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VANAGON archives – March 2004, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. " you fixed it with what?!"

  2. # AFM problem analysis...

  3. # Vanagon motor overheating alert device (was: Coolant hoses - replace them! )

  4. '89 vanagon Carat for sale.... Re: WTB: Late Model Weekender

  5. (And I Thought It Was). . . a never ending story

  6. 1.9 parts for sale

  7. 1.9L engine parts

  8. 12v plug repair question

  9. 1982 Diesel Vanagon engine parts 4 sale

  10. 1990 TD gear shifter problems

  11. 1st Gear

  12. 2.1L idle control unit FS.. Re: Billy's in the hospital

  13. 215/70 R14: Cold Tire pressure?

  14. 215/70: Cold Tire pressure

  15. 251941531M Light Switch

  16. 3-Window Canvas

  17. 74 VW Bus for free! (forward to Type 2 list please)

  18. 82 I4 rough idle

  19. 87 Syncro Van $2000 (needs engine) in NJ

  20. A/C tune-up time

  21. AAA+ (was RE: coolant hoses

  22. AFM - Open. Now what?

  23. AFM purchase

  24. Alaska (was RE: Vendors Come Through(DVW & Bus Depot)(no serious VC))

  25. Alternator "charge" wire voltage?

  26. Anybody up for the UK quick shift kit at about $55 plus shippin

  27. Anybody up for the UK quick shift kit at about $55 plus shipping?

  28. Berg Shift Kit Group Buy [OFFICIAL UPDATE -Denied!]

  29. Berg Shifter TOP

  30. Billy Bones' never ending story

  31. Billy bones

  32. Billy won't run

  33. Billy's in the hospital

  34. Billy's out of ICU

  35. Birthday wishes (was: RE: Vendors Come Through(DVW & Bus Depot)(no serious VC)

  36. Blown AC Hose, wild results

  37. Bosch blue coil

  38. Bus westy In Sacramento for sale

  39. BusFusion info missing from The Transporter

  40. Buzzing Fuel Pump After Fuel Filter Change

  41. CANVAS

  42. Call for Mexico Repair Shop info

  43. Camping dog

  44. Carfax anyone?

  45. Cheech and Chong WAS: Re: Pimp my Westy

  46. Choice of Plug wires

  47. Coil-Sert Thread Repair Kit for drain plug FOR SALE

  48. Converting EFI to Carberator

  49. Coolant Hose

  50. Coolant Pipe Fiberglass Repair from West Marine

  51. Coolant hoses - replace them!

  52. Correction: Buzzing Fuel Pump After Fuel Filter Change

  53. Drive Flange Seals - Repair

  54. E-bay helps to restore vans!!!

  55. E-bay protest (Do not buy from vanagon killers)

  56. E-bay protest (Do not buy from vanagon killers) aka you snooze, you loose

  57. E-bay protest... hey it's a market

  58. EGR valve in 1981 effects cylinder head temps

  59. Electrical gremlins

  60. Eugene TIICO help

  61. EveryBus 04 updates

  62. FS 2.1L AFM .....BILLY BONEZ Re: AFM purchase

  63. FS, gasket kit for air-cooled vanagon, two-person slide-out middle seat

  64. FS: '85 Silver Sunroof Vanagon

  65. FS: '88 Westy $3000

  66. FS: Blaupunkt MDP01

  67. FS: Sweet '89 vanagon carat on Vortex - $1900!!!!!!!!!!

  68. FS: fiberglass bodykit/ground effects/bumpers etc. for Vanagons

  69. FS; Awning Side(s)

  70. Finished westy conversion

  71. Fixed What w/What?

  72. Friday (Diesel comment), NVC

  73. Friday Frozen bolts? Anyone tried this? L or N VC

  74. Front Bucket Mods

  75. Front Heater Box Overhaul

  76. Front Heater Box Overhaul / Damper Gasketing

  77. Front Turn Signal Bulb Holder

  78. Front Wheel Bearing Problems

  79. Fuel Pressure Gauge...any with electronic senders???

  80. Fuel Pressure Guage Pics

  81. Fuel pressure tester

  82. Funny email address...

  83. Fw: NVC: whos a ham

  84. Fw: [T2] TSHIRTS - EveryBus, Westfalia, LAST CALL]

  85. Fwd: My list of the worst-ever car names (for cars sold in the U.S.):

  86. Gasoline War ! !

  87. Gasoline War ! ! Take this discussion elsewhere.

  88. Gasoline War ! ! refineries / different gases / Vanagons & gas

  89. Green digital clock (from Mars)

  90. Hall sender

  91. Happy TIICO?

  92. Head ON ... bad names

  93. Head ON Touareg/Cayenne handling

  94. Head ON Vanagon COLLISION pics

  95. Head ON Vanagon COLLISION pics - Vehicle Names

  96. Heater core baffle, remove or not?

  97. How loud is your fuel pump?

  98. How to read ETKA dates, chassis numbers?

  99. I know may be a repost sorry but regarding refinishing the pop top fiberglass

  100. Idleing low when cold

  101. Installing 2nd battery - fitting and driver's seat removal

  102. Interior light and rear sliding door.

  103. Intermittent Electric Fault

  104. Junkyards are to blame

  105. Laugh now, ye lubberly swab!

  106. Mail Dump

  107. Mail Dump (no VW content)

  108. My list of the worst ever car names

  109. My list of the worst-ever car names (for cars sold in the U.S.):

  110. My list of the worst-ever car names (for cars sold in theU.S.):

  111. NEW Fiberglass bumpers and side moulding prices ..from the VW dealer

  112. NVC: whos a ham

  113. Need grey front carpet and padding for '91 Syncro Westy.

  114. Need grey front carpet and padding for '91 Syncro Westy.(f)

  115. Need some fiberglass pieces

  116. New pop top canvas

  117. Noise from the back of the Van

  118. One more email arrived...

  119. Optima's and Fridge

  120. Overheating

  121. Parts needed

