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VANAGON archives – March 2003, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. "Have a Funny Lady Day"

  2. "air inlet hose" part #? how much fuel hose?

  3. '84 Westy parts for sale

  4. '85 parts for sale

  5. '85 westy on ebay w/ 180k and salvage title for $6600 +?

  6. '87 GL passenger van parts for sale

  7. '87 Syncro GL FS in NH

  8. '88 Stalling/Lurching problems

  9. '88 stalling, lurching problems increasing

  10. - and increased stroke - long and pretty pointless

  11. 1987 VW Westy GL for Sale

  12. 1989 Wolfsburg Carat For Sale (Again)

  13. 1990/91 Westy FS

  14. 2.1L ISV for sale

  15. 250 ft-lb torque wrench?

  16. 3/4 gear trouble?

  17. 82 ASI Rivera owner questions

  18. 83 diesel into 84 Vanagon

  19. 85 Vanagon parts for sale

  20. 85 instrument cluster into 84

  21. 91 Interior into an 85 ?

  22. AFM Fix/Please Help

  23. Airconditioning 1987 Westy

  24. - Virus infection

  25. Another awning alternative

  26. Another option for rear hacth door tent

  27. Another option for rear hatch door tent

  28. Anyone with a ASI Riviera vanagon?

  29. Auto trans cooler ATF leak

  30. Barrel Shims, once again

  31. Best flushing method - 2.1,and maintenance questions.

  32. Brake Peddle Fade

  33. Buying Vehicles off E-bay Re: The Story Of The eBay Westy

  34. Cabela's Deluxe Truck Tent

  35. Case of MT 90 Redline

  36. Cellpadding

  37. Cheap 86 Double Cab

  38. Cheap TDI engine For Sale in NJ

  39. Clutch pedal change

  40. Convoluted, Depraved hacker

  41. Coolant line temps (?)

  42. Darn it, blinkers still not working. Help?

  43. Daryl the tranny man we need you

  44. Dash printed circuit

  45. Diesel Adventure Wagon Camper with Sunroof on eBay

  46. Diesel engines For Sale

  47. Diesel engines For Sale one is a turbo

  48. Diesel rubber engine mount on Ebay

  49. Does anyone have a Carfax account?

  50. Don't Forget to Duck! NVC

  51. Door lock solonoids

  52. Electrical question -- NO Vanagon content

  53. Engine stand

  54. Engine woes...

  55. EveryBus event info - Please Read!

  56. Everybus Carabus from N. Virginia/DC

  57. FREE jazzy seats, FREE GL rearmost bench seat

  58. FREE westy stove burner cover


  60. FS 1989 Vanagon Westy

  61. FS 82 Diesel Vanagon L (have pics this time)

  62. FS Air Cooled Parts and Full Engines

  63. FS Bentley Manual- Fiberglass Rear Bumper-

  64. FS VW Engine test and run in stand

  65. FS Various parts found in the garage

  66. FS-Bentley Manual-lower price

  67. FS: Stereo System & Other parts

  68. FS: Swivel Seat Assemblies from '80 Westy

  69. FS: rare 1.9L coolant tee fitting (its NLA at dealer) 83-85 van owners read

  70. FS: vanagon Windshield

  71. FS: vanagon weekender sofabeds, grey blue or tan, also carat interior w/ ...

  72. FS: vanagon weekender sofabeds, grey blue or tan, also carat interior w/ table

  73. FW: Help needed with trans. in '66 Bus in Tacoma area

  74. FW: Homemade awnings?

  75. FW: Transmission filler plug wrench.

  76. FW: Wanted: Syncro tranny shift boot

  77. Flat off idle

  78. Forgot the address

  79. Found: good tire source in Victoria, BC

  80. Friday:: Re: Windshield Replacement

  81. Fridge flue vent cover

  82. Fried ECU diode...

  83. Fuel Control Brain Twister

  84. Fw: Re: Sliding door screen

  85. Fwd: 83 diesel into 84 Vanagon

  86. GL-4 Gear oil

  87. Gear ratios? was: How to know RPM without a tach

  88. Grey Velour Upholstery For 87 Westfalia Camper

  89. Grey Velour Upholstery For 87 Westfalia Camper -Thanks!

  90. Guard Panel Removal

  91. Has anyone seen plastic cap covers for 17mm lugnuts??

  92. Have a funny Lady Day

  93. Headlight Wiring

  94. Help needed with trans. in '66 Bus in Tacoma area

  95. Help with Bucking/Stalling

  96. Homemade awnings?

  97. How do you search by part number in EKTA?

  98. How to know RPM wothout a tach

  99. How to remove WBS crank pulley

  100. I'm sorry... someone please tell me a camping story..

  101. Idle Gremlins & Radiator Frogs

  102. Idle Gremlins - Success / Wasserboxer Infatuation

  103. Idle question

  104. Ignition-on power line near auxilliary battery box of '91?

  105. It's good to be back...

  106. It's not the bulbs after all....

  107. Jeff Birkenfield Stuff for sale

  108. Knocking Rod arm/B. Bobs

  109. Lapping cylinders to heads?

  110. Limited Last Edition- LLE-Kartei - Offizielle Webseite

  111. Link to 85 crewcab

  112. Make your own VW bus!

  113. Mazda V6 Engine Swap

  114. Mercedes Sprinter

  115. Mobil 1 Gear Oil - Can I use this?

  116. Mr. Toad's Wild Ride seems to be finished...

  117. Mystic Campout

  118. Need advice: Fresh rebuild seems noisy

  119. Need used 1.9 WBX

  120. New Bilstein Shock leaking

  121. New Tires Installed

  122. No Wonder My VW's Love Me!

  123. No low end Power

  124. No power

  125. O2 Meter

  126. Odd Occurance

  127. Ohio vanagonites unite

  128. Oil pressure switch rating....2.1 engine

  129. Oil pump size differences? Boston Bob Customers?

