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VANAGON archives – August 2001, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. '84 AT starter

  2. -----More Stuff----

  3. ---More on More stuff------

  4. ---More stuff---

  5. 1983 Air Cooled Westfalia

  6. 1998 VW EuroVan Winnebago conversion -FOR SALE

  7. 2 more questions to complete my 1.9l NA install, I hope

  8. 2.1 l. thermo body o-ring size?

  9. 4 speed shifter sloppy and vibrates

  10. 6 Tire Rotation

  11. 71 Westy for sale

  12. 81 Westy has been sold

  13. 85 Vanagon with intermittent engine stopping

  14. 87 Westy Stalling Out, Please Help!

  15. 89 Vanagon engine misfires, coughs, backfires, won't idle

  16. 91 Automatic trans problem-- cavitation.

  17. 91 autotranny with hesitations

  18. <No subject>

  19. A/C high idle

  20. AC Switch for Westy

  21. Alternator and O2 Dash lights on

  22. Am I in the right place?....

  23. Any Adventurewagens in So. Cal.?

  24. Any market for Westy water tank caps?

  25. Any recommended sealant for o-rings?

  26. Anyone ever tried this on their Vanagon??????????????

  27. Anyone ever tried this on their vanagon

  28. Anyone ever tried this on their vanagon??????????????

  29. Aren't all Vanagon spark plug wires the same?

  30. Austin Gathering of Vanagons

  31. Auto Trans Problems

  32. Auto trans, differential drain & fill

  33. Automatic Transmission Fluid Leaking around Final Drive (84 Vanagon)

  34. Back on list - NVC question for Seattle people!

  35. Best Engine Conversion

  36. Black rear fill-panels

  37. Brake help continued

  38. Brake help needed

  39. Bumped from the list again

  40. Bumped from the list again - (Culprit is @home)

  41. Bus Depot service

  42. Bus Depot service -- they suck?

  43. Busses by the Ballpark

  44. Busses by the Sea 2001 Update! Now there's a website.

  45. BustDepot????

  46. CAREFUL! RE: Dometic refrigerator cooling mystery, '89 Westy

  47. CV Experts, please help...

  48. Calling Vanagon Gurus

  49. Calling Vanagon Gurus - fan

  50. Camping Anyone?

  51. Camping supplies near seattle

  52. Check out this Syncro

  53. Check out this Syncro (Resale value)

  54. Chrome window strips removed ??

  55. Cleaning engine bay

  56. Clicking noise from my ECU!

  57. DATE screw-up Re: San Francisco meet suggestion wanted

  58. Dead diesel diagnosis/postmortem

  59. Dern thing won't start - the saga continues

  60. Do European FM Radios work in North America?

  61. Does a Rear Anti-Sway Bar Exist?

  62. Does a rear bar exist for the Vanagon?

  63. Dometic refrigerator cooling mystery, '89 Westy

  64. Dyno (torque) curve for 1.9L WBX?

  65. EG 33 SVX motor

  66. ETKA Help windows '95

  67. Excite...

  68. Exhaust gasses in coolant

  69. FS 82' Diesel westy

  70. FS 84'Westy(Florida)

  71. FS 91 Vanagon Carat

  72. FS Power Mirrors

  73. FS: '84 Westy in MN

  74. FS: Many parts-Must go...Best offer...

  75. FS: Rare OEM Vanagon front rubber floorcovering and walkthru section

  76. FW: oil leak update

  77. Fabrications, watertank fill outlets

  78. Factory Outlet Center for clothes in the Seattle area?

  79. Fleet Charge Coolant?

  80. Floating Ground Info

  81. Follow UP - Leaky Head Nut?

  82. For those of you awaiting your #@$%$ watertank fill outlets.

  83. Front License plate

  84. Front Suspension Blues (Got the Squeeks)

  85. Fw: 83 heater hoses. VW or FLAPS?

  86. Fwd: Re: And the Schmoo Award winner is........

  87. Fwd: Re: My passenger mirror has fallen and it can't get up

