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VANAGON archives – July 2007, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. '84 Running a Wee Bit Warm

  2. '87 GL on The Samba

  3. 1982 accelerator cable

  4. 1982 accelerator cable needs replacement-resend due to no replies

  5. 1986 & 1987 Transporters are now Importable!

  6. 1987 VW Westy for sale

  7. 85 Westy stumbling?

  8. 87 Westy Engine Running Warm---At Wits End

  9. =?utf-8?Q?Clutch_housing_rebuild_=2d_PICTURES?=

  10. A bit rough idle, running. Unbalanced injectors?

  11. A/C eye bolt needed.

  12. AC and LP on Dometic question

  13. Additional tail lighting

  14. An AC idea for driving and camping

  15. Another one in the 'hood.

  16. Any listmembers from PA visiting Portland OR?

  17. Anyone want a sink drain-back (in-line check) valve

  18. At Last, The New VW Van!!

  19. At Last, The New VW Van!! (warning, image causes nausea)

  20. Auto tranny installer in Vancouver BC area?

  21. Autofill valves: WAS ====>Re: Refilling propane

  22. Back up light switch problem

  23. Bleeding coolant without a second person?

  24. BlueDevil head gasket repair?

  25. Braided SS fuel hose..

  26. Brake and Clutch Bleeding; Sequence

  27. Burnt Van

  28. Burnt Van Photos

  29. CV star bolt tool

  30. CV star head bolts

  31. Car Fax Anyone?

  32. Carat interior install question

  33. Coke vs Pepsi was Inside a Subi engine EJ22

  34. Coolant level relay/light part 1 (LONGGGGG)

  35. DC refrigerator options

  36. Defective faucet or city water outlet?

  37. Deutsche Classic

  38. Diagnosing Water Pump Failure

  39. Diesel starter for Kennedy adapter

  40. Driving 90 Syncro from PA to CA- FINAL

  41. Driving 90 Syncro from PA to CA- Update

  42. Driving 90 Syncro from PA to CA- Update #2

  43. Driving Challenge videos from BOTC 2006

  44. Engine Change out

  45. FW: West River Westies

  46. Fiberglass Patch

  47. Finally - a Quiet Speedo

  48. Fire Sleeve was: Re: Steel Braided Fuel Lines?

  49. Fix - Gutter trim stripping off

  50. Fix - Gutter trim thread hijack

  51. For Sale 2.1L Waterboxer engine $500

  52. Fridge was Smoking!!!

  53. Front end bushings

  54. Fuel Lines (Plastic Ones)

  55. Fuel line displacement

  56. Fuel pump relays?

  57. Fwd: An AC idea for driving and camping

  58. Fwd: Re: At Last, The New VW Van!!

  59. Fwd: exaust removal woes

  60. Head-case

  61. Head-case/Engine Conversion?

  62. Headin East (Az to NC) ... Campground Suggestions Requested

  63. Heading into hell (up 395) -- any last words of advice?

  64. Heat exchanger for hot showers

  65. High beam short?

  66. Hot showers/vans.

  67. Hydraulic lifter wear/cleaning question

  68. Hydraulic lifter wear/cleaning question-update

  69. If you really, really want to pimp out your Vanagon...

  70. Inside a Subi engine EJ22

  71. Interior esoterica

  72. Interior lighting

  73. LED Bar-graph tachometer

  74. Locking Gas Cap

  75. Member Stranded in France - call for help

  76. Need "H" shaped piece for coolant (Seattle area)

  77. Need for upgraded brakes for engine conversion

  78. Need to be removed from list

  79. New AC failure scenario for the pros!

  80. New to the list.

  81. No AC switch on ignition

  82. Norcold Report

  83. Oil Pressure Warning System FIXED (for the archives)

  84. Overhead AC Early Style

  85. Please Remove Me

  86. Popup roof alignment (how to)

  87. Power steering question

  88. Power steering/Rock Auto update

  89. Rear Closet Mods

  90. Recalls

  91. Recent Vanagon sightings in VA/NC

  92. Refilling propane

  93. Replacing left rear side window

  94. Request / Campground Suggestion east of Little Rock, AR

  95. Rubber mat for the westy cargo area ? Canada Suppliers ?

  96. SOT (slightly off topic) Compress air vanagons ?


  98. Shifting issue

  99. Shifting issue Update........

  100. Shipping a Westy to Hawaii and Back

  101. Side Tents

  102. Slight squealing belt..

  103. Steel Braided Fuel Lines?

  104. Stereophonica

  105. Stupid project thoughts...

  106. Subie ENgine Pull Help Needed

  107. Sudden head gasket coolant catastrophic leaking

  108. Survey says.... dropping the engine...

  109. Syncro Temp Gauge Sensor

  110. Syncro: $1500 on CL (needs tlc)

  111. T3s in W Canada & reports of RHD used Japanese imports here (LVC)

  112. TDI into vanagon.. subie into Vanagon... how about TDI into subie?

  113. Temp 2 Sensor Questions

  114. The end of an era...

  115. Toasted Westy for sale in Vancouver, $700 obo

  116. Unofficial Not a VW camping Camp out!!

  117. Unsubscribe

  118. Update to power steering rack replacement- Surfacing shaft suggestions

  119. VW T5 California Camper

  120. VW rail-bus

  121. VW rail-bus (with Link)

  122. Vanagon Sighting in SE PA

  123. Vanagon or Econobox?

  124. Vancouver

  125. WTB 1.9l airflow meter

  126. WTB Manual Transmission for 85 Westy

  127. West River Westies

  128. Westie Versatility

  129. Westie sighting..

  130. Westy Sighting Port Huron, MI

  131. What I see through my lens....

  132. What do YOU store in your (camping) van?

  133. What i see through my lens....

  134. What is kept in my van..

  135. Where can I find a side tent for my 81 Vanagon?

  136. Who throws more rods contest, was: Re: SUBIE VAN ENGINE FIRE...LISTER NEEDS HELP in PA

  137. Why convert? was Re: Inside a Subi engine EJ22

  138. Why we do it.....

  139. Wiring rear speakers - 86 Weekender - long

  140. Wood Vote

  141. Wood Vote now woody

  142. Would this work?

  143. XM 1000 by Xantrex

  144. [NVC] Odd Request - Boy's Life Reprint

  145. [NVC] long skinny nylon stuff sacks?

  146. auto tranny parts swap

  147. burning vans, brittle fuel rails?

  148. buying a syncro in PA- shop recommendations anyone?

  149. dealer Recalls for fuel line

  150. does Group 48 Battery fit?

  151. engine flush - Re: Flush up to 20 Excess Pounds out of your Colon

  152. exaust removal woes

  153. front brake hints needed

  154. going up the country

  155. hitch

  156. hot start, high idle

  157. instrument cluster question

  158. my '80 is gone...

  159. not much(none) vanagon contact

  160. power window fuse location?

  161. rear wiper won't work

  162. roof racks

  163. tie rod removal

  164. tip on taking dents out of pushrod tubes

  165. unsubscribe

  166. vanagon Digest - 13 Jul 2007 to 14 Jul 2007 - Special issue (#2007-720)

  167. vanagon Digest - 8 Jul 2007 - Special issue (#2007-697)Re: An AC idea for driving and camping

  168. was New to the list. now it's Fryday!

  169. was New to the list. now it's Fryday! VLVC or even NVC

  170. west coast fun

  171. what oil for a Volvo 760 turbo?

  172. where is my squealing coming from?
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