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VANAGON archives – August 2002, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. ""I need help guys!!!"" (Ben)

  2. # Importance of pressure and temp monitoring (long)

  3. ## changing 1990 2.1L waterleaker oil cooler hoses in situ

  4. $12,000 VW purchased for $14.00! <truth- URL)

  5. '82 Jetta conversion exhaust

  6. '82 jetta conversion exhaust

  7. 10 MPG ???????????????

  8. 15 inch wheels and radios

  9. 2.1 WBX eating coolant.

  10. 3 blocks w. no oil in the van

  11. 6 1/2" speakers in the rear of a Westy - any suggestions?

  12. 80 degree fan switch

  13. 82 Vanagon Diesel manual, warranty book, invoice

  14. 83 Vanagon w/Sunroof - Question about Sunroofs

  15. 84 Windshield

  16. 84 parting

  17. 85 blinking temp light, but not overheating

  18. 86 Vanagon for sale in Florida

  19. 88 Temp Warning Light

  20. <No subject>

  21. A tale from the underworld

  22. A/C Performance in '91 GL

  23. A/C Rebuild or Replace question

  24. A/C fan problems

  25. A/C for 81 Westy?

  26. A/C removal

  27. AC for Van

  28. AW: '82 Jetta conversion exhaust

  29. AW: 3 blocks w. no oil in the van

  30. AW: Camping in Maine..and RE:Trip Report

  31. AW: Espar Gas Heaters, how many BTU's is enough? Group purchase?

  32. AW: Optima Battery Question (cutting terminal posts?)

  33. AW: Syntheic Oil

  34. Anybody Bought The New Boge Performance Springs?

  35. Anybody installed a VDO water temp gauge in a 2.1L? Dual sender available?

  36. Anyone done a diesel-> i4 swap or have diesel parts and want to t rade/sell a part?

  37. As non-mechanic, am I crazy to pull my own Fridge?

  38. Automatic trans conversion FS

  39. Aux Battery Confirmation...

  40. Battery Location

  41. Black

  42. Black Interior PICTURES

  43. Black ash tray

  44. Black, are black interiors common

  45. Boge Performance Springs too small in the rear?

  46. Braided Flexible Tiico Exhaust Connection

  47. Braided Steel Flexible Brakelines

  48. Braided Steel Flexible Brakelines Supplier

  49. Burning Man Festival - VW Bus Camp

  50. Buses On the River .! FINAL INFO !.

  51. Buses by the Buoy 2002

  52. Buses of the Corn

  53. CHEAP 1.9 engine needs home

  54. CV or Transmission shot???...Input needed?

  55. California Smog Law Question

  56. Camping along I-5

  57. Camping in Maine..and RE:Trip Report

  58. Camping in Westy - where?

  59. Canadian Trip Report - Long

  60. Cataract surgery on my bus?

  61. Continued Coolant Grief

  62. Coolant Change

  63. Cooling Fan -AC Condenser Effieciency

  64. DIY Vanagon Trip Computer Update

  65. Delayed starter action

  66. Digest version?

  67. Divorce sale- 82 Westy Diesel / not running $1500.

  68. Do other carīs air flow meters fit 89 van?

  69. Dometic fridge problem


  71. Elec Window Switch Hanging 90 Carat

  72. Engine start-up trouble

  73. Engine start-up trouble - Idle Stabilizer Valve

  74. Espar Gas Heaters, how many BTU's is enough? Group purchase?

  75. EuroCampers Vaction Schedule - Germany Trip

  76. Exausted

  77. Exhaust Success!-except the Strap!!

  78. Exhaust install question -- sealant?

  79. FISH D***it! Re: Seals for Westy Pop Top - Where can I get these for cheap??

  80. FRIDAY FUN!!!

  81. FS 80-83 Aior Cooled Heater Flapper Valves

  82. FS 86 vanagon body (no motor) near St. Paul, MN $500

  83. FS Heat Exchangers Frederal and CAL Exhaust Systems.

  84. FS RARE 86 SUNROOF vanagon $500

  85. FS: 83.5 Westy: Norfolk, Va

  86. FS: 83.5 Westy: Norfolk, Va $1000

  87. FS: 83.5 Westy: Norfolk, Va.

  88. FS: Dometic Fridge, Stove, Sink, Water tank and related cabinetry in SF

  89. FS: fiberglass front bumper $45

  90. FS: vanagon hubcaps/wheelcovers

  91. FS: vanagon screened side windows, louvered or sliding

  92. FW: jalousie window conversion

  93. Faintly Van related/TDI

  94. Fan Helps A/C work Better was:( in lieu of A/C (or in partnership with))

  95. Feedback Requested (maybe a bit off topic)

  96. First car, 85 weekender - problems w/1st gear

