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VANAGON archives – June 2000, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. "FREE TIBET STICKERS" on Vanagons ???

  2. '87 4sp gear ratio's

  3. '89 Westy w/12,000 miles FS

  4. (no subject)

  5. 1.6L diesel eng. mount problem--vanagon

  6. 1.9 WBX VS 2.0 AC

  7. 1.9 WBX VS 2.0 AC (long)

  8. 1.9L to 2.1L Swap

  9. 1986 Syncro Crew Cab 1.9 L

  10. 2000 Jetta rims on a Vanagon

  11. 2nd Battery Question

  12. 2nd batt. charging and relays. The whole truth

  13. 84 Vanagon with brand new tires for sale!!!!

  14. <.F> Westy Appearance Package aka help for the sedate

  15. <F> Westy Appearance Package aka help for the sedate

  16. <No subject>

  17. <no subject>

  18. A happy end to the Ball Joint Saga..

  19. A/C Hoses

  20. A/C Maintenance & drain

  21. A/C Vents

  22. A/C problem

  23. AC elec fire

  24. AC vents

  25. Advice for a long road trip

  26. Alternator Brush Box

  27. Alternator output wiring

  28. Always slanted a "little" to left.. hmm..??

  29. Anti-SPAM measres

  30. Any Westy Owners like Music and "Gathering"?

  31. Anybody lose the love for there Vanagon like myself after a s**ty paint job?

  32. Awning needed

  33. BIG tires

  34. Battery Isolator

  35. Battery isolator

  36. Battery isolator tutorial

  37. Battery/Beckett advice wanted

  38. Becketts Tome on Dual Batt.s, Relays, Saftey, and charging (Very Long)

  39. Becketts Tome on Dual Batt.s, Relays, Saftey,and charging (Very Long)

  40. Becketts Tome on Dual Batt.s, Relays,Saftey,and charging (Very Long)

  41. Becketts Tome on Dual Batt.s,Relays,Saftey,and charging (Very Long)

  42. Becketts Tome on Dual Batt.s,Relays,Saftey,and charging (VeryLong)

  43. Beer can effect

  44. Beware ASAP

  45. Bleeding clutch system--resolved?

  46. Bleeding clutch system--update

  47. Bleeding clutch system--what gives?

  48. Bolt needed for spare tire carrier

  49. Buying tires from Canada...

  50. CDN Tire and Solar Panels: Sale

  51. Clear A/C drain valve, or have a smelly swamp

  52. Colgan Custom Bra for Sale!

  53. Conversion to 2.1L from 1.9L

  54. Curtain Rods

  55. Curtain support

  56. Custom License Plates

  57. Custom license plate

  58. Custom license plate [FRI]

  59. Custom license plate.

  60. Desperately Seeking Coolant....

  61. Dual Batt.'s/The final word

  62. Dual Batt.'s/The final word - plus a few!

  63. Dual Battery Relay

  64. Dual Battery Relay Install Instructions (long)

  65. ETKA can work on 15" monitor IF...

  66. Existing Relay for Aux Battery

  67. FS: '66 VW Bug $1500 obo

  68. FS: '71 High top

  69. FS: 84 GL w/ sunroof

  70. FS: 85 Westy Low mileage

  71. FS: 87 GL Camper

  72. FS: 93 Eurovan Weekender - Batavia NY.

  73. FS: Original Equipment Westfalia Side Tent

  74. FS: new 195-75-R14 LT tires, 4 of them, mounted and bal.

  75. FW: 85 Vanagon (Not mine)

  76. FW: AVP heads question

  77. FW: Alternator woes

  78. FW: Diesel No Start?

  79. FW: Euro-Drive: 90 Volkswagen Vanagon, Poor-idle/Hesitation

  80. FW: From Vgonman,RE:wierd cylinder under driver footwell molding (jetta n...

  81. FW: From Vgonman,RE:wierd cylinder under driver footwell molding (jetta no vanagon)

  82. FW: Help with part identification/ 82 1.6l Diesel

  83. FW: Info. on a Dangerous Prank (STOP IT!)

  84. FW: Mechanic needed for '85 Westie in the Portland Area

  85. FW: Michael the VW Dealer

  86. FW: Power Loss in rain

  87. FW: Spare Tyre Bolt

  88. FW: Steering U-joint

  89. FW: Step bumper hitch

  90. FW: Wandering in Wyoming...

  91. FW: [Syncro] 1.9L to 2.1L Swap

  92. FW: diesel starter motor

  93. FW: help! loss of cylinder quests

  94. Flashing temp light

  95. For Sale: 1978 westy in Illinois

  96. Fridge burner LED

  97. Frig cooling to much or not enough

  98. Front heater valve replacement procedures?

  99. Fuel leak part solution needed

  100. Fw: 1.9L to 2.1L Swap

  101. Fw: Buying tires from Canada...

  102. Fwd: 20v 5cyl engine for sale

  103. Fwd: Beware ASAP

  104. Fwd: Check out Moon River

  105. Fwd: FW: Info. on a Dangerous Prank

  106. Fwd: Re: Step bumper hitch,Yada, Yada, Yada.

  107. Fwd: T.C.'s Vanagon Needs A Home

  108. Georgie's excellent bus bunk adventure?

  109. Good lookin' wheels

  110. Got my ARB fridge/freezer

  111. Has anyone experiences the Beer-Can effect in there gas tank?

  112. Help with part identification/ 82 1.6l Diesel

  113. Help! Difference 2WD/syncro?

  114. Help!!! Stuck in Dallas....

  115. How safe is it?

  116. I would like a digi tool for my digijet... Darrell Boehler show yourself.....

  117. Idle Stabalizer Valve

  118. Idle when A/C is on

  119. Instrument cluster - 87

  120. Interior cabinet in Vancouver(sort of vanagon)

  121. Is a Bentley worth it?

  122. KEN (WILFY?)-cost for a part/please reply

  123. Kitchen Faucet Cutout

  124. Late-model 120A alternator fit on wasserboxer?

