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VANAGON archives – August 2005, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. 5 speed trans full fill amount?

  2. 84 vanagon defroster dashboard switch

  3. 87 Westy will trade for Truck

  4. 88 Westy FS in NJ- $12000

  5. A transmission seal question for the Pros!

  6. A. S. I. pop top conversion

  7. Adventurewagen Plastic Interior Light Covers?

  8. Anybody need a CARFAX report?

  9. Article on heater fan replacement w/o dash removal

  10. At what point did you lose all respect for Ray and Tom?

  11. Black Westfalia EuroVan...

  12. Brake pedal vibration

  13. Camper 7 passenger (2 person middle seat)

  14. Camper to 7 passenger

  15. Camper to 7 passenger (rear 3 seat bench?)

  16. Camper to 7 passenger..why? just install a 2 person middle seat

  17. Carfax Anyone?

  18. Carls Corner was: Vanagon running on vegetable oil

  19. Central Locking - can't open rear hatch

  20. Charging better

  21. Conclusion to:"Trouble on the Road in PA"

  22. Conclusion to:"Trouble on the Road in PA" (longish)

  23. DATE CORRECTION: 5th Annual Van-O-Rama. September 24th, 2005. So.S.F.

  24. DIESEL Turbo and NA injection lines the same?

  25. Diamler chrysler vw...

  26. Diamler chrysler vw...--update( new style voyager)

  27. Diamler chrysler vw...another article.

  28. Diesel mod people question

  29. Different Wheels

  30. Dissappearing products (was exhaust system / Kroil)

  31. Does The Fridg Fan Blow or Suck? & Combustion Chamber

  32. Engine running hot

  33. Epoxy Paint Cleanup

  34. Euro Highness ...

  35. Eurovan NOT built on a Passat Platform!

  36. Expansion tank cap operation...

  37. FOR SALE: Misc Vanagon Parts

  38. FS Fuel tank in Phx AZ

  39. FS TR2

  40. FS: 1980 Westy

  41. FS: 1980 Westy - in Sacramento, CA - $1800

  42. FS: 1984 Vanagon GL $650 or parts in San Francisco Bay Area

  43. Fairview mechanic

  44. Fridge Orfice Keeps Getting Blocked Any Suggestions?

  45. Front end vibration

  46. Fuel Line Vent Hose Clamps

  47. Fwd: Re: Brake pedal vibration

  48. Fwd: Re: Conclusion to:"Trouble on the Road in PA" (longish)

  49. Go Westy products

  50. Google Custom search of Vanagon mail archives

  51. Hacking up the heater box

  52. Heater fan replacement

  53. Help w/ Vanity light in Sunvisor

  54. Here we go a-Wallacing--Re: rear hatch shocks

  55. Holts/Subaru product for head gasket leaks

  56. Honeymoon voyage

  57. Hot air tube

  58. How Does the (front fiberglass doorskirt) Trim Come Off?

  59. How Does the Trim Come Off?

  60. How to remove ...

  61. Inside of Vanagon gas tank, was "Fuel Line Vent Hose Clamps"

  62. Internal sliding door handles

  63. Key made for water fill?

  64. Kirk Creek Campgroud

  65. Looking For Middle Seat

  66. Looking to Swap Int. (Camper to 7 passenger) why? just add a 2 person bench

  67. Looking to Swap Interiors (Camper to 7 passenger)

  68. Lowering vanagon springs

  69. Lowering vanagon springs - just use Carat/Wolfsburg springs..

  70. Microwave in the cabinet under the sink

  71. Missing jack & lugwrench

  72. Missing jack & lugwrench (jacks different for fiberglass sideskirted vans)

  73. My new 87 - was O2 light button & rear wipers

  74. NVC Can anyone recommend a volvo list?

  75. NVC, really - was RE: Vanagon mentioned on Car Talk today

  76. Need CarFax? I have unlimited access untill 9/22/05

  77. New Mexico camping, LVC - Fryeday

  78. New Mexico replies

  79. New to list

  80. Newfoundland trip advice please...

  81. O2 light button?

  82. OIL on Vanagon

  83. OT: Where have all the Vanagons gone in the UK & IT?

  84. Off to Burning Man...

  85. Porscheagon on samba

  86. Question about Diesel Westies...

  87. Raising vanagon rear

  88. Rear wiper ops- '87

  89. Removing A/C in '85 Westy?

  90. Removing and Re-affixing Water Pump Pulley Bolts (was: trip'n)

  91. Removing rear heater in Westy?

  92. Replaceing the Ignition lock cylinder ?

