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VANAGON archives – April 2008, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. '81.5 Diesel 1.6, Won't start

  2. 12v outlet switch?

  3. 1980 AC w/ 1.9 wasserboxer?

  4. 1985 GL Manual cooling system part question

  5. 1985 Vanagon - small job getting bigger - please advise as to rings, valves, etc.

  6. 1985 Vanagon Gas Eng. - Block's stud failure - details acoming....

  7. 60 Years VW Bulli The Poster / Last call

  8. 85 rear seat fold down

  9. 91 instrument cluster, oil pressure led

  10. =?us-ascii?Q?RE:_Selling_stuff_on_=3Cthe_Samba._-_Best_way_to_ensure_gett?= =?us-ascii?Q?in_paid?=

  11. =?windows-1250?Q?RE:_Selling_stuff_on_=ABthe_Samba._-_Best_way_to_ensure_?= =?windows-1250?Q?gettin_paid?=

  12. ADMINISTRIVIA - Please read

  13. After market Temp gauge

  14. Air cooled Westy EGR parts

  15. Air-cooled fuel pump ...

  16. Another vanagon sighting - Rte 321 in S. Carolina

  17. Anyone using a Walker "Quiet-Flow" Muffler?

  18. Bearings for alternator

  19. Bearings for alternator and two tanks

  20. Birthday Prizes!!

  21. CLR in expansion tank?

  22. Can't find the switch ...

  23. Cardiac Event

  24. Carfax Please?

  25. Carfax pls?

  26. Clattering lifters--what to do next?

  27. Cluster lights

  28. Corol code again.... please :-)

  29. Crash Survivor

  30. Dash Problems

  31. Dual batteries?

  32. Encouragment for Neil's motor swap

  33. Engine Removal Tool

  34. Engine Storage

  35. Engine removal tool

  36. Exhaust valve leak on fresh top end rebuild-I need a little advice

  37. Fuel tank top vent 'T' fittings?

  38. Fw: Neils' Downpipe/"Y" pics + exhaust flex bushing and pipe reducer questions

  39. Great Deal on K&N air filters for Vanagon, 20 left

  40. Hahaha, Engine removal tool

  41. Happy Camper: MPG

  42. Hardwood (pergo)

  43. Heads back on, runs OK and dies

  44. How to operate Refrigerator?

  45. How to operate the fridge

  46. How to sites for Brake overhaul

  47. I sent pictures but no see ..

  48. Inspect those fuel lines

  49. Install metal donut or gasket between pipe and cat inlet on Vanagon exhaust?

  50. Instrument lights?

  51. Insulating against noise in your van

  52. Insulating against noise in your van..

  53. Interior Color Question re: '90 Westy

  54. Its fryday

  55. LVC. MIG welding tip for beginners

  56. Ladies and Vanagons

  57. List Protocols ? - flooring question

  58. Lubricating heater blower motor

  59. Michael Sullivan problem email....

  60. Muffler Strap/Engine Tin Wanted.


  62. Need inspiration. Lacking motivation on my engine conversion

  63. Need inspiration. Lacking motivation on my engine conversion (Warning! Severe Whining Within! --- ;^)

  64. Neils' Downpipe/"Y" pics + exhaust flex bushing and pipe reducer questions

  65. Newbie - Getting Ready for Cross Country Trip

  66. Newbie - Trip Blog Published!

  67. Odd ignition issue

  68. Oil Pressure Light on-need help! (dealer cant fix it)

  69. Olympic heater - was Hardwood (pergo)

  70. Pop top from scratch project?

  71. Powersteering Rack - using synthetic Auto trans fluid

  72. Push Rod Tin

  73. Rare (in the US) van sightings -- Mercedes Vito & VW Sharan

  74. Rebuilding manual steering rack?

  75. Recommend Body work /shop in Vancouver BC

  76. Reverse lights - '85 GL Manual

  77. Road noise..

  78. Selling stuff on ęthe Samba. - Best way to ensure gettin paid

  79. Selling stuff on ęthe Samba. - Bstions

  80. Shipping available from western MA to Roscoe IL

  81. Sliding door, Rail, Upper, Trim, Rubber

  82. Sportsmobile

  83. Starter R/R Questions

  84. Stuck Oil Drain plug

  85. Sure beats the Sportsmobile.....

  86. THANKS List! (and my .02 for engine conversion newbies)

  87. This GoWesty is really starting to annoy me....

  88. This GoWesty is really starting to annoy me/Sportsmobile

  89. To Copper Nut or Not?

  90. Trim replies when referancing post

  91. Trip report and huge thanks to Scott! LONG

  92. VW Bus (not Vanagon) parts - Vancouver, BC

  93. VW Hybrid Coming Out Soon

  94. Vanagon (AW) Sighting Outside of Chama, New Mexico

  95. Vanagon T-shirts

  96. Vanagon junk yards in Fort Worth area

  97. Voltage stabilizer

  98. WTB Fiberglass Body Molding that goes under the Gas Cap behind the passenger door

  99. WTB: paulchen rack

  100. Water tank mystery

  101. Westfalia bed measurements needed...

  102. Westy as backdrop

  103. Westy for parts available in SE

  104. What kind of metal is this? (Jetta exhaust part for my conversion)

  105. Who can identify this weeks noise....

  106. Why I sell the E-Code lights as a kit

  107. Why are the lifters so hard?

  108. Zincless Oil

  109. [TDI-conversion] Re: Mexican Diesel Prices

  110. [Vwdiesel] Rear shocks 91 ECO Jetta

  111. air cooled alternator not charging

  112. apology

  113. blinkered

  114. coolant temp aftermarket install

  115. crack in between valves, junk?

  116. e-code headlights- possible to replace just one lamp?

  117. failing brown plastic parts in early vanagons was: Re: pick n pull

  118. garment hangers-black knobs 91GL

  119. i wish i had 19 grand to blow.. NVC

  120. insulating against road noise

  121. language

  122. looking for parts

  123. more advice for Neil..

  124. mystery floor attatchment

  125. nifty looking little trailer

  126. parts source?

  127. pick n pull

  128. pics of the infamous pick n pull van!

  129. regarding 'location' and Jake

  130. removing front seats

  131. removing interior door panels

  132. road trip

  133. roof racks for wide kayaks

  134. sliding door adjustment?

  135. so it turns out i like vanagons.....

  136. speedo cable question

  137. testing coolant level sensor?

  138. updrading to Mobil 1

  139. van flooring

  140. vanagon Digest - 2 Apr 2008 - Special issue (#2008-385)
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