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VANAGON archives – June 2004, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. "Eazy Awning" from

  2. $20 Reciver hitch in Cornish, Me

  3. '86 2.1 Oil Pressure light coming on

  4. (LVC) BUG fuel pump location

  5. (Vanagon) Light show @......Fillmore West...

  6. 1.9 exhaust at number 1

  7. 1.9L vanagon engine needed

  8. 15

  9. 15" SA Rim Tire fit question

  10. 1970 Beetle taillight lenses REDUCED PRICE!

  11. 1982 air conditioning

  12. 84 Westy for sale - NYC area

  13. 85 DoKa for sale in NH

  14. 91 Vanagon will not start..? FIXED

  15. 91 Westy for sale

  16. A different Slow-poke vanagon warning sign

  17. A/C Compressor

  18. Addco sway bar installation -- thank you!

  19. Attention ALASKA Vanagon Owners

  20. Audi 5 cylinder

  21. Automatic vs. Standard (Manual)

  22. Aux Battery Wiring safe? - NEW TOPIC (I think)

  23. Awnings vs Tents

  24. Batteries in parallel

  25. Battery Leak

  26. Bench testing injectors

  27. Bentley Manual

  28. Best Mail Handling Practices (and Digest Mode)

  29. Bike rack - ball hitch mount recommendations.

  30. Blood on Seat

  31. Bob Stevens update

  32. Body panel assembly/Help

  33. Brent C -- What's yer email address?

  34. Burning a lot of oil

  35. Bus Depot discount code

  36. CO2 grams per mile 345.90 / NA

  37. Calling (actually emailing) Phoenix area Vanagoneers...

  38. Camper sliding windows, how to disassemble?

  39. Camshaft_crankshaft gear lash question..

  40. Castrol "High Mileage" motor oil

  41. Coolant - Have I screwd up my engine?

  42. Crankcase seals (Ehlring?)

  43. Current ETKA?

  44. Dead vanagon in the middle of the road... (kinda longish)

  45. Dipstick Tube

  46. Does anyone travel with a small cargo trailer?

  47. Door Placard - Vanagon Manuf Date???

  48. Dual-Battery Question

  49. Engine oil and Trans oil analysis can be done through AAA

  50. FS '91 Weekender in Palo Alto, CA -- not mine, but very very nice...

  51. FS 87 WLE $2500 near Biloxi, MS

  52. FS rear wiper unit

  53. FS: Vanagon Westy Tables and Arms

  54. FS: rare factory vanagon SUBWOOFER speaker system

  55. FW: Solar panel information

  56. Family Hauler

  57. For Sale 85 Transporter/Westfalia

  58. Fresh from a Westfalia campout

  59. Friday Auction: Mini-Munchkin Ice Cube Tray...

  60. Fw: Re: safe speeds, underpowered engines, Vanagon diesel mortality (LVC, some Friday content)

  61. Fw: Trip report--the big apple loved my big red van

  62. Fw: Which is better, synthetic oil or conventional oil? from the AAA website (proper link)

  63. Gas Cost - LVC

  64. Getting the Radio Reset ???

  65. Glass Only for Power Mirror

  66. Good used Heads for sale

  67. Great idea for lightweight engine hoist

  68. H&R springs

  69. HELP_ with stove dismantleing Please -info needed

  70. Head Gasket Sealing Options?

  71. How do you know if the front tranny mount needs replacing?

  72. How do you rebuild your AFM?

  73. I don't like this Re: SA grille for sale.bidding update

  74. I know about oil

  75. IWCCC Valcartier event

  76. Installing Ignition Switch - HELP!!!

  77. Installing Ignition Switch - HELP!!! (resolved)

  78. Installing Little Injector Hoses

  79. LVC shop heater

  80. LVC shop heater(NVC)

  81. Light grill is sold...............Jaime Gonzales is winner

  82. Light grill is sold......Jaime Gonzales is winner

  83. Looking for original Westfalia interior light.

  84. Luggage rack seal

  85. Mechanic recommendations: Flagstaff / Grand Canyon area

  86. Mobil 1 oil change interval

  87. Mt. Wrightson Panoramic Shot

  88. My mother Frances Keezer(NVC)

  89. My oil leak please help!

  90. My oil leak please help, thanks for the tip about using the dye

  91. Mystery oil leak on 2.1 please help with ideas


  93. Need torque converter

  94. New Tiico for my 84 Westy

  95. Newen

  96. Non-Family Hauler

  97. Non-Family Hauler (NVC)

  98. Non-Family Hauler -Car SEATS

  99. Odd sounds

  100. Oil Change: I know this sounds ridiculous...

  101. Oil Not Needed

  102. Oil change?

  103. Oil filters

  104. One Carfax please...

  105. Overheating problem

  106. Photo Tour of VW Auto Museum and Autostadt, Wolfsburg, Germany

  107. Pics of '90 syncro westie fs

  108. Pop-Top Not Closing all the way

  109. Poptop Seal adhesive

  110. Power Loss - fixed - thanks!