  93. Replacing Fuel Lines on a 2.1...anybody got really good instructions?

  94. Replacing Ignition Coil

  95. Replacing a Water Pump

  96. Rocky Mtn. Nat'l Park Camping Observation


  98. Seam Rust Photo Website

  99. Shifter linkage on a 1.9 to 1.8 conversion.

  100. Shifter vibration

  101. Single middle seat

  102. SlightVC: Cellphone pics of the "new" turbo.

  103. Sound Deadening - Dynamat or Something Else?

  104. Sound deadening

  105. Speedo accuracy...

  106. Starter Wire Connection

  107. Stupid Question Results so far

  108. TRANSPORTER emblem auction

  109. Taillight Plastic replacement

  110. The nature of dielectric grease

  111. The nature of dielectric grease;

  112. The nature of dielectric grease; was Re: Charging better

  113. Third annual request for 83 westy fabric

  114. Third annual request for 83 westy fabric...bad timing..

  115. Throttle/throttle body

  116. Transmission Problems

  117. Traveller in distress (near Chicago) - UPDATE TWO

  118. Traveller in distress (near Lincoln Nebraska) - UPDATE

  119. Trip - LEAF Anyone???

  120. Two warning lights come on TOGETHER

  121. Upgrading inner lights on SA grille

  122. Urgent - Female Traveller in distress (near Lincoln Nebraska)

  123. VW Singles Group

  124. Vanagon & Eurovan - community helping community

  125. Vanagon Barcaloungers on!!!

  126. Vanagon Carerra in Burbank

  127. Vanagon carb needed, with waterboxer manifolds

  128. Vanagon mention on Joe Frank radio show

  129. Vanagon mentioned on Car Talk today

  130. Vanagon running on vegetable oil

  131. WA machine shop?

  132. WTB - Good Used Power Window Motor

  133. WTB. urgently: clutch hydraulic line that attaches to slave cylinder

  134. WTB: Dash Metal Panel for below windshield...1990 2.1

  135. WTB: diesel Vanagon pump advance cable

  136. WTB: sliding door roller&bearing '86

  137. WTB: woodruff key

  138. Wanted: Vanagon side curtains

  139. Water Wetter

  140. What thinner to use with POR 15

  141. Wheel Covers

  142. Whither Gnarlodious?

  143. Woodruff Key was a red herring, now fan scrapes on alternator

  144. Yee haw, got my solar setup installed

  145. [Fwd: Re: Two warning lights come on TOGETHER]

  146. [ev_update] Vanagon & Eurovan - community helping community

  147. [vanagon] DEEP CYCLE Battery FAQ and links

  148. abomination.. was home made bumpers

  149. another bumper question (was RE: anyone ever build their own bumpers? or who has them for sale

  150. bus depot FI hose smooth or braided?

  151. center rails ??

  152. changing to synthetic oil

  153. changing to synthetic oil - was STUPID QUESTION?

  154. converting a 2.1 to 1.9

  155. costs of syncro tranny R&R

  156. door and oil buzzer the same?

  157. double sliding door Eurovan - movies

  158. fiberglass bumper pieces (joy, etc)(was Re: another bumper question

  159. gnarlodious

  160. help with paypal (nvc)

  161. key to locking water filler

  162. legitimate scam warning (NVC)

  163. loose dipstick

  164. missing jack & lugwrench

  165. more on New Mexico

  166. new mexico camping

  167. nightmare

  168. opinion on California Import Parts 86-90 Gas tank

  169. optima the one for starting battery?

  170. plate armor bumpers

  171. re. rear hatch shocks

  172. rear hatch shocks

  173. rear left light assembly needed

  174. reminder: 5th Annual Van-O-Rama. September 19th, 2005. So.S.F.

  175. replacing ignition cylinder

  176. rude marketing cylinder heads

  177. singles group

  178. sliding door conversion, early-late

  179. stuck lifter

  180. that other brand. .

  181. trip'n

  182. uhh... changing upper control arm bushings?

  183. vanagon parts free to a good home

  184. wanted: BLACK vanagon front doorpanels!

  185. waving NVC (was RE: Vanagon & Eurovan - community helping community

  186. woodruff key

  187. woodruff key or not woodruff key that is the question
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