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VANAGON archives – March 2003, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. "Driving dog" pin removal

  2. "German Car Services" in Sta.Monica

  3. "They can not be leaking, they are new" Leaking fuel Injectors caused problems..

  4. '82 clutch capers

  5. '88 Power Steering problems

  6. 0 psi comp on #1! ;-( questions for you guys!

  7. 1.9L-still no cold idle-looking for ideas-long

  8. 1897 Westy front suspensio rebuild

  9. 1984 Westy for sale

  10. 2.6 SA engine kit

  11. 85 GL still won't start

  12. 85 Westie FS

  13. 85GL won't start pt.II need help bleeding fuel system...

  14. 91 Vanagon Multivan rebuilt motor hiccoughs

  15. <F> Re: Taco Conversions

  16. <No subject>

  17. > '89 parts needed...

  18. A cc'ing the heads question-answered

  19. A war is brewing...

  20. A war is brewing... Friday

  21. AT Governor and fluid exchange with final drive

  22. Aaaargh!!!

  23. Adding a pop top question??

  24. Angst in his Pangts (Was: A brew is waring..)

  25. Another lame-o fastener question

  26. Any ideas, my van runs terrible, HELP!

  27. Anyone fabricate swivel seats ?

  28. Area Oxnard,Ventura Repair shops

  29. As the fleet turns... VW hail and farewell!

  30. Atlanta Georgia Area Meeting

  31. Away to Vancouver notice

  32. Basket weave vinyl

  33. Boston Camping - One More Time

  34. Brrrr ... and it's loud in here...Now Banagon list

  35. Build your OWN FI replacement for the digixxx system

  36. Buses By The Mill

  37. Call for I4 conversion owners survey

  38. Can anyone order VW dealer parts without a large markup?

  39. Carpet Cleaning

  40. Carver P4 Heaters

  41. Cat Clearance;..was Lid Clearance

  42. Check tire pressure in the dark

  43. Chris DeLong

  44. Cleaning the idle stabilizer valve

  45. Conversion Survey

  46. Coolant expansion tank threading

  47. Dexron III compatible with my plan?

  48. Dexron III compatible with my plan? + Ammendment

  49. Diff lock in a 2wd

  50. Distributor drive pin...

  51. ETKA on XP

  52. Emission Advice

  53. Exhaust mount brackets

  54. Existential Angst (Was: A war is brewing..)

  55. FIICO engine conversions & TICO credit scores (NVC - FISH day)

  56. FS '91 Carat Wolfsburg weekender

  57. FS 87 SUNROOF SYNCRO!!!!!!!!

  58. FS 87 Syncro

  59. FS 87 Syncro GL

  60. FS 88 GL, $500 Rockford, IL USA

  61. FS 88 WOLFSBURG/CARAT GL, $500 Rockford, IL USA

  62. FS Grey Upper bed mattress Toronto Area

  63. FS: '81 Transporter in OK

  64. FS: Grey rear sofabed mattress for a Carat/Wolfsburg/or weekender interior van

  65. FS: Late Vanagon rear seats

  66. FS: Smoked Taillights

  67. Failed my Safety Certification

  68. Flame war

  69. Florida VW Shows in March

  70. For Sale: 15" alloy wheels for the vanagon

  71. Friday Stuff

  72. Friday Stuffed FISH

  73. Front speakers - 85' GL

  74. Fw: Recommendation for"German Car Services" in Sta.Monica

  75. Fw: reply

  76. Fw:Help for Oxnard,Ventura, West LA Repair shops

  77. Fwd: 85 Westie FS

  78. Fwd: Just saw an 84 Wolfy for sale (WV asking 1600)

  79. Fwd: Re: Lid Clearance

  80. Fwd: Re: Lid Clearance - Friday

  81. Fwd: Re: Slowly Disappearing Vanagons

  82. Gas Price Watch URL

  83. Going to the junker monday

  84. Hall Sender replacement on a Digifant/2.1L engine

  85. Ham Radio

  86. Ham radio

  87. Ham radio ?

  88. Has anyone saved a burnt engine?

  89. Headlight Relay Install

  90. High tech

  91. How many Vanagon list members

  92. How many Vanagon list members (and my brakes)

  93. How many Vanagon list members..digest forum

  94. How many Vanagon list members/vanagon chat room?

  95. How you will blow your motor using Bar's leaks

  96. I4 conversion survey

  97. I4 conversion survey - partial results posted

  98. I4 conversion survey, stats so far

  99. I4 conversion thoughts

  100. I4 survey results completed

  101. In vehicle head gasket fix!!!!

  102. Insurance quotes

  103. Is my radiator dead? aka cooling sytem woes

  104. Isle De La Madeleine Trip?

