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VANAGON archives – July 2007, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. 1987 Westy Weekender $7500 in SFO Bay Area

  2. 2.1 used heads for sale

  3. 81 air cooled heat exchangers and engine tin

  4. 87 still not starting, need fuel pump advice

  5. 88 Westy sink faucet is available

  6. 90 cooling problem

  7. A "Clutching" question

  8. A/C resuscitation - where to start?


  10. AC blower--access w/o dropping AC?

  11. AC condensor

  12. Another equipment review -- the Buese shelf

  13. Another one in the 'hood. ('89 Bluestar)

  14. Anybody use one of these?

  15. Anyone in SFO area need a free manual tranny core?

  16. Anyone need an I4 kit from a diesel Vanagon? (Part II)

  17. Anyone need an I4 kit from a diesel Vanagon? (in Portland, OR)

  18. Anyone using a VintageAir Mk IV AC unit?

  19. Anyone using a VintageAir Mk IV AC unit? - Some Comments

  20. Auto tranny shifter cable circlip size?

  21. Aux Battery Charging Alternatives Question for the Electrical Gurus

  22. Before you change that cooling unit--Dometic

  23. Bentley Repair Manual for Sale

  24. Bleeding coolant without a second person?

  25. Brief Report on Norcold after a Week of Camping

  26. Broken manual trans in sf help w shop/tow.

  27. Broken throttle cable

  28. Built-in Fire Extinguishers

  29. Burnt Van Photos

  30. CL vanagon missed connections - syncro doka in Pburg NJ

  31. CV star head bolts

  32. Camping near Quebec City

  33. Camping..slight rant without V-C

  34. Can't see the forest for the fees?

  35. Colorful Interior Van

  36. Cost? -was Why convert? was Re: Inside a Subi engine EJ22

  37. Diesel starter for Kennedy adapter

  38. Dino to MT90 for Tranny

  39. Does a FORD F150 F250 F350 BRONCO SMITTYBILT fit a front of a a vanagon

  40. Dogs at Leo Carrillo State Beach, Malibu, CA

  41. Dometic question (combustion chamber seal)

  42. Dometic repair info? Read/view Rogers info

  43. Don't need no steenkin TDI, etc.

  44. ECU and starting question

  45. Engine Conversion MPG - We don't need no stink'n TDI

  46. Equipment Report: a Condelli (?) stove grill hole plugger

  47. FAQ: fusebox behind driver's seat.

  48. FS - 87 camper in Orange, CA (los angeles area?) $6500

  49. FS 1980 Full Westy Project Van

  50. FW: Keep up the good work

  51. Fire Extinguishers

  52. Flextek E85 conversion

  53. Fuel line replacment.

  54. Fuel lines changed - thanks Ben!

  55. Fwd: dometic thermostat replacement?

  56. GMC Motorhomes - Friday - NVC

  57. GMC Motorhomes - but wait, there's more!

  58. Gas leak/canister Question?

  59. Gotta love the English language was: Re: Auto tranny shifter cable circlip size?

  60. H.D. Clutches ?

  61. Head machined or my way ...

  62. Head question?

  63. Hey Akiba, did you measure this one while you were at it?

  64. High Country Bus Festival and T-shirts!

  65. Hitch in my Vanagon's giddy up

  66. Hot Foot Relief-Heater valve

  67. How easy is it to put a poptop into a standard vanagon?

  68. How not to snake wire/why "constant" velocity joints? Was: Wiring rear speakers - 86 Weekender - long

  69. I-4 conversion needing a new fuel tank?

  70. If you have an Aux battery.....

  71. Inside a Subi engine EJ22

  72. Isotherm Fridge - was Norcold 0040

  73. Keep up the good work

  74. Keeping the fridge out of the sun

  75. LVC: Coleman RoadTrip Portable Grill

  76. LeSharo!

  77. Long Trip Report

  78. Matilda's on the road again

  79. Me Three..on the Dometic fridge "good" list.

  80. More Friday Blabbering

  81. More Friday Blabbering ...Continued

  82. More brakes.

  83. Mud Flap question


  85. NOT a broken throttle cable

  86. Need for upgraded brakes for engine conversion

  87. New 2.0 air-cooled wiring harness

  88. New member intro and prepurchase ???

  89. New! Wasatch Westies Google group

  90. No Start 83.5: Fuel pump test?

  91. OUCH - Vanagon Doka crash test

  92. On-board fire systems.

  93. One More 'Fridge Thread


  95. PIC of my Dometic mod. Opinions needed! --- :^)

  96. Paint code for Burgundy

  97. Parking near New York City

  98. Parking near New York City - no westy's in tunnels

  99. Pillar letters and air conditioning

  100. Portable Battery Charger

  101. Power steering question

  102. Praise to Old Volks Home

