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VANAGON archives – May 2010, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. 1.9 Oil Leak question

  2. 12v Crock Pot

  3. 12v Crock Pot (LVC)

  4. 1984 Westfalia 12V Power Outlet

  5. 1985 GL - Turn Signal's quit working *SOLVED*

  6. 1985 GL - Turn Signal's quite working

  7. 1987 2.1 WBX For Sale

  8. 1987 WBX 2.1 For Sale

  9. 2010 MVVC Festival Coming Up May 22-23! [1 Attachment]

  10. 84 Westy stumbles off idle

  11. A threat on my life

  12. Advice on Spare 2.1

  13. All Fine, Durango, Co. to Asheville, North Carolina But Odometer Not Working

  14. Analog to Digital Idle Stabilizer Control

  15. Antifreeze WAS: stainless steel coolant pipes

  16. Antifreeze shelf life

  17. Appreciation

  18. Auto Transmission Numbers

  19. Bilstein HD shock report

  20. Bra Recs Please

  21. Brake Lights

  22. Bras

  23. Buses By the Beach - Live Music Line Up

  24. CA Smog check: dilution problem

  25. California Bienniel Inspections 86-later

  26. Carpet Adhesive-Found some that worked

  27. Center Bore Machining.

  28. Clackety Clack

  29. Cleaning Oily Grunge out of Cooling System

  30. Cleaning Oily Gunge out of Cooling System

  31. Coolant Pipe Alternatives?

  32. Coolant/preparedness was: RE: stainless steel coolant pipes

  33. Cupholders Take 2

  34. Curtain Patterns

  35. Distributor plug for '85 needed

  36. Door wiring on '91 Vanagon GL

  37. Driver's door done

  38. Dubs in the Valley/Flood City Music Festival

  39. FW: Starts day, won't at night ...

  40. Febi or FEQ upper control arm bushing quality

  41. Found a timesert in the spark plug hole

  42. Fri. Off topic.."Sent from my Dingleberry mobile device".. whatever

  43. Fryeday help-Calling out for Eurovan battery help

  44. Fuel Leak-Yikes!!

  45. Fuel Level Sender: Get Stuck? Knock it Loose?

  46. Fully-charged battery for alternator install?

  47. Fw: Fully-charged battery for alternator install?

  48. Fw: Fw: Solar panel mount

  49. Fw: Solar panel mount

  50. Fwd: Buses at Shelter Valley Folk Festival Labour Day weekend

  51. Fwd: Gas tank and gas cap

  52. Gas tank and gas cap

  53. Got Shifter Bushings?

  54. Governor Cover

  55. HELP--need torque specs for raceware studs

  56. Importance of a Vanagon was: Fully-charged battery for alternator install?

  57. Important trick for Figuring out wiring diagrams, was Re: Brake Lights

  58. KOA Free Camping in May

  59. MOD Re: A threat on my life

  60. MOD Reminder Re: A threat on my life

  61. MOD wiki thread extended through tomorrow (today...)

  62. Map Pocket Source ?

  63. New Design Vanagon Coil Springs

  64. Oil leak when engine has been warm for a couple of hours

  65. Online Directories To County and City Campgrounds?

  66. Peel and Seal Before and After

  67. Power Steering

  68. Power Steering lines replacement (was: Got Shifter Bushings?)

  69. Power window regulator broke: floating black part, maybe cable guide.

  70. Question about removing syncro speedo drive gear

  71. Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generators (RTGs) vs Solar Panels

  72. Redux on the Gas Return line bypass

  73. Reintroduction

  74. Replacing Front 84 Brake Discs

  75. Seat cover pattern making

  76. Shift Components - Replace or not...

  77. Solar Panel Mount -Flexible Panels?

  78. Solar panel deal, slolar panel mount

  79. Solar panel mount

  80. Speaker and Aux Battery Pics

  81. Speedo parts wanted

  82. Spring OR Trip Report/PICS

  83. Starter SR0408X ge-futzd

  84. Starts day, won't at night ...

  85. Stutter and Low Batt

  86. The coninuing distributer saga - LOOONG

  87. The coninuing distributer saga - LOOONG .. and some fule injector thoughts...

  88. The idle speed controller is not in the ECU on the 2.1

  89. The idle speed controller is not in the ECU on the 2.1. It is a separate controller located in front of the passenger side tail light. It can be easily integrated into a 1.9 to eliminate that almost useless

  90. The idle speed controller is not in the ECU on the 2.1. It is a separate controller located in front of the passenger side tail light. It can be easily integrated into a 1.9 to eliminate that almost useless advance the ignition timing before it stalls stabilizer and the auxiliary air regulator along with those AC and PS idle booster solenoid valves. Dennis

  91. Upper control arm bushing problems with Syncros?

  92. VW Buses and Drivers Wanted for Arlo Guthrie Walk for HD

  93. Vanagon Wiki

  94. Vanagon Wiki: MODS?

  95. Westy luggage rack sunroof--David's site

  96. What a great thing the Vanagon List is...saved me a big hassel today...long boring story

  97. What is this for????

  98. [WetWesties] 12v Crock Pot

  99. bay area camping

  100. boxer six driver

  101. catalytic heaters in campers

  102. corrosion study

  103. extreme gas leak!

  104. from WetWesties ... 1986 Westphalia Camper Van for sale $10,000

  105. hookups ........

  106. how often do you change your oil?

  107. looks like air cooled for sale in Powell river bc not mine pics from i phone

  108. pictures from the syncro 25 year anniversary meeting

  109. rustproofing new fuel tank

  110. stainless steel coolant pipes

  111. still requesting information on graphic pkg

  112. vacuum hose connections

  113. vanagae for sale in Chicagoland

  114. vanagon Digest - 13 Feb 2010 to 14 Feb 2010 - Special issue (#2010-137)

  115. young and fool hearty...they apparently didn't read the tire recommendations
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