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VANAGON archives – March 2003, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. '83 air cooled - horn button problem

  2. '83.5 Westy for sale...

  3. '84 Wolfsburgs, and sunroof vans...(was: Re: Reimo bed hinges

  4. '84 harness?

  5. '84 sliding door panel into an '81?

  6. 1990/91 Westy FS

  7. 2.1L for sale. Re: Friend needs 2.1 engine

  8. 2.1l ECUs new for $475

  9. 80 Sliding door questions

  10. 83 starter motor weak?

  11. 85 A/T fluid fill question.

  12. 85 Westie FS 2.1 litre upgrade

  13. 85 gl still running rich at vw shop.

  14. 87 Drivers side mirror needed

  15. 87 Westy For Sale in MN

  16. 88 Wolfsburg heat problems

  17. 91 Cabrio Cylinder Head

  18. 914 engine on ebay

  19. A-pillar (raingutter) moulding was:Re: trim piece

  20. A/T wont drive in 3rd.Assistance PLEASE...

  21. AC Decommissioning

  22. Acckk! My gear juice is *blue*...

  23. Air Compressor Opinions - cheap one from Kragen

  24. Air Filter Maintenance

  25. Alistair Bell's website?

  26. America's Most Wanted, Kristin Laurite (NVC)

  27. Anyone ever fit a motorcycle in a vanagon

  28. Anyone ever fit a motorcycle in a vanagon?

  29. Anyone have an inverter for sale?

  30. Back from Vancouver

  31. Beautiful '88 Westy for sale

  32. Bentley?

  33. Bev is sold

  34. Boogie Woogie Bus(was 32 mpg camper)

  35. Boston and Norfolk parts places - clarification

  36. Boston and Norfolk parts places?

  37. Brake Noise

  38. Bulbs & Heat & Light

  39. Buying Vehicles off E-bay Re: The Story Of The eBay Westy

  40. Can I borrow a backyard in Bellingham, WA?

  41. Causes of fuel inefficiency

  42. Colour code question

  43. Crusie Control for Vanagon

  44. DVD Player; Recommendations

  45. Denver to Vegas in one day? (or Westies in the Southwest)

  46. Diesel camshafts.....

  47. Does any one have a summary price list of common parts?

  48. Drivers mirrors for sale...Re: 87 Drivers side mirror needed


  50. East to West Cross Country Trip - contacts requested

  51. EveryBus '03 Chilli and Side-Dish Contest

  52. F/S 85 Vanagon GL - original owner

  53. FS MP3 player

  54. FS Sunroof Vanagon Syncro (Farwell)

  55. FS: AFM for a 1.9l

  56. FS: Rare 15" Fuchs forged 5 spoke alloy wheels, fit vanagon and eurovan

  57. FS: VW stuff

  58. FS: Weekender Bench folds into a bed in SF $100

  59. FS: vanagon captains chairs w/ adjustable armrests

  60. FS: vanagon poptop section - make your pass van into a poptop!

  61. Free Westie in CT

  62. Friend needs 2.1 engine

  63. Futher info 85 Westie FS

  64. Fw: Shift lever broke off in my hand


  66. Gas Cap---FOUND ONE

  67. Got fiberglass sideskirts?? Got the right JACK?? please read!!!! ...

  68. Great Offroad Video

  69. Haynes Manual

  70. Headed to Germany, need some info...

  71. Headed to Germany...

  72. Help wanted in Santa Monica, CA

  73. Hesitation problem (Advice needed)

  74. High RPM

  75. High-top Vanagon in Denver!

  76. How Does Timing Affect Idle Mixture?

  77. How to shift gears (was)Re: [Syncro] Shift lever broke off in my hand

  78. Iles de la Madeleine trip

  79. Is boston Bobs Gone?

  80. Isle De La Madeleine Trip?

  81. It's not the bulbs after all....

  82. Joys of lawn care - Friday

  83. Ken Wilfred helped me see the light. Now .....

  84. Kristin Laurite

  85. LT Mirrors / H4 Lights / Tire Carriers now in stock!

  86. Laying low.....

  87. Leads or info to locate Reimo camper parts?

  88. Locking Gas CAp Needed

  89. Looking for ONE Michelin Agilis 205/65 R15

  90. Lug wench, steel nuts

  91. Mechanic in NYC Please...

  92. More Newbie ?

  93. Motorworks Emerges from Chapter 11

  94. Mystery relay and rat bastards!

  95. NVC question about general fuel system parts

  96. No Vanagon Content - Illustrated Man

  97. Norfolk parts places

  98. O2 sensor problems

  99. OEM vanagon dash cup holder

