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VANAGON archives – January 2002, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. "boxer" motors

  2. "boxer" motors (other Euro)

  3. $%@#% autotrans. got oil in the ATF. help

  4. '82 California Vanagon: What is the correct amount of vacuum at idle?

  5. (NVC) 74 bmw 2002 in lien sale in SF $750

  6. (heater fan) Limited van content

  7. (no subject)

  8. 1.9 crank and new oem german mains

  9. 2001 Mid Atlantic Holiday Bus Fest

  10. 87 Octrane......good enough?

  11. 87 Westy GL for sale in MA

  12. 87 syncro for sale

  13. A Snow Story (Whoa-vanagon!!!) and ... questions

  14. A Snow Story (Whoa-vanagon!!!) and Lessons Learned

  15. A Snow Story (minimal VC)

  16. A new website!

  17. AdventurewagEn?...ThanksForGentleHint

  18. Adventurewagen info

  19. After 3000 mi trip: 84h2o overheating, grinding gears(manual trans)

  20. Air vs Water

  21. Aircooled Lifter Replacement

  22. Aircooled Tranny?

  23. Aircooled Westy - fuel problems?

  24. Altenator, smaller wire is broken.

  25. Another hesitation problem

  26. Anyone have Audi 5000 lug bolts?

  27. Anyone have Audi 5000 lugbolts?

  28. Apologies for these infected!!

  29. Audi Alloys

  30. Audi Alloys, Part 2

  31. Aux battery charging

  32. Aux battery wiring

  33. B. Bobs day at the dyno and the importance of fuel air ratio update

  34. B. Bobs day at the dyno and the importance of fuel air ratioupdate

  35. B. Bobs day at the dyno and the importance of fuel airratio update

  36. B. Bobs next day at the dyno Tiico conversion wanted to test

  37. Battery

  38. Boxer Engines

  39. Boxer engines

  40. Boxer engines (no van content)

  41. Braless (north of) Seattle

  42. Broken head stud

  43. Bucking, missing & just plain cutting out

  44. CO adjustment, can this add power if enriched to the upper end of the scale?

  45. Cell phone yakkers & oil sender solutions

  46. Center Console

  47. Chrome window strip trim replaceing

  48. Chrome window strip trim replacing

  49. Clutch slave Hydraulic hose (part number 251 721 479 C or 251 721 477 J)

  50. Clutch slave Hydraulic hose (part number 251 721 479 C or 251 721477 J)

  51. Clutch slave cylinder and leaking coolant

  52. Cracked Block -84 westy

  53. Crypto Vanagonites!

  54. Dash Console Story (Long)

  55. Diesel Heat

  56. Do not read until Friday

  57. Door Seals

  58. EGT temperature

  59. Engine Cutout

  60. FOR SALE: 91 Syncro Turbo Diesel Drive Train and Motor

  61. FS Mercedes 14" Alloys, drilled, correct offset

  62. FS: ECU for 2.1L

  63. FS: Tristar $15K

  64. FS: and speaking of Adventurewagens (PA area)

  65. Finally, Another TiiCo update on my site!

  66. First time owner (90'Westy)!!

  67. For sale

  68. Free blue velour middle bench seat

  69. Fry-day Fun

  70. Fry-day Fun -- it's even somewhat on topic!!

  71. Fry-day Fun, Question from an OLD FART

  72. Fuel Tank Down and Out...Next?

  73. Fwd NYT: Farewell, Old Bus


  75. Grinding into Secong Gear when Cold

  76. HELP! Syncro leaking gasoline!

  77. Hans is home awaiting surgery

  78. Happy New Year!

  79. Heater Fan + Wipers blows fuse?

  80. I4 Intake manifolds - makin' a list

  81. Importing

  82. In Dash MP3

  83. Installing new propane tank mounting studs

  84. Ist Wasserboxer

  85. It's all a matter of perception

  86. Leveling shims for Vanagon springs

  87. Lowering a Vanagon

  88. Lurch at 2900 Update...and help setting timing

  89. MP3 or MiniDisk ?

  90. Need Tiico Fuel Rail Help

  91. New Canvas Adventure

  92. News about Trasco & acidity testing

  93. OME Shocks in Stock for Syncro Vanagon!

  94. Odd electrics?

  95. Oops! please ignore (was: Re: coolent level sensor)

  96. Overflow Tank

  97. Parts is Smartz

  98. Pinned down

  99. Poor fuel consumption 81 aircooled- aux air reg bad?

  100. Power Steering Pump ...leak?

  101. Question about air intake - trying to solve Vanagon Syndrome

