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VANAGON archives – November 2007, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. "Blue light" incidents..NVC..

  2. "Blue light" incidents..Vanagon content..

  3. '84 speedometer failure

  4. '85 Westy FS

  5. (Symptoms) No Start, Hesitate at Start

  6. 1.9L intermittent stalling at random

  7. 1.9L itermittent stalling at random

  8. 1.9L spark plug wires; Bosch/Beru content

  9. 12v relay help

  10. 15 degree engine? Why that?

  11. 15 degree swap..aha!

  12. 1985 Vanagon - batt./OXYS dash lights on?

  13. 3 really easy exhaust questions.

  14. 396,000 miles!!?? can anybody beat that?

  15. 85' parts van questions (yes one is about tires! --- ;^)

  16. 87 Wolfsburg GL For Sale here first

  17. 90 Westy F/S;

  18. A hot and cold marketplace

  19. ABA 2.0L 15 degrees

  20. AC fan vrs non AC fan

  21. ADMINISTRIVIA - Veterans' Day Posts

  22. AFM Characteristics

  23. Advisability of patching tire sidewall

  24. After market carp

  25. Alternative fuels may boost pollution: report

  26. Alternator Bracket

  27. Bus Depot KOLN Side Tents from BBTD

  28. Buy a condo get a "free" Syncro Vanagon! (phryday stuff)

  29. Canadian Block Heater, eh.

  30. Canadian block heater

  31. Charcoal canister/valve problems

  32. Charcoal cannister/valve problems

  33. Chrome Plating stuff...

  34. Clutch shutter, Now Rusty Vanagons

  35. Clutch shutter, vibation, shaking -

  36. Clutch shutter, vibation, shaking - why?

  37. Clutch shutter, vibration, shaking -

  38. Coolent light flash!

  39. Does anyone have experience with these specific points? Was Re: Vanagon vs Eurovan

  40. Electric Lock Disconnect?

  41. Electrical Glitch causiing a dead Aux battery...more..

  42. FS 1990 Camper in Slingerlands, NY USA - $2250

  43. FS 1990 Camper in Slingerlands,NY USA - $2250

  44. FS steering linkage boots for sale

  45. FS: 1984 VW Westphalia Camper in Rochester NY - $9000

  46. FS: 85 Vanagon in Oregon

  47. Free '77 Westy in SF? Better hurry!

  48. Fridge won't come out...

  49. Fuel pump relay cutout switch

  50. Fw: VW stories

  51. Girling vs ATE Calipers

  52. Golf turbo diesel flatbed truck

  53. Golf turbo diesel flatbed truck...variation

  54. Good Lube stuff.

  55. Hard start, rough idle, stalling - FIXED

  56. Headlight Question

  57. Hid AUX lamps GoWesty's headlight upgrade kit

  58. How expensive to fix these problems?

  59. Hydrogen power for your van?

  60. Idle Problem 1987 2.1 Van Automatic

  61. Is it too late for Friday SVC?

  62. Jump Seat Clearance

  63. LVC -- Free garage door and opener in Seattle

  64. LVC Any adhesive gurus out there?

  65. Last Westy Update, at least for now. SVC.

  66. Leak on driver's side of radiator?

  67. Leaky (dripping) fuel injector? (searched archives some...)

  68. Marine Corps Birthday today

  69. Mileage Survey Results

  70. Mileage survey closing

  71. Mileage survey results now online

  72. More on Westy Curtains...


  74. My Aux. batt. 'glitch' is fixed..

  75. My Aux. batt. 'glitch' is fixed/Sony stereo

  76. My Westy has a new friend! (The Conversion Adventure Begins!)

  77. Mystery part

  78. NVC thanking veterans... & Marine Corps Birthday today

  79. NVC: Anyone have CarFax?

  80. New Motor

  81. No mail question

  82. Not a VW Club Holiday party

  83. Now that the mileage survey is done . . .

  84. Now: Thanks! (+ Report. Long.) Was: Leaky ... fuel injector? (and fuel press. regulator)

  85. One more veterans day NVC

  86. Out of Office - My Wallace Alternative (NVC)

  87. Pics of my Frankenstein alternator bracket supports!

  88. Portland

  89. Punkin time

  90. Purchasing motor from US to Canada?

  91. R&R Clutch

  92. Red Hot Bus-trippin Music-Vid

  93. SOLVED: 2.1 1987 a/t Idle problem.

  94. SOS - leaking clutch components

  95. Seat from an '82

  96. Selling/parting out 83 air cooled 85 water cooled

  97. Sobe caps

  98. Starter question

  99. Stats

  100. Stats.

  101. Stubborn oxygen sensor

  102. Subaru Boxer TURBO Diesel

  103. Subaru Boxer TURBO Diesel NVC

  104. Success! (List subscription modification) Thanks all, I'll keep in touch...

  105. That recent post bashing on Yahoo subaru too.

  106. The flattery of flashing blue lights

  107. UPDATED 87 Wolfsburg GL For Sale here first

  108. Ultimate Tow Rig?

  109. Use air cooled Bosch reman. starter on 1.9 WBX? (searched archives)

  110. Vanagon NOT sighting

  111. Vanagon sightings

  112. Vanagon vs Eurovan

  113. WBX coolant line - heads up

  114. Was: Leaky ... fuel injector? Now: suck fuel/air through vaccum side of fuel regulator?

  115. Was: Leaky ... fuel injector? Now: suck fuel/air through vacuum side of fuel regulator?

  116. Water pump premature failure

  117. We've got room - one way...

  118. Westy curtains on the Vanagon wiki

  119. What ever happened to Westfalia?

  120. Whoa! Seattle Road Trip (LONG-ish)

  121. Will an early Subaru engine fit the Vanagon?

  122. Wire routing for PDL in rear hatch

  123. automatic KEP adaptor plate FS

  124. available: brand new replacement lights for Projekt Zwo fogs

  125. bosch/hella P/N for PZ fogs?

  126. c.v. joint removal Question

  127. coefire

  128. follow up on charcoal canister/vent valve issues (long-sorry)

  129. just got a V8 powered SA Vana

  130. lutch shutter, vibration, shaking -

  131. ok, what kinda trip miles are you all logging in your vans?

  132. question about painting the spare tire tray

  133. road trip

  134. towing a manny

  135. upholstering the rear bench seat, 89 Westy

  136. weekend project: flooring in the vanny
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