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VANAGON archives – November 2002, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. $40.00 Dynamometer - Home Dyno

  2. '80 '84 westy beige color? what is the color code?? "ivory" L567

  3. '80-'84 beige/pale yellow westy color code found "ivory" L567

  4. '85 GL won't start. Again.

  5. '86 Adventurewagen and '82 Westy DIESEL FS

  6. '90-'91 Non-GL vans..Re: Production dates: Is this van a 90?

  7. ...and Propex heaters!

  8. 1.9 to 2.1 "upgrade?"

  9. 1987 Syncro For Sale Price Reduced Again (fwd)

  10. 1990 Gl for sale-$800..Pictures at yahoo vanagonlist page..

  11. 2.1L Still for sale

  12. 20% off window crank spacers...

  13. 2nd battery question

  14. 80-84 beige colour

  15. 82 Vanagon Oil Filler Grommet Source

  16. 89 Vanagon Camper

  17. 90 Westy Multivan, 4 speed, 86 k miles for sale- Seattle

  18. <No subject>

  19. ASK TERRY K.-Painless Coolant Line Repair

  20. Air Cooled Vanagon Won't Start in cold weather

  21. AllData

  22. AllDataDIY.Com is it worth it for a '86 Vanagon GL

  23. AllDataDIY.Com is it worth it?

  24. An opinion on top/bottom posting

  25. BUDD YOURE THE LUCKY WINNER Re: FREE vanagon snow tire chains for 14" wheels

  26. Bright, head light problem...

  27. CHT temps - retraction/correction

  28. Child Car Seat Restraining Strap in 86 Vanagon GL

  29. Child seat/jumpseat compatibility?

  30. City hose hookup problems & Faucet question.

  31. Clinton Engine

  32. Cost of Plat Cat 3p12?

  33. Curtains for Carat

  34. Cut-down Caravelle...

  35. Cutting out on acceleration

  36. Cutting out solved!

  37. Cylinder rebuild questions (long)

  38. DIY $20 digital oil temp gauge

  39. Electrical Consumption & Battery Recharge Calculations

  40. Entertainment System upgrade

  41. FORGOT--low compression\rough cold idle-1.9L

  42. FREE vanagon snow tire chains for 14" wheels

  43. FS '86 Weekender with new heads, 117K...

  44. FS: 1982 DIESEL Westie

  45. FS: 1982 DIESEL Westie $5200 obo

  46. FS: 1985 Westy

  47. FS: 1990 Vanagon GL-$800!

  48. FS: 1991 Vanagon GL - Seattle *pictures*

  49. FS: 82 Diesel ASI Camper - dead engine

  50. FS: Vanagon Alloy

  51. FW: Starter problems

  52. Filling seat tracks

  53. Flashing coolant LED was Re: Tweak yer heater output!

  54. Fridge usage

  55. Front Heater Core Retrofit (Let LeRoy do the labor).

  56. Front Heater Core Retrofit (Save money!)

  57. Front seat Removal

  58. Fw: Condensation on pop-up '86 Vanagon

  59. Fw: Top or bottom poll

  60. Fwd: 90GL FS-$800-Pictures on Yahoo vanagonlist site

  61. Fwd: More pictures-1990 Vanagon Gl FS-$800


  63. Generators et al

  64. Good news and bad news Trip report- short

  65. Hah - sound familiar? SVC

  66. Has anyone purchased a tiico 1.9L

  67. Help!

  68. History - Magnum PI Van On eBay

  69. Know any good, fast mechanics in Austin Texas?

  70. Laptop Power Consumption?

  71. Laptop power consumption

  72. Leaky heater valve

  73. Leonid meteor shower tonight

  74. Make Your Own Vanagon

  75. Matt

  76. Mice in the cupboard

  77. Mini's

  78. Mini's (was VW vs Rolls)

  79. Mobile 8-Track Recording Studio in a Vanagon Syncro

  80. Need Carfax

  81. Need Slider handle!!WTB

  82. Need a few odd parts

  83. New Ball Joints feel like I am driving on ice.

  84. New Ball Joints feel like I am driving on ice. Home-made toe gauge

  85. New Westy owner with a battery question

  86. Newbie questions re: camping equipment (general knowledge thereof)

  87. Nice '86-up bar / mask for sale

  88. O.K. I realize now that the sever strips attachments-D'oh!

  89. OT Hawker Hunter help

  90. OT: VW Corrado For Sale

  91. Oil Leak

  92. Overland Engines

  93. Painless Coolant Line Repai

  94. Parts venders for other VW ( no van cont)

  95. Poor gas mileage after ECU rebuild

  96. Problems with this list when "reply to all"

  97. Production dates: Is this van a 90?

  98. Proofing a Heater Core

  99. Ramblings about plat cat heater

  100. Rare Munchkin Ice Cube Tray for sale!

  101. Replacing starter: Bosch reman. VS "some other"

  102. RoadHaus - Front AC Kit Install / Preliminary Report

  103. SE Michigan VW Repair Shops?

  104. SMB Hailwood - genius on 2 wheels

  105. Selling '73 THING to aid Vanagon

