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VANAGON archives – September 2003, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. "0 to 55 in 11 minutes"

  2. '83 watercooled, failed SMOG, pulsing exhaust

  3. '87 Front Disk Brakes-

  4. '89 Vanagon GL Diagnostic Challenge

  5. (Part) of brake line needed- 87

  6. * SW Penna.* Interiors and Other Stuff For Sale

  7. 1986 Vanagon Camper for sale - Montreal, Quebec (LAST CHANCE!)

  8. 2 Westy questions

  9. 2 questions

  10. 2.1 performace chip on Ebay

  11. 2.1L idles too high - I think I need a new throttle valve.

  12. 2003 Bug-In pictures posted

  13. 84 Westy Hot Start problem

  14. 85 Sliding Door worn - Parts?

  15. 87 AFM Cold weather problem

  16. 87 AFM Cold weather problem, capacitor fix, etc.

  17. <No subject>

  18. A "Tie-Rod Bellows" question

  19. AFM $$$?

  20. ATF Capacity in replaced trans (90 GL automatic)?


  22. Adjusting Valves

  23. Advice please

  24. Aircooled engine in Watercooled vanagon

  25. All of PA must get emissions inspection .. CA info, too

  26. All of PA must get emissions inspection!!!

  27. Alternative to the high price of R-12

  28. Alternator

  29. Another Shameless plug for Westies at Watkins 2003

  30. Any kind list members in the greater Vancouver, BC area?

  31. Any tricks to removing sliding door rail cover?

  32. Anyone have MSN?

  33. Anyone know of a good cooler for a Vanagon...

  34. Anyone widened a VW van?

  35. Anyone widened a VW van? Yes, they did...

  36. Audi 80 auto trans similar to Vanagon?

  37. Aux. Heater Problems

  38. Auxiliary Battery Issue

  39. Brake Question (NVC-New Beetle)

  40. Buses Next To The Rainbow

  41. Busses By The Buoy, This weekend Old Orchard Beach, Maine

  42. Busses By The Buoy, This weekend Old Orchard Beach, Maine - any cyclists?




  46. Canadian Suppliers

  47. Canadian suppliers?

  48. Cape Cod suggestions

  49. Carfax Report Request Please

  50. Carfax?

  51. Chassis number

  52. Clear Vision!

  53. Coolant Leaking, ok to drive?

  54. Coolant bleed advice

  55. Could 5 years of VS be over? :-)

  56. Digifant ECU - Difference in Yrs 86-91???

  57. Exhaustive Research

  58. FS 1980wf nds wk

  59. FS: '89 Wolfy in NJ

  60. FS: genuine Westy munchkin/barbie ice cube tray insert!!!!!!

  61. FS: set of 14" Michelin Agilis tires on steel rims. $250 for set of four

  62. FW: All of PA must get emissions inspection .. CA info, too

  63. Flywheel O-ring?

  64. For Sale - Northern California

  65. For Sale: '78 Poptop Camper - S.F. Bay Area

  66. For Sale: Wheel Spacers

  67. For Sale: set of vanagon factory Carat ALLOY WHEELS and tires. fit all vans

  68. For Sale: vanagon power door lock actuators, and complete central locking system

  69. For sale: complete vanagon POPTOP section - make your hardtop van into a camper

  70. Found Dealer Microfiche

  71. Front heater core

  72. Front heater core / Screw Removal

  73. Front heater core removal information

  74. Front heater core removal reference from archives

  75. Fuel air mixture or timing adjustment?

  76. Fw: Re: Front heater core

  77. Gas spews out during fill-up

  78. HC high at Idle - Any Ideas?

  79. HC high at Idle - Recommendations for Timing Light

  80. HELP - No power to fuel pump - 87

  81. Hard starting 84 vanagon - stumped

  82. Head Gasket Leaks

  83. Headlamp Relays - Lights Still Dim

  84. Headlamp upgrades to brighter lights - night vision

  85. Headlamp upgrades to brighter lights - think of others

  86. I smell a big scam brewing...

  87. I think my curtains are smarter than me...

  88. ISCU - Trying to fix it

  89. IT RUNS!! was: HELP - No power to fuel pump - 87

  90. Idle stabilizer question...

  91. Idle valve and ISCU

  92. Interiors and Other Stuff For Sale

  93. Just called VW- Camper discontinued in U.S., Canada

  94. Key West Camping

  95. Key West Camping Info Needed

  96. Las Vegas FLAPS and listees

  97. Lifting the Poptop with a Thule box

  98. Listie Locations,

  99. Looking for a Westy Stove Part

  100. Looking for average cost to replace a 2.1 motor

  101. Looking for high top to replace pop top

  102. Maiden voyage ends with AAA

  103. Manual or AT?

  104. Manual or AT? Porche or Vanagon...

  105. Michelin LTX vs. Yokohama Y370

  106. Michelin MXL & MXT, what are they worth?

  107. Mini flourescent light

  108. Misaligned pulleys

  109. More Front heater core removal info


  111. NEEDED : Fuel sender

  112. NVC : Interesting, but sad, crewcab

  113. NVC: new Golf in Frankfurt autoshow

  114. Need A-3 info from the experts

  115. Need Docs for a Truma 1800 heater

  116. Need a pass. side front door ('90 GL)

  117. Nice day at the coast...but blown shift linkage.

  118. No leaky, no smelly, gauge worky, me happy!

  119. O-ring seal material

  120. O2 readings

  121. Oil Pressure Advice

  122. Our first BIG trip, and a minor problem.

  123. Oxy Senser Sw. 87 Syncro

  124. PICTURES from 3rd Annual San Francisco Van-O-Rama

  125. Parts wanted: sunvisors

