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VANAGON archives – November 2001, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. (NVC) SF International Auto Show this week

  2. (No VC) '74 Super Beetle

  3. - forgive me -I just gotta see how many lines of code one line of HTML consumes

  4. 02 splice instructions from Bus Depot

  5. 1.9 to 2.1 engine swap Q's

  6. 12 electric blankets readily available at Wal-mart

  7. 1985 FAST idle

  8. 1986 Wasserboxer making Clack clack clack sound? AND power steering fluid

  9. 1987 Syncro For Sale

  10. 1987 Wolfsburg Vanagons Question

  11. 1989 Vanagon for sale in Vermont $500.00!!!!!

  12. 2.1 wbx no warm up on cold start

  13. 4-disc-brake

  14. 4-disc: One forgotten fact:

  15. 6 cylinder engine?

  16. 6 cylinder engine? (longish response)

  17. 62 bus question- NVC

  18. 81 Vanagon Interior Panels

  19. 81 Westy 2.0 Rebuild

  20. 89 GL Vanagon for sale in Seattle

  21. <No subject>

  22. A BIGGER Vanagon, sortof?

  23. A bodywork hammer and a littel patience

  24. A shameless Xmas plug from...



  27. AOL HTML

  28. Accura subject lines

  29. Accurate subject lines

  30. Accurate subject lines.

  31. Almost a Vanagon baby!!

  32. Another Electric Blanket Option .. although not cheap

  33. Anyone ever replace Vanagon antenna?

  34. Armrest installation technique

  35. Audi rims: The continuing saga

  36. Austin, TX Mechanic?

  37. Austin, Texas Tiico owners?

  38. Auto Electrician Wanted

  39. Auto Tranny Question

  40. Brake dilemna continnued.............

  41. Brake problem continued

  42. Brazilian Master Cylinder... Any Good?

  43. Broken fuel line!!!

  44. Buyer's diagnosis before you buy

  45. Buyer's diagnosis before you buy a one dollar Westy.


  47. Can you tell if its 4wd or 2wd from the vin only?

  48. Celebrity Listee Mick Kalber on TLC last night.

  49. Clean German mechanics

  50. Cleaning headlights

  51. Cleaning the tail light too.

  52. Close that fresh air vent and stay warmer.

  53. Clutch Slave Cylinder Bleed problem

  54. Clutch Slave Cylinder Bleed problem (How to replace your slave cylinder)

  55. Diesel ASI Camper for engine conversion

  56. Diesel Vacuum Leak?

  57. Diesel list

  58. Diesel: Sudden oil leak!

  59. Donder Becomes A Road Warrior And Other Blather

  60. ETKA

  61. Erratic Idle

  62. FREE: rear bench in SF

  63. FS 2000 Eurovan camper with VR6 engine, South Carolina, $28,000 OBO

  64. FS Blower Motor Pre-80

  65. FS: 86-91 p-side headlight (1) and high beam glass (2)

  66. FS: good looking 81 on eBay

  67. FW: Close that fresh air vent and stay warmer.

  68. FW: HTML Text

  69. FW: How do we Post without HTML!

  70. FW: Strange problem with '91 Carat

  71. FW: more on mime and html polution AOL 6.0

  72. FYI 1990 GL in GA for sale...........

  73. Fan switch...

  74. Faulty Switch or Relay?

  75. Floor mats-- saving money-- Lots!

  76. Forgot to replace flywheel-to-crank bolts

  77. Free Passenger side door step rubber

  78. Free Vanagon Parts in Austin TX

  79. Free parts to a good home.

  80. Friday Humour

  81. Front Black Metal Bumper .. Wanted

  82. Fw: 62 bus question- NVC My $.02

  83. Fw: Cool shit here ?!

  84. Fw: Motor homes, westies (testing)

  85. Gift certificates available

  86. Good Vanagon Mechanic near Pensacola,FL?

  87. HI

  88. HTML

  89. Happy Thanksgiving

  90. Happy Turkey Day. FYI 1989 Vanagon for sale in VT

  91. Has anyone added a rear swaybar to their westy?

  92. Has anyone added a rear swaybar to their westy? YES

  93. Hauling capacity of vanagons

  94. Have a Happy Thanksgiving

  95. Headlights

  96. Heated windshield washer

