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VANAGON archives – May 2003, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. 009 parts question

  2. 1.9L vanagon syndrome (lawnnnggg)

  3. 1.9l syndrome

  4. 1955 Beetle ad newspaper clipping available

  5. 1988 Weekender Wolfsburg barely runs.

  6. 2.1 AFM on ebay

  7. 80-83, 83.5-91 trans differences..

  8. 87 Scirocco 16v parts car.

  9. ?Anybody Know Anything About Serigraphy?

  10. A Westy "Utility" question

  11. A/C Sealing and charging

  12. A/C Success

  13. A/C Success (long)

  14. AC Compressor questions

  15. Agilis 61 mileage warr.?

  16. Any Listers in Germany?

  17. Any TIICO wasserboxer experiences out there?

  18. Anyone parting a Vanagon?

  19. Are front and rear springs interchangeable?

  20. Brake problem

  21. Bug Out A Bust!

  22. BusFusion News

  23. Charcoal canister..should charcoal drain out the bottom?

  24. Cleaning Matress Covers

  25. Cleaning Mattress Covers

  26. Cleaning Out the Garage

  27. Compression and power

  28. Correction: OT: VR6 water pump

  29. Cruise control for diesel?

  30. Curise control for Diesel?

  31. Daily First Start Hard

  32. Dash Light Madness!

  33. Dex Cool

  34. Dometic fridge on 110V?

  35. Dometic fridge parts

  36. ETKA CD

  37. FS - Carat/Wolfsburg door panels

  38. FS -82 Westy, $750 - Sacramento

  39. FS, (second posting) Fire Sale Many, Many Parts

  40. FS, That stands for Fire Sale Many, Many Parts

  41. FS: 2001 Eurovan Weekender

  42. FS: Used 1988 VW GL vanagon fuel tank

  43. FS: Vanagon Factory Repair Manual (Bently)

  44. FW: RV insurance on Vanagon

  45. Fiamma Awning Update

  46. Fool moon in June(Deerfield park south of Ashville)

  47. Free bushing for transmission linkage

  48. Fresh Water tank Drain Cap

  49. Friday Fun: Human powered Vanagon movie

  50. Front Seat Mounts Under Swivel Seat

  51. Front Seat Mounts Under Swivel Seat Mounts

  52. Fuel control unit - Test

  53. Fwd: Re: rear axel for vanagon

  54. Getting wires to the roof - how?

  55. Getting wires to...

  56. Great Alaska Westfalia Hunt

  57. HELP : Window regulator trouble

  58. Help! Fuel leak - FIXED!

  59. Help! Fuel leak above transmission

  60. High Cost of O2 Sensor

  61. Hooking up trailer lights.. 91 Vanagon

  62. How long to pump down A/C ?

  63. How long to pump down A/C?

  64. I am selling some Vanagon parts at the Manassas Bug Out 53 see you there...

  65. ISO: Decent used 83.5 trans

  66. ISO: Decent used 83.5 trans...

  67. Informal Syncro meeting in BC - June 28th weekend

  68. Insurance Hall of Fame (nvc)

  69. It's Friday in Texas (Stan & Steve responses)

  70. Its Friday here in Texas

  71. Its Friday here in Texas, sunny in calie

  72. Jim Carrey

  73. Last Call - Syncro de Mayo East

  74. Leak in 2002 Eurovan Camper Top

  75. Lifter retaining spring broke...

  76. List Sticker

  77. Location of master cylinder

  78. Looking for a part

  79. Low mileage Vanagon

  80. Mann oil filter question

  81. Middle 3 seater FS. (was Vanagon Middle Seats)

  82. Middle Georgia VW Club -- Meeting on June 1

  83. My European 112hp boxer motor passed Air Care!

  84. Mystery Missing Relay

  85. Mystery Solved (Was Door Clunk)

  86. NVC: In Goldsboro, N.C.

  87. Need Trans Specs?

  88. Need engine work in Little Rock/Memphis

  89. Need help with an electrical(?) problem, '87 Syncro

  90. Needed! Power Steering hoses!

  91. New battery + girlfriend + me not home = Dead battery

  92. Nice custom '91 Vanagon GL on ebaY

  93. OT: Anyone know anything about BMW E34 (5 Series)

  94. OT: VR6 water pump

  95. Off Road Instructor dumps Jeep and brings his Syncro to SdM Este

