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VANAGON archives – April 1998, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. "litigation is good" no VW stuff

  2. '80 Westis SOLD, Joel, change the stats

  3. '86 Fried AC/switch-solutions??

  4. '98 Passat wheels will fit the Vanagon

  5. '98 Passat wheels will fit the Vanagon,FOR SALE.

  6. (fwd) fya - Live in a new beetle to win it!?

  7. --Help Cant find a CAM

  8. ..let there be light....longish

  9. 1.9l Turbo Diesel Group purchase. (again)

  10. 2.1 l Longblock 4sale

  11. 7060 miles in EVC, technical

  12. 80 trannyVallejo show

  13. 85 Vanagon, Rainy Day Stalls

  14. 88 vanagon oxs light

  15. 90 Syncro Westy clunker

  16. 90 Westy synchro front wheel noise

  17. 95 winnebago???

  18. <No subject>

  19. <syncro> EuroVan TDI officially on sale now (URL)

  20. Advertising & the Demise of the Westy, =?US-ASCII?Q?longish=2C=0D?= =?US-ASCII?Q?=0A=09lit?=

  21. Advertising & the Demise of the Westy, longish,

  22. Advertising & the Demise of the Westy, longish, lite VW bashing

  23. Advertising ... TDI and Jettas

  24. Air Flow Meter

  25. Alaska Roadtrips! Roads are OPEN!

  26. Any San Diego listees

  27. Anyone running Biodiesel (vegetable oil diesel substitute)?

  28. Are waterboxers junk?

  29. Are waterboxers junk?ECU CHIP.

  30. Auto Club Mobile Engine Diagnosis Service

  31. Brakes

  32. Buying a Syncro - concerns

  33. CAM found (was cant find CAM)

  34. CIS Experts: engine does not start (long)

  35. CO2 extinguisher, was: Halon vs. Halotron


  37. Campbelltown or Burst

  38. Camping on HW1

  39. Camping on Hwy 1

  40. Canadian quad-grille folks!

  41. Canadian quad-grille folks! or U.S

  42. Canadians buying American goods

  43. Canadians buying from US suppliers.

  44. Carver P4 Purchase is a Go!

  45. Change the States; er STATs Moving ONLY

  46. Chattering clutch finally repaired

  47. Circle Yer Wagens--Sevierville, Tn

  48. Clear coat

  49. Clutch help needed

  50. Coolant Light Problem 90 Vanagon

  51. Coolant Light Problem 90 Vanagon SOLVED!!

  52. Coolant leak puzzle mostly solved!

  53. Coolant type for UK members - request

  54. Cooling fan motor replacement


  56. Demographics and Gearbox, UK

  57. Dragging an anchor?


  59. ECU CHIP, ROCKERS= POWER for waterboxers


  61. EV (&vanagon) front window screens

  62. EV front window screens

  63. EVerything you want to know about lights...

  64. Email change

  65. Engine Rebuild Questions

  66. Esslinger 2.3 endoftheroad

  67. Eurovan Video

  68. Eurovan for sale

  69. FINALLY -- pix of the un-named yellow beast

  70. FREE bay window doors in WV

  71. FS 90 Westy & 90 Syncro

  72. FS Sacramento Area

  73. FS syncro 16" turbodiesel RHD !!

  74. FS: '87 Syncro

  75. FS: 80-84 Bentley

  76. FS: 87 Vanagon GL, KC(fwd)

  77. Final Drive for 80 vw auto trans same as 85?

  78. Fixing 86 horn

  79. Free metal electrical port door

  80. Fridge and Propane Questions

  81. Fw: Propane Fridge

  82. Fw: Re: Skylight Installation Question: Solved

  83. Fwd: Euro: Brakes: FIX 81 Volkswagen TRUCK, Mechanical, REAR BRAKES

  84. Fwd: Re: want to buy a fox, (no on the Fox, BUY,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


  86. Halon 1211 available in Seattle

  87. Halon vs. Halotron

  88. Haynes Manual Update

  89. Head Corrosion (was: Demographics and Gearbox, UK)

  90. Head corrosion

  91. Help: $1000 to fix Jetta Trans?! (NO VANAGON CONTENT)

  92. HiPo lights?

  93. High Power Lights bad! (was HiPo lights)

  94. Hitches, hitches, hitches!

  95. Home-made swampy?

  96. Horror Story, need help

  97. I'mmmm back

  98. IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  100. Ignition Key Warning Buzzer

  101. Joel/Posting Patterns/ Vanagon Disease

  102. Last call for Carver P4 group purchase

  103. Last call: 1.9l Turbo Diesel engine group purchase

  104. Late Model 1.9 TD HP Rating

  105. List Mug

  106. Looking for Windshield curtains...

  107. Many vanagon parts FS

  108. More Power to the Wasserboxer

  109. My Digifant Opinion

  110. Need moulded front bumper for an 89 westy

  111. New Vanagon Owner

  112. New adoption

  113. New owner of 6 days, 1,000 questions and 1

  114. No Emissions in FL

  115. North Adams Mass area, Listees?

  116. OK That's It! I'm getting rid of this if it refuses to start!

  117. One Week Left...

  118. Oops...Gallons, NOT Pounds!

  119. Outside mirrors

  120. Painting a Westy; Interior!

  121. Plea for Northern Idaho Camping Info

  122. Pooh gets there and back!

  123. Pop top Weather seal in bulk rolls

  124. Power Vanagon

