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VANAGON archives – April 2007, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. '91 Vanagon - Upper Bleed Ring

  2. 12 volt timer

  3. 3 Yakima Bars/Mounts/Locks For Sale

  4. 80-83 Air cooled Vanagon Fuel injectors for sale.....

  5. 86 westy overheating issue

  6. 91 vanagon pop top weekender for sale (not running)

  7. <No subject>

  8. AC Hose Help Needed, Please...

  9. ATF leaking into differential

  10. Accelerator Cable - revisited

  11. Accelerator cable

  12. Ah, Wallaced by S.L.

  13. Alaska trip tips

  14. Another unexplained power loss, but help not needed!

  15. Any Carfax out there?

  16. Any trailer hitches that fit aircooled Vanagons?

  17. Are they still making the bus/Vanagon anywhere these days? SMART Keys

  18. Bass Players and Vanagons (again) was Re: Everybus photos

  19. Beaver Bob?

  20. Black Vanagon

  21. Black? anyone ever seen a Black Vanagon?

  22. Breeding Air

  23. Buses By the Beach - Bus Benefit is One Month Away!

  24. Buying parts in US to Canada?

  25. Call for Campground reviews / US, Canada & Mexico

  26. Can I convert my power windows to manual?

  27. Convenient Faucet

  28. Cooling System Project (Parts/Application) little long

  29. Couple of Items for Sale

  30. Dealers and E-code lights

  31. Dimensions of rear hatch

  32. Don't Buy Gas In Lynchburg, VA! Follow Up

  33. Dual horn wiring

  34. Dual horn wiring diagram

  35. EB2007 Trip Report (LONG)

  36. EB2007 Vanaru Test Drive

  37. EB2007 Vanaru Test Drive/soundtrack/video

  38. Everybus 2007 (Our First Time)

  39. Everybus 2007 (Our First Time) / canvas water repellant

  40. Everybus photos

  41. External Wireless Amplifier

  42. FS: 16" alloys for vanagon ..with tires

  43. FW: [off-topic announcement] memorials for Virginia Tech folks

  44. Four square headlight grill on Samba

  45. Friday Cooltech - it only nicks the hotdog!

  46. Friday Fun - "Balancing Point" (NVC)

  47. Friday VW Fun - Phx BugORama Photos

  48. Friday musing on Saturday (and some Hwy 395 trip stuff)

  49. Fridge Wiring question

  50. Fridge hardware

  51. Fridge wiring

  52. Fryday

  53. Fuel hose diagram

  54. Fw: Intermittent Wipers? and jumpseat install

  55. G-mail (vanagon mailing list)

  56. Gamil delays

  57. Getting ready to head to Kentucky...

  58. Gmail Delays?

  59. HIghway Numbering System NVC

  60. Has anyone tried retrofitting a transponder key?

  61. Hittin the road!

  62. How is the Westy water tank inlet routed?

  63. ICV or ISCU?

  64. Ideas for lifting water into the Westy water tank?

  65. In praise of Go Westy

  66. In praise of VW inline fours

  67. In praise of aircooled vanagons

  68. Intermittent Wipers?

  69. Intermittent Wipers? and jumpseat install

  70. Intermittent programmable Wipers for vanagon

  71. Jerks/surges when going from coasting to acceleration

  72. JoesVan Ready for Buses by the Beach

  73. LCD display for battery condition for sale

  74. Leakdown and compression test results

  75. Looking for axel nut dustcap

  76. Low Continuity? Was : ICV or ISCU?

  77. Lower bleeder screw question (searched archives)

  78. Magazine racks?

  79. Mirrors fold in at high speed

  80. More on the VW inline 4 (Long post in reply to numerous digests)

  81. My EB Breakdown Story

  82. Need Grey Westy Drawer

  83. New SA Grill, how to install lights

  84. New SA grill

  85. Newbie refrigerator question

  86. OEM verses aftermarket

  87. Oil Pressure Switch R&R

  88. Pop Top Seal Adhesive - 86 Westy

  89. Portable instument amplifiers in Vanagons was Re: Everybus photos

  90. Portable instument amplifiers in Vanagons was Re: Everybus photos- Now Keyboards

  91. Rearview mirror problem.

  92. Reinventing the wheel WAS Re: In praise of VW inline fours

  93. Revell Model

  94. Road trip to Santa Cruz - final pictures

  95. Rocket J. Squirrel said

  96. SPAM-LOW: Campgrounds along Truckee River in Calif.?

  97. Shipping Dometic Fridge - This Side Up?

  98. Shipping it to England

  99. Source for Stainless Exhaust Hardware?

  100. Source for Stainless Exhaust Hardware? Typo!

  101. Starter Bolts 91 Automatic

  102. Stumbling after fuel filter change

  103. Subie Power

  104. Subject: Re: EB2007 Vanaru Test Drive

  105. Suddon loss of power - parial fix?

  106. THANKS - Report (brakes)

  107. Tales from Europe and VW campers (part 7)

  108. Temp Gauge

  109. Temp Gauge calibration with Subaru engine

  110. Timing light recommendations?

  111. Tool US 1076?

  112. Transmission repair options

  113. Trip photos

  114. VW Van Article at "Der Spiegel Online International"

  115. VW in Movies

  116. VW vs Subaru (picture)

  117. Virginia Tech and thoughts for Fryeday

  118. WBX and EJ22, same "feel"?

  119. WTB : Air Cooled Instrument Cluster

  120. WTB Awning

  121. Wanted: set of seat rails

  122. Water to Fuel device - New - Really Works!!

  123. Waterproofing the pop-top canvas

  124. Weird clock behavior

  125. Westy unit up for sale

  126. What are the symptoms of a failing TEMP II Sensor?

  127. Who hijacked this thread? was Re: AC Ducts Repair

  128. [T2] Door Handles

  129. [T2] Turbobus update

  130. `87 Westy for sale...

  131. daily driver = RUST Re: Friday Ramblings, definitely long, certainly poin...

  132. daily driver = RUST Re: Friday Ramblings, probably long, possibly pointle...

  133. digijet woes

  134. fuel pump sanity check, 1990 GL

  135. how do them yankees pronounce Gerry?? :)

  136. how to replace your vanagons dash pad without removing the dash

  137. how to search the vanagon list archives for dummies (and newbies)

  138. in praise of VW inline fours

  139. jumpseat install into a westy

  140. leakdown test

  141. master cylinder

  142. master cylinder (p-mail)

  143. new high

  144. panel snaps - was storage pocket IN sliding door...was Re: Magazine racks?

  145. power mirror

  146. prices was: In praise of VW inline fours

  147. recaro seat installation

  148. removing the A/C

  149. rust repair ..

  150. slurs and engines

  151. storage pocket IN sliding door...was Re: Magazine racks?

  152. subie power

  153. subie power?

  154. tan vanagon captains chairs - rarest of the rare!!..

  155. the high priest has returned with word from Gerry

  156. unexplained power loss - help

  157. unexplained power loss - help!

  158. unexplained power loss - help! & My EB Breakdown

  159. vanagon Digest - 17 Apr 2007 to 18 Apr 2007 - Special issue (#2007-401)

  160. window tenting - question!

  161. window tinting - question!
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