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VANAGON archives – September 2002, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. "Puch" emblem from

  2. '86 Vanagon GL

  3. '86 Vanagon GL?

  4. '87 Syncro Westy (TIICO) pics

  5. (no subject)Rear end Tick solution

  6. 1.9 to 2.1 running rich???

  7. 1.9TDDI


  9. 1988 cruise control problem

  10. 2.1L low idle at start

  11. 200,000.0 miles

  12. 200K

  13. 27/8.5/14's BFG's specific question

  14. 80 d Thermostat rocks

  15. 81 Westy Dead Engine

  16. 81 Westy Dead Engine - Long

  17. 82' Diesel 4sale

  18. 85' oil leak any ideas

  19. 87 Gray Westy For Sale in Ohio

  20. 87 Vanagon GL tires selection

  21. 87 westy tiico for sale

  22. <No subject>

  23. ? Lock Washers on Exhaust Fasteners?

  24. A Vibration Free TIICO Exhaust System - A Sucessful Work in Progress

  25. AC Cap Screw

  26. AW: A Vibration Free TIICO Exhaust System - A Successful Work in Pro

  27. AW: AW: Help with diagnosis (please)

  28. AW: Help with diagnosis (please)

  29. AW: Maintenance History

  30. AW: Seized Engine? Is there something I can do? - '91 Vanagon GL

  31. AW: Shocking Dilemma...

  32. Adding AC to a Westy

  33. Adding AC to a Westy / BEHR in-dash

  34. Advice on Shift Linkage

  35. Advice on putting up the A/C that came crashing down on my head.

  36. Air Cooled Cylinder Head Questions

  37. Aircooled parts needed

  38. Alternator bracket holes stripped

  39. Another Shameless plug for Transporters at the Glen #1 VW event

  40. Antenna needed

  41. Any one near Mt Airy NC with a digital camera?

  42. Anyone have A weekender cabinet for sale?

  43. Anyone use Les Schwab for tires?

  44. Anyone with the Car Fax?

  45. Apologies (no vanagon content)

  46. Australian Travel

  47. Australian travel

  48. Australian travel (long)

  49. Auto tranny rebuild

  50. BN4 on eBay

  51. Back in Action!!! 1982 Westfalia hits the road again

  52. Back with chile

  53. BenT's van thingy doodle - long post

  54. Bosch VE inj pump

  55. Brake Fluid

  56. Brake Power?

  57. Brake power?

  58. Bully! Bully I say, Bulley!

  59. Clarification of noise

  60. Clock

  61. Cold idle/running prob 1988 Vanagon

  62. Copper Pipe, was Internal water pipe diameter

  63. Cup holder cover

  64. Cylinder sleeves

  65. Cylinder sleeves, I HATE IT when that happens

  66. Cylinder sleeves, new problem

  67. Death on the Road

  68. Decals

  69. Dimensions of bolts holding trans. to engine?

  70. Does your Syncro have too few wheels? Try a Pinzgauer

  71. Double Cab Transporter on eBay

  72. Dreaming my AZ off! - Your choice to pick...

  73. El-cheapo-voltage_metero-project

  74. Electrical checks

  75. Eurovan mirrors rear view solutions.

  76. FS 1.9 longblock $2100

  77. FS 86 to 91 NOS girling front Calipers

  78. FS. 2003 Multivan $32,000 in Tuscaloosa, AL

  79. FS. VW tdi engine on ebay

  80. FS: Front Carpet - Brown

  81. FS: RARE middle/center (swiveling) seat for Westfalia

  82. FS: complete vanagon factory central power locking system

  83. FW: Headlight grounds

  84. FW: propane tank

  85. FYI - eurovan mirror on a VANAGON for those of you with westys or overhead A/C

  86. Free Scirocco Auto Transmission (MVC)

  87. Fridge Fan Questions

  88. Front AC Kits - VANAGON GROUP PURCHASE / Report on Supplier

  89. Front AC installation - Report on Supplier

  90. Frydaye Funnies - Chocolate & Viagra

  91. Fuel Gauge sender Ground Connection (Syncro)

  92. Fw: women drivers freeky friday

  93. GERMAN source for VW parts

  94. Glow Plugs


  96. Headlight Grills

  97. Headlight grounds

  98. Headlights and temperature

  99. Help with diagnosis (please)

  100. Help with distributor installation, seal question

  101. Help! Changing coolant of 91 Westy...Thanks

  102. Hex Size for Front Camber Bolt

  103. Hippie van out back!

  104. Hotsprings

  105. How hard is it to remove exhaust?

  106. I need help from my air-cool budy's, timing questions!!!

  107. I'll be back...

  108. I4 conversion speed sensor issue

  109. Ideas wanted...Dreaded speedo/housing breakage repair

  110. Idle Hunting in 85 Westy Fixed

  111. Infrared Thermometer Readings....analysis & feedback requested

  112. Installing Carat Rocker Panel Covers

  113. Instrument Housing

  114. Internal water pipe diameter

  115. Into the Abyss...

  116. Inverter advice needed

  117. Johnson Vermont/ VW Show/ Sept 22/2002

  118. Leaky Windshield Washer

  119. Leaving the LIST... save this email.

  120. Maintenance History

  121. Measuring oxygen sensor output...bad air flow meter?

  122. Mechanic in Maine?

  123. Mechanic in San Jose area

  124. Mechanic in San Jose area - I assume San Jose, CA

  125. Mechanic in western Pa

  126. My '73 westy on ebay

  127. NO VAN CONTENT wanted TDI link

  128. NW trip cont'd - Hot Springs where ??