  125. Power-door luck

  126. Propane Fridge


  128. Quad round headlite grille..and more

  129. Question about Clutch Slave

  130. Question: starting problem

  131. Questions: Clear Coat and Westie Stoves

  132. Questions: Clear Coat and Westie Stoves & "Geez my Vanagon i

  133. Questions: Clear Coat and Westie Stoves & "Geez, my Vanag

  134. Questions: Clear Coat and Westie Stoves & "Geez, my Vanagon i

  135. Questions: Clear Coat and Westie Stoves & "Geez, my Vanagon is Peachy"

  136. READ!!!!: Importing SA Quad Grills -- My Offer (Long)

  137. Rattle at High RPM

  138. Re.Fuel Injectors recall

  139. Rectangular Headlights -- HiPo Possibility

  140. Rectangular Headlights -- US only???

  141. Regarding SA "Microbuses"

  142. Removing rear heater (Putting copper in coolant line)

  143. Replacing the Temperature Sensor

  144. Report on Campbelltown Meet

  145. Retrofitting power steering-is it worth it?

  146. Roof racks for Westies and Eurobagos

  147. S.A. 4-light grille pix from VW

  148. S.A. MUDFLAPS?!

  149. SA Headlights

  150. SA Quad Round Headlite grille

  151. SA Vanagon engines

  152. SA busses and quad grilles

  153. SLO area salvage yards

  154. Scirocco lights vs Vanagon lights

  155. Seattle: Van or RV awning for sale

  156. Seized Wipers on 85

  157. Skylight Installation Question

  158. Skylight Sealant Goo

  159. Sluggish 85 Vanagon--->Need help please.

  160. So whose souping up there van?? (LONG: but worth reading)

  161. Special Hoses or NOT 84 Westy

  162. Starters: Becker vs Bosch?

  163. Sunday Washington Post Classifieds

  164. Syncro Bumpers -Update

  165. Syncro Engine PULL Questions

  166. T-3 Transaxle Needed: 82 Diesel Westy

  167. THANKS!

  168. TWO '64 21 window deluxe Microbuses for sale!!!

  169. Tacoma GTI Vanagon


  171. Thank you note

  172. Thanks!RE: OK That's It! I'm getting rid of this if it refuses t o start!

  173. Top 14 Signs Your VW Mechanic is Losing It

  174. Toronto area Refrigerator Service

  175. Trip Report - Jackson, WY to Moab, UT (and Questions)

  176. Trip update

  177. Trouble with lower front heater flaps

  178. Upcoming LiMBO events

  179. Using Aux Batt for CD Changer

  180. VR6 vanagon

  181. VW marketing etc

  182. Van stuff for sale...

  183. Vanagon Blues

  184. Vanagon Crashworthiness

  185. Vanagon Digest - 21 Apr 1998 to 22 Apr 1998 - Special issue

  186. Vanagon hoses $

  187. Vanagon parts from South-Africa

  188. Vanagons in Africa

  189. Volksfest '98 VW SHOW THIS SAT near Hershey, Pa

  190. Walker Super Turbo Muffler

  191. Wanted: Swivel assembly for Vanagon

  192. Wasserboxer Distributor into A/C 2.0

  193. We Only need 4 more...

  194. Weakly Statz

  195. Westy Roof wax/cleaner

  196. Westy poptop- 2001 spray

  197. What year vanagon to buy?

  198. What year vanagon to buy? Friday:)

  199. Windshield washer problem

  200. Yes, Vanagon lights can be great!, was: HiPo lights?

  201. [Fwd: German Transaxle of Bend Oregon]

  202. a rack to put a canoe on the top and Eurovan

  203. a rack to put a canoe on the top and Eurovan/Shipping to Canada

  204. air conditioning

  205. any experience with supertrapp mufflers?

  206. anybody in Chapel Hill area?

  207. anybody in Tacoma, WA??

  208. anyone in Tacoma, WA?

  209. beltline adhesive stripe, Consumer Reports & tent poles

  210. click,click,click

  211. click,click,click lite VW bashing

  212. compression testing procedure

  213. crud in the gas tank....(tech question)

  214. fantastic super cool photo

  215. front heater flaps

  216. front table for non-Westies

  217. fuel injectors

  218. head link survey

  219. high beam indicator sucks

  220. ignition rotor interchangeability?

  221. instrument cluster

  222. new beetle

  223. pastel white paint source?

  224. propane tank rust removal

  225. quad round headlite grille Pictures?

  226. radio surrender




  230. service '90 Westy synchro

  231. service question

  232. sympathy arrived

  233. sympathy needed

  234. sympathy needed, now now

  235. syncro rear main seal

  236. thanks a million!!!!!

  237. tranny level question....

  238. tumbler removal

  239. unsubscribe vanagon

  240. using Extend to fight rust

  241. vacuum in fuel system fixed...

  242. want to buy a fox

  243. want to buy a fox, (no on the Fox, BUY,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  244. want to buy a fox, (no on the Fox, BUY,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  245. warm hard start

  246. what do you look for?

  247. wondering about a sighting
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