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VANAGON archives – October 2004, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. "show us your rack"

  2. '84 and up speedo cable

  3. '95 EuroVan Campervan for sale

  4. 17mm Transmission drain tool in Vancouver?

  5. 17mm Vancouver - found at BOW WOW for $5.00

  6. 1980 vanagon speedo cable

  7. 1st successful road trip report (longish)!

  8. 2.1 idle adjustment

  9. 400mm Lift to Flush

  10. 84 oil gunk in coolant

  11. 85 coolant hard lines

  12. 85 coolant hard lines - Stainless Steel

  13. <was> Stove Knobs?? <now> dogs

  14. AC to TD conversion 1st trip report

  15. AT first gear whine?

  16. Administrivia - Politics

  17. Agilis on Alloy

  18. Agony of defeat . . .

  19. Another Fridge vent question for all westy owners

  20. Anyone have a fuel pump cross reference table

  21. Anyone have any really cool aftermarket steering wheel suggestions?

  22. Anyone have any really cool aftermarket steering wheelsuggestions?

  23. Assist bar for getting into bed

  24. Best tool for fixing seem rust? anyone?

  25. Bleeding Cooling System (again...)

  26. Bosch Fuel Pump For Sale

  27. Buses and Punkin Chunkin in the first state interest survey


  29. Calendar - Need GMail account

  30. Calendar Project Gallery - Updates

  31. Camping in Nelson BC

  32. Carfax needed

  33. Central locking problem

  34. Cheap, sturdy magnetic base for 12v fans

  35. Cold night and great moon

  36. Comments on "Wanted: comments on my compression test results"

  37. Convert Power Windows to Manual ?

  38. Converting locks and windows

  39. Coolant Level

  40. Correct Throttle tension

  41. Correct Throttle tension (diesel)

  42. David Marshall

  43. Disconnecting the Oxygen Sensor

  44. Dometic Fridge Question

  45. Ebay vanagon: Sucker born every minute

  46. End of Season Sale on Side Tents

  47. FS 1.9 watercooled Vanagon engine, So. Cal.

  48. FS 2.1L engine complete & auto tranny

  49. FS: 1987 Vanagon GL

  50. FS: VDO Oil Temp/Pressure Gauges with pod

  51. FS: leather, adjustable padded headrests for vanagon

  52. FW: 1st successful road trip report (longish)!

  53. FW: Fuel pumps

  54. Fast German

  55. Faucet modification

  56. First cold day

  57. First cold day- alternate replacement switch

  58. Fuel Pump - Work of Art

  59. Fuel pump

  60. Fuel pumps

  61. Fw: Its NOT a mini-van!

  62. Getting the archives

  63. Going to sell the Vanagon

  64. Haynes Manual 1982-1990

  65. Help wanted!!!! here we go again - power problems in Custer, SD

  66. Help!!!!! My VDO oil pressure brass T broke in half

  67. Home Made Bull Bars--Good Idea

  68. Home Made Bull Bars--Pipe Benders

  69. Home Made Bull Bars--Pipe Benders Not Needed

  70. How to get to the archives

  71. Hylomar

  72. I need a file for Etka (NVC)

  73. I need to sell A Few Parts:

  74. Indigibus 04

  75. Installed headlight relays, need new bulbs

  76. Its NOT a mini-van!

  77. JBB Carabus Route Change

  78. John Brown's Buses... Northwest Carabus departs 9AM Friday October 15th

  79. Matilda is cured, I think

  80. Mechanics/Shop in NYC

  81. Monitoring aux battery charging?

  82. My own little garage....or shop as you English folks says.....

  83. My own little garage....or shop as you english folks says.....

  84. Mystery Auto Trans leak....Suggestions urgently needed.

  85. NTB Diesel Vanagon engine mounting goodies!!!

  86. Need File for Etka installation (NVC)

  87. Nelson, Canada;

  88. Oil Pan Heater (immersion vs. stickon)

  89. Please help with head leaking question

  90. Problem with Etka & W2000, not found in archives (NVC)

  91. Propane situation

  92. Pulling Dash - what else should I change/replace

  93. Raceway park Englishtown NJ VW Show and Go this there!

  94. Re How to get to the archives

  95. Rebulding ps pump

  96. Recommended Luggage Rack Bin