  130. Old VW in ATA commercial?

  131. One of the .PS files may be copied directly to

  132. PS Rack (again)

  133. Painting Fibreglass Poptop

  134. Parts source recommendations?

  135. Poptop Seal Replacement

  136. Printing from EKTA

  137. Q: Size of forward Syncro tranny drain plug (fill hole)

  138. RE Re: saturday stumper: why do Canadian westys have the elec. outlet

  139. Re lifters for new engine?

  140. Registered Importers

  141. Reply from Kirkhams about Auto Canopy

  142. Rim Diameters - 15 in. Front - 16 in Rear

  143. Rogue Horn

  144. Santa Fe Members

  145. Saturday stumper: why do Canadian westys have the elec. outlet down low

  146. Sliding Door Screen

  147. Sliding door screen

  148. Sliding door screen (f)

  149. Sliding door screen/canvas window screen

  150. Someplace *to* take your VW in southeast MI.

  151. Spanner Wrench for Power Steering Rack

  152. Special Thanks...

  153. Still looking for a single Vanagon alloy wheel?

  154. Subject: No low end Power

  155. Super fast idle

  156. Super fast idle - Update

  157. Super glue remonal

  158. Syncro Tiico owners

  159. TDC Sender Removal

  160. Table for 91 Multi van

  161. Table for Multi van (ME 2!)

  162. Temp 2 sensor, was: No low end Power

  163. Tents 'n Stuff

  164. Terry K is the Man!

  165. Test message

  166. The problems with my van

  167. Tires for 91 multivan

  168. Toronto Vanagon Club Meeting

  169. Toronto Vanagon Folks

  170. Tracy Bonin?

  171. Tranny Fill Plug found and fluid changed

  172. Transmission Or Torque Converter Problems

  173. Transmission filler plug wrench.

  174. Transmission leak.

  175. Trany and other problems

  176. Trips to Germany

  177. VW Camping Photo Trip Report

  178. Vanagon Body Construction

  179. Vanagon Parts

  180. Very good techno on performance options (not VW but good)

  181. Volts Wagon on Ebay

  182. WTB: 2.1 WBX throttle body

  183. WTB: Complete grey carpet set

  184. WTB: Master cyl cap;

  185. WTB: Syncro intake Boot

  186. Wanted: Syncro tranny shift boot

  187. Warning!! Something doesn't sound right here, I need some advice please

  188. Warning!! Something doesn't sound right here,I need some advice please

  189. Was:Sliding door screen, now rare earth

  190. Water pump ground into case

  191. Westy Stove Grate Grills

  192. What shape is my 2.1 engine in?

  193. What to look for

  194. What to look for?

  195. Which filler neck seal do I need???

  196. Which glue to use with the screen over the skylight?

  197. Which radiator

  198. Who was looking for a radiator?

  199. Whose westy in Travel&Leisure Magazine??????

  200. Windshield

  201. Windshield Replacement

  202. Windshield Washer- front-1987 Westy

  203. Wiper Wackiness - No Parking

  204. Wiper splines are trashed, how to fix?

  205. Wiring 2nd Battery Into Non-Westy (sorry)

  206. [Syncro] Recommended mods!!

  207. blinkers still not working FIXED!!!

  208. body panel sections availability

  209. calling redline lube heads

  210. cams and lifters and more power wasRe: lifters for new engine?

  211. cheap shipping company

  212. control arm bushings got the squeaks

  213. cranky but no starty

  214. dual battery (yes, again)

  215. fishy

  216. flip out side tables...

  217. fuel filter

  218. got da heads! :-0

  219. greasing horn contact ring/steering wheel

  220. gutless AND unreliable...

  221. gutless and unreliable

  222. hesitation from a stop and replacing afm

  223. hotmail subscription probs

  224. how do you disassemble an '83 steering wheel?

  225. how do you get super glue off velour?

  226. how do you get super glue off velour?/H2O as per the Rabbi

  227. lifters for new engine?

  228. lifters for new engine? - and increased stroke

  229. make your own vw bus - proper link

  230. manual trans 3/4 slider hub crack problem...was:Re: Daryl the tranny man

  231. michelin mxt

  232. mp3 player

  233. new Westy canvas

  234. paper vans

  235. pointless pressure

  236. pop up bed weight limit?

  237. pop up bed weight limit? - Friday

  238. propane regulator

  239. re 84 Vanagon w/sunroof FS Washington DC area

  240. re. saturday stumper: why do Canadian westys have the elec. outlet down

  241. rear cv boots

  242. replacing noisy lifter for 91 multivan

  243. roof top tent

  244. saturday stumper: why do Canadian westys have the elec. outlet down low

  245. saturday stumper: why do Canadian westys have the elec. outlet down low?

  246. saturday stumper: why do Canadian westys have the elec.outlet down low?

  247. side step?

  248. sign off email list how to???

  249. spring time, were runnin', a big thanks

  250. stalling problem

  251. steering wheel torque ?

  252. summers comin

  253. summers coming

  254. toyota 2C diesel engine

  255. transmission removal.

  256. vanagon Digest - 23 Mar 2003 (#2003-330)

  257. vanagon Digest - 25 Mar 2003 (#2003-335)

  258. westy help please

  259. what's it worth

  260.       Re: Dash printed ci rcuit
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