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VANAGON archives – October 2004, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. $5 Fuel Filter! Really!

  2. '86 Westy Oil light flickers briefly...other basic ?'s

  3. 1.9 L WBX Heads on a 2.1L WBX

  4. 1.9L heads core value?

  5. 101 MPH Vanagon!

  6. 101 MPH Vanagon! (NVC)

  7. 2 engines FS in Portland: i4 conversion & wasserbxr

  8. 3 new mechanical sections on my site...

  9. 3900 RPM's

  10. 82 Westy with 10,000 original miles!!

  11. 84 Sludge / Head

  12. 84 Sludge/Head

  13. 85 collant hard lines

  14. 85 coolant hard lines

  15. 90-91 vanagon fiberglass bumper colors

  16. 91 Carat Drivers Seat Armrest

  17. A/C Compressor and Transmission noises

  18. ADMINISTRIVIA - Politics, NY Times and the Vanagon List

  19. AMC Heads (My views)

  20. All catalytics are not create equal

  21. Almost Friday Re: How do I make driver's door lock w/o key?

  22. Anyone have a G-mail invite to spare?

  23. Anyone have a G-mail invite to spare? GOT ONE, THANKS TO ALL

  24. Anyone needs a spare ECU?

  25. Armrest loose- was Re: 91 Carat Drivers Seat Armrest

  26. Armrests

  27. Best Source for Ball Joints???

  28. Brake Pressure Bleeder - Cheap and Easy

  29. Brake caliper backing (noise damping) plate

  30. Brake noise when brakes not applied

  31. Brake pressure bleeder attachment

  32. Carfax needed

  33. Catalytic Heaters (again)

  34. Catalytic heaters (again)

  35. Coatings for exhaust systems

  36. Cold idle problem

  37. Coleman thermo-electric fridge report...

  38. Converting Coleman Catalytic Heater to LP tank?

  39. Converting Coleman Catalytic Heater to LP tank? (fwd)

  40. Ebay vanagon: Sucker born every minute

  41. Emblems

  42. F./S '86 Westy Weekender Subervan

  43. FS Parts - As a favor For Les

  44. FS: ECU and AFM, filter, belt

  45. FS: good 2.1 liter WBX engine

  46. FS: wolfsburg/carat (or any van) snap-in Curtain kit

  47. Faucet modification

  48. Firming up those flabby armrests

  49. First timer Valve job

  50. Ford & VW (was windshield wiper help)

  51. Front End & Alignment questions

  52. Fuel Fire / engine fire/ tips

  53. Fuel Hell...lllp

  54. Fuel Injection tuning - wide band O2 sensors

  55. Fuel filters

  56. Fuel pump

  57. Further Q's: Brake noise damping plate

  58. Fw: '86 Westy Oil light flickers briefly...other basic ?'s

  59. Fw: A/C Compressor and Transmission noises

  60. Fwd: Westies at Watkins Informal Report

  61. Gas vs diesel Heaters

  62. Getting water out of gas

  63. Good Price on 1.9l heads?

  64. Good Price on 1.9l heads? - Not just AMC...

  65. Has anyone dealt with Hellroaring Technologies?

  66. Haynes Manuals

  67. Head bolt question

  68. Help advise please, stripped drain plug

  69. Hey everyone

  70. Hi tom...............Vanagon stuff

  71. High altitude starting problem, air-cooled

  72. High altitude starting problem, aircooled

  73. Highway speeds

  74. Hose on Fuel Injectors - replaceable?

  75. How do I make driver's door lock w/o key?

  76. Installed headlight relays, need new bulbs

  77. Its NOT a mini-van!

  78. Its NOT a mini-van! Transporter; renaming

  79. Last Call for JBB Carabus

  80. Lock won't turn

  81. Michelin Emergency Road Kit

  82. Modified Scirocco Steering Wheel and more F.S.

  83. Monitoring aux battery charging?

  84. NVC/NAC anyone know of a currency translator online?

  85. NVC: Vanagon help expert.

  86. Need an ETKA that actually works !

  87. Nevermind on the Coleman heater...

  88. No brake lights

  89. O2 sensor thread size? Helicoil kit part number?

  90. OE Spark Plug Wire Sets

  91. Other Engine Swaps

  92. Outer Banks NC campground nod

  93. Oxygen Sensor Recommendations for 83 WBX

  94. Parts for sale

  95. Please cancel my email service

  96. Power steering rack to standard rack

  97. Power steering rack to standard rack Bentley Chapter and Verse

  98. Propane heater question - Portable Buddy Heater

  99. Re Re: lock yer doors without keys?

  100. Re; Windshield Wiper Help

  101. Repair/refurbishment 1982 westy interior

  102. Replacing Windshield Wiper Motor

  103. Rewiring sound system

  104. Rewiring sound system / common ground systems

  105. Rewiring sound system / common ground systems - edit

  106. Ring job?

  107. Rubber fender flairs syncro

  108. Rust Remover - VW


