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VANAGON archives – September 2004, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. '80 Westy-- Best way to go on a new starter

  2. '85 Vanagon power loss

  3. '87 Westy AT slipping in first only

  4. '90 Syncro starting problem

  5. 1.9L heads and PSpump for sale/trade

  6. 16 inch wheels

  7. 2.1 airflow repair/mod?

  8. 20 hours later and a new water pump and a few other things...

  9. 79 924 Porsche

  10. 84 7 pass. for sale

  11. 85 Shifting fix but "?" about leak...

  12. 87 gl syncro in oregon

  13. <No subject>

  14. AC Thermostat

  15. Air cooled transmission in a Waterboxer?

  16. Analog clock fix/instrument pod foil

  17. Another solvent question

  18. Anyone converted RHD to LHD or vice-versa?

  19. Are parts from the company Meyle any good?

  20. Auto ATF & Filter Change;

  21. Auto trans governor mod, video, making a quite open intake.

  22. Bad distributor (was: Re: testing the ignition coil (85 1.9L))

  23. Best tool for fixing seem rust? anyone?

  24. Blaupunkt speaker grills

  25. Brake Fluid Capacity, 88GL

  26. Broken bleeder on caliper?

  27. Camping List;

  28. Central Locking Help

  29. Check out Weddle Industries, Inc.

  30. Clutch Slave/Shudder

  31. Combined Optima Batteries

  32. Combined Optima Batteries (NVC)

  33. Compression check procedure question

  34. Cool dash mod

  35. Daring Daylight Rescue!!

  36. Diesel Vanagon Transmission Mount

  37. Diff. between 1991 Multivan and Carat?

  38. Digifant II in a Vanagon

  39. Disappearing Coolant - Head Leak?

  40. Disappearing Coolant - Head Leak?-Engine Oil Viscosity!

  41. Don't forget your sticker

  42. Door Locks & CV Joint Boots

  43. Dual Cab / Doka wanted...

  44. Exhaust Pipe Question

  45. Exhaust Pipe Question / No Question for Me

  46. Exhaust Pipe Question / non stock muffler setup

  47. Extra fuel tank


  49. FLAPS (was something else)

  50. FW: Our kitchen sure gets used.

  51. FW: Our kitchen sure gets used...

  52. FW: end of camping season????

  53. Fall Skylight sale from The skylight guy

  54. Fongball heater/camping in the wintah

  55. Free tools for Rear Bearings and other stuff

  56. Friday - Johnny Law -

  57. Friday - Johnny Law - Customs

  58. From Truckee to Sacramento and TDI conversion (was Re: Free items for older Vanagons)

  59. Gauge Pod, dash-top mount


  61. GoWesty 16" Wheels

  62. HELP! Audi 5000 Turbo alloy rims won't fit on Vanagon... BenT

  63. Harrowing Vanagon Honeymoon Adventure

  64. Harrowing?

  65. Here's the list

  66. Here's the list (baking in van)

  67. Home repair for manual window mechanisms

  68. Hose clamp pliers; was: Re: 20 hours later and a new water pump and a few other things...

  69. How do you check the transmission mount?

  70. I-Pods and isolators

  71. Installing New Front Seats...Lubricant?

  72. Inventory list/disclaimer

  73. Inventory list/what to take along

  74. Is there a list member discount at VolksCafe?

  75. JBB reservations

  76. John Brown's Carabus - Lake Erie State Park (NY) to Harper's Ferry WV, October 15th, 2004

  77. KEEP YOUR ENGINE OIL SAFE Re: AVP 2.1 rebuild report

  78. Karl's Norcold Fridge

  79. Kitchen exhaust fans

  80. LED solder gauge

  81. List command to go to Digest??

  82. Looking for SFBay Salvage Yard to Accept Van Shell

  83. Making a Vanagon Short Shift Adapter

  84. Marvel Mystery Oil vs Rislone (lifter noise)- Canadians pls reply

  85. Misleading Advertising

  86. My drivers side (triangular) vent window won't stay open

  87. Need window regulator for 91 vanagon- drivers side

  88. No Vanagon content - FYI for cyclists

  89. No spark, no start 88

  90. Noisy lifter update

  91. OT Drilling out a bolt. Expertise solicited.

  92. Oil Drain Plug - Stripped?

