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VANAGON archives – May 2008, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. '88 Vanagon FS in Maine $500 its a Wolfsburg Edition (Carat)

  2. '91 GL on Craigslist

  3. '91 GL on Craigslist in Sacramento

  4. (NVC) Beer bottle solar heater

  5. 12v Fan for fridge interior

  6. 4 Batteries

  7. 84 water boxer with a rolling stall

  8. AC Controls

  9. ADMINISTRIVIA - Reply from AT&T/BellSouth Part

  10. ADMINISTRIVIA - Reply from AT&T/BellSouth Part I

  11. Air ducting for dusty conditions.

  12. Air intake

  13. Alternator brackets

  14. Anyone interested in "engine swap party" in MA?

  15. Apologies. (cancelled my Google Group... for now)

  16. Battery for 84 Westy

  17. Belly Pans for MPG>>

  18. Belly Pans for speed or MPG

  19. Belly Pans for speed or MPG - Some Data

  20. Belly pans for speed /mpg

  21. Belly pans for speed and MPG..

  22. Blinker cancelation switch problem

  23. Brake master rebuild or new?

  24. Breather tower test?

  25. BusFusion News

  26. Buses by the Beach

  27. Buses by the Beach - THANKS AGAIN

  28. Buses by the Beach - Tomorrow!!!!

  29. Buses by the Beach - Tomorrow!!!! - Jack's Westy

  30. Buses by the Beach Thursday Night "Tasting" Update

  31. CV belt tension, measurement

  32. Camping Next week?

  33. Can engine and transmission be swapped?

  34. CarFax anyone?

  35. Cracked Dash Blues Options? Restoration? Dash Mat?

  36. De-chromify windows?

  37. Does anyone know if you can get a ticket for staying overnight in a NJ

  38. Does anyone know if you can get a ticket for staying overnight in a NJ walmart lot?

  39. Draining the gas tank

  40. Drive thru tree in Leggett, CA

  41. Engine fire... again!

  42. Engine fire... again! You can't please them all.

  43. FI hose and clamps source

  44. FIXED (was: Re: Operating temperature? (temp gauge needle, etc))

  45. FRYEDAY stuff WITH vanagon video content

  46. FS: 2.1 1989 Motor

  47. FS: Kennedy Adapter & TDI Swap (Ontario, Canada)

  48. FS: entire vanagon parts collection liquidation, too much to list

  49. FS:manual transmission $150.00

  50. Free Dometic RM182b

  51. Front heat always!

  52. Full Length rear seat latching

  53. Fw: 85 westy doorpanels ...

  54. Fwd: Air intake

  55. Fwd: Trying To Send Carfax Report.....PC Challenged

  56. Getting coolant level warning to work on '82 diesel

  57. Grab handle base pads

  58. Hatch Deck Vent for Roof of Vanagon

  59. Hella Map Lights

  60. Hey anyone near new haven..

  61. How to Adapt Brake Vacuum line for engine conversion?

  62. IMAP

  63. If Andy had a Vanagon

  64. If Andy had a Vanagon - NVC

  65. Is this you?

  66. Jetta fires and Mexico specials

  67. MPG and Decoupler (was Belly pans for speed /mpg)

  68. Magic Bus raffle still available

  69. Minnesota block heater "donchaknow"

  70. Mudfest (Oregon) Campout: Update

  71. NVC-Re: Ninja Camping (was Wal-Mart parking lots)Now Pre-Enviromental Awareness


  73. Need help from across the border

  74. New

  75. Ninja Camping (was Wal-Mart parking lots)

  76. Nova Scotia to Michigan: trip report

  77. OSX Counter

  78. Older gas tank problems- was Noisy fuel pump causes

  79. Ole retired farts

  80. Pricing for BZ Shelves

  81. Rear External Fridge Fan

  82. Reply from AT&T/BellSouth Part I

  83. Reply from AT&T/BellSouth Part I.

  84. Reply from AT&T/BellSouth Part II


  86. Sam.s club and walmart house batteries.

  87. Sealing the Gas Tank in a Vanagon

  88. Shipping from Idaho to California

  89. Shun-Piking

  90. Side Tents for Vanagon- Does anyone have one to recommend?

  91. Skylight installation

  92. Slowing to save gas?

  93. So these vans aren't really that loud?

  94. So, you don't like Subi...

  95. Soundproofing recommendations?

  96. Time to change rear drive axle??

  97. Tire Size for 84 Westy

  98. Translucent propane cylinders on Ebay $29

  99. Trying To Send Carfax Report.....PC Challenged

  100. Upper control arm spacers

  101. Van in Bike Event Ad

  102. Vanagon on front page of NY times paper...

  103. stickers--big demand!

  104. Vanagons and interstates..

  105. Vehicle Transport Companies

  106. Wal MArt camping in a Vanagon

  107. Wal-Mart 'camping'

  108. Wal-Mart parking

  109. Wal-Mart parking lots

  110. Was: New platform.... Now: test drive my new google group

  111. Westies in the Woods Question

  112. Westy conversion,,,Re: Is this you?

  113. What's to cold to camp?

  114. Yandina combiners, charging and wire gauge

  115. [NVC] Beer bottle solar heater

  116. [] MPG and Decoupler (was Belly pans for speed /mpg)

  117. are your front doorpanels warped or wavy? easy fix. read and save!!


  119. better gas mileage

  120. exhaust bolts / studs... tips or tricks?

  121. hesitation, bucking

  122. hesitation/bucking (was: Re: tested Oxygen Sensor, and...)

  123. leaky auto transaxles

  124. moisture/hesitation update

  125. parts required: 1.9 to 2.1 litre conversion

  126. power window bezel

  127. power window bezel fixing

  128. rebuilding a/c compressor??

  129. shielded wire for oxygen sensor?

  130. tested Oxygen Sensor, and...

  131. vanagon Digest - 17 May 2008 - Special issue (#2008-531)

  132. vanagon Digest - 20 May 2008 - Special issue (#2008-544)

  133. vanagon power steering
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