  97. For Sale: Eurovan MV interior- grey w/ jumpseats/sofabed/table/capt chairs

  98. For Sale: rubber front Floormats that say VANAGON

  99. Found: Saddle bag gas tank...

  100. Free Eberspacher parts

  101. Free seats

  102. Friday Topic: Where is the weirdest place you have slept in your vanagon?

  103. Fw: Need Bus Depot Phone Number

  104. Fw: Synthetic motor oil

  105. Gah. Inspections

  106. Good Things are Happening at Van-Again!

  107. Good Vendor Report

  108. Good things are happening at Van-Again!

  109. Gromet

  110. HOW do you remove the coolant distributor?

  111. Have relays, will be brighter lights (experience and helpful tip)

  112. Headlight rewiring - BOSCH Connector P/N

  113. Headlights

  114. Hella H4s and relays

  115. Help

  116. Help please

  117. Help!! Ignition problem!

  118. Horn upgrade: Can you make it LOUDER but still sound like a veedub?

  119. Horn upgrade: Can you make it LOUDER but still sound like aveedub?

  120. I broke a coupling

  121. Ideas for Photovoltaic mount?

  122. Insurance company bullshit

  123. Interest in Group Purchase of Projektzwo Fog Light kits?

  124. Intermittant starting problem with 1986 Vanagon GL

  125. Is a black interior common??

  126. Is a black interior common?? THANKS ALL

  127. It's Alive!!!

  128. Klankenstinkenwagen

  129. L-shaped circuit board behind speedo...

  130. LED indicator

  131. Leak at oil pressure relief valve and pushrods

  132. Life With A Camper Van

  133. Looking for an oil pan

  134. Mechanic recommendation needed White Rock, BC

  135. Metal Coolant Pipes

  136. Middle Seats

  137. My balls are knocking!!

  138. My positive experience with 14" Dunlop tires

  139. My positive experience with 14" Vredestein tires

  140. Mystery Electrical Trouble Solved!!!


  142. NEED INFO on rear passenger side "nerf bar" step

  143. NVC - Vancouver hot spots

  144. Need Bus Depot Phone Number

  145. Need help to determine type of Hall control unit

  146. Need owner's manual for '82 Vanagon Diesel

  147. Need short article from Feb '02 European Car magazine

  148. Need the driver's side wing glass

  149. Need to buy an expansion tank

  150. New tires on my '81... whoopee!

  151. New to list - need info on camber and toe, water outlet cover

  152. New to list - need info on camber and toe, water outlet cover/now tiico

  153. Newfoundland Trip

  154. No Vanagon Content, yes it is, no it ain't, tis so.

  155. OT Monaro/GTO

  156. OT: Will Americans buy an Australian "Pontiac GTO"??

  157. Oil cooler, Fan

  158. On van w\100,000 miles was: Re: Syntheic Oil

  159. One more cooling thing

  160. Optima Battery Question (cutting terminal posts?)

  161. Overheating Problem FIXED! Thanks all...

  162. Parking Brake Slipping

  163. Parts needed for inline four swap?

  164. Passing this along: FS 82 Westy

  165. Pressure bleeding brakes?

  166. Pulling a diesel pump

  167. Q: re. SA big brake install in my 87 GL


  169. REMINDER - Drive-in night next weekend

  170. RV recall on fuel injectors on Vanagon 1990 Multivan Westie

  171. Raised engine cover panel FS, great for Fast Fwd conversions

  172. Real world practical life of the Vanagon

  173. Replacing shoft lever bushing/seal with transmission installed?

  174. Roof Rack Installed!

  175. Rubber Floor Mats

  176. Rubber door mats

  177. Running rich floods

  178. SET NO MAIL

  179. SURVEY - How much would you pay for a rear spare tire carrier?

  180. Seals for Westy Pop Top - Where can I get these for cheap??

  181. Seals for Westy Pop Top - Where can I get these for cheap?? FISH

  182. Self adjusting rear brakes

  183. Side step

  184. Still having starting problems.

  185. Stock muffler system for 81 vanagon????

  186. Successful trip report-->heater fan question

  187. Supplying power to the stock radio...

  188. Syncro newbie knock knock

  189. Syntheic Oil

  190. Synthetic motor oil.

  191. Thanks All (odometer)

  192. Those darn hose clamps

  193. TiiCo Tuneup time

  194. Tire pressure

  195. Tires