  111. Question 1 - Vanagon 86, 2.1

  112. Question 2 - Vanagon 86, 2.1

  113. Question 3 - Vanagon 86, 2.1

  114. Rear Heater Leak

  115. Replacement for S&S Muffler?

  116. Rescheduled VW Campout in Lanesboro, MN - June 18-20

  117. Rochester area listees

  118. SA grill kit for sale....Charleston, SC

  119. SA grille for sale.bidding update

  120. STOLEN Vanagon alert - Tacoma WA

  121. SV: Wrong brake fluid??????????

  122. Sacramento, CA repair shops

  123. Setting to DIGEST mode??

  124. Shipping van

  125. Silicon Chip Online - A Smart Mixture Display For Your Car

  126. Slow-poke vanagon warning sign

  127. Solar panel information

  128. Solar panel information, archive searching, links, etc.

  129. Sprinters on my trip

  130. Starter Interchange

  131. Starter or battery?

  132. Storing the Vanagon for two months

  133. Storing the vanagon for two months

  134. Switch circuit to Aux Battery ??

  135. Syncro 5 Speed "crunch"

  136. Syncro Camper In Alaska For Sale -- My Sister's

  137. Syncro vs Touareg test?

  138. Synthetic oils in the vanagon

  139. Temp2 sensor and mixture

  140. Thermostat on aircooled - how dos it work?

  141. This is not about tires!

  142. Tire Report: 14" Firestone Affinity LH30

  143. Tires

  144. Transaxle mount, possible source A1 chassis?

  145. Transmission

  146. Transporting an Engine for Carol: Drain OR ->Seattle

  147. Trip report--the big apple loved my big red van

  148. Turning into a CB coffee break

  149. Van won't idle with AC on

  150. Vanagon A/C and controls

  151. Vanagon Repair Shop

  152. Vanagon list is.....Which is better

  153. Vanagon option?

  154. Vibration at 70 won't go away?

  155. Vibration at 70, bent rim

  156. Viscosity degradation in oils

  157. Volkswagen part numbers

  158. WTB top shelf for refig door

  159. Wanted: Syncro camper body, no rust

  160. Water temp guage and sender question

  161. Way to much!

  162. Westy sightings

  163. What oil

  164. Where to buy Sure Power Battery isolator?

  165. Which is better, synthetic oil or conventional oil? from the AAA website

  166. Wrong brake fluid??????????

  167. Wtb westfalia portapotty

  168. [Fwd: Sender Connectors' Wires]

  169. [Syncro] WTB: One Carat Alloy!

  170. [spam score 3/10 -pobox] permanent fridge damage

  171. [] How-To's on pulling the fridge out

  172. accessory rack mounting

  173. acessory rack mounting

  174. auto trans comment needed

  175. autobahn society praises

  176. broken skylight lifter

  177. busdepot list code

  178. collapsable push rod tube source?

  179. dash covers

  180. dodge sprinter airstream westphalia

  181. does anyone reuse exhaust gasket

  182. eBay auction: 1982 diesel Westfalia camper

  183. follow-up: "Eazy Awning" from

  184. grey adj. armrests for their capt. chairs..anyone need any?

  185. grille for sale

  186. heater controls

  187. interesting page

  188. kings canyon camping and citric acid radiator flush

  189. looking for a source for metric hardware

  190. new 2.1L first emission report card

  191. new or used lifters?

  192. oil viscosity

  193. overheating or wacked out temp sensor?

  194. overland audi i5 conversion

  195. pair of Power Mirrors for sale..add to ANY vanagon..

  196. part number needed

  197. parts commonality - Fuel pump

  198. parts programs

  199. permanent fridge damage

  200. pics needed for help with westy wiring

  201. rasumfrasum Starter bolt!: case closed

  202. royally confused (westy wiring still)

  203. safe speeds, underpowered engines, Vanagon diesel mortality (LVC, some Friday content)

  204. semi-sorta-somewhat related to oil and viscosity and such ...

  205. skylight lifter fix(ed) alt. idea

  206. stereo install

  207. subaru conversion

  208. test

  209. tie rod removal

  210. tire plys question

  211. tire update

  212. transportationstation?

  213. ugh!! fridge still blowing out!!

  214. unsubscribe

  215. vanagon

  216. vanagon Burning a lot of oil

  217. vanagon NON locking gas cap FS.

  218. vanagon Odd sounds

  219. vanagon Oil Change: I know this sounds ridiculous...

  220. vanagon camper conversions

  221. vanagon conversions

  222. vanagon why not to reuse lifters

  223. westfalia labels

  224. you were looking for a V W air cooled message board?
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