  88. Fwd: Syncro/2WD distributors

  89. German Alien Accessories

  90. German Custom T3 Images available-a few engines & wheels too

  91. German custom T3 images

  92. Gerry & MSN

  93. Get Down with Bush (no vanagon content)

  94. Get your rear sway bars from here...

  95. Going...going...

  96. Grand Tourismo Omlogatta

  97. Has anyone ever...

  98. Headlight wiring problem

  99. Heater Booster System

  100. Heater Control Box Baffle Repair???

  101. Hello, and thanks

  102. Help!! 85 Vanagon Intermittent Problem

  103. Help, I dropped my vanagon and I can't get up

  104. Hitch for sale

  105. Horn gone

  106. Hotch Sold.

  107. Hotmail is Slow Mail

  108. How do I adjust vent window tension?

  109. How much oil to use in a Vanagon TDI application?

  110. How to remove yourself temporarily from the list

  111. I need an oil filler tube

  112. I'm a Buyer for 80-83 Westfalia Air Cooled

  113. IGNORE

  114. Jet Powered Beer Cooler. No VW content

  115. Koblenz Type 2 meet photos

  116. Koblenz Type 2 meet photos - check these out, youre missing some cool pics!

  117. Koblenz Type 2 meet photos - check these out,youre missing some cool pics!

  118. Leaky Head Nut?

  119. Let me ask...

  120. List member in Flagstaff AZ?

  121. Location

  122. Longitudinal Oil Pan Tilt

  123. Lower control arm bushings

  124. MN VW show report

  125. Mack Rail Bus, ca. '20's

  126. Made in the Shade

  127. Made in the Shade!

  128. Magnets

  129. Magnets, was: Anyone ever tried this on their vanagon??????????????

  130. Miscellaneous Aircooler Questions

  131. More stuff on Coolant boiling over

  132. My passenger mirror has fallen and it can't get up

  133. NYC tristate BBQ for all watercooled dubs

  134. Need good vanagon mech in medford oregon... (emergency)

  135. No Mail

  136. Northern Lights Tonigh may be big!!!

  137. Northern Lights Tonight may be big!!!

  138. Odometer Broken

  139. Oil Filler Seal for a 81 Westy Wanted

  140. Oil Leak

  141. Philipino wheels

  142. Pop-top conversion link?

  143. Porsche power

  144. Porsche transaxle in Vanagon

  145. Pot Holes state park in central Washington?

  146. Power mirrors sold

  147. Pressure testing the Propane tank on a westy

  148. Propane Tank Gauge

  149. Re; Best Engine Conversion

  150. Removed again

  151. Rotary Motor

  152. SERIOUS rear main oil seal leak !

  153. SPAM - AT starter

  154. San Francisco meet -- east to west

  155. San Francisco meet FEEDBACK wanted

  156. San Francisco meet suggestion wanted

  157. Seems to be alot of vanagons and loafs for sale

  158. Self-Service AC Service

  159. Self-Service AC Service Sounds like a great idea....sometimes

  160. Sensors, rough running and problems

  161. September in SAN FRANCISCO meet Update

  162. Sick of web access to read the list mail, to slow.....

  163. Sliding door screen

  164. Speedo Calibration Question

  165. Speedometer calibration

  166. Starts then won't.... SOLVED...

  167. Stealth camping, boondocking, Mexico travel.etc

  168. Stuff

  169. Subject: Made in the Shade!

  170. Subject: Re: Dometic refrigerator cooling mystery, '89 Westy

  171. Syncro tranny and use of 2WD 4 speed ??

  172. T3 images

  173. T3 images attached

  174. TIICO auto tranny pan sources

  175. TIICO oxy sensor, torque converter, and misc questions

  176. TIICO questions

  177. TIICO... Windage tray. Good Idea or bad?

  178. Texas Events

  179. The best engine conversion?

  180. The rear speaker ground.