  110. SNIMTA_SPAM vanagon Digest - 11 Oct 2004 - Special issue (#2004-984)

  111. Safe 2.1/1.9 RPM: survey/query - I am so particular!

  112. Safe 2.1/1.9 Rpm: survey/query

  113. Schvenk, Chains, OME/ shocks

  114. Schwenk and NYT --Jeez (NVC)

  115. Some Fuel Pump Theory

  116. Spark Plug Sockets

  117. Stand or Bench for engine?

  118. Stock steel wheel

  119. Strange electrical problem

  120. Syncro Steve Schwenk (NVC)

  121. Syncro Steve Schwenk in the NYTimes - THREAD OVER

  122. Syncro Steve Schwenk in the NYTimes?

  123. Syncro Steve Schwenk in the NYTimes?If no one replies it will stop

  124. Thanks!-Re: Safe 2.1/1.9 Rpm: survey/query

  125. The Cool Cooler

  126. Throttle Body Gaskets

  127. Timing question: Digifant I system

  128. Torque Converter Seal is blown for the 2nd time...why do they go?

  129. Tranny Woes

  130. Transmissions

  131. Trip Home from Burning Man Pictures "The Final Chapter"

  132. Trip Report

  133. Update:Sequoia,CA camping suggestions

  134. Used / rebuilt auto transmissions

  135. VDO Dual Sensor Oil Pressure Connections

  136. VW-FYI-Gas Heater resources

  137. Vanagon Math

  138. Vanagon Power mirrors FS

  139. Vanagon screensaver

  140. Vanagon; Think outside of the box...

  141. WBX rpms..

  142. WTB coil and hall sensor

  143. WTB: Vanagon Block Heater

  144. WTB: old tranny bell housing

  145. WTB: stock steel wheel

  146. WTB: used sink faucet or alternative...

  147. WTS 1.9L, PS, PB engine with exhaust not rebuilt

  148. Weekend observations

  149. Westy Oil light flickers briefly

  150. Westy fridge combustion chamber gasket replacement

  151. Westy insulation removal

  152. Westy owners near Yosemite/Fresno

  153. Ying & Yang

  154. Your message to vanagon-request@GERRY.VANAGON.COM

  155. [T2] Harbor Freight motorcycle jack on sale

  156. adjustable grey Armrests

  157. any interest in a rear roof wing/spoiler?

  158. big stuff FS: westy camper interior, carat weekender interior, capt chairs, etc

  159. bizarre wbx "cut out" problem...?? and englishtown raceway park show and go

  160. bleeder

  161. camper heating

  162. clutch fun

  163. confession of a speeder Redux was safe RPM

  164. cool hatch acessory mod.. (fun easy stuff to do this weekend)

  165. dangerous incompetent driving a 201 MPH Vanagon!

  166. digijet FI adjustments

  167. digijet FI adjustments-Digifant

  168. driving lights

  169. expedient engine removal?

  170. fuel injection tuning

  171. gas heaters

  172. headrests for westy rear seat/bed

  173. help diagnosing possible coolant system/ engine damage

  174. idle and vacuum diagnosis

  175. inner headlight socket connectors

  176. lock won't turn

  177. lock yer doors without keys?

  178. lock yer doors without keys? -Wallet in pants-warning

  179. looking for a source: wide trim stickers

  180. no politics please

  181. politics on the list (NVC)

  182. politics on the list (was Re: Re: Syncro Steve Schwenk in the NYTimes?)

  183. power bleeder for brakes

  184. propane leak

  185. question re Please cancel my email service

  186. radiator gurgles?

  187. rear heater control valve?

  188. removing side window & saving seals

  189. retro-fitting retractable rear seatbelts, '86 Westy

  190. rusty brake bleed screws

  191. safe RPM

  192. source for cheap aftermarket tach

  193. stans damn cats Re: windshield wiper help

  194. stop the STOP THE THREAD thread

  195. stupid gas cap !!!!!! ( I need help please )

  196. stupid gas cap !.. Hansen race-style filler

  197. subie guys...anyone pulled a SVX motor?

  198. test o2 sensor

  199. tranny conversion - manual to automatic

  200. trans main shaft removal ??

  201. vacuum gauge diagnostics

  202. vanagon Digest - 8 Oct 2004 to 9 Oct 2004 - Special issue (#2004-977)

  203. vanagon alloy wheels for sale (carat wheels)

  204. wanted: VW camper rental or borrow in the PNW

  205. where to get coolers

  206. who knows the paint code for the '90-'91 vanagon bumpers?

  207. who sells a good aftermarket set of exhaust pipes for a 1984 1.9 va

  208. who sells a good aftermarket set of exhaust pipes for a 1984 1.9 vanagon

  209. windshield wiper - fixed

  210. windshield wiper help

  211. windshield wiper help(NVC)

  212. winter heat w/o modifying your van

  213. winter heat w/o modifying your van ZODI heater

  214. wiper problem - thanks
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