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VANAGON archives – May 2011, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. (LVC) "Lest we forget"

  2. (Vanagon)Syncro Solstice 2011 (2)

  3. (Vanagon)Syncro Solstice 2011 Vid

  4. 1984 Sunroof Van for sale in Ottawa ON

  5. 2.1 Viton Oil cooler Seal??

  6. <No subject>

  7. Anyone know of a shop or parts place that stocks vanagon hoses in Vancouver (or close to Gibsons would be even better) BC?

  8. Anything like this for 1.9L?

  9. Anything like this for 1.9L? (Marius content)

  10. Auto Trans Modified Governor Test Report [addendum]

  11. Bad Numbers! Re: Need towball or receiver for SA tow hitch

  12. Beebs!

  13. Between the notches -- rudimentary oil level question

  14. Buzzer starts, different instrument

  15. Buzzer starts, different instrument, FIXED

  16. CampervanCulture - Windshield Replace

  17. Can this do that?

  18. Can this do that? [THANKS, ALL]

  19. Don't forget your seatbelt

  20. Driver's side "A" pillar wiring

  21. Electric Power Steering in Vanagon

  22. Eurovan O-ring, EVC , NVC

  23. FS: Fiberglass Bumpers & 83 Westy Striped seat

  24. Fastener wizard?

  25. Fiberglass Bumper and Tire Questions

  26. Fwd: Westfalia refrigerator issues

  27. Fwd: [WetWesties] Hall Sender Broken, Puget Sound Area

  28. Gas Vapors

  29. Hose clamps

  30. I May Not Be Insane!

  31. Install of GoWesty ATF Cooler

  32. Install of tencentlife External Oil Cooler

  33. Intermittent poor performance at light throttle ('84 1.9L automatic transmission)

  34. LF: Coolant hose in Vancouver BC

  35. Mysterious loose ground wire

  36. Need towball or receiver for SA tow hitch

  37. New pop top canvas care?

  38. New steering rack bushings and Peanut Oil on my pipes...

  39. Not responding and mostly deleting emails due to work

  40. Oregon or California van storage

  41. Overfilling the oil issues

  42. Place to mount shackles?

  43. Pop top issue

  44. Rings are stuck ...

  45. Rust Repair Shops, Vancouver BC

  46. So done with side cladding

  47. Source for Sliding Door lower Guide Bearing

  48. Steering wheel locked after replacing blower motor

  49. Subject: Re: Thoughts on tyvek (westy cover)

  50. Survey Please: Good Taste - Tastes Bad

  51. Syncro shifting dilemma

  52. TDI bad camshaft

  53. The right tool for a clean cut?

  54. Thoughts on tyvek (westy cover)

  55. Torque spec that requires calibrated fingers

  56. Trip Report: A mini Busfest that simply came to be...

  57. Update on the alternator story

  58. Van idle over winter

  59. Vanagon a/c

  60. Vanagon a/c repair

  61. Vanagon on new Bacardi commercial

  62. Vanagon spotting in Charleston SC

  63. Wanted - Load Reduction Relay - 1988 GL

  64. Wanted: Heat/Air Control Lever Extension

  65. Was Electronic Ignition, Is Fuel Pump Power problem

  66. Westfalia refrigerator issues

  67. Westy sink face removal

  68. What's the best thing you've ever done to your Vanagon?

  69. Where can this wire be found?

  70. [WetWesties] CampervanCulture - Windshield Replace

  71. [WetWesties] Hall Sender Broken, Puget Sound Area

  72. friday - another unusual plane spotting

  73. gas pedal > accelerator linkage question

  74. gas pedal > accelerator linkage question [RESULTS]

  75. hi Vanagon

  76. it's time

  77. linkage lube and washer check valve

  78. parking brake adjustment frozen

  79. tie rod boots on '91 campmobile

  80. vanagon Digest - 26 May 2011 - Special issue (#2011-431)

  81. yet another VW design concept
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