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VANAGON archives – August 2007, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. 1986 Westfalia FS in Ottawa, Canada

  2. 1991 vanagon 7 passenger on Green Bay Craigs list. $595

  3. 2.2 Subbie / Vanagon Conversion F/S;

  4. 84' GL for Sale

  5. =?utf-8?Q?Vanagons_with_names_=2d=2d=2d=2d__pictures?=

  6. A kinky Subi picture

  7. A successful tour in the 84/inline 4 (long)

  8. AC housing reconstruction...

  9. Acceptable Aircooled Oil Temps

  10. Another Burnt Westy

  11. Any advantage to swapping middle windows?

  12. Anyone have experience w/ caliper rebuild kits?

  13. Atwood Furnace - Anyone have one?

  14. Awning Size (sorry bout' last empty post)

  15. Awning size

  16. Boise parts store?

  17. Bolt Identity

  18. Brand New S&S Exhaust System For Sale.

  19. Brown and in town...another Westy emerges.

  20. Buses Of The Corn 2007 trip report

  21. Buses Of The Corn TRAFFIC ADVISORY

  22. CV Boots spun off again ?

  23. Call for articles!

  24. Can't seem to find...

  25. Canadian remains was Re: disaster

  26. Comments wanted on this portable fridge

  27. Control Arm Bushings (do I need to WELD?)

  28. Coolant hoses

  29. Costliest Brand To Repair?

  30. Dash removal site?

  31. Dash removal video - How to save streaming video

  32. Dash wiring help needed

  33. Deadbeat customers..(LVC)

  34. Disasster

  35. Disaster PT. 2

  36. Disaster strikes! Urgent Help Needed

  37. Dixie bus camp out and columbus ohio show!

  38. Does anyone want an OEM Stretcher for their van?

  39. Dometic in 100F ambient?

  40. Dometic woes

  41. Don't sell Fritz Miguel!

  42. Elemental Mods Report

  43. Engine in UT needs to go

  44. Engine installation book times

  45. Exhaust bolt snapped off...yikes!!

  46. FS 1982 ECU and Engine box wiring harness

  47. FS 3 person rear seat upholstery & 2 person middle seat in Halifax NS

  48. FW: Re: Seattle newspaper ad for Vanagon service

  49. FW: new look for Stebro muffler

  50. FW: new look for Stebro muffler ??Sounds file??

  51. Fake Gutters for Pop Top

  52. Fiberglass bumpers for sale

  53. Front wheel bearings

  54. Fuel Pump Death

  55. Fuel Tank Grommets/Plastic Pieces

  56. Fuel tank remove / replace

  57. Fwd: 1986 Westfalia FS in Ottawa, Canada

  58. Fwd: Message ("The distribution of your message dated Wed, 8 Aug...")

  59. Gasket set?

  60. HELP!!! Oil Pressure Buzzer On!!

  61. Hankook tire query...update

  62. Heater Fan blows Fuse

  63. Help needed fixing the tabs an instrument cluster

  64. Help! For anyone with Hankook tires on a Vanagon/Bubble Bus

  65. Hittin the road and tryin' out my home made awning!

  66. Honest mechanics, etc. NVC

  67. How big the water tank?

  68. How to fix? Is Vanagon list working??

  69. How to remove an Air-Cool engine.

  70. If Van Hankook , so can you!!!

  71. Ignition coil failure and ballast resistors

  72. Inside a GEX 2.0L engine, not pretty. LVC

  73. Inside a Subi last part.. clarification!

  74. Inside a Subi part 2

  75. Inside a Subi part 3

  76. Intake Manifold Gaskets

  77. Is Vanagon list working??

  78. Jim Arnott....Is List Down??

  79. LIST DOWN?

  80. LT 4x4 does 100% grade

  81. LVC: Learning Electricity & Testers

  82. Labor, 28 hours Now: VC joinup

  83. Labor, 28 hours, customer say, i have no money....

  84. Labor, 28 hours, customer say, i have no money.... ubiquity ... its everywhere ...

  85. Labor, 28 hours, the flip side

  86. Looking for 15" VW Bus Rims and tires

  87. Looking for a set of 15" factory rims for 66 VW Bus

  88. Looking for old Porsche rim in the Seattle area

  89. Magic Bus needs new transmission

  90. Mechanic needed in Lehighton, PA


  92. NVC: Burning Man,

  93. New Rule was Re: Propane Gauge?

