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VANAGON archives – August 2008, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. "Brake Warning Light" grounding question. (searched)

  2. '85-'87 westy weekender fridge for sale (the rare one)

  3. (LVC) Friday: Wrong Way Driver & Vegi Carnage on Interstate-5 on way home driving new to me VW LT35

  4. (NVC) Airing trailer tires

  5. ...Spam (Off-topic)

  6. 15" WHEELS AND TIRES - front mounting bolts for


  8. 1987 Transporter "Condensation water leak from air duct"

  9. 1988 Vanagon Westy with slipping auto tranny

  10. 2.1L WBX intake plug question

  11. 30-50 challenge updates results posted

  12. <No subject>

  13. AC Evaporator access question


  15. About those fuel lines... scary...

  16. Adding a westy interior to a passanger van

  17. All fixed up and passed the test drive

  18. Any advice on bleeding lifters (2.1)

  19. Any advice on bleeding lifters (2.1)-MMO

  20. Anyone Need Body Parts/parts From A 91 Burgundy AUTO?

  21. Are there any UK members here who can assist with shipping a part to the US?

  22. Armorall or Zymol Seal?

  23. Aux light install..sort of (long attempt)

  24. Belt Size?

  25. Bostig New Polyurethane Front 2WD Tranny mount

  26. BusVolk Festival

  27. Buses by the Depot???

  28. CONFIRM vanagon

  29. COSTCO's - Kirkland group 41 battery

  30. California Smog Test 2008

  31. Cast control arm upgrade worth it? Springs?

  32. Cat-Gard(tm)

  33. Cracked exhaust pipe/Smog check

  34. Cross-country trip

  35. Do you have one of these?

  36. Dometic fridge fan erratic

  37. ECU optimization -- one quick question

  38. Electric Vanagon

  39. Elevation Profiles (in the raw) LVC

  40. Empi axle shafts are cool!

  41. Exhausting work.... Advice solicited.

  42. FAG or SKF wheel bearings?

  43. FYI has some one been co opted

  44. Free: 5 Vanagon Stock Steel Rims in S. New Hampshire

  45. From rags to westy in a week.

  46. Fryedaye/NVC- Cheap Catalyst Could Turn Sunlight, Water Into Fuel

  47. Fryedaye/NVC- The $46,616.47 Oil Change and Size-22 Carbon Footprint

  48. Fuel Tank R&R And Heater Booster

  49. Fuel Tank R&R-Now Running

  50. Fuel Tank R&R-Now Won't Start

  51. Fuel injector question - non starting

  52. Fw: Fryedaye/NVC- Cheap Catalyst Could Turn Sunlight, Water Into Fuel

  53. Fw: Fryedaye/NVC- The $46,616.47 Oil Change and Size-22 Carbon Footprint

  54. Fw: ISO round headlight buckets & other things



  57. Fwd: Got the wrong Vitrifrigo!

  58. Fwd: [T2] B.N.N.T.A. upcoming event list...

  59. German brands and quality (RE: FAG or SKF wheel bearings?)

  60. Got the wrong Vitrifrigo!

  61. Heater Duct Asbestos?

  62. Heh -- I'm such a ninnyhammer

  63. Hot Foot Fix

  64. How to tighten loose alternator bracket?

  65. I'm back, miss anything? Need an ECU

  66. ISO round headlight buckets & other things

  67. Identifying ECUs

  68. Ignition turned "off", engine stays on. Pull up handbrake engine goes off??

  69. Illegible Messages

  70. Illegible Messages Part 2

  71. Info wanted, coolant leak, help...

  72. Joe's 85GL

  73. Just Gotta Be A Vacuum Leak!!

  74. Just Gotta Be A Vacuum Leak!! update1

  75. Leaky valve cover tip of iceberg

  76. Made it to vancouver. Was Re: Lost fresh water drain plug

  77. Mike's Excellent adventure...dragging a trailer to Oregon..

  78. More Problems - Starts then runs great for about a minute...

  79. More about Fuel Lines / Maintenance

  80. More on the alternator bracket stud study

  81. NVC- Need Trailer Wiring Help!

  82. NVC--GMC truck problems--reply off-list

  83. Near New Norcold Fridge - Four Sale

  84. Negative Terminal (Stupid Question)

  85. New Springs Report after Good Test

  86. Oil pressure switch question (air cooled)

  87. Opinion needed on brake shoe cracking. PICS

  88. Ping Jay Brown

  89. Question about pulley-crank end reassembly 2.1

  90. Radiator thermoswitch removal

  91. Ready to install my Vitrifrigo

  92. Rear flat at freeway speed...

  93. Removing heater fan from alternator?

  94. Removing oil from upholstery

  95. SPAM for the Lord, or something like that!

  96. Spam Bot/hey,what's up?

  97. Speedometer works, odometer only registering partiually

  98. Sway bar connection link - where to find one?

  99. Syncro FS

  100. Syncro buyers love rust?


  102. TRIP REPORT!!!!!!!!! Polishing a Turd.

  103. Temp 2 sensor lesson for the 5th time [rant]

  104. Temp Gauge, White section

  105. Thanks Mike Collum!

  106. Towing an Automatic Vanagon. Cutting the drive axles?

  107. VW inline four-bangers

  108. Van Cafe - How'd they do that?

  109. Vanagon Sightings

  110. Vanagon trivia - name THAT part!

  111. Vitrifrigo Who to contact for purchase?

  112. Vitrifrigo installation w/ storage

  113. WANTED: 2.1L plug like this

  114. WBX DJ-code ECU/harness schematic

  115. WBX motor rather than ....

  116. WTB left front turn signal

  117. WTB manual tranny in/near Florida

  118. Westy Drain situation

  119. Westy floor plans

  120. What a difference an ECU made

  121. What kind of intake boot is this?

  122. Where to buy a replacement gas tank?

  123. Where to buy cheapest South African Grill?

  124. Why plug the dash air intake screen?

  125. Wing mirror question

  126. World's lowest camper

  127. Worst vanagon change

  128. [Fwd: BOTC Last Call for Pre-registration]

  129. [Fwd: I be a needin']

  130. [NVC] Airing trailer tires?

  131. [NVC] Engineers: quick and cheerful vibration analysis?

  132. [NVC] Wireless Internet Advise Needed

  133. [Syncro] a vanagon trailer??

  134. [T2] B.N.N.T.A. upcoming event list...

  135. [WetWesties] Re: FYI has some one been co opted

  136. a vanagon trailer??

  137. alt. light

  138. brass crescent wrench society this time with the link intact :)

  139. brown dashpads for sale.. was Re: '86 Dash, Cracking

  140. fridge

  141. gas tanks FS...Re: Where to buy a replacement gas tank?

  142. got the wrong vitro frigo

  143. hey,what's up?

  144. replace starter and bushing at some time?

  145. rodents in pantry

  146. the brass wrench n tool society adding members daily- ;)

  147. vanagon Digest - 5 Aug 2008 - Special issue (#2008-827)
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