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VANAGON archives – July 2004, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. 1.9 engine health?

  2. 5 or 6 hours in LA, CA what would you do?

  3. 58K westy for sale in New Symrna Beach

  4. 80-83 or 83.5-86 or 87-91 best year model and why?

  5. 83 Windows Getting Lazy

  6. 84 Wolfy, Dunner, for sale to a good home

  7. 85 1.9 stalling condition

  8. 85 Vanagon q's

  9. 85 vanagon in NY on ebay, 76,000 miles for $200

  10. <No subject>

  11. A/C Shaft seal

  12. AC Compressor Seal Replacement

  13. Accident/Insurcance Q: Value of Westy with 1.9 turbo Diesel?

  14. Adjustable height, was Re: Lowering kit

  15. Air conditioning condensation leak

  16. Alloy's for sale

  17. Any Suggestions for Northern California Camping Near the Beach?

  18. Appraised value of '84 Vanagon

  19. Ariolimax

  20. Auto tranny question

  21. Bad NEW Thermostat Now Back on the Road,

  22. Best motor modification to WBX???, Was:Re: What is the worst design part in the Vanagon WAS-Re: OEM Popseals Top Seals

  23. Brake work in LA


  25. CV Joint - How to rebuild link

  26. CV Joint failure

  27. CV Joint failure - New or Rebuilt?

  28. Camping with and EZ-up Tent

  29. Can't start the engine...

  30. Can't turn heat off

  31. Canadian distributor

  32. Chrome hub caps won't fit on ONE wheel?!

  33. Clueless Newbie Question

  34. Conversion bound folks:146 HP 2.6 liter 5 cylinder Engine for Vanagons

  35. Conversion bound folks:146 HP 2.6 liter 5 cylinder Engine for Vanagons and Smog Legal*

  36. Country Home Camper?

  37. Damn! Rounded over CV Joint Bolt!!!!

  38. Damn!!! Vice-Grips worked on CV Bolts!!!!!!!!

  39. De-Ionized distilled water

  40. Deerfield River Festival: Charlemont, MA July 31 - Aug 1

  41. Draining Fluid From the Fuel Filter

  42. ETKA CD on newsgroup

  43. Electric burner starter

  44. Electrical - Lights and Fan: More

  45. Emergency in South Dakota

  46. Engine bogs out

  47. Exactly which filter for pre-pump retrofit?

  48. Exhaust Problems, please help !

  49. FS: 1990 2.1L longblock

  50. FS: clearance : many assorted Vanagon parts

  51. For those of you who want to 'tow' a boat with yer van...

  52. Front radiator hoses

  53. Fwd: WRX turbo on Ebay

  54. German/French collaberation and Crashing Helicopters

  55. Gray arm rests for an 89 Westy

  56. H4 headlights and relays

  57. Headlight Relay Install Help?

  58. Headlight and Fan Problems

  59. Help, Still no go

  60. Help, Still no go Continues........

  61. High Country Buses /Granpa Mountain

  62. It's been almost 5 years that Gerry and I have lived together...

  63. Kurt from Philly - Back to list- Back to Van with RexMobile

  64. Lake Trip Report and fuel pressure question

  65. Lifter noise

  66. Looking for good VW mechanic in the Hollywood, Ca area

  67. Looking for manual, or even a fuse diagram...

  68. Low voltage

  69. Lowering kit

  70. Mann Filter

  71. Marin county CA van mechanic and housing

  72. Michelin MXT's Size and Location

  73. Michelin MXT's for Sale

  74. Mini-RV Shower

  75. Mini-RV shower

  76. Mini-RV was RE: Worst design flaw...

  77. Munchkin ice tray for sale

  78. My Transmission has a hole in it!!!

  79. NEW Springs for Vgn (incl Syncro) - Lowered, Taller, & Stock

  80. NVC - Anyone with neuer Euro Etka?

  81. Need help indentifying 85 Vanagon hose

  82. New Info for Canadian Vanagon Owners (& 02 sensor in Canada )

  83. New Info for Canadian Vanagon Owners (& 02 sensor in Canada)

  84. New O2 sensor & catalytic converter $200

  85. New Springs for the van

  86. Not idling up when AC turned on

  87. O2 Sensor - 1 Wire

  88. O2 Sensor - Low Prices 3-wire in Canada

  89. OEM Pop Top Seals

  90. OEM Pop Top Seals and Fibreglass Oxidation

  91. OEM Pop Top Seals for Westy

  92. Original poptop and window seals leave trails of black residue after rain on my white 91 MV

  93. Parts needed

  94. Pickup Side Tent at High Country

  95. Plug for my Ceramics Business

  96. Poptop, Window Seals and ArmorAll

  97. Possible Road Haus Buyer

  98. Propane Tank Guage - 89 Westy

  99. Radiator pipe upgrade

  100. Radiator pipe upgrade / 84 parts

  101. Resistor Part Number?

  102. RoadHaus

  103. Roadhaus - Escapes Canada

