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VANAGON archives – August 2008, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. 1987 VW Camper Van-damaged by engine fire-for sale best offer (alameda) CA

  2. 1987 VW Camper Van-damaged by engine fire-for sale best offer, (alameda) CA

  3. 719/5 vs 719/12

  4. 87 Westy on CL

  5. 88 Automatic Shifter does not lock in gear

  6. 8th Annual SF Bay Area VAN-O-RAMA

  7. 98 AHU installed at 50 deg

  8. <No subject>

  9. AAA Towing - WAS RE: Trip Contingencies

  10. ADMINISTRIVIA - Re: Who is the manager of this list?

  11. Adding Power Steering

  12. Adventure Top Molds for sale!

  13. After Market Vendors Was: Newbie back from first camping trip!

  14. Air Powered Vanagon

  15. Anybody use a Chillbuster blanket?

  16. Back from 8000 mile trip in Pickle

  17. Behr AC manual

  18. Bubble Flare tool kit for sale

  19. Buses by the Beach Bus Boo - September 12-15th!

  20. Catalytic converter

  21. Check your fuel line hose clamps!

  22. Coolant level sensor - repeat breakage

  23. Craigshelper. Really useful!

  24. Crazedlist (was Craigshelper)

  25. Drip, drip drip from 2l1 oil cooler.

  26. Engine Replacement or Gasket Fix?

  27. Engine Temp Gauge has stopped working, what do I do to fix this?

  28. Eton radio(s) deal at Canadian tire.

  29. Extreme Warning .... beware of jake4parts on eBay aka Ken Morgan

  30. FS 87 Syncro Westy - Fredericton, Canada

  31. FS: TAN vanagon capt. chairs w/ armrests.. also have matching doorpanels too

  32. FS: TDI engine swap from '98 jetta TDI

  33. FW: |Syncro Yahoo! Group|, FS: hose kit/fuel line kit

  34. FYI $400 - 1985 Westy for Sale in CT

  35. Factory rear hatch release

  36. Favorite wheel bearing grease?

  37. Filler Valve, standard                                                      

  38. Fire Extinguisher mounting tip.

  39. From 2.0L ABA to TDI

  40. Has anyone added a sliding 2 person Middle seat to a westy?

  41. Has anyone added a sliding third seat to a westy?

  42. Hatchsticks for sale

  43. Header bolts broken

  44. Heater pipe

  45. Heater pipe and a question on mods to it

  46. Help needed: ABA conversion has spark and fuel but won't start.

  47. Hot Foot Mods -- what's the best?

  48. House calls for fuel lines change

  49. Importing van from Canada to US (Victoria BC to Seattle) ?

  50. Informative oil filter post on the Samba

  51. Jeff

  52. LED electrical questions (Building a Sylvania "Dot-Its" unit)

  53. Late Vanagon Speedometer needed

  54. Leaky vent on Propane Shutoff valve?

  55. List Advice on Trip to Bermuda

  56. Loaded for Behr: need tube opening template

  57. Locking rear differential

  58. Looking for front 2 person bench from 9 passenger vanagon

  59. Modernizing the list redux; was: RE: Who is the Manager of this list?

  60. Modernizing the list redux; was: RE: Who is the Manager of thislist?

  61. Mysterious intermittent gas leak :-o

  62. NVC - Good article on technical analisys of engine oil filters

  63. NVC - Good article on technical analysis of engine oil filters

  64. NVC but VW

  65. New vs. machined heads, a spinnoff of Engine Replacement or Gasket Fix?

  66. Newbie back from first camping trip!

  67. Nostalgia

  68. Odyssey batteries

  69. Oil Pressure Switch

  70. Oil Pressure Switch Leak test

  71. PS lines

  72. Photo Vanagon Art Car

  73. Planning cross country trip next spring

  74. Power Steering Pump 2 Prong Connectors, Nothing is connected to it, can't find anything to connect it to.

  75. Re Power Steering

  76. Rear wheel bearings

  77. Replacing window screens?

  78. Replacing window screens? and westy screens for sale..

  79. Requesting Feedback on - Joe the owner has a rebuilt engine ...

  80. Requesting Feedback on - Joe the owner has a rebuilt engine for me $1500 plus core return

  81. September VW camping in CT

  82. Shifter parts sold

  83. Snow newbie needs snow tire recommendation

  84. Snow newbie needs snow tire recommendation NVC

  85. Stuff for sale

  86. Subject: Re: Trip Contingencies

  87. Subject: Re: sorry, (I-4 conversion reply from digest)

  88. Suggestions/questions re: list upgrade discussions

  89. The "other" fuel line burst today

  90. The list change...

  91. Tire Test Info NHTSA

  92. Trip Contingencies

  93. Trip Contingencies-Tire repairs

  94. Trip Report: Beachside State Park, Oregon

  95. Up late, packing.

  96. Upper Control Arm Bushings - uhhhgain

  97. Useful Brake Drum Tip - ?? - PICS

  98. Van flooring

  99. Vanagon parts FS

  100. Vbelt placement?

  101. Vitrofrigo fridge battery requirements

  102. WTB manual tranny in/near Florida

  103. WTB: brown fridge cabinet

  104. Westy Ventures diesel Vanagon chat / bulletin board now active - join if you'd like!

  105. What Type/brand of brake pad? + Rotor question - PICS

  106. What's the strangest think you've found in a "new" Vanagon

  107. Who is the Manager of this list?

  108. WiFry NVC but camping related

  109. Wing Window loose, checked and its not connected to the door within the door frame

  110. Wiper Arm Question

  111. Wiper Arm Question-any source for a replacement rear wiper spring?

  112. Wrap exhaust pipes with fiberglass?

  113. [Fwd: Re: Late Vanagon Speedometer needed]

  114. [Fwd: [T2] BNNTA is a week away!]

  115. [WetWesties] older american propaganda film where the bad guy drives a VW Van

  116. [vanagon] Fwd: Volkswagen Bus

  117. [vanagon] i dont drive my vanagons because im afraid they will catch on fire

  118. archives search

  119. brief trip was excellent this weekend

  120. engine builder in Samba

  121. header bolts fixed

  122. i dont drive my vanagons because im afraid they will catch on fire

  123. interesting tire safety video

  124. listee help in/around Fletcher NC

  125. older american propaganda

  126. older american propaganda film where the bad guy drives a VW Van

  127. parting out Tri-Star doublecab

  128. quick review - shady boy awning

  129. quick trip report

  130. regarding tire repairs etc- was trip contin.. etc

  131. reparing overhead AC ducting

  132. searching archives

  133. set DIGests

  134. shifter parts for sale

  135. shifting- repost

  136. smashed jack point

  137. some guidance please, 86 autotrans torubles

  138. sorry, (need conversion 1.8, etc)

  139. sorry, i need a conversion kit to put a 1.8 or 2.0 golf engine in my 84 van

  140. transmission/differential O ring seal

  141. vanagon Digest - 21 Aug 2008 - Special issue (#2008-910)

  142. vanagon Digest - 23 Aug 2008 - Special issue (#2008-916)

  143. was Odyssey batteries, now Costco group 41
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