  97. Heater/vent control panel/cigarette lighter illuminating lights...

  98. Help with a trig function

  99. Help with a trig function or how to bleed engine cooling system

  100. Heresy (was: trig)

  101. How to check your California Vehicle's Smog Check History

  102. How to put front spoiler on non-spoiler van?

  103. I finally have some decent bus pictures on my website!

  104. I-4 in a 69?

  105. Importing new Vanagons from South Africa to US?

  106. Interesting Diesel Power Boost?

  107. Intro again

  108. Is the list up? 11/25/01 420pm PST

  109. Jetta Seat Belts and Jetta seats

  110. Junkyard Wars - No Vanagon content

  111. Keeper quotes

  112. Kudos to Les Schwab!!

  113. Lanolin type rust prevention product

  114. Lanolinl for rust proofing

  115. Last Call Ont.Vanagon 4sale/parts

  116. Libel Lawsuit over slanderous accusation on VW internet list (BBS)

  117. Linseed Oil for rust proofing

  118. List rules

  119. Looking for 1983 Owners Manual

  120. MIME/HTML


  122. Maco paint job explained...

  123. Make your subject line clear and descriptive

  124. Mexico to Halt Sales of VW Bus

  125. Milk, arm rests, quotes, generalizations., torque w(r)enches...

  126. Missing Exhaust bolts

  127. Motor homes, westies

  128. NEW- Genuine Bus Scissors Jack (and 85 cent hubcap puller)!


  130. Naval/navel jelly HxPOx

  131. Need clamp for combustion blower

  132. Need good mechanic in/near El Paso, Texas

  133. Need used power steering pump, cheap

  134. Negative noise

  135. Negative workshops

  136. Newbie >>>> Intro .. sorry ... LONG

  137. OK!! I got my wasserboxer complete.. distributor drive is okey dokey NOW I HAVE NO OIL PRESSURE AT IDLE!


  139. OXF light

  140. Odometer Fix

  141. Off-subject travelogue: Joshua Tree, San Diego, Ensenada

  142. Once more, sorry...

  143. Part Number

  144. Phone list part 2

  145. Phone list?

  146. Pictures from the Germany Trip online!

  147. Planning an I-4 Conversion - need parts ?

  148. Plat Cat 3P12 Mounting options

  149. Power cleaners

  150. Procrastinate tomorrow

  151. Propane tank color-- need to knw ASAP

  152. Pulling the Dash

  153. Pulling the Dash (fascia)

  154. Queer Diesel Glow Plug Behavior

  155. Raising VW with two jacks

  156. Raising Westy using double VW Jacks

  157. Removing arm rests for repair of arm rest posts and to install perfect fit seat covers

  158. Removing wiper blade aarm

  159. Removing wiper blade arm

  160. Replacement Prodcedure for Kitchen Light

  161. Rough idle, any tips?

  162. Rules and foul language

  163. Rust Proofing 81' Westy

  164. SA Metal bumpers, wasRe: Front Black Metal Bumper .. Wanted

  165. STEBRO/Vanagon SS Exhaust Christmas Sale

  166. Seat Modifications

  167. Seeking listmembers in the northwest USA

  168. Serious brake question

  169. Shape of the world - No Direct content to Listg Groups

  170. Shipping Heavy / Bulky Parts ... "Hand Off"

  171. Shoulder belts WAS: Accurate subject lines.

  172. Size of upper camber hex head bolt

  173. Sliding Door Step Rubber

  174. Snip your Replies, was Re: Shape of the world -

  175. Some interesting uses for VW engines...A new type of VW powered camper...

  176. Some interesting uses for VW engines...A new type of VW poweredcamper...

  177. South of the Border - Yes!

  178. Spiked water tank

  179. Starting Problem

  180. Steering wheel problems

  181. Strange problem with '91 Carat

  182. Strange rattle/squeek from engine during idle

  183. Strange rattle/squeek further diagnosis & solution???

  184. Subject lines

  185. Subject: Re: Shape of the world - No Direct content to Listg Groups