  125. License plate assembly

  126. List Anti-SPAM measures

  127. List Stickers-Ooops

  128. Litchfield Bug-in was a blast!

  129. Manually shifting an auto-tranny

  130. Michelin MXTs..

  131. Michelin MXTs....

  132. Mirrors, Can I put...

  133. Muffler comments

  134. Mufflers, Mufflers, Mufflers...

  135. My 87 vanagon seems to be overheating...

  136. My new Interior lighting, awning, and shower stall

  137. Need help getting Plastic/Rubber Fender Trim

  138. NorthWest U.S. Vacation and Westy for sale

  139. Now that the dash is off . . .

  140. O2 sensor

  141. OE muffler/cat life expectancy?

  142. Oil pressure low around corners in 89 Vanagon

  143. Other A/C hose needed ASAP

  144. Ottawa area Vanagon and Eurovan Westys forsale

  145. Paint Job

  146. Parts ID for 82 Diesel

  147. Paulchen Racks

  148. Pop vs Fixtop, fuel economy

  149. Portable MP3

  150. Portland Oregon Repair Shops - Thanks for the input!

  151. Portland, Oregon - repair shops?

  152. Previa production

  153. Problem with phone service today at Van-Again

  154. Propane vs. Freeze 12 vs. R-12

  155. Questions about Diesels

  156. R134

  157. R134 USERS????--conversion kit

  158. R134 USERS??????????

  159. R134a users????

  160. REMOVE

  161. Radiator Fan

  162. Radiator Fan Keeps Coming On

  163. Radiator Fan Keeps coming on

  164. Re : Yet another EE talks batteries

  165. Re; Window Moulding Tool

  166. Re; Window chrome Mldgs.

  167. Re; step bumper hitch

  168. Re; window chrome mldg.

  169. Rebuilds and Rebuilders

  170. Reciever Hitch

  171. Recomended Deep Cycle Battery Brand?

  172. Removing front springs from '86 Syncro

  173. Removing the top ball joint

  174. Removing the top ball joint.

  175. Repost of Power loss in rain

  176. Rust and interior restoration.

  177. Seatbelt Buzzer

  178. Seeking comments on Muffler Replaceme

  179. Seeking comments on Muffler Replacement

  180. Seeking help picking new wheel for 87 GL

  181. Shear Bolts?

  182. Solar shower

  183. Spare Tyre Bolt

  184. Speedometer Keeps Breaking

  185. Starter grief on the road

  186. Step bumper hitch

  187. Step bumper hitch,Yada, Yada, Yada.

  188. Sticker's

  189. Subie engines for sale

  190. Survey: How do you jack up your Vanagon?

  191. Syncro Front Diff Mount

  192. That darn A/C hose again

  193. The Princess and the Pea (Was: List Anti-SPAM measures)

  194. The Princess and the Pea (Was: List Anti-SPAMmeasures)

  195. Tires again...sorry gang

  196. Tires and exchange rates

  197. Toilet paper filter is better

  198. Toilet paper filter's

  199. Tools needed for picking up low milage westy

  200. Top seals...

  201. Trailer hitch links

  202. Trip Report - Bug Jam and Ron Salmon's

  203. Trustworthy mechanic near Charlottesville, VA

  204. Update on oil pressure problem around corners

  205. Update: HWY 50 rescue

  206. VDO Oil gauge...

  207. VW 381/14 special gearbox tool

  208. Van cover-needed

  209. Vanagon Front Brake Upgrade

  210. Vanagon burnout?

  211. Vangon curtains/canvas?

  212. Vans F.S.

  213. WTB: motor mounts for 82 diesel

  214. Wandering in Wyoming...LONG!

  215. We're Back!!!

  216. Westy Center Single Seat, Trailer hitch, Mud flaps, Diesel exhaust system, etc. For Sale

  217. Westy for sale in New England???

  218. When did Westy have plastic key for water tank filler?

  219. Where to find info on tranny codes?

  220. Window Chrome Inserts

  221. Window Molding Tool

  222. Window chrome Mldgs.

  223. Window molding tool

  224. Yet another EE talks batteries

  225. Yoko Y370 LT's

  226. Yokohama tires

  227. York, PA area - Digitool

  228. advice

  229. attaching new pop top seals

  230. blinking oil light

  231. blinking oil light - solution

  232. brake rotors, temp gauges, and oil pressure

  233. can anyone beat $180 for a pass side window regulator?

  234. cushions

  235. dash cover & side table

  236. dual battery?

  237. dual battery? hobigesuss!

  238. dual battery? hobigesuss!/Lets try this again!

  239. eBayMotors item 360887965 (Ends Jun-22-00 19:57:04 PDT) - COMPLETE PAINT JOB FOR YOUR CAR/TRUCK

  240. factory rebuilt 1.9 engines in stock $2050.00

  241. fan/dash

  242. flashing temp light

  243. hella 2nd battery kit

  244. how do you tell if you have a digijet or digigant???

  245. idle stabilizer module problem - solution

  246. if traveling avoid NYC on 95 this year

  247. mufflers

  248. new owner of 84 westy, need lots of help

  249. oil and lifter clacking

  250. purching and camping equip questions.

  251. question about terminals on starter/solenoid

  252. rear brake job

  253. rear heater hose diameter

  254. rubber tube between body & rear hatch

  255. someone needs help in NV. dead in ely.

  256. stuck in Dallas

  257. vanagon Digest - 19 Jun 2000 - Special issue

  258. vanagon solar
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