  122. Phoenix Web Site Sought

  123. Pimp my Westy

  124. Pop top seals - Advice needed

  125. Pre-smog and smog

  126. Printing from ETKA

  127. Radio Amateur VanaHams

  128. Recommended 'kids stuff' in Germany?

  129. Redline for automatics

  130. Rocky Mountain MotorWorks part numbers/phone numbers still valid

  131. Roster: Vanagon Amateur Radio Operators

  132. Rusting Transmission Housing

  133. SAVE MONEY ON GAS!!!!!!

  134. Shameless Plug - Vanagon Jail Bars For Sale

  135. Shameless Plug for my Business. NVC

  136. Signs That Old Age Might Be Creeping Up On You ...

  137. SoCal Scooter/VW Meetup

  138. Solid lifter conversion

  139. Some hoses are more difficult to find substitutes for

  140. Spare Parts you MUST carry!

  141. Spare Parts you MUST carry! nVc!

  142. Starter woes

  143. Stuck with Larry chase in FL... PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!

  144. Success with 134A

  145. Sweet '89 vanagon carat on Vortex - $1900!!!!!!!!!!

  146. Syncro question: how frequent was weekender option installed ?

  147. Taking dog first time camping.

  148. Taking dog first time camping...

  149. Temp II Sensor

  150. Tip for anyone installing 30mm oil pump on vanagon air cooled engine.

  151. To All Alaska Travelers

  152. Trip report Moab/Canyonland/Monument Valley short

  153. Undercoating!!!

  154. VENT

  155. VW Mechanic Experience Report

  156. VW business losses

  157. Vanagon 2WD fuel tank R & R

  158. Vanagon Jail Bars - Shameless Plug

  159. Vanagon Jail Bars - Shameless Plug(NVC)

  160. Vanagon Photos/Name

  161. Vanagon Westy Wiring continued

  162. Vanagon's ability to handle steep grades? (trip to NC)

  163. Vendors Come Through

  164. Vendors Come Through (Steve's Lock Shoppe)

  165. Vendors Come Through(DVW & Bus Depot)

  166. Vendors Come Through(DVW & Bus Depot)(no serious VC)

  167. WI - Service Inquiry??

  168. WRX In A Vanagon

  169. WTB brown westy front table and leg

  170. WTB: Late Model Weekender

  171. WTB: Propane Filler Assembly (This ever happen to you?)

  172. Was: coolant hoses Now: Mechanic search

  173. Water Pump Weep Hole advice needed

  174. Water tank drain cap...

  175. Westfalia wiring

  176. Westy's are dry clean only

  177. What a day...Billy kicked my as_

  178. What is this fuel hose?

  179. What size hex. key

  180. What's on YOUR checklist?

  181. Why has my 87 Westy quit stalling?

  182. Winshield Seal

  183. Wolfsburg VW Museum time schedule?

  184. [T2] Tip for anyone installing 30mm oil pump on vanagon air cooled engine.

  185. [vanagon] Freon

  186. adjustment specs for headlights?

  187. aircooled thermostat

  188. anyone near New Castle Delaware?

  189. converted vanagon diesel

  190. coolant hoses

  191. coolant hoses & sorry

  192. coolant hoses (Cost, is the only issue)

  193. coolant hoses (Cost, it the only issue)

  194. coolant hoses Now: Mechanic search

  195. cooling system design

  196. cooling system design / Reinvention of the Wheel Banished!

  197. dark and stormy night( light switch fried)

  198. dash wiring

  199. dash/stereo

  200. diesel altitude compensation

  201. diesel vs gas vanagons

  202. discontinued cooling hoses

  203. emegency hose tape

  204. fixed what with what?

  205. friday time

  206. fs headlight switch $7 plus ship

  207. fuel filter: before, after, indifferent?

  208. instrument lighting

  209. junkyards

  210. music fest and EveryBus

  211. my 83.5 Vanagon gets no power

  212. new van, where I am

  213. no more, ya hear!

  214. no more, ya hear! (f)

  215. o/t moving trucks

  216. odd car names...(f)

  217. oil pressure light not working

  218. optima batteries

  219. optima batteries - what about Ni-cads

  220. p/s power mirror not working

  221. pop top for sunroof van-- new supplier or junkyard

  222. pop top painting

  223. pop top skylight / How are you going to call The Skylight Guy

  224. pop top skylight and seal

  225. pop top skylight needed anybody have an extra

  226. pop-top canvas

  227. problems installing second battery

  228. re- what sapares to carry

  229. rear axle nut size?

  230. refinishing fiberglass

  231. running wasserboxer motor in Seattle

  232. searching for a new van

  233. starter bushing question

  234. starter relay

  235. sticky window latches

  236. tie rod end removal Q

  237. tire rims

  238. unclas RE: [VANAGON] shipping costs?

  239. vanagon Digest - 10 Mar 2004 to 11 Mar 2004 - Special issue (#2004-209)

  240. vanagon Digest - 8 Mar 2004 (#2004-199)

  241. vanagon headlight switches for sale..carry a spare so u wont be left in the dark

  242. vanagon repair manuals on CD--any good?

  243. vanagon sunshield

  244. wanted: good running 2.1L wbx engine, also carat/wolfsburg capt chair seatbottom

  245. was: head-on/ Vehicle Names

  246. waterbox 2.1 for sale in WA

  247. whats the lowest profile tire youve run on 15" rims on the vanagon?

  248. wheel bearing for an 84

  249. which ignition coil?

  250. who's a ham

  251. whos a ham
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