  105. It's Friday

  106. Jacking a subject

  107. Jacking a subject - To see the picture

  108. John Muir's book

  109. Leaking slider windows

  110. Lid Clearance

  111. Lid Clearance - Friday

  112. Lid Clearance - Friday - Fire Warning

  113. Lid Clearance - Friday the Cat --Again.

  114. Lighting the fridge in Frigid Weather

  115. Lighting the fridge in Frigid Weather????

  116. Linguistic fun.....NVC

  117. Looking for rest stops on I75

  118. Mark vs. the Distributor - Chapter 1(was "Driving dog" pin

  119. Mark vs. the Distributor - Chapter 1(was "Driving dog" pin removal)

  120. Mark vs. the Distributor - Chapter 1(was "Driving dog" pin removal) (NVC)

  121. Mark vs. the Distributor - Final Chapter

  122. Mazda rotorary, MHO

  123. Moderator???

  124. Montaņa de Oro Camp Out - Special Discount from Go Westy

  125. My heads leak!

  126. NVC State park reservations CA

  127. Nada pricing

  128. New age advertising - Fuel Cells - Friday

  129. New product wipe & wax

  130. Nice folks, or half a dozen people who didn't rip my throat out

  131. Nice grey front carpet for sale!!

  132. No Mail Settings?

  133. No V'gon content

  134. OOOHH that smell, can't you smell that smell?

  135. Oil cooler upgrade for WBX 2.1L

  136. One good joke deserves another - Osama

  137. Painting Carat (Westy FS link)

  138. Painting Carat: Maaco OK??

  139. Parting out '85 Vanagon

  140. Pictures of my 'new' Syncro Westfalia Joker online!

  141. Please remove me from the Vanagon Maillist

  142. Pneumatic Jack

  143. Power Mirrors for sale

  144. Proper word usage, was Re: engine conversion [is this a Friday thing come early?]

  145. Punkin' Chunkin' Westy

  146. Question about final drive ratios

  147. Removal

  148. Removing brake fluid from carpet

  149. Repair shops in West-LA,Oxnard

  150. Replacing coolant pipes - Drop gas tank?

  151. Reply to Robert Keezer

  152. Ridiculous loads...

  153. Running too cool

  154. Rusty signal

  155. SA grill install questions

  156. STILL stalling

  157. Seats for sale.

  158. Second radiator

  159. Shamelessly stolen from Matthew Bulley

  160. Shrinking Seals

  161. Skylight sealant question

  162. Sleeping dimensions of the Westy

  163. Sorry

  164. Stalling

  165. Still stalling

  166. Stupid Toque Converter Question!?

  167. Subject: OOOHH that smell, can't you smell that smell?

  168. Synchro Kelly Bluebook

  169. Syncro Spacers

  170. Syncro Westy for sale

  171. Syncro front driveshaft spacers

  172. Syncro westy contact info

  173. T5 pictures?

  174. Terry Kay (was Re: high lift jack?)

  175. The Banagon list (was a war..)

  176. This is how I'm feeling today

  177. Throttle switch - am I thinking about this right?

  178. Tiico flame thread (was: Re: Fw: reply

  179. Tiico flame thread... new high-tech weapon

  180. Timing light power source - confirmation

  181. To All Tiico Owners: Solutions To Every Tiico Conversion Question

  182. To All Tiico Owners: Tiico Conversion fiction

  183. To All Tiico Owners: Tiico Conversion fiction (f)

  184. Top Five Reasons to Own A Westy

  185. Top Five Reasons to Own A Westy - Cross out that Five

  186. Torqueing Head Bolts

  187. Turbine cars, was Re: and now, something completely different: Brrrr ... and it's loud in here, too!!

  188. UNWANTED cold air from BEHR AC unit

  189. Vanagon Digest Tip

  190. Vanagon Won't Start When Warm

  191. Vanagon carrying capacity

  192. Vanagon carrying capacity impresses

  193. Vibrations at 15 degrees too. Also, Tiico / Jon @ Foreign Auto

  194. WANTED: bronze slider door from '85-86 vanagon

  195. WAS Painting Carat, now sunroof

  196. WBX powered Type 3. FS near SF for $1K

  197. WESTFALIA-WERKE serial# decal for RF door? where to get? or can someone make em?

  198. WESTFALIA-WERKE serial# decal for RF door? where to get? orcan someone ma...

  199. WESTFALIA-WERKE serial# decal for RF door? where to get? orcan someone make em?

  200. WTB - Idle Stabilizer Valve

  201. WTB 7" Round Headlight trim rings.