  93. Oil filters; was:Re: Disappearing Coolant - Head Lean?

  94. Oil in coolent

  95. Oil plug Striped

  96. Oil pressure gage power tap?

  97. One 83.5 auto and one 84 manual going cheap

  98. Opinions on the value of an 88 Westy

  99. Our kitchen sure gets used...

  100. Paging Chris Turner

  101. Painting Vanagon Fiberglass bumpers

  102. Phaedra minimal van content

  103. Photo of Fast Forward's prototype Vanagon ALH [TDI] Conversion Kit

  104. Pictures of my Westy

  105. Piranha LED taillights

  106. Playagon at Burning Man

  107. Por 15

  108. Pre-Trip Report

  109. Q: Battery Disconnect Sequence?

  110. Question about AC and the 86 up three speed fan

  111. Rear Bearings R&R

  112. Rust Project

  113. Rust Project / Lookie, Lookie, Lookie. . .

  114. S.Florida Vanagon 4 sale-hurricane forces sale-$2000 obo

  115. Santa Cruz, where all vans apparently end up

  116. Screens for vanagon windows

  117. Screens for vanagon windows - corrected

  118. Seamless

  119. Sequoia, CA camping suggestions

  120. Sequoia, CA camping suggestions NVC

  121. Sequoia,CA camping suggestions

  122. Shaft off to replace 1 cv?

  123. Shifting Shudder Part II

  124. Side Tent on Ebay

  125. Speedometer repair

  126. Storing the list stuff/more detailed

  127. Stove knobs won't turn

  128. Synthetic Oil Life Test

  129. The Rust Crusade

  130. The future of the Westy?

  131. Three hippy dudes and a green bus = problems (not Vanagon specific, but VW Bus related)

  132. Tire Question

  133. Tire watch -- good prices

  134. Top-Load Fridge for Westy

  135. Trip Home from Burning Man Part 4

  136. Trip Home from Burning Man Pics #3

  137. Trip from Burning Man Part 3

  138. Trip home from Burning Man Part 3

  139. Tristar on eBay

  140. Utah trip

  141. VLVC: Re: Top-Load Fridge for Westy

  142. VW parts store

  143. Vanagon Sighting

  144. Vanagon autobody question

  145. Vanagon owners in upstate NY ---- Last plug for Westies at Watkins

  146. Vanagons galore... :-)

  147. WTB Brown Westy stove face

  148. Water Cooler set up

  149. Water leak around faucet - how to fix?

  150. Weddle still in existence?

  151. Westy fridge fan on, but fridge is off (I think)

  152. What does a relay do?

  153. Wheel Offset Info;

  154. Wheel Offsets;

  155. Wheel Theft Prevention

  156. Wheel Theft Prevention;

  157. Where stuff is stored

  158. Where to get front seat padding?

  159. Would you replace your water pump if:

  160. You know you are a Westy owner when....

  161. [Syncro] Digifant II in a Vanagon

  162. auto tranny swaps

  163. autobody products?

  164. best Vanagon mechanics in LA

  165. cross application: Golf to Vanagon?

  166. curtain straps

  167. dual battery isolator

  168. dual battery isolator / Optima Batteries

  169. end of camping season????

  170. floor mats

  171. fridge wont stay lit

  172. fridge wont stay lit -safety?

  173. gas tank

  174. ice cube tray names

  175. ignition switch shenanigans

  176. jail bars for sale

  177. maxima engine in a vanagon???

  178. need a part

  179. oil drain not snug. feels loose

  180. oil drain plug not snug. feels loose

  181. packing list

  182. parts 4 sale

  183. poor cornering - too much sway

  184. poor cornering - too much sway (tire update)

  185. power door locks

  186. rear wheel bearings

  187. replace starter

  188. rust under slider door track

  189. scammin'

  190. shipping vans

  191. speaking if clutch slave failure

  192. spotted: vanagon for sale

  193. syncro tranny is sold

  194. testing the ignition coil (85 1.9L)

  195. undercoating and seam sealer

  196. vanagon stall 'n stumble resolved

  197. vanagon syncro transmission with diff lock - 4 sale

  198. water tank capacity

  199.       New conversion site for your perusal
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