  129. Need a couple of part #'s, please.

  130. Need help with hose from therm to radiator

  131. Needed: Manual transmission for an '83 air-cooled

  132. New muffler and stuff...

  133. Newfoundland Trip

  134. No mail vacation

  135. Non-capitan seat padding revisited

  136. OT TerryK's addy please

  137. Oettinger Foglight Problem

  138. Oil Pressure readings on a 2.1L????

  139. Oil pressure summary

  140. Olympic Catalytic Heater Installed

  141. Parts needed

  142. Pics from Van O Rama 2002

  143. Please Help! Oil Filter Emergency: Saturday evening of course... trip starts tomorrow...please advise

  144. Political eruption, Bulley Style; was Vanagons for Peace

  145. Propane Tank

  146. Propane tank not filling (fix)

  147. Public words of THANKS

  148. Quantum TD head and manifolds on eBay

  149. Rattling stove grate revisited

  150. Rekeying locks

  151. Rekeying locks was WTB: Sliding Door handle

  152. Rounded CV joint bolts

  153. Rust on Fuel Filler


  155. STOP MAIL

  156. Seized Engine? Is there something I can do?

  157. Seized Engine? Is there something I can do? - '91 Vanagon GL

  158. Sensors for accessory gauges

  159. Shocking Dilemma...

  160. Sliding Door handle FS

  161. Source for OEM (German) parts

  162. Sprudel back on the road

  163. Stop Mail

  164. Syncro Transaxle

  165. Syncro bought

  166. TDDI smog for LVB

  167. TDI or diesel engine replacement

  168. Taking out the engine

  169. Thanks for all the advice re: my VDO oil temp sender!

  170. Towing A 2WD Westy

  171. Towing Insurance???

  172. Tranny ?

  173. Transmission slipping?


  175. VW Theme Park

  176. VW mechanics list - Steve Schwenk?

  177. VW/Vanagon Shop in Milwaukee Metro Area?

  178. Van exhaust broke

  179. Van-O-Rama: update on Mike Miller's post very long

  180. Vanagon Website Updated

  181. Vanagon body molding pieces on eBay -

  182. Vortex Valve(tm)

  183. Vredestein Tires

  184. WANTED door lock pull knob


  186. WTB diesel Vanagon

  187. WTB: Sliding Door handle

  188. WTB: auto tranny

  189. Was running poor when cold --> now it's a head leak

  190. What controls pre-ignition flashing of warning lights?

  191. Which repair book to buy

  192. Window Crank Handle Extensions Available

  193. Window Crank Handle Extensions Available - alt solution

  194. Wiring observations

  195. Wolfsburg FS on Ebay

  196. [Syncro] 87' Syncro Westy for Sale

  197. [Syncro] 87' Syncro Westy for Sale (fwd)

  198. [Syncro] Cylinder sleeves

  199. [Syncro] Cylinder sleeves, new problem

  200. [Syncro] Front AC installation - Sorry Bout That

  201. [TIICO] New header pipes

  202. [TRIP REPORT] L.A. to Utah! Thanks List Friends!

  203. [TRIP-HELP!] Broke down in Utah!

  204. [fix] Ed McLean's Tiico exhaust modifications posted

  205. [vanagon] URGENT ASSISTANCE NEEDED --- ETAK P/N Help Request

  206. ac compressor

  207. black vinyl/grey velour interior in this van....was Re: Hippie van out back!

  208. bolt pattern

  209. brakes breaks

  210. clock

  211. coolant pipe

  212. coolant pipe (Van-Again has it!)

  213. cover counter

  214. digital Clock

  215. early christmas for someone...

  216. engine swaps

  217. fixed my A/C

  218. for sale: vanagon sliding side windows w/ screens, fit all vanagons

  219. get your new microbus at Toys R Us

  220. going out of town

  221. headers are headed south (TIICO)

  222. interior smells like exhaust...

  223. late night comment and then to bed

  224. leaking power steering?

  225. near disaster and almost a digi-fit

  226. need CA ECU and OXS relay--1980 aircooled?

  227. need CA ECU and OXS relay?

  228. needed: glass for right power mirror ('87)

  229. paging adam puzerewski

  230. paint code for two tone dark brown and beigh 84 camper

  231. part needed: Diesel cylinder head

  232. parting out '93 eurovan

  233. parts needed

  234. power door locks prob

  235. power steering rack for sale ..Re: leaking power steering?

  236. propane tank

  237. radiator- in bottom or in top?

  238. replacement glass for passenger door power mirror

  239. replacing wiper motor

  240. report tomorrow RE: SF Van-O-Rama is Saturday 09/14/02

  241. seeking Air Cooled info/advice (82 Westy)

  242. storage for Vanagon stuff

  243. synthetic automatic trans fluid

  244. test ... ignore! do not read! avoid! skip!

  245. the saga continues...any ideas??? (86 west syncro running rich)

  246. vanagon auto trannies for sale

  247. water wetter

  248. water wetter (and a tire comment--BFG Dueler A/T)

  249. we are the list

  250.       '86 Vanagon GL?

  251.       Help with diagnosis (please)

  252.       Help with diagnosis (please)

  253.       Re: Seized Engine?  Is there something I can do? - '91 V anagon GL

  254.       engine swaps
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