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VANAGON archives – September 2002, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. "Headlights On" Warning Chimes?

  2. "Headlights On" Warning Chimes? (fwd)

  3. $10 Westy Sink Faucet Modification

  4. '84 to '85 instrument cluster wiring Q

  5. '84 to '85 tach upgrade write-up

  6. (Fri)

  7. (TIICO) Another spraying fuel reg.

  8. 1986 Syncro for sale in Portland, OR $2500

  9. 1987 Vanagon 4 sale in Ont.Canada with pic

  10. 2.1L engine FS

  11. 2.1L low idle at start

  12. 80 d Thermostat rocks/ and so does David Beierl!

  13. 80 d Thermostat rocks/ brings up question

  14. 80 vs 87 degree temp thermosat???

  15. 84 Sun Roof Vanagon FS

  16. 84 Wolfsburg = 90 Carat weekender???

  17. 85 GL 1.9L Engine Rebuild Qs?

  18. 85 Vanagon and water temperature gauge.

  19. 86 driver's side electric mirror

  20. 86 fuel filter fix and frustrations...

  21. 90+ Fox engine @ 54 degrees

  22. 91 Westy distributor rotor stuck...

  23. <No subject>

  24. A few unrelated questions

  25. A thought on the Heads....

  26. A/T torque converter seal replacement

  27. A/T torque converter seal replacement (rabbit trans)

  28. AW: 90+ Fox engine @ 54 degrees

  29. AW: AW: 90+ Fox engine @ 54 degrees

  30. Adding AC to a Westy

  31. Alarm/keyless entry for Vanagon

  32. Alloy wheel center cap

  33. Alloy wheel center cap, also . . .

  34. Alternator light problem

  35. Alternator warning light problem

  36. Another wiring Q and related headlight relay Q(s)

  37. Anyone got a dead golf/jetta/passat alternator they can spare a p art from?

  38. Anyone know how to fix a stripped hydrolic hose fitting that goes to ...

  39. Anyone know how to fix a stripped hydrolic hose fitting that goes to the clutch master cylinder ??

  40. Are There Junk Ball Joints

  41. Are There Junk Ball Joints?

  42. Are There Junk Ball Joints? - What Bullshit.

  43. Are There Junk Ball Joints? Now: German Parts

  44. Auto Elect Shop Reccomendation Needed - Arizona or ?

  45. Aux 12 volt socket location suggestions--87 Westy?

  46. Aux 12V Socket

  47. BCC: Test Posting

  48. Bad Valve Issues/Question, Opinion sought.

  49. Barbecue Sunday at NEW Buslab in Berkeley, CA

  50. Basic Fuel Mixture was Measuring oxygen sensor output...bad air flow meter? AFM question

  51. Best Tire Pressure for Michelin Agilis 61's?

  52. Big Amp Headlamp Relays

  53. Boston Engine

  54. Buggered Fill Plug Game Plan (way long)

  55. Busted Bo-hunkus

  56. CA 81-83 air cooled Fuel Injection & Ignition System

  57. COW Fall Campout October 11, 12, 13

  58. Cam broke D-Westy

  59. Carbon-Fiber Shifter Console w/ VDO Gauges

  60. Center console (was: Re: Solar Panels and VW cigarette lighter)

  61. Confused about resistor part numbers...

  62. Coolant Temp/Pressure Gauge Install on 1.9l

  63. Crazy Friday

  64. Cruise Control Vendors

  65. Cupholder idea (for autotranny folks)

  66. Custom Bike Mount PICTURE - For Sale??

  67. Cylinder sleeves, new problem

  68. Deep in the Abyss... a Tranny fill plug!

  69. Definitive head leak test

  70. Diesel Engine Source

  71. Dipstick readability tip

  72. Direction of OP Relieve Valve

  73. Earth tremor

  74. Earth tremor & cupholders that won't come loose ;-)

  75. Effects of vehicles off level on Oil stick

  76. FOR SALE - Manual Steering Rack

  77. FOR SALE - Sunroof Wind Deflector / Pulsation Attenuator

  78. FS (maybe) 91 GL with TIICo

  79. FS. 2003 Multivan $32,000 in Tuscaloosa, AL

  80. FS: '82 Camper w/I-4 conversion in Maine

  81. FS: 1987 Syncro 'Adventurewagon' w/dead Subaru engine

  82. FS: Gasket Kit

  83. FS: Steel Wheels for vanagon

  84. FS: springs and OME Shocks for syncro

  85. FS: rare 2 person bench front seat for vanagon, fits all including westys