  126. Parts, I need some

  127. Post Trip Report (short)

  128. Power Mirror Glass Removal

  129. Power Window Problem - Conversion to Manual

  130. Pre-trip report

  131. Push rods (not rubes) to change...

  132. Push rods change?

  133. RE- Sirius Radio -- can someone answer a few ?'s


  135. REMOVE THOSE HATCH PLUGS!! Re: Rear hatch for '88 GL - what years fit?

  136. REMOVE THOSE HATCH PLUGS!! Re: Rear hatch for '88 GL - whatyears fit?

  137. Rear hatch for '88 GL - what years fit?

  138. Rebuilt cv drive shaft

  139. Recommeded Mechanics in Salt Lake City?

  140. Recommendations for Chesapeake Bay Camping

  141. Recommended Mechanics/Repair Shops in Cleveland?

  142. Replaced Radiator...Fan now making strange noise.

  143. Replacing shocks on a 90 Vanagon

  144. Retrofitting Power Locks - sliding door, rear hatch?

  145. Rotors, Bearing, Brakes

  146. Running Hot ?? - Cools off with heater valve open??

  147. Seal the Propane lines too. Was: CAULK YOUR WESTY h2o/ELEC. FILL PORTS!!

  148. Sirius Radio -- can someone answer a few ?'s

  149. Sirus Radio -- can someone answer a few ?'s

  150. Sliding Door Handle

  151. Smoke with injector firing?

  152. Spinning Lock Core....???

  153. Sputtering still !!!!!

  154. Starter Amplifier Question?

  155. Starter Amplifier Question? 2nd request

  156. Starter Amplifier Question? 3rd request

  157. Starting Problem '91 Syncro

  158. Still FS: 1985 Weekender in Santa Cruz

  159. Syncronized again!

  160. Testament to the sturdiness of a Vanagon

  161. Thanks for the blue LED tip!

  162. Thanks for the info. Now, does ...

  163. The Bus Lab in Berkeley or Chance Fred's Garage Again

  164. Throttle body/idle stabilizer woes...

  165. Tie Rod Balljoint Removal

  166. Tie Rod Balljoint Removal - Clarification of Question.

  167. Tijuana Autobody Shops

  168. Tijuana Autobody shops

  169. Totaled camper van

  170. Towing a Vanagon - Tow Dolly

  171. Trip from Hamilton to Saskatchewan

  172. Two sets of 15 x 6.0 steels wheels left in stock!

  173. U.S. Source for Krown Oil or Equiv.?

  174. USA source for KROWN anti-rust oil !

  175. Used Syncro Pricing Question

  176. VDO Water Temp Install Instructions?

  177. Valve Clearance

  178. Vanagon poster URLs.

  179. Vanagon-modifying shop in England

  180. Very Short trip report and water pump :-(


  182. Want to buy;A/C compressor for '88 van.

  183. Wanted: affordable V/C source and installation help

  184. Waxing tip

  185. Westies at Watkins

  186. Westies at Watkins COMPETITION!

  187. Westies at Watkins meets the Iron Chef

  188. Westy for trade

  189. Why fiberglass insulation? Was: Re: CAULK YOU WESTY h20......

  190. [Fwd: Re: Headlamp upgrades to brighter lights - think of others]

  191. anti ferrze coolant

  192. better gas mileage

  193. brake line not maching calliper

  194. brake line question

  195. camber out of whack?

  196. captains seats FS, more

  197. center window install help

  198. center window install help.

  199. cool LED testers on Ebay

  200. custom bumber stickers - was: happy with the new 1.9 diesel

  201. cv questions

  202. disappearing coolant??

  203. failed SMOG, cylinder misfiring?

  204. for sale: EUROVAN MV INTERIOR (jumpseats/bed/table fits eurovans '93 to present

  205. for sale: vanagon 15" alloys $100 for all four

  206. gas smell in oil update

  207. happy with the new 1.9 diesel

  208. headlamp upgrades....

  209. hex bolts

  210. idle stabilizer: valve, control unit or both?

  211. importation of an '84 into Canada, and selling a different car?

  212. importation of an '84 into canada, and selling a different car?

  213. kind of a vague rear brake question

  214. leon your e-mail address is bad

  215. lifter noise update

  216. nice 21 window on ebay....

  217. no STArt!!

  218. oil filler tube removal

  219. oil leaking from valve cover 91 Vanagon

  220. persistent stalling-- Squamish BC

  221. power fades under long-term loads?

  222. power mirror problem

  223. rare vanagon Jail Bars on ebay

  224. recommended repair shop Vancouver

  225. sealing exhaust parts

  226. seats

  227. state abbreviations.. was :Re: Michelin MXL & MXT, what are they worth?

  228. syncro speedo cable

  229. tachometer, cluster swaps, mods

  230. test

  231. thinlights for sale....Re: Mini flourescent light

  232. tiico engine for sale, soon

  233. tiico phone number

  234. two campers @ $2900 each

  235. ug back bumper

  236. ug back bumper-foiled

  237. vanagon front seat ideas? what other seats fit? what have some of you

  238. vanagon front seat ideas? what other seats fit? what have some of you used?

  239. vanagon front seat ideas? what other seats fit? what havesome of you used?

  240. wanted: cover experiences and comments

  241. water pump

  242. water system question

  243. where is A/C fan motor speed resistor in 88 Westy? How to R&R ..

  244. why the stock vanagon front seats arent as good as they could be..
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