112. Yet another Vanagon Hybrid thought.....

  113. [NVC] Cool Web Site

  114. another very-Friday email with absolutely NVC

  115. anyone have a current CARFAX subscription?

  116. bow-wow blues (follow up)

  117. buying a 1986-1991 westfalia camper - help

  118. costco auxillary battery size (group# and/or costco number)?

  119. dear old fulmar RIP

  120. front Brake hose CEF or Meyle

  121. gas mileage question

  122. gear linkage trouble after tranny out and short shift kit

  123. need welder in Seattle

  124. ok, how about an 87 automatic with bad transmission? USA PA Reading ... $650 obo

  125. pop top heaven

  126. pressurized brake bleeder

  127. regarding the ad campaign for banks (there is a lie in it ... ?)

  128. removing a broken cv joint stud

  129. solved: gear linkage trouble after tranny out and short shift kit

  130. some more interesting variation of T3

  131. strange vanagon

  132. the vw crafter IS the sprinter. same vehicle.. different trim.

  133. trips you probably shouldn't take in your vanagon - worse than brain-eating bacteria!

  134. undercoating body work

  135. undercoating body work (MSDS)

  136. warning to those considering Buses by the Bridge! brain-eating amoeba...

  137. website creation question - absolutely NVC whatsoever

  138. website recommendations + 85 Vanagon gearshift issues

  139. wheel straightening companies?(NVC)
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