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VANAGON archives – August 2005, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. "Hitachi" starter in a Vanagon - the real scoop

  2. '86 Doublecab on samba

  3. (this is NOT a Cylinder head seal) Re: Gasket sealer for cooling system part

  4. ***SPAM*** vanagon Digest - 18 Aug 2005 to 19 Aug 2005 - Special issue (#2005-673)

  5. 1.9L still a problem child (update)

  6. 27X8.5QR14 VS 185/R/14 ?

  7. 2nd battery Westy questions

  8. 3-4 needle bearing style pins fall out of starter area when I removed the starter?

  9. 3.4liter v6 to 1.9liter turbo4 conversion in progress.

  10. 5 speed trans full fill amount?

  11. 82 running poorly when cold, any ideas?

  12. 84 slider getting a bit stubborn

  13. 85 GL with Digitool Dash console For Sale

  14. <No subject>

  15. After-market Alt. belts?

  16. Armrests

  17. At what point did you lose all respect for Ray and Tom?

  18. Autolite batteries...where to exchange?

  19. Automatic Trans. problems; Advice Needed!

  20. Bentley Starter?!

  21. Best chance of passing emissions?

  22. Best chance of passing emmissions?

  23. Best place to sale Westy?

  24. Brake Vacuum Booster Replacement Questions

  25. Burningman NVC(was: update - water pump working again!)

  26. CA Westy owners

  27. Car talk mention of suspension squeak product

  28. Caravelle Rear Seat Backrest fitting

  29. Checking out a synchro

  30. Chrysler wheels on Vanagons?

  31. DIESEL Turbo and NA injection lines the same?

  32. DIY Awning Solutions

  33. Dear Vanagon,

  34. Does The Fridg Fan Blow or Suck?

  35. Does anyone recognize this dead Westy?

  36. Doors from 90 automatic non-Westy into an 85 4 speed Westy

  37. FREE BA-6 aux heater parts

  38. FREE Haynes VW air-cooled vanagon repair manual

  39. FS - 81 Westy East Coast

  40. FS: 1.6 Diesel Crankshaft & Main Bearings

  41. FS: 91 Multivan

  42. FS: Parts Van - '84 Vanagon L automatic

  43. FS: Vanagon Bra - 87-91

  44. Favourite Modifications NVC

  45. Flashing Coolant light when cell phone plug into

  46. Flashing Coolant light when cell phone plug into cig lighter

  47. Follow-up on bad exhaust experience

  48. For Sale: '86 Vanagon DoubleCab pickup $5300 US ..Nova Scotia

  49. For Sale: '86 Vanagon DoubleCab pickup $6000 US

  50. For Sale: '86 Vanagon DoubleCab pickup $6000 US ..Nova Scotia

  51. For Sale: Dometic 182b Refridgerator from 87 Westy

  52. For Sale: single swivel seat and misc VW stuff new and used

  53. Free 72 bus on Philly Craigslist

  54. Free Hot VW's / VW Trends Magazines

  55. Front OE Mudflaps, any for sale

  56. Fuel Economy

  57. Fuel tank adventure (long)

  58. Fuel tank fun! -->need part!

  59. Fwd: Out of Office AutoReply: Re: IQ was Negligent mechanic? The new John Wallace

  60. GET THIS UPGRADED PART! RE: P/N for 86 2.1 Syncro cooling system part

  61. Gasket sealer for cooling system part

  62. Getting water out of fuel tank...

  63. HELP!

  64. Hard Drive Change - Going Offline

  65. Head gasket, metal O ring, will it seal?

  66. Headlight Relay - Do I Really Need A New Feed?

  67. How Many Lights Do You see?

  68. How much fuel efficiency gained by shedding 300 lbs?

  69. I Need a Behr In-Dash AC Unit/Vanagon

  70. IQ was Negligent mechanic?

  71. Installing chrome molding strips...tool?

  72. Its a girl!

  73. John Wallace alias Jaap Nauta

  74. Kill Switch Delay - any electronics experts?

  75. Kill Switches: Question: Does Defense attract Offence ???

  76. Left Front OE Mudflaps, any for sale?

  77. Looking for an '80 head

  78. More Wallacing!!! Re: Out of Office AutoReply: Re: Left Front OE Mudflaps

  79. Mudflaps..

  80. NVC Looking at an 86 Jetta

  81. Need Electrical Help with a Dim Turn Signal Bulb

  82. Negligent mechanic?