  86. Free middle seat

  87. Full-on headlight upgrade (nothing left untouched!) (almost)

  88. Fure filters

  89. Fwd: [Syncro] Big Amp Headlamp Relays

  90. Hard hot restarting

  91. Hot Water Systems

  92. How do I remove the middle seat?

  93. How do you say...

  94. I need a middle and rear panel (driver side) for a westy 84 or other years that are the same

  95. I4 conversion speed sensor

  96. Idaho to Wyoming ??

  97. Importing a car into the USA

  98. Importing a car into the USA -- Was: Ebay item

  99. Importing vehicles from Canada to US

  100. Interesting item on eBay web site item#1768988583 : RARITÄT! VW Bus T2/T3 TRISTAR Syncro Doka WBX

  101. Interesting item on eBay web site item#1768988583: RARITÄT! VW Bus T2/T3 TRISTAR Syncro Doka WBX

  102. Interesting wiper issue...electrical

  103. Last call for bits and pieces, cheap

  104. Leaking fuel-pump?

  105. Level- up weekender table??

  106. List Deal on German Radiators

  107. Locking Gas Cap

  108. Look it up -- Was: Ebay item

  109. Luggage Rack Cleats

  110. Measuring oxygen sensor output...bad air flow meter?

  111. Mid-Project >>> Thanks to all!

  112. NHTSA vehicle import info

  113. NVC Re: power steering whine/off topic

  114. Need Bra for 90 Syncro

  115. Need a cat for 2.1

  116. Need help with hose from therm to radiator

  117. Need middle seat slide tracks and hardware

  118. Need more help - the dreaded flashing red light

  119. New to list..

  120. Newbie Presentation

  121. Newbie presentation

  122. OT: LA travel question...

  123. Oil deflector for I4 conversion

  124. Oil drain plug

  125. Old Man Emu's/Where to aim the headlights? SA grill.

  126. Out go the lights Yikes!

  127. PICTURES - FS: Front Carpet - Brown

  128. PICTURES!!! - FS: Front Carpet - Brown

  129. Paging Milt Bank of Montery

  130. Please Help! Oil Filter Emergency: Saturday evening of course... trip starts tomorrow...please advise

  131. Printing with ETKA

  132. Proofing a Heater Core

  133. Propane tank, revisited

  134. RV: Red light blinks/ Temperature problem

  135. Re Archives Post 73903-Rear wheel alignment

  136. Re Gasket Kit

  137. Re,First Aid Kits

  138. Red light blinks because of front height?

  139. Redline gear lube

  140. Reefer madness

  141. Replaced Clutch Master Cylinder, but how do I adjust the Push Rod?

  142. Replacement Battery and aux. battery

  143. Replacement floor suggestions for Westy?

  144. Replacing a Rear Bumper '87 GL Camper

  145. Reversed Coolant Manifold Pis`s

  146. Reversed coolant manifold pic:

  147. Rounded CV Joint Bolts

  148. Rounded CV joint bolts

  149. SALE Reluctantly-89 Westy

  150. SF-based mechanic for '91 Westy

  151. Saga of the missing oil

  152. Saga of the missing oil was Re: Dipstick readability tip (getting kinda long)

  153. Saga of the missing oil was Re: Dipstick readability tip (getting kindalong)

  154. Seized & buggered Tranny fill plug!

  155. Shudder problem in reverse

  156. Side tent for sale - now tent floor

  157. Side tent for sale.

  158. Side tent observations

  159. Sierra Coolant

  160. Solar Panels and VW cigarette lighter

  161. Some more Westy Questions (sorta)

  162. Source & part number for Canadian electrical hook ups

  163. Stock cruise control fixed!

  164. Strange Puddle

  165. Studded Tire Use In Canada

  166. Syncro Tranny Drain

  167. Syncro speedometer repair?

  168. Test for Bad Head Gasket....Please advise

  169. Test for Bad Head Gasket....Please advise.

  170. Teves vs. Girling brake calipers

  171. The Westphalia Waltz

  172. The clutch job from the Nether Regions!

  173. Three campers for sale

  174. Timing on 84GL

  175. Tristar

  176. Turtle Wax Rubbing Compound...