  96. Oil consumption by Vanagon engine

  97. Optima Yellow Top & Optima Red Top

  98. Optima Yellow Top 34/78 Battery found in Canada!

  99. Organizing Vanagon Maintenance Information

  100. Overheating problem while stuck in traffic or at a long signal light

  101. Overheating problem while stuck in traffic or at a long signallight

  102. Painting Fiberglass Top

  103. Photo: African wildlife traffic w/ Vanagon

  104. Pilot Bearing

  105. Places of origin

  106. Power Windows; Help!

  107. RAIV

  108. RAIV / Rabbits, Sciroccos, Dashers, Vanagons too!

  109. RV insurance on Vanagon

  110. RV insurance on Vanagon)

  111. Removing the floor in a late model Westy

  112. Rusty power steering lines

  113. S&S exhaust

  114. S&S or other exhaust (re-post)

  115. Selling a Canadian Van to an American

  116. Shady Boy Awning Review

  117. Shifter extension

  118. Shifter extension PS....

  119. Sliding Door Cluunk???

  120. Small trap

  121. Solar powered vanagon?

  122. Sources - No V-gon Content

  123. Speed sensor

  124. Speedometer Part

  125. Stock v.s. S&S exhaust?

  126. Super Sale on one set of 15" Alloy Rims/Big Brake kit combo

  127. Syncro Ph. D. program at Syncro de Mayo Este

  128. Syncro University at SdM

  129. Tie rod and Pitman arm puller part number

  130. Tips, Laments, Rantings

  131. Towing a Vanagon!

  132. Towing a Vanagon?

  133. Towing a Vanagon? No drilling required

  134. Transmission CV Joint Seals

  135. Trip Success (a pre-report)

  136. URGENT - ?Best Price for Syncro Header Pipe?

  137. Upper Ball Joint Replacement

  138. Used Paulchen Wanted

  139. VW emblem

  140. VW/Winnebago roof problem

  141. Van Covers?

  142. Vanagon Middle Seats

  143. Vanagon Tow Bar questions..

  144. Vanagons in Germany

  145. Vangon Haynes Manual (1990s ?)

  146. WTB - Syncro difflock control pod

  147. WTB radio Manual

  148. WTB: Kennedy Adapter Plate for Syncro I4 install...

  149. WTB: factory fog light switch

  150. Wanted to buy: Vanagon with wheelchair lift

  151. Weight Motor Oil Diesel?

  152. Westy Propane Regulator deal

  153. Westy as a last resort/Carrey

  154. What Weight Motor Oil Should I Use?

  155. What do folks do when replacing Calforina Air Cooled Vanagon Exhaust?

  156. What is this Vanagon with TiiCo engine worth ?

  157. What to do in Denver when...

  158. Which LED to Use???

  159. Window Regualtor Saga Continued

  160. Window and Door seal treatment

  161. [Syncro] Removing the floor in a late model Westy

  162. [Syncro] Rusty power steering lines

  163. [Syncro] Syncro = 2WD conversion

  164. [VB] Memorial Day

  165. [WetWesties] 87 Westy running poorly

  166. [WetWesties] Re: [VB] Memorial Day

  167. bearing crush

  168. bearing crush?

  169. car covers

  170. difference between elring and reinz gasket kit quality?

  171. distro cap

  172. doors

  173. free fold-down rear seat for 84 gl

  174. fresh water tank drain cap

  175. front backing plates needed

  176. front heater rebuild webpage?

  177. fuel/oil sender hybrid?

  178. have you ever ....

  179. height of '88 Westy?

  180. input shaft (again)

  181. looking for used door extension

  182. losing power when hot...

  183. master cylinder, where is it

  184. need Westy interior...

  185. need some ID on parts

  186. oil blow-by on new 2.1

  187. painting the fiberglass roof

  188. parts for a 1990 vanagon

  189. power window

  190. relay starter solenoid fix=brake warning light!?!

  191. replacing heater hose

  192. starter nut question

  193. swival seat mechanism for sale, allows your front seats to swival 360 deg.

  194. temp sender gone wonky?
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