  106. Slipping auto tranny

  107. Solar Panels

  108. Solar Panels - from where - Mounting?

  109. Solar Panels - from where?

  110. Sorry about the attachments...

  111. Speedometer repairs '84

  112. Stainless exhaust systems and Propex heaters!

  113. Starter problems

  114. Suburban heater verses Plat Cat?

  115. Sunroof Vanagon roof cables

  116. Syncro Westy Multivan FS

  117. Syncro springs available on December 9th - plus shock extensions!

  118. Temp sensor

  119. Testing "reply to all" with 2 addresses in "To" fierd

  120. Throttle cable sticking open(automatic trans!!)

  121. Timing

  122. Timing adjustment procedure on Digifant system

  123. Timing belt install on a 1.8 8 Valve

  124. Tire wear question

  125. Tires!

  126. Top or bottom poll

  127. Tranny 2nd brake and band adjusting screw

  128. Tranny woes solved we think - update

  129. Tweak yer heater output!

  130. Ultimate F+R Sway-Bar Test in 40MPH crosswinds

  131. Used Dunlop Tire Review

  132. VOLKSWAGON(sic) vs ROLLS

  133. VW T2 Vanagon Do it Yourself Camper book?

  134. VW T2 Vanagon Do it Yourself Camper book? ...another link

  135. VW brake cylinder paste

  136. VW vs Rolls

  137. Vacuum leak/throttle body seal thread

  138. Van Solar Heaters

  139. Van Solar Heaters - With Links

  140. Vanagon gas tank leaks - vapor lock floods engine bay

  141. Vanagon spark plug ignition wire set

  142. Vin Number

  143. WANTED - Exterior Sliding Door Handle For 84

  144. WTB slider handle

  145. Wanted: Free Vanagon to Love & Cherish

  146. Weekender Conversion

  147. Well blow me down!

  148. Westy beater heater tweaking

  149. Westy luggage area weatherproof storage?

  150. Westy pop-top mildew

  151. What did I miss?

  152. Where to fill shpritzer?

  153. Winter in the t3

  154. Winters in the van

  155. Winters in the van !WARNING!

  156. Winters in the van...

  157. Winters in the van... HYDRONIC HEAT

  158. Winters in the van... MAKE YOUR OWN 'SAFE' HEATER

  159. Winters in the van...a woodstove?!

  160. [Fwd: Fwd: (no subject)]

  161. [Re: beater Westy]

  162. [Syncro] 16" wheels and XCL tires for sale (fwd)

  163. [Syncro] Electrical Consumption & Battery Recharge Calculati ons

  164. [T2] Air Cooled Vanagon Won't Start in cold weather

  165. [WetWesties] Electrical Consumption & Battery Recharge Calculations

  166. anyone have a westy with this passenger side jumpseat/storage bo

  167. anyone have a westy with this passenger side jumpseat/storage box??

  168. auto Tranny rebuild

  169. beater Westy

  170. bra installation on '88 and newer Vanagons?

  171. bumper guards; 85 Vanagon

  172. cheap Syncro Westy for sale NOT MINE

  173. coolant resevoir 025 121 403b a problem

  174. coolant resevoir 025 121 403b a problem with busdepot coolant picture

  175. cracked head

  176. eMailing CDN $s

  177. eMailing CDN $s PAYPAL DOES WORK

  178. goodies for sale

  179. heater core repair - anyone try this?

  180. heater thread

  181. how rare is the factory dual battery setup on a FULL westy??

  182. is this a weekender?

  183. leaking coolant

  184. looking for diesel tranny in good shape with or without Bell hous ing

  185. looking for torque converter

  186. low compression\rough cold idle-1.9L

  187. netiquette

  188. oil filter application

  189. overland engines

  190. paint code for flash silver

  191. parking light?

  192. rear defroster

  193. rear heater

  194. rear radio speaker part wanted

  195. running light out-break in wiring and question

  196. shift linkage, 81 aircooled help!

  197. silver windshield blockers: do they disintegrate in hot climates?

  198. solar power - why not go directly to where its needed?

  199. starter solenoid post too short - help me!

  200. syncro ujoint replacement

  201. syncro ujoint replacement.

  202. take a look a jeff's pictures

  203. tiico still available

  204. tranny costs / fridge on battery

  205. unsubscribe

  206. vanagon gas tank leaks when filled up, spews gas out filler hole

  207. vanagon on ebay

  208. weird smog rule

  209. westy front seat bracket removal

  210. westy front swival seat bracket removal

  211. who has a beige 80-'84 westy????
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