  177. Update: Bad Valve Issues/Question, Opinion sought.

  178. Upholstery Shop Reccomendations

  179. Used stainless for exhaust & cooling

  180. VW Rabbit/Golf expert

  181. VW Solar Battery Panels

  182. VW is going to fix my A/C for free yipee!!

  183. Value Info

  184. Vanagon poem; The Dream...

  185. Vanagon poem; The Dream...Happy Friday every,everybody :)

  186. Video Display Question

  187. Virus Concern

  188. Vredstein Tires

  189. WANTED: head

  190. WATERBOXER OIL DEBATE (Ash, Distilled & Synthetic)

  191. WTB Wheel Cover (89)

  192. WTB: CA 81-83 air cooled Fuel Injection & Ignition System

  193. Was: Side tent- Now: Westy popularity

  194. Westy Fridge- Checking Propane Pressure Setting]

  195. Westy LP propane tank for sale

  196. What is sensor on power steering pipe for?

  197. Where is fan thermo-switch? 90GL

  198. Where to aim the headlights? SA grill.

  199. Wiring Diagram Question Pg 97-116

  200. XM Satellite radio

  201. [Fwd: LiMBO%20Website%20comment:index%20frame]

  202. [Fwd: Westy Fridge- Checking Propane Pressure Setting]

  203. [Syncro] Cylinder sleeves, new problem

  204. [Syncro] Hot Water Systems

  205. [Syncro] Propane tank, revisited

  206. [Syncro] The last Bus ad - at last

  207. [T2] Bad Valve Issues/Question, Opinion sought.

  208. [WetWesties] Busted Bo-hunkus

  209. [fix]steering rack bushings - method

  210. [tiico]replacing catalytic converter.

  211. [vanagon] "Full" wiring diagram sought

  212. [vanagon] First Aid Kits.

  213. about the "Best Oil" to use in our WaterBoxer

  214. alloy center caps

  215. any opinions on Audi 200? (no vanagon content)

  216. anyone have carfax???

  217. bathroom in a bus.

  218. bentley trade?

  219. black vinyl/grey velour interior in this van....was Re: Hippie van out ba...

  220. car spy photo site

  221. caravan to t-fest

  222. carfax: Can someone check this 91 carat for sale on ebay ?

  223. diesel Vanagon for sale, San Diego

  224. dripping coolant on 84 - is it my H20 Pump?

  225. front ball joints

  226. gas filler neck leak

  227. generator coleman 1850

  228. hardwire jumping a vanagon?

  229. its crazy friday!!!

  230. jumpseat for sale - fit van or westy behind front pass seat

  231. leaking fuel filler gasket - SOLVED

  232. manual tranny fluid change tools question

  233. marvel mystery oil

  234. my website has moved

  235. mystery coolant leak

  236. need 85 instrument cluster.

  237. need a rear wiper motor

  238. new bus pictures

  239. odometer mechanism

  240. oxs light

  241. plug w/o mate engine compartment!?

  242. power steering whine

  243. pre-pump filter

  244. propane tank

  245. quik-n-easy roof rack on ebay

  246. rare 2 person bench front seat for vanagon, fits all including westys

  247. re. Power Window Track broken

  248. rear bumpers

  249. redline gear lube

  250. short, sudden, recuring loss of power

  251. shows

  252. sink/faucet revisited

  253. smoked front vanagon turn signal lenses on ebay

  254. south african 1.9i and 2.1i emblems....anyone in south africa??

  255. steve sandlin

  256. sunroof guy

  257. test ignore don't look test test test

  258. timing marks

  259. unsubscribing, please help!

  260. vanagon Digest - 24 Sep 2002 (#2002-1157)

  261. vanagon Eberspacher gas heaters for sale - diesel and gas - DA6 and BA6

  262. vanagon goodies for sale

  263. vanagon westy welded to top of a schoolbus.... wasRe: Vanagon Website Updated

  264. westy stove grate modification

  265. wheelchair vans

  266. wierd interior in '87 ebay syncro.......

  267.       Alloy wheel center cap

  268.       Best Tire Pressure for Michelin Agilis 61's?

  269.       Re: Importing a car into the USA  --  Was: Ebay item
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