  103. Private message for Malcolm Stebbins

  104. Problem with Seller on thesamba - skylight parts now needed.

  105. Propane Leaking out of Tank on 90 Syncro

  106. Radio fun...

  107. Railroad Crossing Gate Coming Down!

  108. Read carefully

  109. Read carefully (fuel hose)

  110. Removing dust cap tool.

  111. Right turn signal HOUSING needed

  112. Several Type2 Buses (not vanagons) in Eastern Canada

  113. Shifter bracket/relay lever 82 Vanagon Diesel

  114. Smart Car..Wow..

  115. Smart Car..Wow.. NVC

  116. Some brake tech/ideas (long)

  117. Sources for A/C barrier lines

  118. Speaking of Engine Conversions...

  119. Surepower 1315 was Aux Battery Charging Alternatives Question for the Electrical Gurus

  120. Syncro Westy Sighting - Smyrna, TN

  121. TDI into vanagon.. subie into Vanagon... how about TDI into subie?

  122. Tales from the dark side (of loose CV's)

  123. Talk to me about AT's!

  124. Texas (or any) AC help

  125. Thanks

  126. Thermometers was One More 'Fridge Thread

  127. Toqueing the head, the ft/lbs changed?

  128. Torqueing the head ...

  129. Transport without breaking camp..

  130. Update to power steering rack replacement- Surfacing shaft suggestions

  131. Use thermal paste on Dometic heating element?

  132. Used 2.1 (88?) block FS CDN

  133. VW T5 California Camper

  134. Vacuum Pump A/c Manifold Recommendations?

  135. Valvoline SynPower Fuel System Treatment

  136. Veggie Oil Westy in CDN Globe & Mail

  137. Waeco stuff

  138. Was That You Coming Off Snoqualmie Pass?

  139. Was: Steenkin TDI/engine conversion/global warming..Now, off topic..

  140. Was: Where.... Heat Going? Now: "Top Ten" space useage under/over Norcold

  141. West River Westies

  142. Westy fire extingusher ...

  143. What do YOU store in your (camping) van?

  144. What rack are these brackets for??

  145. What's the difference???

  146. Where is The Heat Going?

  147. Why We Do It

  148. Why We Do It (was exaust removal woes)

  149. Why convert..Subie engine..etc, etc. (from Digest) Long.

  150. Why rear brakes are evil, and how to make them good.

  151. Why we do it.

  152. Will not start question

  153. Wiring rear speakers - 86 Weekender - long

  154. [WetWesties] Aux Battery Charging Alternatives Question for the Electrical Gurus

  155. [WetWesties] Brief Report on Norcold after a Week of Camping

  156. [WetWesties] Dogs at Leo Carrillo State Beach, Malibu, CA

  157. [WetWesties] Where is The Heat Going?

  158. anyone have an automatic kickdown lever they can part with?

  159. anyone in northern Colorado (Fort Collins area) with an '86-'91?

  160. carfax??

  161. crestone needle road beta? (sangre de cristo's, colorado)

  162. dometic thermostat replacement?

  163. electrical woes

  164. electrical woes (p-mail)

  165. electrical woes - new developments

  166. electrical woes - problem solved?

  167. electrolytic rust removal technique - very simple

  168. exaust removal woes

  169. front brake hints needed

  170. front brake hints needed...thanks!

  171. fuel pump relief valve?

  172. good new fuel tank source?

  173. how i should have recently purchased 86 syncro westy inspected

  174. installed a valve on radiator, makes bleeding air out of coolant "easier"

  175. interesting tranny on samba -- 5 speed

  176. lower grill bolts/fasteners

  177. manuals

  178. noisy hydraulic lifter? not going away with oil change, marvel mystery additive.

  179. one more symptom....Re: ECU and starting question

  180. paint?

  181. pre 83 manual shifting, substandard or unrelable?

  182. propane rebuild and safety

  183. really , really nice $2000 91 vanagon on washington dc craigs list

  184. scratch on heads mating surface for cylinders

  185. slider doorpanel rear screw Re: Interior esoterica

  186. smart car

  187. smart car - crash tests

  188. smart cars

  189. soap bubbles and rubber bands? (was Re: Inside a Subi engine EJ22 -)

  190. south africa vw commercials

  191. squeek is driving me nuts

  192. testing a regulator

  193. them swedish buggers tillgrepping them campers

  194. trying to identify the engine in my bus

  195. vanagon Digest - 15 Jul 2007 to 16 Jul 2007 - Special issue (#2007-729)

  196. voltaget at D+ on alt

  197. why "constant" velocity joints?

  198. why we do it
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