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VANAGON archives – April 2007, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. $42K Synchro on the Samba?

  2. '84 Oil pressure sender wire routing

  3. '91 GL transmission question

  4. 12V LED panel display wiring diagram

  5. 2.1 distributor (check yours)

  6. 2.1l engine core in Nor Cal/ Nor Nev

  7. 82 vanagon tranny output shaft

  8. 85 Westy water tank part

  9. ATF leaking into differential

  10. Alaska trip tips

  11. Am I overheating? Temp gun question.

  12. Are they still making the bus/Vanagon anywhere these days? SMART

  13. Are they still making the bus/Vanagon anywhere these days? SMART Keys

  14. Automatic Transmission

  15. Battery dead AGAIN!!!!

  16. Brake Parts Free in PDX

  17. Breeding Air

  18. Brochures from Around the World

  19. BusFusion - News

  20. CIP1 springs

  21. Calling Keith Overgaard{?}NVC

  22. Can I convert my power windows to manual?

  23. Charging the battery

  24. Checking hall sensor

  25. Cleaning contacts/Oil light buzzer

  26. Cooling System Project (Parts/Application)

  27. Cylinder Head differences

  28. Dieing problem driving me nuts

  29. Dometic Recall

  30. EB2007 Trip Report (LONG)

  31. Earth Day, Vanagon bumper sticker content only

  32. Edmonton Listee's??

  33. External Wireless Amplifier

  34. FS: My '84 7-pass GL

  35. Fancy DIY Immobilizer

  36. Fiamma 45i awning

  37. For Sale?

  38. Fridge hardware

  39. Fridge hardware-converting westy

  40. Front Seat Reversal

  41. Front suspension parts quality?

  42. Fryeday photoshopping

  43. Fuse confusion - in Los Angeles!

  44. Fwd: TIPS

  45. Gmail playing nice with Gerry now?

  46. GoWesty aux battery question

  47. Going towards a new era...

  48. Ground for o2 sensor and ECU

  49. Higher idle bo-bo

  50. Higher idle??

  51. How do I....

  52. How is the Westy water tank inlet routed?

  53. How much / what kind final drive oil in A/T?

  54. I.d. of Westy tank > sink faucet water hose?

  55. Installing GoWesty curtains

  56. Jerks/surges when going from coasting to acceleration

  57. John Kanas..(vanagon listmember) please p-mail me

  58. July Bicycle Trip to Fingerlakes, NY... LVC

  59. L.O.L. capacity of propane tank

  60. LCD display for battery condition

  61. LPG Pressure, furnace and fridge observations, Was: Propex heater

  62. MPG on a subaru conversion??

  63. Mechanic VS customer (i need you imput!)

  64. Michigan Waterfalls

  65. My EB Breakdown Problem Found

  66. NVC Honda Civic Fuel System question

  67. Name That Part - Bonus Round

  68. Need a New Exhaust System, S&S Any Good?

  69. Need to ship small trailer from TX to MI any Ideas??

  70. New Poptop Canvas

  71. New SA grill

  72. New hatch struts installed

  73. Nice trip/nice guy

  74. Oil Pressure Switch R&R

  75. Out of Office AutoReply: Cylinder Head differences

  76. Peanut oil on exhaust system?

  77. Phryedaye was: Yea Got my shirt today

  78. Propex heater

  79. Quick fuel pump relay question

  80. Rear Brake hardware

  81. S&S, not SS..was Re: Need a New Exhaust System, S&S Any Good?


  83. SMART Keys

  84. SMART Keys and kill switches

  85. SMART Keys and kill switches, fuel pump timer

  86. Sanden 510 compressor clutch

  87. ScotchGuard on the poptop canvas question

  88. Scottish Highlands rental advie

  89. Skylight Guy?

  90. Sliding window latch, outside piece

  91. Smog woes--too much air?

  92. Some Hwy 395 trip stuff

  93. Source for Stainless Exhaust Hardware?

  94. Southern Utah Advice?

  95. Speaking of AC and Vanagons

  96. Speedo noise zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  97. Starter Wires 91 Automatic

  98. Subie conversion mileage

  99. Subject: Re: capacity of propane tank

  100. TIPS

  101. Tales from Europe and VW campers (part 7)

  102. Temp 2 replacement in 2.1 (archives searched)

  103. Temp Gauge calibration with Subaru engine

  104. That $42 K syncro is Canadian?

  105. That VW Brown...

  106. That VW Brown..Was, now van paint.

  107. The two kinds of Vanagon owner..

  108. Thermostat woes--or--?

  109. Timing tips for Idiots

  110. Tires, just this one brand, not the whole thread...

  111. Trip Report. Long!

  112. Trip photos

  113. VW vs Subaru (picture)

  114. VW vs Subaru (picture) - WBXer for sale

  115. Vanagon Sighting!

  116. Vanagon T-Shirts

  117. Vanagons and RVs

  118. Vexing Subtle Misfire Issues

  119. WTB: 2.1l engine core in Nor Cal/ Nor Nev

  120. WTB: Complete Vanagon engine (or prepped Subie) for an '87 (Portland, OR)

  121. WTB: Nice Westy w/ blown motor... '90 Subaru w/ EJ22 For Sale

  122. Wanted: ONE Piston Ring (or: Bonehead move #27 today)

  123. Was: Tires, not the whole thread..Now...Problem solved

  124. Waste of a Splittie

  125. Weitec spring users?

  126. Westy Fuse Confusion

  127. Westy Shower Solution --- now on Sale

  128. What years was Ivory paint used on Vanagons?

  129. Yea Got my shirt today

  130. Yea Got my shirt today - and facebook

  131. Yet more Everybus 2007 pictures

  132. [vanagon] wanted: RF turn signal lens.......euro style

  133. another speedometer cable question

  134. another speedometer cable question.. Plus another

  135. anyone use greyhound to ship

  136. backfiring?

  137. capacity of propane tank

  138. carfax please

  139. early Eurovan camper

  140. flexible Borescope?

  141. hard start, for 2 years!

  142. how to fix cracked intrument cluster housings where speedo/tach mount to cluster

  143. interesting site about coolant

  144. muffler repair in Chicago area

  145. noise from master cylinder

  146. passenger door flip out window

  147. power mirror

  148. propane on/off valve source

  149. removing driver's seat in 91

  150. removing the A/C

  151. rust repair ..

  152. tranny ground wire question

  153. used engine parts for Sale

  154. van 'stutters' and runs rich

  155. vanagon Digest - 21 Apr 2007 (#2007-417)

  156. vanagon Digest - 22 Apr 2007 - Special issue (#2007-419)

  157. vanagon Digest - 23 Apr 2007 (#2007-423)

  158. vanagon Digest - 26 Apr 2007 to 27 Apr 2007 - Special issue (#2007-436)

  159. vanagon Digest - 27 Apr 2007 - Special issue (#2007-438)

  160. vanagon sighting

  161. vanagon sizes

  162. wanted: RF turn signal lens.......euro style

  163. westy rear facing second row?

  164. westy rear seat width

  165. wiring and fuses for 80/100w bulbs
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