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VANAGON archives – June 2004, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. '90 Carat $54,100

  2. '90 carat FS needs work

  3. (LVC) Opinions on pre-paid cell phones?

  4. (NVC) Friday Wal Mart standoff - real risks

  5. 12 volt panel meter

  6. 12V receptacle in drivers seat pedestal

  7. 12v Panel Meter Wanted

  8. 12v panel meter FOR SALE..westy dual battery monitor

  9. 12v panel meter wanted

  10. 1980-1985 Bentley

  11. 2WD Fuel Filler neck parts / Saddle Tank install tips

  12. 4 night, 72 beers, new friends and a lots of pizza.....

  13. 87 vanagon oil filter part number

  14. 87 westy with Eurospec blew fuel fitting in engine bay -fuel line info request

  15. 91 Westy automatic F.S.

  16. <No subject>

  17. AC concerns

  18. AC controls

  19. Addco swaybars... anyone have a set for sale?

  20. Adding A/C on a wasserboxer - practical?

  21. Aeroturbine Car and Truck 2525 Muffler

  22. Air conditioner--hard lines?

  23. Any interest in new Syncro front CV axles?

  24. Anybody know how to get a hold of BenT?

  25. Appraisal of restored Vanagons

  26. BN2 heater info

  27. Bentley manuals- version page counts

  28. Biologic car alarms

  29. Blown engine: Yet another update (long)

  30. Brake Master Rebuild

  31. Brakes (upgraded and standard)

  32. engine (your opinion?)