  97. Replacement Fuel Pump

  98. Replacing Fuel lines - Lengths?

  99. Rough Running 1.9L

  100. Rough Running 1.9L - Thanks

  101. Rubber bits -- yikes!


  103. Seat track plastic inserts source?

  104. Shore power plug shore power 110vt power

  105. Short trip report and newbie observations

  106. Sloppy Shifter

  107. Spotted: Syncro FS near Fredericksburg VA

  108. Steel brake lines, or "I'm coming to get you, Frank"

  109. Steering wheel options

  110. Stove Knobs??

  111. Substitute Fuel Pump #

  112. Sun Visor - Interchangable? 84

  113. Traveling conditions on I-10 after hurricanes-are the roads still wiped out?

  114. Trip Home From Burning Man - the End !

  115. Trip Home from Burning Man - the final chapter

  116. Update - Calendar/Screensaver/Wallpaper Photo project

  117. Update- rocky results, etc.

  118. Usable Parts--Aircooled 83 to Watercooled 84

  119. Using Bronco II fuel pump in Vanagon interchange


  121. VDO Fuel Pressure sender?

  122. VDO Oil Pressure sender unit For Sale

  123. Van repair in Marin County

  124. Vanagon Drag-Racer

  125. Vanagon Racing Video

  126. Vanagon Seats in LA..>Free to good home

  127. Vanagon gas tank capacity?

  128. WARNING !! Re: Substitute Fuel Pump #

  129. WBX 2.1L Engine Case - Reman

  130. WTB Syncro Speedometer

  131. WTB: Fuel Pump BRACKET

  132. WTB: Table for '79 Westy

  133. WTB: Used Fuel Pump

  134. WTB: used sink faucet or alternative...

  135. Wanted, CD bezel for Mac 6100-6116 pizzabox

  136. Wanted, Zip or floppy bezel for Mac 6100-6116 pizzabox

  137. Wanted: comments on my compression test results

  138. Westfalia Pop-Top Screws

  139. Westfalia Pop-Top Screws - Call It a Sclew

  140. Westy karma (was Help wanted!!!! here we go again - power problems in Custer, SD

  141. What a difference the right tire makes!!!!!!!!!!

  142. Where does baby go?

  143. Which States use studded tires?(NVC)

  144. Who has PS pump rebuild kits?

  145. Window Handles - VW vs Taurus

  146. Window weatherstip question - 84 westy

  147. Winkler Products - Group Buy Anyone??

  148. [Syncro] e-brake plastic guides? dealer only?

  149. [T2] aircooled intake elbow

  150. [VWVANFULLTIMERS] Help wanted!!!! here we go again - power problems in Custer, SD

  151. [] bad vibes

  152. aircooled intake elbow

  153. aircooled intake elbow - Speedo Cable

  154. any interest in a rear roof wing/spoiler?

  155. anyone know why '89 carat/wolfsburgs didnt have the curtain kits?

  156. brake lines - fixed problem yesterday.

  157. cable that goes to the starter?

  158. comparing e-brake lines: syncro to 2wd

  159. do you know your vanagon is rusting away?

  160. dual fuel conversion (LPG, propane, etc)

  161. dual fuel conversion (NVC)

  162. e-brake plastic guides? dealer only?

  163. filter

  164. final drive gear oil (auto)

  165. for sale: vanagon capt. chairs w/ adjustable armrests - fit all vans

  166. fridge fan report

  167. fuel hoses

  168. fuel pump, gas fires

  169. help diagnosing possible coolant system/ engine damage

  170. luggage rack

  171. misfire - diagnosis of problem?

  172. net connections? (was: Help wanted!!!! here we go again - power problems in Custer, SD)

  173. parking Matilda for 3 weeks in Denver area

  174. re-torque-ing heads to stop coolant leak

  175. really cool aftermarket steering wheels

  176. rusty brake bleed screws

  177. show me your Home Made bumpers and racks

  178. sliding door bottom track

  179. sliding door bottom track 89 westy

  180. sticking rear shoe?

  181. trip report and gas mileage

  182. trip reports, vanagon sightings in SD

  183. update - Rocky's results - was Westy Karma, was stuck in Custer

  184. vanagon Digest - 1 Oct 2004 to 2 Oct 2004 - Special issue (#2004-953)

  185. vanagon fuel pumps for

  186. window scraper - is it easy to replace?
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