  202. WTB: Brown front seats with arm rests for Vanagon

  203. WTB: NOS or never rebuilt CV Type IV Case for up to $300

  204. WTB: sliding window lock

  205. Wanted: Rust free Vanagon

  206. Weekender for Sale

  207. Westy cabinet use

  208. Westy cabinet use/Water tank key

  209. What's wrong with my VW? Friday

  210. Whining about 17-18 mpg

  211. Who's got Carfax this month?

  212. Why Must I Use a Bar Type Torque Wrench On Cylinder Head

  213. Why Must I Use a Bar Type Torque Wrench On Cylinder Head Bolts?

  214. Winkler's website

  215. Winkler's website (Vanagon acessories, engine kits, body kits, spoilers, wheels)

  216. [Fwd: [T2] FW: [busalert] 87 Westfalia Recovered!]

  217. [Fwd: [T2] FW: [busalert] 87 Westfalia Recovered!] DLVC

  218. [OT] need a source of metric hardware

  219. [Syncro] Re: high lift jack?

  220. [Syncro] high lift jack, Hard case and adapter.

  221. [T2] A cc'ing the heads question-answered

  222. [WetWesties]VW-LEGACY/USA-Proverb Friday

  223. [vanagon] 0 psi comp on #1! ;-( questions for you guys!

  224. [vanagon] Modifing front Seats to recline further

  225. [vanagon] Paint Job

  226. added performance

  227. and now, something completely different: Brrrr ... and it's loud in here, too!!

  228. autoTRANSMISSION rapidly leaking in 90

  229. automated response

  230. bosch quad plug number

  231. boy, this really torques me off!!! ;)

  232. broccoli vans

  233. broccoli vans - Friday

  234. carat wheel torque

  235. charging woes/charging joy

  236. chronic flat lifter

  237. diesel engine lid

  238. door seal question answered

  239. door seals

  240. end of road

  241. engine conversion

  242. engine conversion - vanagon passenger front a/c in a westy?

  243. engine conversion/moderator

  244. engine converstion

  245. european CARAVELLE badge on ebay

  246. exterior parts for sale

  247. fellow bus-ite needs a little help

  248. finding value of a canadian VW TRUCK

  249. freebies freebies

  250. friday fun

  251. friday stats, was roll call

  252. funny disc? - Ooops I was wrong, you caught me

  253. funny disc? - Picture and Proof

  254. funny disc? OR BETTER YET, SERIOUS

  255. gas tank causing stalling?

  256. hall sender vs points

  257. headlight bulb question...

  258. headlight bulb question... One more...

  259. high lift jack?

  260. high lift jack? P/N for 16" Syncro jack extension cup

  261. interior parts for sale

  262. jumpseat cylinder housings

  263. looking for 2nd hand curtains

  264. looking for MELVIN MUDGETT

  265. looking to get a fiberglass camper shell made in SF area

  266. looking to get a fiberglass camper shell made in Silly Fish area

  267. looking to get a fiberglass camper shell made in SillyFish area

  268. my tailpipe rides too high

  269. need some help with tranny swap

  270. pair of vanagon power mirrors for sale! (not mine)

  271. poptop section for sale - Re: Adding a pop top question??

  272. potential hydraulic mounts for vanagon

  273. quick question- how many valves?

  274. red oil light?

  275. redline shock proof tranny lube

  276. refrigerator removal and fan upgrades?

  277. resistor plugs vs resistor sparkplug caps

  278. seals

  279. second radiator

  280. something completely different -- Friday

  281. sudden timing advance change/Tiico

  282. suddenly knocking engine (help)

  283. swival seat mechanisms for sale!...was:Re: Anyone fabricate swivel seats ?

  284. tailpipes of busdepot

  285. tiico vibrations replacing alternator with jetta

  286. tiico vibrations/interesting testing done.

  287. toque converter seal question?

  288. tranny swap

  289. treatise on Syncro Westy values

  290. valve adjustment question

  291. van chat...who's into it?

  292. vanagon Digest - 5 Mar 2003 - Special issue (#2003-258)

  293. vanagon conversion to mazda rotary engine

  294. vanagon passenger front a/c in a westy?

  295. vanagon passenger front a/c in a westy? frankgrun

  296. window tint

  297. window tint (F)

  298. window tint (F?)
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