  94. Nice Bay Sighting

  95. Nice looking syncro for sale

  96. No F#%*#@&ing Way...I won't be One of Those!!

  97. Oil Buzzer - Part II

  98. Oil Leak - by bell housing

  99. Opinion on paint?

  100. Phony wheels (or better known as hubcaps)

  101. Power mirror and lock maintenance?

  102. Propane Gauge for Westy - The Final Word? Probably not.

  103. Propane Gauge for Westy - The Final Word? Probably not. hehe.

  104. Propane Gauge?

  105. Propane Regulator

  106. Re rockin' new magnaflow - pn 12636

  107. Remove from list please

  108. Remove from list please NVC whatsoever

  109. Rent a Vanagon in Hawaii?

  110. Replace transaxle fluid or let it be-just add? 106,000 miles

  111. Replace transaxle fuild or let it be-just add? 106,000 miles

  112. Revell Vanagon model kits

  113. Riding with moon roof open

  114. SPAM

  115. SPAM?

  116. Search engine for my VanagonLinks GooglePages?

  117. Seattle newspaper ad for Vanagon service

  118. Shady Business was Honest Mechanics

  119. Sliding window refurbish

  120. Spam again

  121. Strange switch near sink

  122. Subject: Re: Control Arm Bushings (do I need to WELD?)

  123. Suggestions for "Jeep roads" on Hawaii & Kauai?

  124. T3 Westy's; batteries; how to have your cake and eat it

  125. Thanks for Hankook tire reviews...

  126. Thanks for the Responses was Hankook RA08 Tires

  127. Tires - oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  128. To compress or to remove wrist pin - A Poll

  129. Truckin' up to Buffalo, and not one single Van sighting

  130. Uneven tire wear

  131. Upcoming B.N.N.T.A. VW camping weekend...

  132. Update: Fwd: Re: Is Vanagon list working??

  133. Van Not Starting - 88 Automatic with New Starter and Alternator

  134. Van Not Starting - 88 Automatic with New Starter and Alternerator

  135. Vanagon Syndrome, et al

  136. Vanagon Westfalia on CNN

  137. Vanagon siting -- Seafair -- list member?

  138. Vanagon's by name...

  139. Virginia Beach - The ocean and Vanagons (was Re: Shady Business was Honest Mechanics )

  140. VolksFest - Embrun, ON

  141. Was: Re: Labor, 28 hours Now: VC joinup

  142. Water Pump Damage

  143. Water/Coolant Pipe Info

  144. Westy Parcel Tray

  145. Westy large battery capacity options

  146. Westy sighting at Fiddlefest Yesterday

  147. What a Saturday!! (kinda long)

  148. What plugs into exhaust manifold?

  149. What plugs into the exhaust..

  150. Why can't I name my Bus??

  151. Wind Noise - standard top vs Pop-top

  152. Window Crank loose and hanging?

  153. You Got To Read This One...

  154. You Got To Read This One...("spoof" CL vanagon ad)

  155. [NVC] Wave if you drive by!

  156. [Syncro] Any advantage to swapping middle windows?

  157. audi wheels - was tires...

  158. bike rack

  159. carat jump seat or westy swivel seat in a weekender

  160. circlip on lower ball-joint

  161. disaster

  162. disaster- now VWoC rebuilds

  163. front brake hints needed

  164. fuel tank replacement

  165. gas tank

  166. head gasket progress

  167. head resurfacing?

  168. heater fan blows fuse

  169. leaking front turn signal + wasps!

  170. missing emails

  171. new look for Stebro muffler

  172. other seats for a jump seat swivel base?

  173. perseids

  174. question about bad temp2 sensor

  175. remove from list

  176. rockin' new magnaflow - pn 12636

  177. shady Business was Honest Mechanics

  178. shrunken window seals

  179. stoked with new muffler

  180. vanagon Digest - 13 Aug 2007 to 14 Aug 2007 - Special issue (#2007-890)

  181. vanagon Digest - 7 Aug 2007 (#2007-860)

  182. weak jack point.

  183. wheels

  184. where does power to the fuel pump come from?

  185.       Re: Dometic woes
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