  196. Trans-Awn 2000 Installation

  197. Transmission cooler

  198. Traveling hwy 1 in CA, where to camp? caravan?

  199. Trip Report (longish)

  200. Trip got interesting

  201. Turn lights weirdness

  202. Ultimate Oil Cooler

  203. Update on Vanagon Fog Light Group Purchase

  204. Used automatic trany and parts for sale

  205. VW Camp suggestions in WA, OR, NW, etc

  206. Vanagon Bra question...

  207. Vehicle Trip Expense sofware?

  208. Vendor Kudos- Bus Boys

  209. Volks Cafe Big Bumpers

  210. W8 4MOTION

  211. WBX crankcase

  212. WTB Left headlight assembly 86

  213. WTB Webasto heater (or parts)

  214. WTB: 2WD Vanagon MPH speedometer

  215. WTB: 5 headrests to retrofit into my 85

  216. WTB: AC Blower Motor for 84 Wolfsburg Westy

  217. WTB: Black ash tray

  218. WTB: Black interior parts (Re: Is a black interior common??)

  219. WTB: Owners manual for 85 GL Weekender

  220. WTB: front passenger side turn signal

  221. Wanted: (Brown) Rear View Mirror & Auto Tranny Mount

  222. Wanted: Front turn signal lamp sockets

  223. Was --- My balls are knocking!!

  224. Westy interior paint

  225. Westy shower

  226. Westy wheel alignment

  227. Why this type IV engine caught fire, spun the mains and ruined everything.

  228. Windows 2K: ETKA Printing?

  229. XM Radio Install and Fan?

  230. [Audi-VW-Diesels] Klankenstinkenwagen

  231. [FIX] Fixing the Westy sink drain strainer assembly

  232. [Syncro] 6 1/2" speakers in the rear of a Westy - any suggestions?

  233. [T2] Espar Gas Heaters, how many BTU's is enough? Group purchase?

  234. [vanagon] It's Alive!!!

  235. anyone need a '83 or '84 vanagon owners manual??

  236. anyone need a space ECU for a VANAGON 2.1

  237. auto maintenance/triplog softwre

  238. auto tranny slipping

  239. black ashtry at ebay

  240. brake knocking noise question

  241. bus wheels

  242. captains chairs w/ armrests for sale - TAN OR BLUE

  243. cheap westie seen in Seattle

  244. clocks with foil

  245. diesel vacuum pumps (little VC)

  246. engine cooling fans

  247. ethical treatment - was: Re: WTB: front passenger side turn signal

  248. first trip in van

  249. fixing your shrunken westy cabinet moulding

  250. for sale: Eberspacher BA-6 gas heaters for vanagon

  251. for sale: rare vanagon "jailbars" accessory hatch window trim like the old bus

  252. for sale: rare vanagon 2 person bench front seat

  253. for sale: tan or blue 2 person westy middle seats w/ floor rails

  254. for sale: vanagon weekender interiors

  255. free - back seat (bench) vanagon '84

  256. fridge not very cold.

  257. help!! vanagon cruise control question!!!

  258. hesitation/power loss and smoke on 86 westy

  259. honing lubricant

  260. how long have your heads lasted?

  261. in lieu of A/C (or in partnership with)

  262. inexpensive '91 van for sale

  263. instrument cluster or connection?

  264. jalousie window conversion

  265. linkage conquered, sort of

  266. mechanic needed in Pensacola/Ft. Walton FL. area...

  267. mice and chewed wiring?

  268. middle seats, how heavy

  269. need an engine wiring harness? i have one cheap

  270. new ignition install but still no spark.

  271. new postal rate hikes - increased shipping expenses

  272. no gas pedal response, bogged down?

  273. oil pressure relief valve spec

  274. packing list for VW

  275. propane filling problem

  276. psig?

  277. re. Nafta shafta

  278. replacing old cabinet tee-molding ???

  279. spark plugs, etc

  280. starter probalem

  281. stuff for sale cheap

  282. synthetic oil

  283. tires

  284. trouble with sliding door latch

  285. two stage Lp regulator , part 253 070 604

  286. vanagon ASI camper conversions....Re: Is a black interior common?? THANKS ALL

  287. vanagon Digest - 12 Aug 2002 (#2002-963)

  288. vanagon Digest - 13 Aug 2002 (#2002-970)

  289. vanagon Digest - 7 Aug 2002 - Special issue (#2002-943)

  290. vanagon head life

  291. vw trends collection

  292. wanted: right tan armrest
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