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VANAGON archives – April 2009, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. "Whump whump" noise from front RH side.

  2. 025 906 021 C 1.9 ECU question

  3. 1.9 loss of 1/3 power- Boggy Please HELP!!!

  4. 1.9 to 2.1 conversion question

  5. 1.9 to 2.1 conversion, swapping harness/ecu

  6. 1.9 vs 2.1 identification

  7. 1984 vanagon bumpers

  8. 84 vs 85 Digijet

  9. Adventures in Rear Brake Flex Hose Replacement

  10. Another DIfferent Rear Brake Question: Kink in centerbore of drum

  11. Another Different Rear Brake Question: Kink in centerbore of drum

  12. Barret Jackson NVC

  13. Bishop, Ca. Van mechanic?

  14. Body Paint materials

  15. Brake Expert Questions/PICS/Rant

  16. Brake Proportioning Valve "Alternative"? (early Vanagons)

  17. Brake line Flare Nut Threads + Antiseize Ok?

  18. Breaking up is hard to do

  19. Buses in Bacalar update

  20. Buying new Disc brale pads.

  21. CV boot or axle?

  22. Can Anyone Please Run a Carfax Report for Me?

  23. Catalytics

  24. Cofab Pistons Any Good?

  25. Cross Country Travel Tips Wanted

  26. Differences between 82 and 83 turn signals?

  27. Difficulty w/ 4th gear

  28. Disc Brake Setup Photos

  29. Disc brake setup, info finally!

  30. Disc brake setup, only 1986+

  31. Educate Me Please - Vanagon Shifter Operation

  32. Electrical setup: Photos and details

  33. Engine Rebuild Questions

  34. Engine alternative (inline four) a bit long

  35. FI harness help needed

  36. FS: programmable intermittant wiper relays..allows you to custom set your sweeps

  37. FW: subject Disc brake setup, info finally!

  38. Faint sputter/stutter at 70mph

  39. Fantastic battery-costing resource

  40. For Sale -- Magnetic Window Screens

  41. Front Brake Hose Clearance Requirements

  42. Has anyone here bought anything from Jim Norris (aka 1342rw) on Ebay?

  43. I fix the Speedometer, Seattle area

  44. Intermittent wiper relay

  45. Late lower control arms

  46. List subscription help?

  47. Looking for a good used Powersteering Pump for my 88 Wolfsburg

  48. Loss of Power after carwash

  49. Moderator Comment Re: Disc Brake Setup Photos

  50. Moderator Re: Disc Brake Setup Photos

  51. Moderator Re: List subscription help?

  52. Mr. Coffee;

  53. My van was aligned ...

  54. Mystery Part. What is this?

  55. Need engine courier

  56. OEM Mercedes 16X8J 5 spoke alloy rims

  57. Only ONE drive wheel?

  58. Ping BJ Feddish

  59. Proper torque of lug nuts

  60. Rear Brake Question: uneven wear on new shoes or just bedding down?

  61. Rearview mirror replacement

  62. Road trip?- was Mystery Part. What is this?

  63. Roller Guide bearing replacement alternative

  64. Rust Prevention Service -

  65. Rust Protection - What About the Use A Herculiner/Rhino Liner Type Product for the frame?

  66. Scratched Paint Repair

  67. Shifter Adjustment Tips and Tricks requested

  68. Solar Panel Fitment

  69. Speedometer Source

  70. Storage box ideas for under rocker panel area needed

  71. Syncro Westy for sale

  72. Syncro de Mayo Registration Update 70+ Vans

  73. Test.

  74. Tires - Comprehensive Reviews for Vanagons

  75. Trailer Harness Wiring

  76. Trip Photos (Was: Re: Xross country 10,000 miles travel)

  77. Trying To Understand Tie rod Adjustments

  78. Trying To Understand Tie rod Adjustments (long boring reply)

  79. Vanagon in my phone bill

  80. Vanagon sighting Cactus convention Tucson

  81. Vanagon wheel alignment

  82. WARNING!!! Re: gfci outlet buzzes with inverter

  83. Warning confirmed Re: gfci outlet buzzes with inverter

  84. Water leak on the passenger side creating a pool of water in footwell

  85. Westy cabinet contact paper

  86. Wheel /Rims for heavy Westy

  87. Xross country 10,000 miles travel

  88. bellhousing bolt pattern for 3.0l TDI

  89. expensive-sounding clacking noise, happy birthday to me

  90. gfci outlet buzzes with inverter

  91. group 48 vs. group 41 battery

  92. last of friday fun .. planning retirement ?

  93. low power when warm

  94. part numbers, was Radiators

  95. radiators

  96. rear hatch lock extension

  97. rear hatch struts

  98. seal at lower t-stat housing to cyl head

  99. seam rust under dash and near antenna

  100. sliding door handle grommet needed

  101. solar panels

  102. solar panels (and camper noise)

  103. spark plugs

  104. subject Disc brake setup, info finally!

  105. used Vanagon engine

  106. used propane tank for sale

  107. valve spring compressor tool advice?

  108. was solar panels, now gen. noise

  109. where to buy factory paint
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