  104. Roadhaus - Quick Update

  105. Roadhaus - Quick Update -- I may get booted, so I will apologize a head of time

  106. Ron out thru Sun.

  107. Rounded CV Joint Bolt - Cutting Slot

  108. Rust In Vanagon Lower Sliding Door Channel

  109. SF Area body shops, awning, bike rack, carriers, and computer set -up questions

  110. SOLVED: Squeaking Wheels When Brakes Not Applied

  111. Security Cameras for van?

  112. Side tents for desert/burningman?

  113. Size spec for pop-top bolt?

  114. Sliding door latch mechanism needed.

  115. Solar roof fan for sale

  116. Sometimes a Roadhaus is more than just a Roadhaus...

  117. South Dakota UPDATE

  118. Speedo Tach in 86 with clock

  119. Stalls when hot. won't restart. 1.9 wbx

  120. Stan Wilder's shape up a new Westy post

  121. Subaru WRX turbo powered Vanagon Wolfsburg on Ebay was: re: wbx performance

  122. Switch circuit to Aux Battery ??

  123. Switiching accessorys from main battery to auxilary battery?

  124. Symptoms of a failing air flow sensor?

  125. Syncro-ing the Lost Coast of CA?

  126. Temp Gauge/Voltage Stabilizer

  127. Towing a Boat?

  128. Travel trailer towing a few miles with vanagon?

  129. VW Bug questions

  130. Van bogs out part 2

  131. Vanagon - "Introductory Service Information"

  132. Vanagon Bucking

  133. Vanagon motor mounts chirping?

  134. Vanagon trailer

  135. Vanagon trailer -

  136. Vanagon trailer - working link?

  137. Vide Grips and Fiskars.

  138. WRX turbo on Ebay

  139. WTB- Black Electric Sideview Mirrors

  140. Weekend trip~West River Westies

  141. Weeping water pump and driver

  142. Westy for sale: Toronto area

  143. Westy sink water pump

  144. What "water" do you mix with your German "Autobaun" Coolant?

  145. What Water?

  146. What is D17? Re: what else with the dash removed

  147. What is the worst design part in the Vanagon

  148. What is the worst design part in the Vanagon (ENGINE)

  149. What is the worst design part in the Vanagon - The Nut Behind the Wheel!

  150. What is the worst design part in the Vanagon WAS-Re: OEM Pop Top Seals

  151. What is the worst design part in the Vanagon WAS-Re: OEM Popseals Top Seals

  152. What is the worst design part in the Vanagon WAS-Re: OEMPopseals Top Seals

  153. What is the worst design part in the Vanagon What a bunch of wimps, whiners, winers and complainers.

  154. What the Heck? Melted Heater Control Cable Housing - 84 Westy

  155. What would the Corruptor say?

  156. What's wrong with ECU out of 86

  157. Why do kids today get all the cool vans?

  158. Window crank

  159. Wire in fm modulators for IPODS/MP3 players (NVC)

  160. Your message to vanagon-request@GERRY.VANAGON.COM

  161. [Syncro] Roadhaus - Quick Update

  162. [T2] Damn! Rounded over CV Joint Bolt!!!!

  163. [VWVANFULLTIMERS] Roadhaus - Quick Update

  164. a home built camper that rocked 30 years ago. Re: What is the worst design part in the Vanagon What a bunch of wimps, whiners, winers and complainers.

  165. blinking temp. light????

  166. burnt van pixs

  167. clearance : many assorted Vanagon parts

  168. coming soon: San Francisco Van-O-Rama ... September 2004

  169. coolant sensor 50/50 tolerance?

  170. dramatic drop in oil usage with Pennzoil 5-50

  171. free 1.9L engine

  172. free 1.9L motor - upstate NY

  173. from

  174. from (Dehler Profi FS in the US?)

  175. got to fix the cooling system again.

  176. looking 4 bug screens front pass/driver window cheap

  177. mounting auxiliary lights

  178. panels

  179. poptop edge rubber seal

  180. rebuilt distributor

  181. roadhaus escapes canada

  182. roadside memorials/ No vanagon content

  183. selling 83 vanagon problem

  184. short trip report

  185. solar fans for the roof vent?

  186. starter re-install woe...

  187. syncro single cab for sale

  188. syncro single cab for sale & bad photos

  189. syncro single cab for sale--> now with working photos!!!

  190. syncro-tire pressure

  191. unclas Wheel Bearing costs cont'd

  192. vanagon Digest - 20 Jul 2004 - Special issue (#2004-668)

  193. vanagon cyclic idle finally solved! Thanks

  194. vans in desert/burningman?

  195. wanted westy bra

  196. water wetter

  197. wbx performance
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