  33. Bus Depot Brake Master Cylinder

  34. Bus Depot discount code

  35. Central VA, where's a GREAT engine installer?

  36. Checking the O2 sensor

  37. Cibie ecode night time pics!

  38. Cibie ecode night time pics! - error correction

  39. Coil killer found! vanagon single electrode plugs

  40. Cold idle mystery

  41. Costco/BFGoodrich Commercial tires, any good?

  42. DIESEL question about big-nose crankshaft compatibility.

  43. Diesel Vanagon List

  44. EKTA Install instructions for XP

  45. Ecode light report

  46. Electronic Ignition Switch...where to get one? New? Used?

  47. FS Alloy Wheels

  48. FS Six Hakkapeliitta CS 195/70 R15 with or without rims

  49. FS six Hakkapeliitta CS 195/70 R15

  50. FS: '90 Carat $54,100

  51. FS: 1987 Vanagon GL

  52. FS: Roof Rack

  53. FS: Thule Roof Rack

  54. FW: Temps in the 100s today, need ideas on extra cooling

  55. Fear is the engine of community....

  56. Finding TDC on I-4 Conversion, 1.9TD @ 15 degrees

  57. Floor mats

  58. Follow Up: Retractable Antenna - forget it

  59. Freeze 12 is 80 percent 134a

  60. Friday Wal Mart standoff - real risks

  61. Friday Wal Mart standoff - thread over!

  62. Friday Wal Mart standoff comments withdrawn.

  63. Friday Wal Mart standoff.

  64. Friday Wal Mart standoff.-- NVC!!!

  65. Friday Wal Mart;what would you do?

  66. Fried-day

  67. Fried-day(LVC)

  68. Fwd: FW: Warning! (NVC but funny as hell)

  69. Fwd: Speaking of AC

  70. Fwd: Window rubber trim alternatives

  71. Help with input shaft removal

  72. How come nobody wants a std. vanagon...?

  73. How soft are alloy wheels

  74. How to swap tranny bellhousing and input shaft?

  75. Idle variance

  76. Interest in clear US spec sidemarkers?

  77. Is This the dreaded Vanagon Syndrome?

  78. Its a real vanagon topic - personal safety while camping in your vanagon.

  79. Its running Again

  80. JiffyLube, extras

  81. Jumpseats for sale...put one in your westy!!

  82. LVC-Wanted: Westy, RV or Van to rent Near DC

  83. Leak on top of engine?

  84. Leaky sink trap

  85. Left over red tek A?C refrigernant for sale

  86. Looking for Auto Tranny

  87. Looking for a Middle Seat for 1982 Westy

  88. Losing Power

  89. Machining wheels. Safe?

  90. Maple grove Super Jam VW show sunday (tomorrow) reading PA..

  91. Michelin LTX Tires

  92. Millennium Bug Book For Sale

  93. Miniture Instrument bulbs

  94. Misc pics

  95. Need Suggestions-Wierd Overheating

  96. Need an O2 sensor heat shield...

  97. Non R134a refrigerants are flammable right?

  98. Non-Family Hauler

  99. Non-Family Hauler / rear lap belts are much more safe than no belt

  100. Non-Family Hauler / rear lap belts are much more safe than no belt - long but read

  101. O2 sensor. How does it effect performance?

  102. One place you shouldn't "park" overnight...

  103. Our Caravelle online

  104. Partial engine drop for stripped exhaust stud

  105. Parting Out Low Mileage 91 Syncro

  106. Parting Out Low Mileage 91 Syncro - with location

  107. Paulchen Bike Rack

  108. Please Help! Starting problems 84 Westy

  109. Power boost with the 251-907-393D Idle Stabilizer Control Unit

  110. Propane tank for sale

  111. R12 to R134a Air Conditioning Conversion

  112. Re Koni Shocks?

  113. Rear Seat Question Never Seen Before

  114. Rear seat belts

  115. Recall... Time Limit

  116. Red Tek

  117. Replacing Ignition Switch in a 2.1...anyone done it?

  118. Retractable Antenna

  119. Road to Lisbon - Vanagon sighting

  120. RoadHaus - Engine Install Complete

  121. RoadHaus - Engine Install Report

  122. Roadhaus Front AC issues

  123. Roadhaus engine swap day one.......(a bit late)

  124. SV: 4 night, 72 beers, new friends and a lots of pizza.....

  125. Seam rust?

  126. Selling my 1986 Syncro Westy & Info Website

  127. Shipping large items

  128. Signing off

  129. Sliding Door Gets Stuck

  130. Source for Westy fresh water tank drain cap found

  131. Source for air conditioner hoses?

  132. Speaking of AC

  133. Sportsmobile Anonymous

  134. Status (

  135. Steering shaft U joint replacement

  136. Steering shaft U joint replacement ?

  137. Success!!

  138. Sway bar link breakage - are you at risk?

  139. Syncro Springs On My 2WD 84' Westy

  140. Temps in the 100s today, need ideas on extra cooling

  141. Test

  142. The red or the blue

  143. Throttle Valve Housing for 1986 Vanagon

  144. Thursdaye Fun

  145. Tips and tricks for rear heater core replacement

  146. Tire rotation

  147. Tires

  148. Tires...

  149. Type 2 list?

  150. Used 2.1L coolant hoses for sale

  151. Voltmeter for Cigarette Lighter Socket

  152. WTB or Trade

  153. WTB: 1980-1985 Bentley

  154. WTB: Arm Rest

  155. WTB: Arm Rest, grey, adjustable

  156. WTB: Brown Westy Center Carpet;

  157. WTB: Throttle Valve Housing for 1986 Vanagon

  158. WTB: rear mosquito screen

  159. Wanted. 2.0 L aircooled engine - european version

  160. Westfalia logo

  161. Westy Front Pop Top Cargo Carrier ??

  162. Westy for sale in Montreal

  163. Westy table arm needed

  164. Wheel locks

  165. Who sells exhaust manifold studs?

  166. Window rubber trim alternatives

  167. Window-mount A/C info?

  168. Yellow euro headlight bulbs? H4?

  169. Yet another coolant hose bites the dust

  170. [Diesel-Vanagon] RE: Finding TDC on I-4 Conversion, 1.9TD @ 15 degrees

  171. [Syncro] Need Suggestions-Wierd Overheating

  172. [Syncro] R12 to R134a Air Conditioning Conversion

  173. [VWVANFULLTIMERS] RoadHaus - Engine Install Report

  174. [vanagon] (LVC) Opinions on pre-paid cell phones?

  175. [vanagon] Roadhaus - Trip Report to Bus Fusion

  176. [vanagon] need 2 ship a 2wd westie cross country - auto shippers out there?

  177. breather hose sensor thingie

  178. bucking on problem after another

  179. cheap gauges from JC Whitney

  180. diesel transmission wanted (without bellhousing!)

  181. dont drool on the keyboard!!!!

  182. draining oil

  183. fiberglass bumper caps and trim

  184. fuel rail/line recall?

  185. fuel rail/line recall? Zen Koan.

  186. fuel rail/line recall? Zen Koan. PN?

  187. heads up...seam rust on vanagons w/ fiberglass bodykit

  188. looking for shop in Oak Ridge or Knoxville TN

  189. looking for zoltan

  190. losing power, switching to digest (unrelated subjects)

  191. necessary to bleed rear heater after removing/installing?

  192. new parts vans...'90 carat, and '89 carat

  193. new wheels and tires update

  194. off roading protection

  195. personal safety while camping

  196. por15/rust

  197. radio antenna

  198. re. BN2 heater info

  199. rear 3 point seatbelts for sale

  200. rear inner tire wear - weak spring fix - 87 westy

  201. rear inner tire wear - weak springs

  202. rear mosquito screen

  203. running rich!!

  204. seam rust

  205. skylight lifter fix revisited

  206. starter woes....anyone that can help?

  207. to all WELDERS:advice needed on exhaust

  208. torque converter types

  209. torsion rod bearings vs. upper control arm bushings

  210. torsion rod bushings vs. upper control arm bushings

  211. transmission disassembly

  212. upgrading gauges

  213. vanagon $500....Now SALE PENDING =)

  214. vanagon Now 500$ Location...

  215. vanagon alloy wheels for sale

  216. vanagon fiberglass bumpers/bodykit/side mouldings for sale..add to any van

  217. vanagon single electrode plugs

  218. vanagon trailer hitch for sale

  219. was: Friday Wal Mart;what would you do?

  220. was: why doesnt anyone want an 85 vanagon....Now Vanagon 500$

  221. waste no time rebuilding

  222. website for dash lights

  223. westy middle seats, and how to install floor tracks/rails

  224. whats the book time for installing a new exhaust OR...

  225. where to buy H4 connectors for lights (was RE: Ecode light report )
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