  100. OEM vanagon dash cupholder

  101. Oil pressure sensor sabotage!!!

  102. Okay, alright already

  103. Ooops! Sorry!

  104. Out of Office AutoReply: Is boston Bobs Gone?

  105. Painting Carat: Maaco OK??

  106. Parting '87 GL passenger van with blue exterior and gray fabric i nterior

  107. Peter Russek Pocket Mechanic

  108. Power Steering Hose Fitting Size??

  109. Proper Bulbs for a Vanagon

  110. Rebuild sluething Qs, part 1 of ???

  111. Redline MT 90 sources (was "sounds of doomed tranny?")

  112. Reimo Bed Hinges

  113. Removing alloy wheel nuts

  114. Repair shop needed, Eureka/Arcata Calif

  115. Restore Color to Top

  116. Rocky Mtn. Motorworks emerges from chap 11

  117. Rogue Horn

  118. Rogue Horn - Friday

  119. Run this through your favorite translation program

  120. SA 5-speed gearbox source?

  121. SA Wheels

  122. Servicing Auto Trans in '81

  123. Shady Boy Awnings

  124. Shady Boy Awnings Pricing

  125. Shift lever broke off in my hand

  126. Should I use Phosphate-free coolant??

  127. Side mirror comparisons & questions

  128. Speaking of head gaskets

  129. Spring Cleaning an Air Cooled Engine

  130. Spring Cleaning an Air-cooled Motor

  131. Spring Cleaning an Aircooled Motor

  132. Starting trouble revisited

  133. Syncro working fine again

  134. TRADE

  135. The Story Of The eBay Westy

  136. Toronto Vanagon Club Meeting

  137. Trip to London

  138. Unleaded fuel

  139. Vacuum hose & throttle assembly

  140. Van-Again Auction items closing soon

  141. Vana's Blues

  142. Vangon Models (was Vanagon in a Time Capsule?)


  144. WOW! 32mpg aircooled camper on EBAY

  145. WTB - Pop top canvas for 81 Westy

  146. WTB Piece of Carat lower trim

  147. WTB: Air Flow Meter - '91 Vanagon

  148. WTB: Healight connector (2) (they burned???)

  149. Wanted to buy: grey stove knob and black cover under steering column

  150. Wanted: Alternator

  151. Westy Rear Seat / Bed in '87 Syncro Vanagon GL

  152. Westy Top Cleaning

  153. What are syptoms of a bad torque converter

  154. What should I do with this 82 bus in east TN?

  155. Where's the Friday Fish this week?

  156. Wiper Wackiness - No Parking

  157. [Syncro] Laying low.....

  158. [Syncro] Shift lever broke off in my hand

  159. bay area engine stand for loan?

  160. boston engine

  161. cam breakin'

  162. cheap shipping company, Mass to SF. Engine Rebuild Question too

  163. dbl t3

  164. dex-cool

  165. everybody knows them to be high maintenance

  166. fastest headjob on the list

  167. flooding, won't start

  168. how do you get super glue off velour?

  169. inflate tires up to max pres?

  170. items for sale..

  171. lazy mechanics...lots of oil(valves)

  172. lifters for new engine?

  173. more newbie...

  174. new canvas question

  175. new exhaust system (I4) - prelim report

  176. no oil pressure, new engine, need help!

  177. odd ball syncro air filter?

  178. oops, here's the link (32mpg camper)

  179. part # for fiberglass side skirt Jack

  180. powdercoating a LP tank?

  181. repeatedly blowing head gasket

  182. repeatedly blowing head gasket- warped head?

  183. repeatedly blowing head gasket-what I found

  184. replacement hose sizes?

  185. sounds of doomed tranny?

  186. still not starting..

  187. successful trans swap...thanks to all

  188. summers comin

  189. syncro crew-cab

  190. the Two liter wanting people...

  191. top ball joint

  192. trim piece

  193. trim piece (f)

  194. type t3

  195. type?

  196. upgrading an alternator? headlights 85'

  197. valve adjustment question

  198. vanagon Digest - 15 Mar 2003 (#2003-301)

  199. vanagon swival seat mechanisms for sale

  200. very rusty header bolts

  201. vw shower curtains..

  202. westy measurement

  203. what were Westfalias badged as in Europe?

  204. ~!RE: OEM Vanagon dash cup holder
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