  102. Re-plumbing the heater cores

  103. Rear hatch wiper location

  104. Rear trailing arm bushing install?

  105. Rebuild tranny with taller 3rd or 4th--yes or no??

  106. Red line engine oil

  107. Road trip debrief (long)

  108. SA intake mnifold part #Re: tiico conversion vs. other I4 conversions

  109. SYNCHRO-ScottsdaleAZ-OK-Who nabbed it?

  110. Shipping a van to and from Europe for a vacation

  111. Sliding Door Not Locking Open

  112. Someone looking for Westy water tank key?

  113. Starter removal help needed

  114. Strange Electrical Problem

  115. Subject: Re-plumbing the heater cores

  116. Swaybar and lowering sport spring kits from England

  117. TIICO on a Dyno?

  118. TIICO on a Dyno? + newly converted

  119. TIICo conversion

  120. Tach power at engine

  121. Taller Seat Belt Clasps

  122. Thanks everyone.

  123. Thanks for the assistance

  124. The pin goes in

  125. The van in snow

  126. TiiCo Gauges

  127. TiiCo Gauges... A nice discovery

  128. Tiico conversions

  129. Transco oil filter system

  130. Trasco oil filter acid tests

  131. Trasco oil filter response

  132. Trasco oil filter system

  133. Trasko - Translation

  134. Trasko Filter Testing

  135. Trasko Oil Filter

  136. Two problems . . .

  137. Two problems . . . (heater fan)

  138. Upcoming NPR Feature on Vanagons

  139. Upcoming road trip

  140. VDO dual sender versus Tee fitting & two senders

  141. Vacuum range

  142. Vanagon Car Chase (Was: fry-day fun - movie car chase scenes)

  143. Vanagon weight distribution, was Re: A Snow Story


  145. WTB 2.1 engine or parts

  146. Warning light problem fixed!

  147. Warning lights problem(s)

  148. Weight of Pop Top?

  149. Westphalia or Westfalia

  150. Westy Tent

  151. WestyValuePlus$1K=Adventurewagen

  152. What is the ultimate in dash toy? (Was: in dash MP3 player??)

  153. What's in my tape deck - NO VANAGON CONTENT

  154. What's in your cd player

  155. What's in your tape deck?

  156. What's in your tape deck? (FRIDAY)

  157. Where to reach Ken Wilfy?

  158. Who has 94.5 mm rings?

  159. Wider Tires?

  160. [Syncro] Upcoming road trip

  161. [T2] EveryBus 2002 volunteer needed

  162. adventurewagon valuation

  163. anyone parting out a 88-'91 vanagon????

  164. automatic transmission leak problems on our 88 Vanagon

  165. broken mirror

  166. broken mirror--Thanks

  167. business of octane

  168. carat interior

  169. carat interior for sale..seattle

  170. cool T2 (NVC)

  171. coolant pressure gauge

  172. coolent level sensor

  173. dead of winter?

  174. e-mail

  175. electronic gauges

  176. email infected with viruses

  177. engine and parts FS

  178. engine swap with automatic tranny

  179. fluid, fluid everywhere

  180. free propane tank regulator cover

  181. fry-day fun - movie car chase scenes

  182. fuel filter 85gl

  183. in dash MP3 player??

  184. inop rear hatch

  185. legal options?

  186. mechanics in Columbus Ohio?

  187. my bus is dead !

  188. parts mining..COMMERCIAL CONTENT!

  189. rear heater core?

  190. slow cranking

  191. slow cranking in cold weather

  192. sound dampening materials???

  193. spring boosters for leveling van?

  194. stock speakers, fry-day fun

  195. tiico conversion vs. other I4 conversions

  196. tiico conversion vs. other I4 conversions - parts availability?

  197. tiico conversion vs. other I4 conversions, ?GTI vanagon

  198. tiico conversion vs. other I4 conversions, ?GTI vanagon (long)

  199. tiico intake manifold and Motronic MP 9.0 info

  200. tool source

  201. tranny ground.

  202. trip

  203. trip to WA/NY

  204. unsubscribe

  205. warm up and coolant pressure on head gasket seals

  206. warm up and coolant pressure on head gasket seals>

  207. wbx removal question

  208. westfalia on garden state parkway, nj today!!!

  209. what's in your CD/Tape player

  210. what's in your tape deck?

  211. wider tires?
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