  186. Swivel seats with adjustable arm rests

  187. Syncro "replacement" drivesafts on Ebay

  188. Syncro drive shaft decouplers for sale

  189. Temp and Fuel Gauge Don't Work!!! [84 Westy 1.9L]

  190. The wonderful vanagon

  191. This list community and falling in love with a vanagon versus my Mercedes Benz

  192. Torque Wench

  193. Torque Wench - calibration?

  194. Totally frustrated seeking Optima battery bargain

  195. Towing

  196. Transaxle noise

  197. Transaxle noise (long)

  198. Two Jacks

  199. Two Jacks<F>

  200. Update from ex-member: Mike's '79 working out OK after all

  201. V-belt failure & engine health

  202. VW Shop Recommendations Sought CA-AZ

  203. VW logo center caps

  204. Vanagn Seats sold

  205. Vanagon upholstery cleaning-- estimate tehn triple it.

  206. Vanagon versus Lazy Daze motor home

  207. WCM Re: Sliding Door Step Rubber

  208. Was: MIME/HTML (cut-out profanities)

  209. Water cooled H fitting.

  210. Water cooled H fitting. and Intake rubber

  211. Wheels

  212. Why would rust proofing give me a tune up (improved starting and no

  213. Why would rust proofing give me a tune up (improved starting and no bucking)?

  214. Why you NEVER loan out your Vanagon!!

  215. Your horn problem and "The big long look"

  216. [Syncro] Phone list?

  217. [Syncro] Syncro "replacement" drivesafts on Ebay

  218. [T2] Power cleaners

  219. [WetWesties] [Fwd: FS - 1982 VW Vanagon - revised ad] (fwd)

  220. [vanagon] Re: TIICO vs. CA

  221. alternator help - PLEASE!

  222. another headlight question answered

  223. another headlight question answered - Canadian Tire

  224. battery charge problems

  225. beware: lister sending viruses

  226. cleaned headlights-- a HUGE difference

  227. clutch m/s removal

  228. clutch m/s removal..thanks!

  229. detaching power steering fluid lines

  230. ecu 025 906 022 d

  231. forward air rates

  232. forward air rates/cash

  233. front table

  234. gas to diesel trans options

  235. greasing CV joints

  236. greasing CV joints - Grease needle experience

  237. head gasket job question

  238. head gasket resealing progress

  239. headlights and plasma lights

  240. headlights and plasma lights[f]

  241. headlights- round or square

  242. headlights-on alarm always goes off

  243. hesitation

  244. html

  245. hydraulic problem

  246. inline 4 exhaust systems?

  247. interchangeable parts

  248. just wondering and testing?

  249. knocking sound in tranny

  250. more 1.9 to 2.1 Q's

  251. naval jelly

  252. need info on converting to Audi 4 wheel disc brakes

  253. oem alloys for sale in hawaii

  254. pet peeves regarding this list

  255. please send me

  256. please send me, baby, send me!

  257. power steering pump interchangability

  258. propane heater solutions?

  259. propane heaters anyone?

  260. proper oil level in 2wd trans

  261. rear coil springs question

  262. rear hatch

  263. recursion?

  264. regarding dave's pet peeves

  265. rust and the wonders of naval jelly & keeping a van rust free

  266. source for Optima battery

  267. square headlight grille for sale

  268. starter problems

  269. steering wheel/seats

  270. superbeetle

  271. survived power steering install

  272. tach!

  273. test

  274. test, please ignore

  275. testing again 3

  276. tow behind trailer with lockable storage and gas tank

  277. trans oil level

  278. unsubscribe

  279. vanagon " L "

  280. vanagon Digest - 24 Nov 2001 (#2001-1417)

  281. was Make your subject line clear and descriptive NOW it's ah, umm.

  282. windoze for people with cats
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