  181. Thinking about getting the DigiTool ? You will need to do this...

  182. Thrown H20 Pump Belt: Now Oil Leak

  183. Thrown H2O Pump Belt: Now Oil Leak

  184. TiiCo News

  185. TiiCo installation instruction manual question

  186. Tiico Won't Start

  187. Tires - 89' passenger Vanagon

  188. Towing Hitch Solution

  189. Towing a Vanagon/Westy?

  190. Trailer hitch in Victoria, BC

  191. VR6 engine conversions?

  192. VW Camper & Commercial Magazine Now In Stock!

  193. VW vans on other planets

  194. Vacation

  195. Value of diesel short block

  196. Vanagain

  197. Vangon towing vanagon ??

  198. Victor Reinz Engine Gasket set

  199. WTB fridge vent cover -89 Westy

  200. WTB: Brown window crank for '84

  201. Want the Aussie Digifant Power Chip? You will need this...

  202. Waving

  203. Waving when you aren't in your VW

  204. Wesfalia mudflap seal thingy??

  205. What is a T3?

  206. What shocks should I use with H&R springs?

  207. Who owns this Custom painted Westy from TV's Nash Bridges?

  208. Who sells 4 speed shifter rebuild kits

  209. Will (Audi) Porsche transaxle fit in Vanagon?

  210. Will Porsche transaxle fit in Vanagon?

  211. [DIESEL] 2 more questions to complete my 1.9l NA install, I hope

  212. [Syncro] rocky mountian motorworks show/cup holder

  213. [vanagon] TIICO auto tranny pan sources

  214. [vanagon] TIICO... Windage tray. Good Idea or bad?

  215. [vanagon] help with leaks please

  216. aftermarket AC unit from the factory

  217. aliens on this planet

  218. bend the rod -Re: the biggest spare you've crammed into the spare tire h...

  219. brake bleeder kit

  220. brake question as well.

  221. diesel trivia anyone?

  222. do we have a vacuum leak?

  223. fan wiring question

  224. for sale

  225. for sale (f)

  226. for sale (jack)

  227. for sale (jack) (f)

  228. for those of you running the 15" South African Alloys...

  229. front captain's seat question

  230. fuel pressure regulator and manifold vacuum

  231. fuel pressure regulator and manifold vacuum experiment

  232. german vanagons accessories

  233. i s of black framed sliding window

  234. interesting TRUE facts

  235. interior luggage bars

  236. keeping the vanagon alive

  237. looking for a wrap around lower front grill

  238. mechanical roulette

  239. metal / chemical reaction experts

  240. need rear wheel stud and lug nut.

  241. new radio installation

  242. new radio installation advice

  243. nvc travel - mpls to winnipeg

  244. oil leak update

  245. oil pump

  246. parking garage help

  247. paypal payments

  248. pics of black panels

  249. retrofit... curtain tracks to vanagon

  250. rubber grommets and paypal

  251. safety chain!! Was 89 Vanagon engine misfire

  252. sell me your lowering springs

  253. skylight flexarm geometry

  254. somebody has a late 80's early 90's westie for sale in nj

  255. sperm of doom? wasRe: Who owns this Custom painted Westy from TV's Nash Bridges?

  256. stebro contacts

  257. swappin' Syncros

  258. throttle to intake body tightness

  259. tow bar for '87 westy

  260. vanagon Digest - 14 Aug 2001 (#2001-1027)

  261. vanagon Digest - 14 Aug 2001 - Special issue (#2001-1025)

  262. vanagon Digest - 15 Aug 2001 (#2001-1032)

  263. vanagon Digest - 16 Aug 2001 - Special issue (#2001-1035)

  264. watertank fill outlets

  265. waving

  266. while on the idle topic

  267. who has a tdi in their gon

  268. wierd idling

  269. wierd idling issues

  270. xcountry tips
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