  83. OT: Secrets of the Philly Folk Fest

  84. OT: Wife's Audi needs door trim

  85. Official Paint Color Name

  86. Out of Office AutoReply: Re: How much fuel efficiency gained by shedding 300 lbs?

  87. P/N for 86 2.1 Syncro cooling system part

  88. Pamper me

  89. Parts Trade?? Have Power Window motor Need Distributor

  90. Pictures of Turbo WBXs

  91. Porscheagon on samba

  92. Recaro seats @ 2K

  93. Revs moving faster than I accelerate... is it my clutch?

  94. Rust repair? and starter replacement

  95. SERious Bucking after warm up...

  96. Sam Walters???

  97. Shine aluminum!

  98. Singles group

  99. Slider door

  100. Sound Deadening - Dynamat or Something Else?

  101. Stainless Brake Lines

  102. Syncro Panelvan on samba

  103. Syncro Westy on eBay

  104. Tire Report

  105. Towing a Vanagon

  106. Trip report

  107. VW Singles Group

  108. Van and trailer pic

  109. Vanagon Crew Cab sighting - Mexia, TX

  110. Vanagon convoy to CRAWFORD TX

  111. Vanagon mentioned on Car Talk today

  112. Very Long...What am I, nuts? New 85 and Philosophy of Car ownership...very long

  113. WTB: 93 Eurovan passenger side mirror

  114. WTB: Aircooled V'gon brain and FI harness

  115. WTB: Black Window Crank

  116. WTB: Round white plug from wiring harness.

  117. WTB: Used Manual Transmission for 86 or newer Vanagon

  118. Westy Parts Needed

  119. Whata rack

  120. Whata rack....Go Westy

  121. Who bought syncro westy in PA?

  122. Wiring harness install - tips, tricks?

  123. Worst Thing done to my Westy....So Far!

  124. Worst thing you ever did to your Vanagon?

  125. Yellowing plastic parts

  126. [NVC] Booster cable wire by the foot?

  127. [NVC] Peeve: cars that honk

  128. [vanagon] Does The Fridg Fan Blow or Suck?

  129. [vanagon] Tire Report

  130. [wish it were Friday, NVC]Ron, thanks for the Hand Breaded Fantail Shrimp!!!

  131. [wolfsburg_campers] Something only a Vanagon owner could come up with

  132. adding remote door lock/unlock with alarm??

  133. anyone ever build their own bumpers? or who has them for sale

  134. battery and oxy lights staying on too long

  135. battery hold down

  136. canvas weather resistance?

  137. cheap SoCal '90 full Westy camper GL on samba

  138. commence Jordaning...Re: Out of Office AutoReply: Mudflaps..

  139. commence Wallacing...Re: Out of Office AutoReply: Mudflaps..

  140. converting a 2.1 to 1.9

  141. crash test

  142. ever seen such a site? akciddento

  143. exhaust system

  144. exhaust system / Kroil

  145. faucet issues - thanks

  146. fuel efficiency and gas mileage (was Re: How much fuel efficiency gained by shedding 300 lbs?

  147. good sand or offroad tires?

  148. inside door panel materials?

  149. interesting lifter thinking?? 1.9L still a problem child (update)

  150. lifter thinking?? 1.9L still a problem child (update)

  151. look out!

  152. mudflap

  153. new propane tank - question

  154. opinions on trading up?

  155. optima the one for starting battery?

  156. optima the one for starting battery? Typo!

  157. optima vs 27DC-6?

  158. pamper your Westy?

  159. single swivel seat and misc VW stuff new and used

  160. singles grop

  161. singles group

  162. sliding door conversion, early-late

  163. sliding door screen

  164. sliding door track differences, 80-84 vs 85-91

  165. so what's the skinny on water cooled Vanagons?

  166. strange front suspension noises...

  167. update - water pump working again!

  168. water tank pump problem

  169. water tank pump problem fixed!

  170. where to get alignment done in bay area

  171. while changing UCA bushings, what else should I do?

  172. wiring harness for 84?

  173. worst thing ever done to my Vanagon

  174. yellowing plastic
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