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VANAGON archives – June 2010, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. '91 vanagon GL fuel injector flush/clean?

  2. 1.9L - Will not idle cold - when warm idles at 2800RPM

  3. 1.9L - oil needed to go from dipstick minium to maxium?

  4. 2008 Pasat wheel will it fit. 89 vanagon

  5. A/C was re: What is camping anyway?

  6. AC Electrical troubleshooting

  7. AC Electrical troubleshooting update

  8. AC While Camping

  9. AC While Camping - Portable Unit

  10. AC's are noisy!

  11. ADMINISTRIVIA - Re: [VANAGON] Out of office

  12. Air Conditioner Use while camping

  13. Arrrgh!! No start, no fuel pump sound!!

  14. Big tools for your big nuts

  15. Big tools for your big nuts; now Vanagon Tools Rant

  16. Big tools for your big nuts; was RE: Why my rear axle nuts got loose

  17. BusFusion 2010 Photos

  18. Camping Families in Arkansas need your Prayers

  19. Camping and cooling

  20. Can anyone spare a Carfax report?

  21. Can't find my calipers - stud size on alternator

  22. Carfax request, & possible FS: 1.6 NA '82 diesel & transmission

  23. Castrol GTX @ Walmart

  24. Clutch Question

  25. Clutch not letting me shift into reverse

  26. Dometic Fridges among other things

  27. Don't let this happen to you!

  28. Electrical Connector dust boots

  29. Emissions, Was: AC While Camping

  30. Extra Alloy Wheel Nuts/Bolts FS

  31. FIFA and Complaints

  32. FS: '86 Vanagon instrument cluster

  33. FS: New GoWesty Syncro springs

  34. Friday: A good USA, Aussie, Euro campsite web page

  35. Full Moon Bus Club website

  36. Fwd: The name of this kind of thing?

  37. HELP ;)

  38. Heater knee bar cross beam

  39. Higher output alternator?

  40. How to modify Bosch regulator for remote sensing.

  41. Injectors - Cleaning

  42. Internal Panels Replacing?

  43. It is NOT the shocks (Re: Sound Recording of my Mystery Noise)

  44. Java programmers on List?

  45. MOD AGAIN re FIFA World Cup

  46. MOD FIFA World Cup

  47. MOD Re: Oxymoron Alert: AC While Camping

  48. MOD re OS wars

  49. Mercedes Wheels Installation Question 90 GL

  50. Moderator Mssg Re: AC While Camping - Portable Unit

  51. More Clutch - Pilot Bearing Nightmare

  52. More Clutch - felt washer?

  53. Mould (mold?) on canvas

  54. Mould (mold?) on canvas WATCH OUT!!

  55. My camping trip

  56. My way - was; what coolant flush method is best

  57. Need AC chart expected measurements...

  58. New Shipment from Germany just came in!

  59. New Stereo w/Bluetooth

  60. No gears

  61. Noise coming from front wheel

  62. Out of office

  63. Oxymoron Alert: AC While Camping

  64. Pain in the Propane

  65. Power Steering Rack Question

  66. Power steering rack with fluid

  67. Radiator cooling fan - stuck ON!

  68. Rich Running 1.9l WBX

  69. Rolling right along on my 'new' block (inline VW swap into Vanagon)

  70. Roof Rack on Portland Craigslist

  71. Shady Boy Awning + Pipe Insulation for rain

  72. Single Cab FS: North Vancouver B.C.

  73. Small gas leak

  74. Sound Recording of my Mystery Noise

  75. Spotted FS in VA: 2001 EV Weekender

  76. The name of this kind of thing?

  77. Travel Tips-TX to Brooklyn NY and back via East Coast-NVC

  78. Unpowered PS rack impressions plus manual rack FS

  79. Vaccuum Line Schematic - Factory Cruise Control - 1987

  80. Vanagon 2.1 Suddenly Dies- Need Help

  81. Vanagon Syncro earthroamer-layout camper on german ebay

  82. Vanagon Tug Of War

  83. WTB used Vanagon diesel starter

  84. WTB: rear panel for collsion repair

  85. We're back

  86. What is SA Besto spray

  87. What is camping anyway?

  88. Why my rear axle nuts got loose

  89. Why my rear axle nuts got loose-a bit long

  90. World Cup bracket blanks for you (interested parties) in vanagonland to fill out and mail to me. :)

  91. World Cup live on

  92. [WetWesties] Pain in the Propane

  93. alignment becomes bushing repair

  94. border crossing

  95. brake fluid on my floor mats...what I do?

  96. connector removal

  97. fresh water pump ain't pumpin'

  98. german made decouplers ready to ship

  99. glamour shot of dolly

  100. inline VW swap into Vanagon

  101. manual transmission linkage

  102. noise SOLVED. Now need to Heli-Coil?

  103. power steering rack without hydraulic fluid?

  104. seat belt replacement

  105. side sliding windows- westy

  106. skylight replacemnt

  107. so, I replaced the rear seat lap belts

  108. strange Clicking Noise from engine compartment (??)

  109. subject Re: Vanagon Tug Of War

  110. westy interior install, was Re: westy kitchen mod question

  111. westy kitchen mod question

  112. what coolant flush method is best

  113. wood accents on Vanagon dash?
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